America’s Most Hated

There is no question that sports is a topic that inspires much emotion. There are teams you love, teams you hate, and teams you just laugh at (See: Los Angeles Clippers). In sports there are many different roles that teams can step into, the lovable losers, the underdogs, the long-shot, the favorites, and the hated. Today we are going to focus on the hated, because the Lakers are arguably the most hated franchise in United States professional sports.

The level of hatred towards a certain individual generally stems from fans of opposing teams who simply wish that that player was a member of their own team. Why do you think Lakers fans hate LeBron James so much? Just saying. Anyways, when a fans hatred is directed towards a certain team it is usually for the same general reason, that team is better than the team they love. This is why teams like the Lakers, New York Yankees, and even Duke basketball are despised by the rest of the country. These teams win, other teams don’t, other fans hate.
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