Andrew Bynum May be New Lakers X-Factor

If Bynum can continue to play at this high of a level come playoff time the Lakers are nearly unbeatable. The size of Bynum is unmatched anywhere outside of Orlando, and his play against new Thunder acquisition Kendrick Perkins in the past has proven that Perkins is no match for him. But will Bynum stay healthy?

Health has always been the major concern with Bynum, although the last two years have proven that Bynum is willing to play through injuries. Last year’s playoff run especially, in which Bynum had to have his knee drained several times, proved how tough he can be.

Although Bynum has been a key contributor to the last two championships by playing through injuries, Bynum needs to be a huge factor come playoff time this year as well. While many were calling on the Lakers to swap Drew for Carmelo Anthony, Mitch Kupchak opted to keep the size of Bynum, a decision that will prove wise if the young center can stay healthy.

Simply put, if Bynum continues to play at his current rate, then the Lakers will ultimately capture their 17th championship. Bynum may also be the Lakers’ x-factor for the future, as he has the potential to become one of the game’s top players.

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