A Look at Jeanie Buss’s “Laker Girl”

As stated earlier, Buss’ view of the 2009-2010 season is just half of what the book includes. The other half is her story is how she earned her spot as the Lakers’ Executive Vice President of Business Operations.

The story of Jeanie’s rise actually begins in Evanston, Wyo., where her fatherm Dr. Jerry Buss came from humble beginnings. Buss describes her father in a way that many Lakers’ fans would not know him – someone who balked at reaching his full potential. Long story short, Buss explains that her father found motivation to work through poverty in becoming not only a successful chemist, but also the founder of a real estate empire.

“Laker Girl” also covers some exciting moments from Jeanie’s childhood, which few could even dream of experiencing. These stories include her father purchasing the Los Angeles Lakers and Kings, meeting celebrities and even getting the assistance of Magic Johnson for a project in college.

Jeanie did not start immediately with the Lakers, in fact, her father placed her in positions such as the General Manager of his World Team Tennis team at age 19. Jeanie also gained valuable experience through coordinating and scheduling events, such as high profile tennis matches and concerts at the Great Western Forum. She even ventured into the world of roller hockey.

The book also chronicles some of the other interesting stories both in the Lakers organization and in Jeanie’s life. Buss goes into great detail into items such as her divorce, her father’s reaction to her relationship with Phil Jackson, having her championship ring stolen at gun point and the responses of those close to her when she chose to pose for Playboy.

In addition, Buss also talks about specific moments in Lakers’ history that are little known to the public. Little known facts such as the 2004 offseason, which included Kobe Bryant’s free agency, Phil Jackson’s departure and the Lakers’ even reaching out to Pat Riley about a potential return to the Lakers’ bench. The book also gives specifics on Jeanie’s relationship with Phil Jackson, which you won’t find anywhere else.

This book can also serve as an inspirational piece to women trying to break the gender gap in the sports world. Jeanie goes into great detail on how several executives and even NBA owners have disrespected her, only before she quickly put them in their rightful place. Buss gives great advice in the book to any woman who is looking to get into her line of profession.

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