2010-2011 NBA Regular Season Performance Awards

Most Valuable Player

Winner- Derrick Rose- Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose stated in the beginning of this season that he would like to be known as the best player in the NBA, and that he wanted to become the league’s Most Valuable Player. Rose perfected his game in the off-season and his extensive training has allowed him to compete with the best players in the league. In seasons prior, Rose was under-appreciated by many and he was not considered a top point guard in the NBA.

However, as his game matured and he developed a consistent jump-shot, Rose emerged into a premiere player. Rose has been carrying the Bulls on his shoulders for the entire season, and he stepped up when key teammates went down with injuries. Unlike LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, Rose does not have the best talent around him and he must have a prolific scoring performance in order for his team to have a chance at winning. Not only is Derrick Rose the top point guard in the NBA, his 24.9 ppg and 7.9 apg will allow him to become the Most Valuable Player in the 2010-2011 season.

Runner-up- Kobe Bryant- Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant has only won one MVP in his career, but for Kobe the Larry O’Brien trophy carries more meaning and it is a much more valuable accolade to possess. Bryant will fall short of winning this season’s MVP due in large part to the Lakers problems that emerged early on in the season. Although the Lakers are currently the hottest team in the NBA, the team’s and Kobe’s inconsistency was troublesome and caused a great deal of panic in Los Angeles. Bryant will no doubt lead his team to a strong playoff run this season, and a Finals MVP may well be a reachable goal; however, the regular season title will go to Derrick Rose.

3rd Place- LeBron James- Miami Heat

LeBron James is still in contention for the Most Valuable Player award despite having to share the ball with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. James is the reigning two-time defending MVP and he has been one of the best players in the league for the past several seasons. He is continuing to put up unprecedented numbers, and his presence on the court is something the Heat cannot replace. Although James would much rather prefer winning a ring than an MVP trophy, he would not refuse to add another one to his closet.

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