3 Hands the Lakers Shouldn’t Be So Quick to Deal


The Lakers most dynamic and versatile all-round player was also L.A.’s most consistent performer during last year’s up and down season — and the Lakers want to trade him? This is the NBA’s current ‘Sixth Man Of The Year.’ A player so good that he would start on nearly every other team in the NBA; a player so good that he can cover all five positions, lead and/or follow. And Minnesota apparently rejected a package deal with him as a part? They can count on another early vacation next season.

Still, it’s key that the Lakers keep their love for Lamar and not Kevin [Love]. For example looking at another special K, the Lakers once went after Kevin Garnett only to be beaten by Boston. Now who would you rather have today K.G. or L.O.? See right now the reality is that there is no one in the league quite like Mr. Kardashian. Sure he’s not a top scorer, (he’s not even close on his own team) but he can put up big numbers all over the board, at any position, pick your poison. Just imagine if more plays where ran for him on the white board.

Sure, his selfless attitude is his gift and his curse. He may be even more of a Hollywood star these days if he swore by being all-for-self, but it’s his giving, team-first nature that have helped the Lakers receive a one-of-a-kind player. He’s not the best player his city or league has to offer, but so what, that’s not up for debate here. Besides, he’s probably the most skilled Laker since Magic. From the D, to the showtime break, the passes to the finishes, this is no trick. Just ask Pat Riley. Now if the Lakers want to stay all-round. They have to keep their all-time guy. Not only should this guy (finally) be an All-Star next year. He should be a Laker too.

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