All-Time Lakers Dream Team: Who Is Your Starting Five?


There is nothing east of Jerry West. How was the logo of the NBA not going to make this team? Here he’s even managed to push Kobe to the three, much like Shaq in the early parts of the millennium. Jerry West was the NBA and in many ways still is. Mr. Clutch could hit from anywhere, even his own court. The floor was his. Mr. Lakers gave everything to the purple and gold franchise. Through all the years of Boston heartbreak to winning in the front office as a G.M., West defined life as a Laker. From the skill to the savvy, this serious player had a set of fundamentals that helped write the book on the modern day game of basketball (look out for the autobiography too, West By West). This year the logo was finally honored with a statue and this Laker legends place on this team will forever be set in stone.
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Now how about some M.J.? A man who produced thrillers like pop’s M.J. With Quincy Jones cool. Remember the time? Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson was a pharaoh in the league at the top of the Lakers pyramid. This no-look wizard won’t pass up anything and will unselfishly even play center if you ask him. Never fear, Magic’s here. With him you’re in safe, slight of hands. Without him there’s nothing left to pull out of your hat, no ace in the hole. There was no showtime without him and no greater competitor for Jordan to beat and truly take the torch from. The greatest player this league has seen not named M.J. with a Jeffrey. Without him Kareem, Bird and the NBA itself would never have been the same. The basketball was an extension of him, not the other way round and so was the sport. His tricks of the trade changed the game. He’s still making major moves in the business world today trying to bring the NFL to Los Angeles, and who else to quarterback this team then the man that brought the NBA to the world?


Portland knows it, Philadelphia has been through it, Sacramento knows all too well, hell the whole wide league, United States and world know, when it comes to coming off the bench and hitting franchise and championship plays nobody can touch this man. Even Kobe’s best M.J. impression and Mr. Clutch have to give it up to Big Shot Rob when he’s behind the arc. From giving other people problems in the Houston days to the x-factor championship Laker days, let history be the judge. Sure Shaq, Mikan and Goodrich are criminally left off the chilling list, ‘Big Game James’ is Worthy too, and even Gasol and Odom could be here. Still, until Derek Fisher out-shoots him nobody will embody the sixth man position more than the Hall of Fame bound legend that is Robert Horry. As the clock reads ‘0.0’, there’s no one else.

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