Top 5 Lakers Point Guards

1. Earvin “Magic” Johnson

One of the greatest players ever to grace the NBA hardwood, Magic Johnson led his Lakers to five NBA championships in the 1980’s and captured the heart of basketball fans everywhere with his beaming smile. Johnson’s rivalry with Larry Bird was also a driving force of the Lakers/Celtics rivalry of the 80’s as well. Johnson won three NBA Most Valuable Player awards and a twelve time NBA All-Star. There is no doubt that he is the best PG in Lakers history, and arguably the best of all time.


The Lakers are perhaps the most prestigious team in NBA history, and these five guards have been crucial elements to their success throughout their history. However, it is difficult to claim five players as better than others, so if you feel we have left a player out or perhaps put an undeserving guard in, let us know.

by Ryan Dunlop

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