5 Reasons the Heat are Cooked

3. Mamba or Flash?

Many could say here that statistics don’t count, seeing as how Kobe has played twice the years and more than double the games than Dwayne Wade. But looking over the past two or three seasons, Kobe has statistically been better in scoring, 3 point shooting, rebounding, turnover ratio and is more clutch when he steps to the line. Speaking of clutch, Dwayne shouldn’t soon forget who is king: httpvhd://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-3s90fR1ak

Many would also say that Kobe might not be able to keep up with Wade, but let’s not forget that Wade has also seen his fair share of injuries in his 7 years as a Pro. Various shoulder and knee injuries for Wade have hindered his ability to start more than 80 games in a season for his career while Kobe has had 5 such seasons.

We also must not forget that Kobe has always been one of the game’s most prolific defenders as an 8 time selection for the NBA All-Defensive Team. When quick guards like Westbrook have exploited his high mileage, Kobe adapts his defense and uses his basketball knowledge to get the job done.

He still demands the task of guarding the opponents’ hottest player during crucial stretches of games, and his reputation as a tough defender is a byproduct of his tenacity and hard work.

While no one is denying that Dwayne Wade is one of the best players in the game, Kobe Bryant is and has always been on a whole other level. Writers and fans across the globe are worried about his age, but Kobe has stretched the prime of his career better than anyone of recent memory.

Kobe has finished ahead of Wade in MVP voting the past five seasons, and for a reason. No one player changes the other team’s game-plan quite like the Mamba, and his basketball IQ is unparalleled in the game today. The biggest question for the Heat this year is how the ball will be shared between those 3 players, let alone the entire team.

The Lakers however, have kept their core intact and will watch the benefits that come with having the league’s best player come forth.

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