3 Hands the Lakers Shouldn’t Be So Quick to Deal


The way Andrew Bynum tore off his jersey following the Lakers sweep out the playoffs this year, you’d be forgiven if you thought that maybe he didn’t want to be a Laker anymore. Still, this young big and his team would do good by each other to find the kid a new jersey that still reads ‘Lakers.’ Sure, Bynum is prone to going down on one knee, but his incredible talent has been groomed for years, and is now in a perfect matrimony of the numbers 20 and 10. So let’s not make this guy an outcast via a Hollywood divorce.

‘Drew is not just one of the West’s best, he’s one of the leagues greatest centers — even if Yao Ming and Greg Oden are healthy (which is always a big “if”). He’s also one of the association’s last ‘true’ centers. He eased Los Angeles’ ‘Shaqless’ pain and now, as the former strongest position in basketball is dying off, the Lakers shouldn’t kill the purple and gold reign of one of this generations best breeds. Even Kobe knows the Lakers shouldn’t “ship Bynum out.”

Not when a healthy Andrew can help them set sail and get back on the right championship course. Right now Andrew’s still a young gun and for a couple of seasons, and a few more now, he’s been sunk by injury. But still, when he’s returned, he’s really shown he’s back in more ways then one. The numbers just add up. Now imagine if he could play a full season healthy, because it’s coming. Without ‘Drew sometimes the Lakers are overdrawn, having to be in debt to Gasol playing center. They’ve even overcome the green of Boston for the championship gold with Bynum’s inside knowledge. Bynum puts the color back into the purple’s reign. Without him, this contender may see even darker days.

I know they say if it’s broke don’t fix it, but in this case the Lakers repair should come from within and without a wrecking ball — even if the experts think a demolition is in order. Although their frontcourt trio had their troubles that led to the Lakers falling apart, they still shouldn’t be considered ‘damaged goods.’ These iron men shouldn’t even be considered dented tins as they really have made their mark on this franchise in the form of engravings with previous championship engagements. Without these guys, the Lakers probably wouldn’t be where they are now and even though it’s not the best place, it’s one not far removed from Larry O’Brien territory either.

Sometimes change isn’t the best thing. Sometimes it’s better if things stay the same. It’s better to re-group, re-tool and most importantly get together. Pau, Lamar and Andrew are the parts that will help the Lakers do this. This frontcourt tandem is formidable, consistent and proven and before all that, they work hard and never give up, quietly going about their business. As everyone else continues to talk trash, these guys’ games speak louder volumes. Check the books, before the Lakers put them on the block they should think of the ‘chips they’ve brought. These championship certified veterans need fresh legs in the form of rest and not new sneaker fillers. This Laker dynasty is not dead yet.

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