Lakers to Sign a Frenchman + Lamar gets Engaged? is reporting that the Lakers will sign former Sonics swingman Mickael Gelabale to a “make good contract”, meaning no financial obligations until he actually makes the squad in training camp. Gelabale left the NBA briefly in 2008 due to an ACL injury during the second game of the Sonics season. Gelabale is understandably excited about the prospect of playing for the defending world champions, telling HoopsHype;

“It’s a dream come true for me,” Gelabale said. “It’s a legendary team, with guys like Magic, Kareem, Kobe… I was a fan of the team as a kid.”

“I had other options in the NBA. Other teams invited me, but I chose the Lakers because I think I can make the team. I can bring my defense to the Lakers. I remember there have been times when I played against Kobe that he would congratulate after the game for being such a good defender. I know it’s going to be hard to make the team, but you have to start somewhere.”

This looks to be an excellent pick up for the Lake Show late in the game, Gelabale was a highly regarded defender and quick swingman prior to catching the injury bug. While the signing of Ron Artest clearly negated the loss of Trevor Ariza, certain atributes that Ron cannot provide this team, may come now in the form of Gelabale. Both players are equally athletic and quick swingmen, known in large part for their defensive abilities. While Gelabale has not proven himself to the extent Ariza did last year, the similarities in their game are surely there. Both players have been somewhat of an NBA outkast, struggling to find a team where they fit in. If Gelabale is injury free, and can produce similar to what Ariza brought to the table, this may be another case where the Lakers franchise can develop another young player into a champion.

In other news Lamar Odom is apparently getting married. LA Times writer/blogmaster Brian Kamenetzky reports in the comments section of the Gelabale article that his sources are saying that;

“Khloe Kardashian and LO are indeed getting married, or are engaged at least.” 33799PCN_Khloe

All I am going to say, if she pulls a Tony Romo out of Lamar…Lakers Nation will be less than please. Be forewarned Khole, a bad season from LO will result is many unpleasant glares around the city of angels. Otherwise, welcome to the Nation!

A spokesman for the NBA referees said this week that a lock out for the upcoming season is “imminent and unavoidable”. ESPN reports that negotiations have been suspended, and that the lead negotiator is “not optimistic”.  The NBA may be foreced to use “replacement refs” for the first time since the 1995 season if no resolution is found by Oct. 1st, the pre-season kick off in Utah.

The union negotiator Lamell McMoriss feels as though the refs are willing to meet half way, however the NBA front offices are asking for far too much, saying;

“I don’t know how you can lockout employees that are willing to continue to give back money, that’s just kind of beyond me. But the fall work schedule begins this weekend, and it appears that is not going to happen. It’s not going to happen with us, it’s not going to happen with the 57 active referees.”

David Stern and his team never cease to amaze me. Im sure most people feel the current NBA refs are bad enough, can you imagine THE REPLACEMENTS. Have mercy on us all.


The Sun will rise again! This time in New York City, as the Knicks have signed Sun Yue to a partially guaranteed contract. Although it is not a sure thing that Sun will make the roster, the Knicks don’t exactly have a mind blowing lineup. The hopes in LA were reasonably high for the “Chinese Magic Johnson”, however after only getting 28 minutes, the sample size to judge his real ability was not large enough. Lakers Nation wishes Sun the best of luck in the big apple, aside from those two times a year we will see him again.