10 Greatest Nicknames in Lakers History

#9 – The Captain When you look at ideal qualities for a Team Captain, you want leadership, reliability, composure, work ethic, confidence, and determination. You also keep your fingers crossed in hopes they have enough personality to land a star cameo in one of the greatest comedies of all time . More than anything else, you hope that man is named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The league’s All-Time Leader in Points Scored, Games Played, All Star Appearances, Shots Made and MVP awards, there has truly never been a player more decorated than The Captain.

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No player was as consistent for as long as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He ranked in the top 5 in MVP voting a ridiculous 15 different times. He was an All Star 19 times. He won NBA Finals MVP Awards with virtually identical numbers in 1971 and again in 1985. He was named 1st Team All-NBA for the first time in 1971, and for the last time in 1986.  I know this is a lot to digest but think about that for a minute, the man was named the best player at his position fifteen years apart. Has there ever been a player at the top of his game who essentially peaked for 15 straight years? Has there ever been a better team captain?

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