Lakers 2015-16 Roster Doesn’t Fit Together

The Los Angeles Lakers went into the free agency frenzy of 2015 with a plan. After selecting D’Angelo Russell, Larry Nance Jr., and Anthony Brown in the draft, the team had a 2015-2016 lineup that projected to look like this:

PG: D’Angelo Russell
SG: Jordan Clarkson/Jabari Brown
SF: Kobe Bryant/Nick Young/Anthony Brown
PF: Julius Randle/Ryan Kelly/Larry Nance Jr.
C: Tarik Black/Robert Sacre

They were also taking a look at promising young big man Robert Upshaw as well as Jonathan Holmes and Michael Frazier II, though they were long shots to make the roster.

For Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak, building a competitive squad around that roster wouldn’t be easy. The team featured a plethora of young players with little to no experience, which makes them hard to count on during the grind of an NBA season.

The veterans weren’t any better though. Kobe Bryant was coming off of his third season-ending injury in as many years, and no one knew how much he had in the tank. Nick Young had lost his swag in the prior season and the three years remaining on his deal made him a toxic contract, while Ryan Kelly had struggled so badly in his sophomore campaign that he was at risk of being waived during training camp. Youngsters like Tarik Black, Jordan Clarkson, and Jabari Brown had shown promise during the second half of last season, but there was concern that they were simply putting up numbers on a bad team.

In other words, Kupchak had a roster full of question marks, and it’s difficult (if not impossible) to plug holes when you don’t have any idea where the leak will come from. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that now, nearly a month into the 2015-2016 NBA season, the roster he assembled isn’t quite fitting together.

It was clear that the team needed a rim protector, and with an agreement to send a 2nd round pick to Indiana for Roy Hibbert in his back pocket, Kupchak played with house money in free agency and went after the marquee big men. The foray into max contract land wasn’t without its opportunity cost though. Ed Davis, who had by far the highest PER of any Laker last season, signed with the Portland Trail Blazers on a great deal (3 years, $20 million) while the Lakers were handcuffed waiting for the whales to make up their minds. Eventually Greg Monroe, DeAndre Jordan, and LaMarcus Aldridge all refused to take the Lakers money, but by then, a good chunk of the mid-tier free agents were off the board.

With the main targets gone, Kupchak pulled the trigger on the Hibbert deal and inked dependable reserves Brandon Bass (one year, $3 million with a player option) and reigning Sixth Man of the Year, Lou Williams (3 years, $21 million). Marcelo Huertas, an international veteran with a flair for passing, was brought in to backup rookie D’Angelo Russell at point guard, and Metta World Peace was given a training camp deal thanks to his impressive work mentoring Julius Randle.

On paper, it made sense. The Lakers lineup would look something like this:

PG: D’Angelo Russell/Marcelo Huertas
SG: Jordan Clarkson/Lou Williams/Jabari Brown
SF: Kobe Bryant/Nick Young/Metta World Peace/Anthony Brown
PF: Julius Randle/Brandon Bass/Ryan Kelly/Larry Nance Jr.
C: Roy Hibbert/Tarik Black/Robert Sacre

Ultimately, Jabari Brown had to be waived in order to get the roster down to the league-maximum of 15. With a roster full of question marks and coming off of the worst season in team history, it appeared as though Kupchak had done an admirable job of putting together an improved squad. The lack of a rim protector to play with the reserves was striking, but otherwise, the plan was clear.

In an ideal world, Hibbert’s verticality would be enough to make the starting five’s defense respectable, and Lou Williams would give the bench another scorer in case the bad version of Nick Young showed up again. Larry Nance Jr. and Anthony Brown would likely spend most of the year in the D-League and wouldn’t be counted on for major minutes.

Similarly, it wasn’t clear what Ryan Kelly would bring to the fold, and with that being the case Brandon Bass would be needed to take on the lion’s share of the minutes backing up Julius Randle at power forward. Bass has a long history of dependable and steady play, so his addition seemed like a wise one. Marcelo Huertas, known for his ability to distribute the ball, would have plenty of targets on the second unit with Williams, Young, and lob-finisher Tarik Black.

Essentially, the starters would run Scott’s traditional sets with some healthy doses of pick-and-roll added in to maximize the skills of Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell, and the bench would be a free-wheeling, offensive machine with Huertas as the engine, defense be damned. During preseason, it even looked as though Kelly could occasionally fill in with the second unit, giving Huertas a small army of snipers to feed. It would be beautiful chaos.

Unfortunately, you know what they say about the best laid plans. In spite of solid play from Hibbert, the Lakers have featured the third-worst defensive rating in the league. Given the spacing and ball movement that dominates modern NBA offensive schemes, it’s clear that one solid defensive player simply can’t make up for four poor ones.

For his part, Huertas dazzled during the preseason, but has struggled greatly now that teams are determined to make him a scorer rather than a passer. With his offensive effectiveness stunted and his defense catastrophic, the maestro that was intended to conduct the bombastic bench has been borderline unplayable.

That, combined with surprisingly strong play from Metta World Peace, has caused head coach Byron Scott to shift the lineup of his second unit, using Williams at point guard, where he is less comfortable — and less effective. Lou is constantly having to hoist shots with defenders draped all over him, and his field goal percentage has plummeted to a dismal 33 percent. While Lou had some success scoring with defenders in his grill in Toronto last season, he is now responsible for creating for others as well as himself, which appears to be asking too much.

Scott tried to solve the problem last night against the Blazers by adjusting his rotation so that either Russell or Clarkson was running the second unit, which allowed Williams to shift to his more comfortable role off the ball. The move made sense, but it came at the cost of the surprisingly good Larry Nance Jr.’s minutes, who had become the clear favorite at backup power forward.

In another departure from the projected opening day rotation, Scott opted to start the season employing a small bench frontcourt of a resurgent Ryan Kelly at power forward and Brandon Bass, who is undersized for his usual power forward spot, at center instead of Tarik Black. After proving this combination wasn’t working, Scott removed Kelly and inserted Nance to play alongside Bass. Nance’s athleticism and quick feet were impressive, but with the log jam in the Lakers lineup, his minutes — and development — were sacrificed in order to try to plug the backup point guard hole caused by Huertas’ struggles. It seems every leak the Lakers plug simply opens up a new one.

Bass has remained the backup center even though the position is clearly out of his wheelhouse, but with four players on the team who can solely play power forward and all (for the most part) deserving minutes something had to give. For reasons that aren’t quite clear, Black has mostly been banished to the bench, and the second unit, intended to be a bastion of offensive freedom and creativity, now often features at least two players playing out of position. Their offensive rating, once expected to be their strong suit, is now just 58.3, which for the uninformed is really, really bad.

The bottom line is that with so much positional and skill set duplication on the roster a trade will likely be needed to alleviates the logjam. It will probably have to come after December 15th, which is when players signed over the summer are eligible to be dealt. A veteran like Bass figures to at least have some value on the market, and it isn’t fair to anyone to continue to ask him to bang against opposing centers when that clearly isn’t his game.

Similarly, the emergence of Metta World Peace means that one of Nick Young or Lou Williams will probably find themselves in a new zip code at some point. Ironically, Ed Davis would have fit in rather nicely with the second unit as a rim protector, but Kupchak ultimately used that money to obtain Lou Williams instead. That’s not to say that Williams wasn’t a good signing, as he was an absolutely fantastic value, but Davis’ skill set would certainly compliment the bench crew more at this juncture. Now, the Lakers may find themselves dealing one of Williams or Young in search of a Davis-type player.

At least the starting five appears to be set (for now anyway). Hibbert is the ideal type of player to add to the young core of Clarkson, Randle, and Russell, and sometime in the future an athletic three-and-D small forward would be a nice fit as well. For the time being, they will soldier on with Kobe at the three, which isn’t perfect but there simply aren’t any other realistic options.

It’s still early, but it’s already clear that the Lakers roster just doesn’t feature enough complimentary pieces. The team will still improve as the young players find their way, but ultimately, some moves are going to need to be made in order to get an optimal performance out of the team and thus speed up development.

Until then, Byron Scott will have to continue doing what he can to plug the rapidly appearing holes in this leaky ship.


  • Randle-Bass/SwaggyP-Lou Will= Redundant no versatility. & don’t get me started about B-Scott.

  • Man they late but you don’t know what the product looks like before you put it out on the court

  • I guarantee that if this organization had landed LeMarcus Aldrage that it would still be one of the worse teams in the league and in the western conference; this isn’t a single issue problem with the Lakers.

    Fromm the top FO down to the bottom the organizational chemistry sucks; not just the personnel on the floor. Actually I don’t think the team is that bad.

  • agreed mitch cupcake cant do things right for a second,lucky ryan west got clarkson!

  • no but at least aldridge was more concerned about basketball then being a movie star

  • I know I don’t like the Lakers tanking but watching them play so awful I just hope that they are. Afterall, they have a top 3 protected pick for next season. And who know they might be even able to get Luke Walton to be the coach.

  • dude you think Walton will come to coach us if they win a title the warriors keep dreaming!

  • apparently Mitch cupcake stupidly thought we would turn the corner, I wish ryan west would replace him as gm!

  • I may be missing something but i haven’t heard a single word from Jeannie or Jim regarding the totally irresponsible actions of B. Scott. First, calling out Mudiay (terrible), then playing Kobe too much, not playing Russell, all the “man up” nonsense, running the team ragged in practice, and finally that nonsense that Kobe has earned the right to throw up bricks game after game.

    Any real GM would have either gotten rid of BS or at least taken him to the woodshed and told him to shut up until he is fired at the end of the year.

    It’s becoming a giant clown show in Lakerland and Jeannie and Jim are the most responsible.

  • We already have an Ed Davis-y type of rim protector: Robert Upshaw.
    There’s no need to ship out Young or Williams trying to search for a player we already have. We should give one of them away for a point guard who can play in an uptempo team, who can shoot and can play a little bit of defense. Huertas was one bad call.

  • Not the first time Buss constructed a roster for his coach and it didn’t go so well. 3 summer leagues ago he did an interview in summer league. They asked him about the roster and he said the players he got was exactly what they thought was suited for D’antoni. What an odd thing to say..

    Now this roster is constructed for Byron scott. I can say, that’s twice there’s been a major disconnect at the top in terms of the process of getting talent to win. That’s something they need to address soon.

    So, what’s the breaking point? Could it be getting embarrassed by GS on national TV? Jeanie always talk about the brand. It’ll take a major hit if they get smoked like Memphis did. There’ll be some heat, for sure.

  • Trust issues start with Jim Buss. His decision making hasn’t been all that stellar. And it needed to be considering the dire position the organization is in.

  • I agree. A lot of it has to do with Byron Scott. He’s just not good and doesnt inspire players to do well. Fans should start boycotting games until changes are made.

  • There isn’t a single decent perimeter defender on this roster, MWP has had some flashes for 5 minute stretches, but the longer he stays in the game the worse he becomes. Lillard and DeRozen both blew by him like he wasn’t there. This is the biggest weakness that even an R’Tard like joshhh managed to point out. The most consistent perimeter defender has been Nick Young, but is that really because he has improved or because the rest are just so awful that it’s made him look better? Anthony Brown has had no minutes basically so we don’t even know what we have there. If you are already hiding Kobe Bryant on defense, D’Angelo and Clarkson aren’t going to get the job done out there. Hibbert has done a fine job protecting the rim seeing just how easy players have been getting there. I feel bad for him, and think he won’t be staying with the Lakers after this season if things don’t improve

  • The problem is fans are asking for too much with 3 first/ second year starters and a 37 year old kobe. That just isn’t gonna win a lot of games no matter who’s coaching. They just need to keep developing the young guys maybe Byron ain’t the coach for that but at their best they don’t have the talent to be a 500 team right now.

  • Upshaw is struggling in the Dleague. He can barely get PT down there. He’s no where near ready.

  • But they have the talent not to be a 2 win team. 30+ wins is not unreasonable for a team with JC/Randle the #2 OA pick to go with a 6th man of the year, a top 5 defensive center, and a faded superstar.
    Using your existing right matters. Making the most of what you have is 30+ wins. Making the least of it is close to 2 wins going on to 20.

  • So if/when they get smoked by GS, and Kobe jacks up 30 shots, and if that is their breaking point, what then? Fire BS? Bench Kobe? I doubt nothing will happen till the end of the season. Top three lottery pick, here we come…

  • the biggest issue is that hes trying to start both russ and clark.

    russ, kobe, mwp, randle,hibbert
    calrk, lou, young, bass. black
    russ and clark can switch if need be

    just fixed most of the issues with the roster.

    if bass keeps sucking you throw nance to replace him.

  • the roster is not really redundent the issue is the coach not playing the right rotations

  • the message is wrong. the roster is not redundant its being missused by a trash coach

  • “That’s not to say that Williams wasn’t a good signing, as he was an
    absolutely fantastic value, but Davis’ skill set would certainly
    compliment the bench crew more at this juncture. Now, the Lakers may find themselves dealing one of Williams or Young in search of a Davis-type player.”
    then why the heck didnt we just sign ed davis and not sign lou williams or bass.
    i think we should have signed lou and not bass and just kept ed davis.
    that would make the most sense…..

  • would you have kept ed davis and payed him more?
    or signed brandon bass for the same amount of money?
    i would have just kept ed cj….

  • i would have kept ed to no question however he is singed for 7 mill and we did not have the cap space to sing him

  • if we had kept robert upshaw and got rid of robert sacre wed have more defense.
    plus if we kept ed davis and payed him money instead of going out of our way to get bass.
    ed davis is better than bass.
    both upshaw and ed davis would give us better rim protection.
    bass is more of an offensive player not defensive.

  • lou fits a nich on this team. the issue is our coach has no idea how to put out a rotation to win games and give the younger players pt

  • sacre huertas bass and kelly are the 4 i have on the bottom right now.
    ed davis was much better so was jabari brown.
    robert upshaw was unproven but hes a rim protector what else does he need to do besides grab rebounds and block shots????

  • nick is not the problem he got defense now.
    the problem is huertas sacre and kelly.
    and we need ed davis back…….

  • cj i rather see clarkson start with Kobe and MWP.
    bring dangelo off the bench with lou and nick.
    make him hungry and play harder to earn his spot……
    he will learn faster watch…….

  • that would be fine with me i dont really care. but playing them both ogether is killing our defense

  • 3m.

    on dec 15 i would call up por to try and trade bass kelly and scare + a second round pick for davis

  • lou fits in places we dont see.
    but however i think ed davis and jabari brown were good options.
    we decided not to keep.
    yet we decided to keep sacre and kelly.
    huertas and bass looked to be good on paper but in reality huertas sucks has no Defense and Bass is good offensively but his D is lacking big time.

  • Jim Buss said he thought we had turned the corner. Right after he fussed Magic. Mitch isn’t the problem.

  • bass kelly and sacre for ed? sounds good.
    3 players for 1.
    then maybe we can sign jabari brown.
    hes like nick young or lou williams.
    i was kinda disappointed we didnt keep him.
    i can name 4 guys i dont want on the Lakers right now.

  • If only they took porzinges. .not another pg.. Sad but its gonna take a long time for chemistry to work. .since both pg r not so good on d.

  • now just trade huertas and get a decent role player from any team.
    or just let him go back to europe.

  • clarkson lou williams nick young are all offensive players.
    we need a passer in there.
    play clarkson with Kobe and JC can be a scorer Kobe can be the passer.
    off the bench i rather see dangelo along with nick and lou.
    maybe them 3 can develop some kind of chemistry ya know?
    thats what im thinking man.
    not trying to down you or anything lol

  • Trade Tarik Black to Clippers for Josh Smith. We’re not playing Tarik, we need a guy who can play the 3, and Smith just got off a shouting match with Doc Rivers. Plus Clippers don’t really have a backup at the PF.

    And/or trade Lou Williams/Bass to T-Wolves for Dieng/Martin. They have three quality centers sharing minutes and no PFs. We need a rim protector, they need an upgrade from Kevin Martin and a better backup for Garnett. It works. Plus, Bass has Garnett’s respect and also can be a good influence on KAT.

  • port is kinda bad so i think they might look at that trade as a cost cutting move because bass kelly and scare are all freeagents next season. + the second round pick is a sweet throw in.

  • im serious the Lakers should hire me.
    i can give them good decisions.
    id say 80 or 90 pct of my moves are good.
    some might be off but for the most part my stuff looks at good now and good later too.
    not just really good on paper now but falls apart later…..
    look how messed up things are right now for the Lakers.
    they need a fix or a way out and soon.

  • great point. I also like the idea of having MWP start, adds more defense, physicality, and veteran savvy to the starting lineup.

  • The second trade sounds good with the lakers getting a rim protecter and a taller version of Lou williams

  • yeah the roster is not built for B-Scott’s “style” if he has one. Honestly with all the young guys on the team, this is one or two moves away from being the perfect roster for Dantoni.

  • we could trade sacre kelly and bass.
    and get ed davis and jabari and still have 1 space open for a possible trade scenario in a month or two?

  • find us a good trade or move for huertas and maybe…….lets see whos left to trade?

  • lol but no Josh Smith? I figure why not? The guy can defend and we don’t have much else to lose at this point.

  • I didn’t say the roster… Obviously missed my point. As for rotations I agree but nothing new hence last years debacle, Lin, boozer even Ed Davis ect there’s never been a rotation under Scotts tenure.

  • lou and bass for dieng and martin?
    idk man….
    i like cj’s trade more right now.
    sacre kelly and bass for ed davis to portland.
    thats my pick for a good trade.
    and we can pick up 2 players!
    thats what you call a cherry on top!
    no wait 2 cherries…

  • trade 2 sucky players plus 1 decent bench player for 1 better bench player. thats like a no brainer.
    good for us and port.

  • I like randle bt mainly for sf position. .that and only if hed been consistent of his shooting. But now its showing he didnt trained much in that area during his seasoned break. Thought we had our own lebron! Becoz i see him not much ideal on pf. His less using of his right hnd is limiting his overall post game. Hope nance got more chance of minutes..

  • lol i’d take that too but that doesn’t sound like something portland would go for. they just paid up to get ed, and he’s for the most part been doing well for them. i don’t think they’d trade for an older, shorter replacement and two bench players.

  • he has been playing well MWP.
    before everybody said he was too old.
    i kept saying trust me.
    now everyone should start listening to me.
    the only thing i wish we had was jabari brown.
    maybe drop heurtas and get jabari back up here….

  • but if they do id laugh and just roll with it.
    lol its so hard to include sacre and kelly and get a gem back.
    that we pretty much gave away and now want back.
    we look stupid and if we can turn around and make them look stupid-er.
    now thats funny man!

  • have you ever called lakeshow on the phone?
    you have better stuff than i do.

  • Or we take theirs, they have alot of bench players that’s better than ours

  • Crawford seems like the odd man out he’s still good though a bit older , rivers maybe though highly unlikely ,and j smoove

  • josh smith id like to get.
    but crawford? idk hes like nick young basically.
    both can shoot 3s.
    what does he do better?

  • the issue is the players you named can and should work well together on the same team

  • yup sacre huertas and kelly suck.
    bass is an odd man out maybe trade or someone else.
    i wanna keep tariq black tho

  • A lot was said about the team, but don’t forget that Byron Scott himself is also a liability.

  • so if they are free agents we just take them.
    same way the steal our old players.

  • well we can dream!
    nothing wrong with being happy man.
    and keeping your head up.

  • Bass isn’t the odd man out , he’s getting minutes, kelly is , he showed slight improvement before BS canned him in the bench

  • By selecting another pg. .fo is building trade chips instead of building a team from d get go. Doesnt need science..

  • tariq is a good player.
    idk why he is even on the bench……
    dont make sense?

  • Usually how it goes , remember how everyone here got exited when they signed bass even though he’s a former celtic,unfortunately he kinda sucks right now

  • the issue is portalnd is not good and they are locked into eds contract for a few years they could trade him to free up 7m in cap space

  • lets see what happens……..i wish we could make better decisions and make this team better but were just fans.
    it sucks bc coach scott doesnt play the guys.
    or trade and get rid of the 1s who do nothing.

  • so far this is the best idea of the year.
    i wanna see someone top this genuis trade!

  • Of course, I meant it as words of encouragement. If there’s a will there’s a way. Happiness is a choice, let nobody tell you different.

  • Well we have some trade chips now its up to the FO to make something out of them….
    The Rockets are a team with playoff aspirations that lack any resemblance of a Bench and could use a guy like either Young or Williams. With that said here are some proposals;
    trade #1
    Rockets-Nick Young, Brandon Bass , Robert Sacre, 2016 2nd rounder
    Lakers- K.J. McDaniels, Patrick Beverly, 2016 1st rounder
    trade #2
    Rockets- Sub Williams for Young
    trade #3
    Rockets- Lou Williams, Nick Young, Robert Sacre
    Lakers- Patrick Beverly, K.J. McDaniels, Clint Capela

  • lou- bass and sacre for kj mcdaniels -patrick bev and 2016-1st rounder.
    that aint too bad…

  • Honestly with this roster, I don’t see anything that would make Lakers instant contenders. Best bet is to trust the process (non sam hinkie way) and build through the draft and free agents/trades, & don’t go after unrealistic free agents e.i. Aldridge, De’andre Jordan Last year & Kevin Durant this year and focus on who’s attainable like Whiteside, Harrison Barnes(Give him a Chandler Parsons deal) and Lakers should try and trade anyone not named Clackson,Randle,Russell,Nance,Anthony Brown & obviously Kobe(no trade clause makes trading him impossible) for young role players, draft picks or expiring contracts. Just putting it out there I would touch Cousins with a ten foot pole hence Lakers protected top 3 pick and others obvious reasons.

  • were as bad as philly sad yes….
    were looking at getting that top 3 pick bro.
    i would trade bass sacre and kelly for ed davis.
    then portland can get rid of their contracts in a year and have alot of cap room.
    and we get a great defensive player in davis.

  • How about a trade for joel embiid?
    any takers?
    i really like this idea too.
    or the one for ed davis.
    both trades will give us a big for PF or C.
    ed at PF joel at C.

  • Would be nice to have ED back. Whiteside looks like he could anchor the defense and would help Randle/Russell from being so exposed on the pick and roll defense. Lakers need all the help they can get.

    Looking forward to tonight’s game! D’angelo vs Steph not to mention history.

  • Yeah seems as Trevor’s the best writer of them all tho some may throw in Jabari. Called it, starting three inexperienced players with a player’s who’s struggling (father time) is the result. It’ll take the coach 60 games to figure that out tho.

    Mentioned this over 2 months ago, but they should’ve rolled with JC (1), Lou (2), Kobe (3), Bass (4) and Hibbs at C while giving Randle and Russell 26-28 mins from the start. By this time they would’ve adjusted better aside of understanding their roles to possibly start. Too much hero ball and not enough team ball.

  • Ed davis is like a mini whiteside.
    he doesnt make a bigger impact than whiteside or say andre drummond.
    but hes definately there on defense and thats worth something to a team like us who desperately needs it.
    i just hope that portland likes and respects us as much as we respect them.

  • trevor never makes posts. so its rare and much wanted.
    ryan ward on the other hand is my least favorite.

  • i want these 5 to close out the 4th quarter.
    JC/ Kobe/ MWP/ Nance/ Hibbert
    1-3 you can have any 5 you want.
    but come 4th i dont wanna see nick/lou or dangelo.
    sorry Dlo fans. but we need a win!
    and i really dont care if Kobe plays 37 mins.
    im so tired of hearing yall complain about it…..

  • Davis is definitely coming into his own & seems like Portland fits his game perfectly. I feel like Lakers and Memphis didn’t appreciate his game and took him for granted.

  • Say what you want, and with all that being said… BS is simply not winning coaching material; never has been, and unfortunately for the Lakers, never will be… Nuff said

  • Kupchak and Jimmy should’ve drafted Okafor, signed Rondo, kept Ed Davis and signed a 3-and-D. Hoping for a long shot on Aldridge really hurt this season. Okafor, Randle, Davis would’ve made a strong front court. We need a 3-and-D to cover for Kobe on D. Kobe is a liability on defense now, old age and surgeries will do that to anyone. Have Clarkson come off the bench with Young/Williams. This would’ve been a much better team.
    Instead Scott is still trying to find the right combination.
    Jimmy needs to go. His track record on coaches is abysmal. He selected Rudy, which was his first hire so he should get a pass. But he hired Mike Brown when the team had players to run the triangle! Then he hired Dantoni instead of Jackson when the team is built to run the triangle! Ugh. I understand why he hired Scott (because he knew Lakers would suck for awhile) but to draft DLo instead of a Okafor (who everyone knew will give around 18 and 8 in his rookie season) hoping to sign a free agent?? Lakers have fallen hard big time. Not all Jimmy’s fault, but he has to take the blame. He is the head of basketball operations. Time for him to step down to give the Lakers a fresh start.

  • Russell and Clarkson can start together, they just don’t need a 5 guard rotation. And they don’t really need a 5-man big man rotation either…

    Regardless, you don’t put Clarkson, your best player, on the bench.

  • hes not the one waiting for stars. hes making calls to second teir players like lou arzia davis. but because buss tells him to wait for stars like la and melo he loses out on his other options

  • How do you know Jimmy is telling him that? Sounds like the same misinformed assumptions Mitch told us Magic was making.

  • idk the fact that second teir players all say the lakers are one of if not the first teams to call them but they all say they wont wait for the big fish

  • If they’re the Lakers’ future backcourt, I think you play them in a 3-guard rotation with probably Lou Williams so as to give Clarkson PG minutes as well. It’d be easy to get all three players their minutes. Lou’s might dip a tad, but he’s in a 6th man role anyway. I’d also like to see less clutter in the frontcourt. Metta can play the 3 and 4, so that gives some versatility and the ability to get Kobe his minutes without getting Kobe too many minutes. Nance needs to keep seeing court-time too. I think he’s earned that “first big man off the bench” distinction.

  • They just didn’t play Davis enough last year, but that was probably because they were tanking. I really wanted him back though. He’s a solid player.

  • And that tells you how bad we’re playing.
    If everybody is playing awful basket, the mediocre player stands up high.

  • Considering that it looks like the front office missed on D’Angelo, let Pau go without getting anything in return, passed on Whiteside when he was in camp two years ago, didn’t sign Rondo to start at point guard this year, took to long going for Aldridge and D’Andre Jordan and let Davis slip away, that marks the second year that they have gone for the big name , rather than just signing solid players. Add to this the coach carousel, and you have a front office in disarray.

  • I don’t want him to come and put up a double double from the bench on a nightly basis.
    Are we searching for a rim protector?
    All I’m saying is that we don’t need to sacrifice those “big guns” for a type of player we’re already developing.
    The focus of my comment was the need for a new point guard, someone who isn’t too old to play at this level and who can bring a little bit of defense.
    Not Kirch Hinrich’s level of defensive commitment, just someone who’s reactive enough so that he won’t be outdribbled every, single, possession.

  • I can’t believe that Mitch does not influence Jimmyboy with his decisions, both of these guys are in complete control and now add in BS and we have what we now have and incompetent team and fO and an embarassment for LA !!!

  • yes it does. mitch has allways been great at getting teir two and teir three players to come to la. the issue is hes having to wait for these big fish that look at the lakers as a plan c. if buss let mitch get the teir two players like the knicks did we could be a playoff team. instead we have jimm saying lets try and get the big guys and we miss out on the players that could help us. the lakers have three starting lvl players in kobe hibbert and clark. russ and randle are not starters at this point in their careers. scott cant coach and its leading to kobe having to run this team thats the biggest issue

  • Everything you just wrote is pure speculation. Not one fact as to how the decision making process goes. But both Dr. Buss and Mitch have told us all decisions are collective. Even Jeanie tells us this when she states “Jimmy and Mitch have assured me they can turn this around”

    You suggest Jimmy is overriding Mitch or blocking his efforts. They’ve been working together since 98. I highly doubt Mitch would put up with Jimmy going on an ego trip all of the sudden. And again Mitch has said nothing has changed from how Dr Buss ran things in the decision making process.

  • i guss we should ignore all the people with the knowlage of the team that all point to jimm as the reason were in this mess right.

  • None of those people, Magic Johnson included are privy to the FO workings. Dr. Buss closed ranks and tighened the circle up back in 2005.

    I dig how you ignored Dr. Buss, Jeanie and Mitch who’ve told us the get down on multiple occasions.

  • yes im going to believe jimm buss about anything. the dude said we would be contending by next season or he would quite and then this offseason he said he needed three more years. the dude is a moron

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