1949-50 Minneapolis Lakers Roster, Stats, Schedule And Results

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The 1949-50 season was the first of the newly created NBA. This happened by merging the BAA — led by the reigning champion Minneapolis Lakers — and the NBL to form one league that had a record 17 teams. This would decrease over the following years, but for 1949-50, 17 teams were split up among three divisions, the West, East, and Central.

The Lakers were a part of the five-team Central Division, a grouping they won in a tiebreaker with the Rochester Royals. Both teams went 51-17, but the Lakers were given the division title in a tiebreaker game. The playoffs involved 12 teams, and the Lakers once again dominated early.

They went 6-0 to reach the NBA Finals, where they faced and defeated the Syracuse Nationals in six games. For the second straight year, the Lakers would win the title, giving them two out of their eventual 17. George Mikan was once again the team and league’s best player.


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