Lakers Tips: 10 Things To Do To Get Over Laker Losses
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Republished on from May 20, 2012

The Los Angeles Lakers just lost last night, and for many fans, it is hard to get over that sour taste. The next game is almost a day away and those 24 hours seem like 72. Fans wonder what to do get over those feelings and prepare for the next challenge.

Just like how high school kids watch the clock on a Friday hoping that time a little quicker, Lakers fans would do anything to get the next match underway.

Here are ten things Lakers fans should consider when trying to get over losses.

10: Avoid SportsCenter at all costs. 

It is very simple, do not watch any sports shows the day after the Lakers lost. You would never sign onto FaceBook after breaking up with your girlfriend to avoid her pictures; do the same thing in this case. Avoid the sports channels on your cable lineup and it will prevent any remembrance of the game.

There is always a plethora of Laker’s doubts and criticism, something no one wants to hear after a loss.

9: Follow Lakers Nation on Twitter for positive vibes!

Following us on Twitter may not solve the Lakers’ problems on the court, but we can surely help boost your morale. Not only will we be sending out our hopeful tweets, but we will also prepare you for the team’s next match. Don’t worry, retweets will be plenty if you want to vent with Lakers Nation.

8: Watch the Lakers’ previous title runs.

Nothing cures losing other than winning and what better moment is there than the Lakers’ two recent titles. The nucleus of that team is pretty much the same as the one now, so it is nice seeing Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol smile in glory. This image of winning will get you back on track and continue to think the Lakers can pull off a miracle.

7: Visit Staples Center

This obviously applies to those in the Los Angeles area, but being in the center of Lakers basketball will help cope with the situation. Although being in the arena where the Lakers lost may hurt, it can also help get over the situation. Surrounded by other Lakers fans will provide you comfort and an opportunity to erase the bad memories.

6: Play some NBA 2K12

Watching an NBA game and not being in control can be very frustrating. If we were put into Pau Gasol’s shoes we would have taken that shot, but in live-action we could not do anything. However, by playing NBA 2K12, you are in control of every aspect of the game.

Try playing as the Lakers and make sure to give the Oklahoma City Thunder an old-school beat-down.

5: Take a look back at Showtime Lakers

The golden era of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise and the NBA was headlined but Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The Showtime basketball was exciting, thrilling, and left on the edge of your seat. At times these Lakers may be difficult to watch, so go on Youtube and see how the legends ran their fast-breaks.

4: Hope the Heat and/or Celtics lose. 

The worst thing to happen after the Lakers lose is to have Celtics and Heat fans make fun of Los Angeles. And to be fair, there aren’t many Lakers fans can say in retaliation. The Lakers lost and fans just have to accept the fact. But there is one thing that can make those haters shut up, and that is to hope they also lose their next game.

3: Eat!

We asked the question on Twitter:

We got plenty of unique answers, but a lot of you said ‘eat.’ This seems like a nice coping mechanism, but don’t eat too much, there’s still another game to be played.

2: Watch a movie.

Caution: this idea can only provide temporary relief. Watching a movie is a great way to separate oneself from reality and dive into a character’s world. Sitting on a coach will get you away from the pains of the loss for a few hours, but once the credits roll prepare to be bombarded with the feelings again.

1: Relive Kobe Bryant’s greatness. 

81 points, five titles, two Finals MVPs, and the countless number of clutch moments (despite the claims by ESPN). Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the greatest players in NBA history and it times like these fans should appreciate what he does.

Who knows how many legitimate titles run Kobe has left in him, so looking back at his greatness will do every Laker fan some good.

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