All-Time Scorers; Can Kobe Catch Kareem?

We all know that Kobe is one of the greatest players to ever set foot on an NBA court, but we also know that he is one of the most unappreciated legends of all time. Would the scoring record being added to Bryant’s resume ultimately silence his many critics?

Knowing his critics, probably not as they would find a way to nit-pick his achievement as they normally do (Bill Simmons). Even though it wouldn’t silence his critics, breaking the all time scoring record would certainly validate Bryant’s case as one of the game’s great players.

In the eyes of most, Bryant could retire today and still be seen as one of the top players ever; the scoring record would possibly propel him to being scene as the greatest to ever play.

Most won’t even acknowledge that Bryant is in Michael Jordan’s class, but the writing is on the wall. Kobe is now chasing his sixth championship, which would equal Jordan’s mark. If Bryant were to break Kareem’s record and equal or surpass Jordan’s championship total, what argument would basketball minds have against Kobe being the top player of all time other than theories filled with what ifs?

Kobe’s assault on the NBA’s scoring record would certainly validate his bid for the top player of all time but only time will tell if Bryant will score point number 38,388. Several obstacles stand in Bryant’s way but as we have seen before, no obstacle is too large for this Laker Legend.

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