2010 Lakers Opening Night at the Staples Center

The rafters look very vibrant with 16 championship banners, including the banners from other LA franchises. It humors me how certain teams, such as the Sacramento Kings, hang “Pacific Division Champions” up on their wall. To me that’s equivalent to putting up a banner that says “I Made it to Kumite Day 3” in your home.

Player intros, in my opinion, are underrated.  I’m sure the Lakers have one of the best intros in the league, but I wish they would have better music.  Part of the reason Michael Jordan’s player intro was so awesome was because of the music.  I’m not going to complain about the Lakers’ choice, but I think they should find something unique, inspiring, and definitely EPIC.  Check out the video below for the player intros for both teams from last night.


Upon finding out that the Celtics defeated the Heat, I had 3 reactions.

1.  Looks like basing your team on the admittedly impressive talent of three players isn’t exactly a surefire way to win games. Good defense is though.

2.  Boston’s still got it. This was pretty much a big “eff you” from the Celtics to the Heat. The Celtics are the defending Eastern Conference champs until someone takes it away from them. The Heat are going to see alot more of this down the road. Teams are gonna play their best when they match up against the Heat, just like what happens when teams play the Lakers.

3. This is the first game of the season, it really doesn’t mean anything.

Laker girls, as always, were totally awesome and sexy.  For many of their performances last night, they were dressed in oversized Laker Ts.  They only got sexy for one dance, luckily I recorded it.  Watch the video below for a Laker girls performance from last night (minus the last 10 seconds when the idiot in front of me stood up.)


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