Are Lakers Mortgaging Their Future To Honor Byron Scott And Kobe Bryant?
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Not long after Byron Scott took over coaching duties for the Los Angeles Lakers, I found myself staring at a bus bench on Exposition Boulevard near Sepulveda emblazoned with the benign greeting, “Welcome Home, Byron.” Someone — a local businessperson, civic leader, or eccentric billionaire with a preference for mid-range jumpers — paid real American currency to extend the hand of friendship to a coach many basketball pundits outside of L.A. had been ridiculing as an out-of-touch, miserly old man stemming from his years of struggle in New Orleans and Cleveland. Of course, Laker fans are an optimistic bunch, and for good reason — the lucky recipients of 11 world championships since the move from Minneapolis and a steady pipeline of Hall of Fame players has made us the envy of fans around the country. One of the major pieces of that good fortune was Byron, a Showtime Laker whose mere presence suggests the hazy analog days of jello jiggling and champagne bottles popping at the Forum. But nostalgia can undermine even the greatest franchises. The Oakland Raiders have finally found a modicum of success this season after they finally stopped screaming “JUST WIN, BABY!” at the top of their lungs every chance they got and joined the 21st century. The hated Celtics handed their team to a young genius coach who has turned a pu-pu platter of role players into a playoff team, much to my eternal chagrin. Now that the Lakers have started their second consecutive season at 0-4, it only seems fair to ask the question of whether or not this franchise is mortgaging their future to honor their legends — not just Byron, but also No. 24 himself.

The biggest knock on Byron Scott has been his aversion to the pace-and-space style of modern NBA basketball exemplified by James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Critics love to focus on comments made during the 2014 preseason when Byron dismissed the importance of the three-pointer and the analytics that showed the ways in which it was a more valuable shot than a jumper at the elbow. The narrative went that if Byron Scott would just learn to appreciate the three-pointer more, he could join the cool kids’ table and the Lakers would start winning basketball games. Well, we are four games into the season and the Lakers have attempted 128 three-pointers, a total that leads the league. It’s just that, well, they’re only shooting 28 percent from behind the arc, per ESPN. In contrast to that, the Warriors — the reigning NBA champions — have attempted 111 three-pointers and have made (wait for it) 41 percent of them. If you’re not running through the streets naked, screaming and banging your chest like the Kony 2012 guy then DO YOU EVEN LIKE BASKETBALL? The Warriors use the three the way my mother uses guilt — as a deadly weapon to be employed liberally and with great pleasure. The Lakers seem like they’re using it as a last-resort. “If you’ve got the type of shooters that can shoot it, then you’ve got to use it to your advantage. I think we have those guys,” Byron told the media last Sunday when asked about their increased use of the three-ball. Do they, though?

Let’s look at the Rockets. A Houston Rockets game can swiftly turn into an episode of The Walking Dead once James Harden decides the best offensive option available to him is to drive and either kick to an open shooter or flail his way into a shooting foul. It can be mind-numbing in its repetition and its inevitability in the same way that you know that all of your favorite characters on Walking Dead are guaranteed to have their viscera strewn about the Atlanta countryside like the streamers they drop at Staples after a win, but it works. Effective dribble penetration is the key element to the formula, because a player who can force defenses to collapse on the ball opens up shots for teammates spotting up behind the arc. It’s a strategy so logical that it makes you wonder why it took so long to implement in the Association. It could be that we’re in a unique time where ball-handlers and shooters have finally gotten to the point where they can execute these techniques effectively. Would the Rockets’ system work without James Harden? Would the Warriors be able to consistently find ways to use screens to break open uncontested threes without Steph, Klay, Draymond, and the rest?

The Lakers might not have the personnel to run a similar system, and that issue starts at the top with Byron Scott and trickles down to gunners like Nick Young, Lou Williams, and Kobe Bryant and pick-and-roll black holes like Roy Hibbert. The Lakers’ best dribble penetrators are clearly Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. They get to the rim, they score or they draw a foul fairly regularly. According to stats, 95.5 percent of Jordan Clarkson’s two-point field goals are unassisted, and he’s shooting 66.7 percent from less than 5 feet away from the basket. Of those close-up looks, 90 percent are unassisted. That means he’s getting into the lane and making interior defenses work. Shouldn’t that translate to open shooters for him to kick out to, James Harden-style? It should, but the shooters he finds might not be able to convert their uncontested looks.

Per, the Lakers are shooting a paltry 28.3 percent from three when the closest defender is 4-6 feet away (which they classify as “open”). That’s quite bad compared to the historically significant Warriors, who are shooting 36.6 percent when “open.” The Warriors are actually at 50 percent when guarded by someone 2-4 feet away. The Cavs, the East’s lone powerhouse, are shooting 39.1 percent from three when considered “open.” Kobe Bryant, who has seemingly refashioned himself into a perimeter shooter, has taken 24 three-pointers and made seven of them for a 20 percent average. From inside the arc, Kobe’s shooting only 30 percent, but he’s also closing out games for the Lakers, including close games like the season opener against the Timberwolves and Tuesday night’s loss to Denver. I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that Kobe no longer gives this team the best chance to win when it counts the most, and his personal averages are cratering the team’s statistical output. You have to question the judgment of a coach that doesn’t see the detriment of sending Kobe Bryant out in crunch time to chuck airballs while the team’s prized draft pick, D’Angelo Russell, could benefit greatly from the experience of finishing out a tight game.

So what’s the benefit of having Byron Scott as the coach? Well, it used to be that he was considered a defensive specialist, but after four games, this Laker team is giving up a league worst 116.8 points per contest. This is after the addition of rim protector Roy Hibbert, who joined Russell on the bench at the end of the Nuggets game. In fairness, Hibbert is something of an offensive liability, so it makes a bit of sense to sit him when buckets are needed, but stops are also vital when trying to crawl back from a deficit. Hibbert’s replacement, Tarik Black, was practically begging Kenneth Faried and Danilo Gallinari to dunk on him. He did the basketball equivalent of offering up his couch to his wife’s down-on-his-luck, dirtbag ex-boyfriend, then preparing him a three-course meal every night while happily taking verbal abuse from said ex with a smile on his face.

What I’m trying to say is that Tarik Black can’t play defense. I’d like to place the blame on Byron Scott, but maybe Tarik Black just can’t play defense because he’s not good at it. Maybe Nick Young is just a streaky shooter that drags his heat checks out for longer than anyone ever should. Maybe Kobe Bryant is just done.

This Laker team is deficient in so many ways (with the bright spots of Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle’s hot starts getting lost in the doom and gloom) that firing Byron Scott, while appealing, might not be the answer. Fan favorite candidates to replace Byron include Tom Thibodeau and Scott Brooks. Both of those coaches have intriguing resumes and flashy name value, but can you imagine Thibs trying to stay sane while watching Swaggy P attempt to guard Chris Paul (or even Jamal Crawford)? The rest of the poor man’s hair will fall out. Giving this Laker team to Thibs, the defensive genius, would be akin to asking a Michelin-starred chef to make a gourmet meal out of Gorton’s fish sticks and rubber bands. And say what you will about Byron’s play-calling ability, but at least he’s calling plays. Remember Scott Brooks was fired partially because his basketball strategy was akin to a well-timed shrug emoji. Besides, I’m not even sure peak Phil Jackson could muster these troops to respectability this season. Maybe the critics outside of L.A. were right, that this is a bad team and Byron is just a stop-gap coach until they can figure out what’s next. The only silver lining to this dreadful start is that another historically awful season could mean the Lakers keep their precious top-three protected first round pick, a bounty that would make a few more months of misery worth it.

The optimism typified by that “Welcome Home, Byron” bus stop sign is getting sucked out of Lakerland and the options we have amount to “fire a local hero and hope the fourth coach since the 2011 season can right the ship toward the tepid mediocrity enjoyed by Denver and Phoenix fans” or “tank and pray we keep our pick.” Does either option sound appealing when blinded by the gilded allure of Dr. Buss’s precious trophies? Not exactly, but the next banner won’t come until we stop looking at those Larry O’Briens (and the men who won them like Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant) and start accepting this new normal before it’s too late.

Dave Shilling, thx for writing

Object is Clearly Winning

Does our #1 pick, the second taken, even resemble a top three Pick ? ?

With Starting our Number one Pick, D’Angelo Lakers are 0-4 That is writing on Wall

  • Journalism isn’t writing college essays. All that reading for a weak premise and the ranting of a spoiled fan.

    First, how can the team “mortgage” it’s future when it will have the most amount of free agency cash next year?

    Second, how can a team mort gage it’s future when it’s 3 primary players are rookies?

    Third, it seems no one got the memo thar that this year is about GROWTH, and aiming for Ben Simmons.

    The team isn’t sacrificing it’s future at the sake of now (definition of “mortgaging”), it’s actually sacrificing NOW to improve the future.

    – The wrtier might have been able to put by crap on a piece of paper and got A’s in college (who didn’t?), but this is the big leagues. Learn the power of your voice and that modern Internet journalism follows a 500,750, and 1200 word format. Just because you can speak doesn’t mean that you should.

  • I don’t think firing Byron Scott right now is a good solution. First everybody in the FO would lose his face, as we clearly bet and involved almost all the guys from the Showtime Era. Then, there are two many flaws in our game to just say : it’s Byron’s fault. Offensively, some just ignore they have teammates, and defensively, besides Hibbert, nobody his above average. But can we blame our coach for the fact our players didn’t want to battle and clearly didn’t give a damn about winning the freaking game ? I expect like almost everybody here to see some minutes given to our mind-oriented players (MWP, Brown, Nance). We’ll see if the team improves, if some positive energy can flow again.

  • Currently Russell looks like a bust! I like the guy but I really wanted Okafor. I been in this “In Mitch I Trust” mode but I think we got jacked! Nonetheless we are here and could only hope for a developmental miracle in Dloading while we keep our fingers crossed for next years top 3 pick!

  • That being said, I wouldn’t change Scott for Thibodeau or Brooks. Thibodeau is a defensive mastermind. But he’s not a magician. He needs elite defensive players to anchor his defense. Butler/Noah were the soul of the Chicago wall. Actually his last year in Wind City was strange as their offensive ratings became average (instead of bad) and their defense collapsed… Gasol effect ? I don’t know. The thing is, we don’t have the right players to give to Thibs.
    Brooks, I don’t want to start about it, the columnist has said it all.
    If we have to go to chose a new coach, I’d try to snap some new blood in the NCAA. Ollie was in the discussion before we hired Scott. He clearly knows how to coach and is great with players. Sean Miller is more defensive oriented, but his records talk for him. Pack defense could do us some good, but you still need good defensive 1 on 1 players (RHJ, Johnson, McConnell did a terrific job last year).
    We might look at Luke Walton too. His temp run might last longer than he thought.
    Till then, let’s keep Byron and see if he can do what he did with our young guys last season. Let’s do that and suffer together !

  • They mortgaged their future the moment they stupidly selected Russell over Okafor. Will go down in history as one of the all time worst draft day decisions and will set this franchise back years and years. Hopefully Buss’s son and Kupchak will be unemployed by season’s end.

  • Yeah, but we hit it big with Randle and then Clarkson at #46 overall. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad I guess lol

  • In an article in Espn, Scott said that – by his observation – Russell is on part with Chris Paul his first year. And he said that Russells passing vision will take time to settle as players have to adjust to him getting them the ball at any moment, and Russell learning the tendencies of his teammates. He also said that Russell plays like a rookie, in that he has a lot to learn, that he gets easily frustated, gets lazy at times, and tries to be too flashy.

    Scouting reports said Russell is a “year away”. And despite the quick flashes of the obviously NBA ready guys (Okafor and Mudiay), Russell has a much higher ceiling. And despite the painfl year of growth, Jimmy and Mitch got this pick right (just like Randle).

  • Anyone with two eyes that watched college hoops last year should have known Okafor was the better pick. Epic fail. The moment they announced the Russell pick I went “NOOOOOOO” and my opinion has not changed since. In fact, my opinion of D’Arko Russell has only worsened.

  • As a fan, you are secretly hoping and wanting the team to “have the worst draft day selection in history.”


  • 1. 7 for 24 isnt 20%

    2. You dont detail how this is detracting from the future ( it is sure hindering the development now)

    3. Byrons princeton offence is antiquated and doesn’t utilize D angelos strengths

    4. Byron couldn’t figure out line ups if they were made for him

  • Did I say hoping? No I did not. Reading comprehension isn’t your thing apparently. But coming from a Russell supporter I’m not surprised. The other swaggy Russell fans who laughed at me for wanting Okafor instead this summer are nowhere to be found these days. Their reasoning was Okafor couldn’t play D. Have you watched Russell try to play D?
    At least you’re defending your favorite bust pick. I give you credit for that at least.

  • I agree. I wanted Okafor from the beginning. I repeatedly said on many Laker forums that taking Russell over him would be an all time bonehead decision that is worthy of somebody getting fired.

  • It’s looking that way already. I’ve never seen an organization overthink such an obvious decision in my life. The Front Office was delusional if they thought Clarkson and Russell would turn into Curry and Thompson. But then again, this is a FO that somehow thinks Lou Williams and Swaggy P on the same roster makes sense.

  • Reading comprehension. .. read this:

    I’m a lakers supporter. So I support every player on the team and suspend whatever nonsense in my head just because at one point I thought I was a better Armchair GM than paid professionals.

    The lakers are the second most recognized sports brand in the world (#1 Yankees). Losing r trying to appease spoiled fans like you doesn’t have one bit of relevance to the team? And outside of the FREE broadcasts you watch, what have YOU spent on the team? Since you are here on a Thursday morning and that you post like a bitter man, I assume you aren’t at work and probably don’t have a financial investment in the team.

  • Clarkson is a baller though. Regardless of Russell, Clarkson and Randle are a great start to this rebuild. These guys can be stars and they both clearly want it badly. That being said, it’s time for Jeanie to clean house. We need a GM with a real vision.

  • At the end of the day Tom Thibideou was able to compete with LeBron and a number of top tier teams regardless of how injured his squad was. If he was j a tiny bit more offensive minded, he would’ve been in the finals

  • They mortgaged their future when they signed Pau Gasol, and took out a second with Steve Nash. Nothing left to mortgage.

  • Thank you been saying this. Maybe some of these fans would listen to you. Coaches need players who fit what they need to do. Scott need defensive minded players like want Thib. This team is full of offensive players which is why Mike D was excelling in his offense. I put full blame on the FO for giving Scott a team full of offensive players instead defensive ones.

  • I’m happy with those 2 too. Imagine Okafor, Randle with Clarkson and a solid FA PG?

  • I’d be interested in Thibodeau, but not Brooks….to me, he’s just another Byron Scott.

  • if your bright spots are Randle and Clarkson, then you’re not mortgaging your future much. mortgaging your future is cutting a prospect with elite defensive presence with decent mobility, something you direly need, for a soon to be journeyman who’s a “friend” of yours.

  • I imagined it for a long time until the morons running this thing shattered all our dreams smh.

  • I am at work. I am procrastinating my job duties by venting about a team I’ve spent rooting for my entire life epic-ly botching a lottery pick.

    It is not armchair GMing when the moment it happens you question it. Russell over Okafor was an epic fail. Heck, even Russell over Porzingis is an epic fail at this very moment.

    Rather than worry about my employment status, you should go back to school and learn proper grammar. Enjoy watching D’Arko Russell this season. Cheers.

  • I bet the sixers are laughing and thanking us right now for picking Russell instead of okafor

  • Why do all your comments have “I” in them?

    Look in the mirror and say this aloud:
    “I am an armchair GM who does not own the team or know more than paid professionals. I am just a fan who watches TV broadcasts as free entertainment.”

  • But if the Lakers completely tank, the sixers might not get their draft pick.

  • Mmkay. We suck. We know it. Let’s get through more than 4 games of an 82 game season before we start inventing trends…

  • Exactly. And to top it all off, we may have to send our draft pick to them if it’s not in the Top 3.

  • When Okafor peaks in 2 years and becomes this era’s version of Al Jefferson, are you going to recant and say, “Russell was my pick all along?”

  • Look on the bright side , the way things are going we might end up keeping the pick #simmons

  • Not disagreeing with the article, but I still think it is a situation where we just have to wait this season out. Everyone knew Kobe’s last contract was about rewarding what he has done for the organization and it was the right thing to do, even as hard as it is right now. Same with Scott, I don’t think he has a future here, but getting a good young coach like Walton or Hammon will mean waiting the season out, unless Spurs or GS are willing to let them out of their contracts mid season.

  • No because Al Jefferson is a more productive NBA player than Russell ever thought of being at this point.

  • Lol, honestly I don’t even care about Russell. I already know he’s a mistake. Right now I only enjoy watching Randle and Clarkson who are really the future.

  • But also not in a bad place. We have a nice young core to build around. We got very lucky when you consider how bad it could be.

  • I’m boring with this website. I have good friends here. But this thing of “D’angelo is a bust” are really drop me out of here.
    Or you guys are desperate and want a player who have NO NBA BODY playing like a vet. Or you guys know nothing about basketball.
    I can’t even believe in some things i have read here. D’angelo has skillset and mind to be more than allstar, to be a unbelieveble superstar… But he has a weak body o can’t play in the NBA right now and maybe 1 year and a half for now.

    And thats body thing can be worked. The talent he has you don’t work. You born… And he born with that. So, i’m done.
    I don’t talk more about D’angelo until 2016.

  • Wasn’t “luck”, was tanking, but yeah…I like the core and the free agents.

  • Grammar?
    Those in glass houses……

    I’m typing on a smart phone as I commute to work. What’s your excuse?

  • That’s why we may hope the FO can make some trades to balance our roster. We have actually some nice pieces for the teams who need some scoring.

  • Looking at the title of this article does kind of have me thinking that maybe the decision of drafting Russell was to benefit Kobe in a sense, Russell is a past first PG which can put Kobe who is 37 in catch and shoot situations and its almost like their are still some possible signs of living in the past, Clarkson is more of a combo guard of this era. Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving are our new generation’s style of play and it seems that this will be the style of play for the next years to come, all of these guys we’re heavily criticized in the beginning of their careers for shooting too much and not passing, this kind of leaves me wondering what if the Lakers had traded the 2nd pick for a well established vet to speed up the process just kept Clarkson at PG and let him continue to work with Steve Nash, Kobe probably doesn’t want Clarkson at PG because he has the score first mentality and Kobe wants to score the ball a lot, I really don’t like to use the ” what if ” thing because whats done is done but i do think about it a lot maybe because we haven’t won a game.

  • Patience: I have plenty of that with the young guys, Clarkson, Randle, DLo, A Brown, Tarik Black, Nance Jr. They are learning the game, sadly they do not have a very good teacher.

    No Patience:

    Honestly I can’t wait until Kobe hangs them up, he has been holding back this rebuild for 3 seasons now, he was a great player, but that player is long gone, what you are left with is the same desire to be that guy without the tools to accomplish it.

    I have no patience for Byron Scott and his 80s mentality, preplanned rotations and complete lack of in-game coaching, combined with a diabolically bad knowledge of the princeton offense and modern defensive tactics, his pandering to Kobe Bryant and blatant favoritism.

    I’m also running out of patience with the FO and the decisions they have been making based on emotion and past achievements rather than future potential. MWP was a great player too, and he may well be a good guy to have at practice mentoring the young guys, but his NBA playing days are over, he could have been given a coaching role. Keeping Robert Sacre still remains the #1 most ridiculous decision this FO has ever made.

  • It has nothing to do with his body. Curry by his own admission, had an even weaker body. Russell is a monster in size compared to what Allen Iverson was. Durant was super weak physically too. That doesn’t matter if you’ve got heart and game.

  • The kid has 98 minutes of professional experience and 4 games…… making a judgment in a small sample is a bit short sighted.

    Lebron has over 45,000 minutes and 12 seasons (1150 games!).

    Remind me of how bad Harden looked in his first season. Or Curry. Or Westbrook. Even Wiggins wasn’t stellar last year.

  • Forget the harsh words my friend. When Russell will shine, you’ll feel peace in your heart !
    I am fed up too to see how cruel and bitter some fans are. It’s not even the Russell bashing, but how people can spit on a professional player like that ? I follow the Jalen Rose rule : “don’t call a NBA player a bust”.

  • It seems like Scott is too desperate for a W to just let the chips fall where they may.
    Denver game is a perfect example — Williams was playing well, but was struggling from the field so it’s not like he was lights out. No reason to keep Russell on the bench.

    If anything, Kobe should have been on the bench because he just looks WAY off right now.

  • do you think the warriors epic-ly botched the steph curry pick? or OKC epic’ly botched the harden pick? both were “labeled” huge busts in their first 2 years and brandon jennings was labled the “best” PG of their draft. now how has that worked out since. lol have some damn patience and reserve your stupid opinion until at least a year or 2 has gone by. judging some 19 year old after a few games is just downright stupid.

  • Unless you are an actual GM or scout, it’s armchair GMing. Period. We all do it…no shame in admitting as much.

  • @Lakeshow — I don’t know…I see a more confident Russell each night. We don’t get very many projects in La La Land, so might as well enjoy it.

  • I can’t wait until Russell’s shot starts falling, he’s going to have some big number games. And you will be crawling back under that rock. Pretty sure the 0-4 76ers aren’t laughing at anyone.

  • The main thing we need is to make a trade to get a full time starting defensive SF to guard the best player on the other team to take pressure off Hibbert. We could trade for a young player like Harrison Barnes but the question who we trade? Maybe trade Young who is having a good season and fair contract with maybe Brandon Bass?

  • You will also have to bite the bullet, it’s going to be brutal. I should start taking screen shots so I can remind you of your idiocy. Although you probably will change names due to embarrassment. The laws of probability are not on your side.

  • The finals this year will be Warriors and Cavs again. No one in the east can stop the Cavs, Kevin Love is too smart and playing with the best in the world Lebron, they will win easily.
    And the Warriors… WHAT A BASKETBALL THEY PLAY. To me, only the Spurs in a full playoff mode can beat them. But the chances are slim.

  • you probably will change your photo of you batewomen when russell fails lol enjoy embarrassment fellow rusell fan loser want to bet thatI am right Russell is a bust?!

  • I root for Russell, don’t get me wrong. I 100% want to be wrong about that choice management made. Clarkson at #46 last season was as good a choice as Russell was bad, but the Clarkson choice was more luck and bad scouting on the other teams’ part. I’m done with our management team. We need new blood in there to run this thing.

  • No lie but the Clippers have a chance also to compete with the Warriors. Close game they had.


    You must be a disciple of Ryan Ward, lol.

    You obviously dont know who Kobe is. Seems like you are just an internet Lakers fan, if that. A scorer like Kobe has ALWAYS taken allot of shots, thats what they do. You expect a player like kobe who just came back from a 9 month absence on the court to immediately be back to 90’s Kobe performance?

    I expect this ignorance from casual fans to buy into to the media bias, not Lakers Nation writers. What a joke.

    Real fans know he will prevail. Now that Kobes stamina and legs are not an issue, we have nothing to be concerned about.

    For all of you that don’t like when Kobe is taking those perimeter 3 shots, you better get used to it. Kobe knows what works for him, those shots will start to fall more frequently for him, and he is executing the game plan as instructed.

    To ask the team not to take these shots is stupid. If the team doesn’t continue to take them, we will be at a huge disadvantage against the power shooters of the league.

    Do you guys think that Curry could always make the shots he now is famous for, NO. Curry has spent who knows how many repetitive hours practicing those shots to the point he can do it with his eyes closed. Its not magic, its repetition and desire.

    I am not opposed to an inside-out game either, I am actually a proponent of that. However I am saying we can not ignore the 3 point game. We can integrate a play style that uses both. Its imperative that we get good at the three or give up altogether and close shop.

    Thanks for the optimism, you have allot to learn Mr. Shiling!

  • I cant wait for you to shut up and prove your mouth kobe hater russell is bust loser!

  • That’s indeed the 64 000 dollars question. Barnes would be a dream. I’d like Bazemore to come back but since he made the starting five I don’t see it happening in December. Wilson Chandler is a possibility if Denver finds some interest in Lou or Swaggy P. Zimmeredge dreams about Justin Anderson who doesn’t play in Dallas, but I doubt he’d have an immediate impact.
    About our players value, you identified the “chosen one” :
    – Bass is a safe addition : cheap, disciplined, iron man, good defense, effective on the PnR.
    – Lou Williams : one of the best bench men in the League. Will bring you points, no matter what.
    – Nick Young : to me he’s a very good spot-up shooters. Not a defense liability when he is locked in. Can explose in a winning context. Small contract too.
    – Ryan Kelly : the typical stretch four. Inconsistant, but disciplined, plays under control, perfect in a system.

  • @Lake — Fair enough, although I would keep Kupchak and just send the Busses home.

  • you have to also realize that clarkson is 22 years old and when Byron put him in early in the year he was terrible too because he needed to slow down. Byron is bringing Russel along a totally different way. i say bring hiom a long the same way you brought clarkson. it took clarkson about half a year of watching from the bench and a couple games in the D league to get confident and slow down.

  • Would love to hear someone as mentally challenged as you point out what exactly was grammatically incorrect in my posts.

  • The Lakers will WISH that they had drafted the Rookie of the Year. Hint: It WONT be D’Angelo Russell.

  • Cavs yes, but Warriors can be beaten. There are 3 teams in the West with the capability of beating them in a series and the Clippers are one of those 3. I wouldn’t just pencil them back in the Finals. Cavs not getting out of the East would be an all time epic fail choke job.

  • What I got out of this is that KOBE should not be in the 4 th qtr and RUSSELL should be there to learn what it is all about , & BS knows nothing and should not be coaching the LAKERS, AND THEY ARE ONLY keeping KOBE in the game because he draws fans to watch him, but I do believe most of us here in LAKERS NATION has known this all season, we have good players but with out COACHING, and KOBE has the worst shooting % and is not going to get any better .

  • Come on guys, its way too early to judge.

    Yes Okafor is beasting, its no surprise, we knew he would.

    But that has nothing to do with Russell pace of improvement.

    When Russell blows up and we look back years from now we will regret what we stated here today.

  • no he was not fool russellis worse because he starts 7 points pathetic get your facts straight!

  • Russell will suddenly learn how to play defense, hit a shot, get his teammates involved and develop a quicker first step to the basket? Scott can’t make someone something they’re not.

  • Barnes would be perfect — are the Warriors looking to move him or is just wishful thinking?

  • Sort of luck. Clarkson was a surprise, Randle could have gone higher and definitely could have lost our pick this last year since it was protected.

  • my facts are fine. clarkson didn’t start his first game last year until after the all-star break lol.

  • actually hes worse than them at least darko had a ring and brown got us gasol lol!

  • so you thin someone who is 3 years older and sat and learned on the bench for half a year is no more experienced than a 19 year old starting in his first NBA game? lol you sir a re a special kind of stupid lol

  • Random question- does anyone older than 25 years old and is not on the Lakers payroll actually think the Russell pick was smart?

  • But some of our fans don’t understand that the truth hurts, but does not fix any thing, until enough fans speak up and says the truth, nothing is going to change, DAVID SCHILLING hit the nerve to today and many may not go along with it but that is the (TRUTH) I was speaking about- there is more truth in his writing then most want to see.

  • Random question- does anyone older than 25 years old actually value what you think ?

  • you are sure kind of a dumb blind fat zachas your name by chatting stupidly on the computerloser and gaining weight ! lol haha

  • I am and I don’t know if Russell was the right pick, but I DO KNOW that passing up on Okafor was absolutely the right call. Mudiay, Winslow, Porzingis, WCS, S Johnson are all more NBA ready players who would have suited the Lakers, but their upsides aren’t so high.

    Just imagine Okafor and Randle for the next 5-6 years playing together, already the points in the paint is really bad and that is with Roy Hibbert. Imagine how bad it would have been with Okafor. Passing up that was absolutely the right call.

  • Byron Scott is the worst coach in the league. There isn’t a close 2nd. Yes, the Laker franchise basically got suckered into honoring Lakers with rings at a time when the game itself is changing rapidly. Kobe Bryant has been part of some of the greatest teams in Lakers history but now he will be a part of 3 of the worst teams in franchise history as well. To add insult to injury, they actually tried to tank last year, got the #2 pick and wasted it on Russell, a guy whose talent level is more late 1st round-2nd round if that. They passed on Towns, Okafor, Mudiay, Winslow, Porzingis among others.

  • Damn freakin pms(ing) fans, Russ this and that, he’s a hands on leaner to which given his 24 minute average it won’t help the cause. Best to let him play 35+ minutes and let him either sink or swim. Aside of that don’t think Scott’s really focused on winning since he seems determined to start Russ, JC and Randle (inexperience). The first unit hasn’t played team ball while giving up double digit deficits often.

    Unless the team ends up playing more assertively on this upcoming road trip they’ll likely return 1-8.

    Ranked 30th on defense
    Ranked 24th on rebounds
    Ranked 23rd on steals

    Ranked 4th on pts per game
    Ranked 26th on FG%
    Ranked 26th on 3P% (#1/3PA =32 per game)

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  • You realize D’Arko plays zero defense. Okafor’s supposed bad defense is better than D’Arko’s no defense.
    Winslow will never be better than Okafor. Just stop. You lose all credibility with that.

  • LMFAO — everybody’s draft board is perfect in hindsight. Not one bust. EVER.

  • Westbrook put up 15/5/5 as a Rookie as well. These are not good comparisons. Nice try though. 1st All-Rookie as well.

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  • So in Russell and his fanboys’ minds, his sucking is Byron Scott’s fault and not his own. Got it.

  • DLo’s defense isn’t great, but he isn’t the last line of defense. Even the best point guards can’t really guard each other due to all the screens etc. Look at Curry and Chris Paul last night, they couldn’t stop each other.

  • Your don’t even believe what KOBE says that he SUCKS, GET OVER YOUR SELF, the world you life in does not exist, this is not a lovers nation its BB.

  • Man, you are in a good mood today. I don’t know why you keep bringing decent arguments to a guy limited to “Okafor is great, Russell sucks”.

  • I like to compare his rookie numbers to Nash who averaged 3 pts and 2 assts. It gives me hope lol

  • The only bust here is your space bar button. Serious question: What is up with that?

  • Whatever dude. It is what it is. No point in whining about it now.

    And if you think this pick was bad, you’re too young to remember Mike McGee — or perhaps you’re old enough to NOT remember, and that’s the whole point. The Lakers passed up future All Star Larry Nance, Sr. to get McGee. It happens. Get over it.

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  • I am neither a fan or a hater of Russell, just a fan of the Lakers wanting to see him develop.

  • Russell is nothing more than Kendall Marshal 2.0. If he wasn’t playing for the Lakers, he would of been sent to the D-League already. Kid doesn’t have it. Soft, no type of aggressiveness in him, weak D, slow with his feet. #BUST

  • Gauging by last year and this year’s play, I’m a bit weary of Byron Scott’s ability to coach. I realize he’s friends with Kobe, but it looks like there’s no improvement in the team play. If it isn’t Kobe-ball it’s one on one offense. Defensively there’s no cohesion, no team defense. Maybe it’s time to bring in a Tibideau to fix the defensive woes. It seems that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel with the team as it is.

  • If Kendall Marshall had a little more length and a quicker release he could have been a good offensive player. His release was by far the biggest thing holding him back though. He couldn’t get his shot off unless he had no one even near him.

    Defensively, yeah.. It was bad.

  • You mean 17.5ppg/4.5rpg/5.9apg?

    And through 4 games this is what Curry had:
    Game 1 14pts/2reb/7 assists 36 minutes
    Game 2 12pts/2reb/4 assists 39 minutes
    Game 3 7pts/5reb/9 assists 28 minutes
    Game 4 5pts/1reb/3 assists 22 minutes

    Russel through 4 games has
    Game 1 4pts/3reb/2 assists 26 minutes
    Game 2 13pts/2reb/2 assists 23 minutes (His best game shooting wise and he only plays 23 minutes?? Byron simply isnt even giving this kid at a chance to perform at this point.)
    Game 3 10pts/3reb/1 assists 27 minutes (Bad shooting % compared to last game and he gets 4 more minutes lol)
    Game 4 7pts/2reb/6 assists 20 minutes (Again has 6 assists in 20 minutes his best game so far assisting wise, The lakers were winning whenever he was on the court running the offense and he only gets 20 minutes of play, ridiculous.) Byron is not making any sense here if it comes down to lou williams vs russell playing in the 4th qrt than russell should be on the floor and clarkson or lou williams is not at all times. But it doesn’t come down to him or lou in the 4th qrt that is just his excuse. If this season is about developing the rookies faster hes not doing that with russell at all.

  • Kevin Love is playing with Curry? When did this happen?

    Last time I checked Lebron was not the best player in the world. But I do remember that same quote from the agenda puppets, espn.

  • There isn’t a coach in the world who could fix a roster that contains Lou Williams and Swaggy P on it.

  • Even when he’s out there, he’s too passive for me. No emotion on the court, just out there going through the motions. Wasn’t a fan of his at OSU, thought he was always overrated.

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  • As much as I hate Byron I don’t think a coach will be affective until Kobe Bryant retires. If we can get a coach that pulls Kobe when his defense is sub-par like the 4th quarter against Denver then by all means hire him now!

    If we go 0 – 8 I think the rumblings of firing Scott will get louder as he is not winning games and is he really developing talent?

  • I have watched 4 games and outside of the second half of Game 1, I have not seen “Kobe-Ball”. I’ve seen Kobe take and miss shots, yes. But I haven’t seen him vintage Kobe Balling it where he would bring the ball up court dribble most of the shot clock and then go one-on-five. Most of his shots now are catch and shoot or catch 2 or 3 dribbles and shoot.

    I have also seen him asking for the ball and the players going to the other way. So….Kobe ball is not the issue, missed shots is.

  • thing is, RJ Hunter was still on the board for lakers’ 2nd 1st round pick, I like Russell, but a draft of Okafor and Hunter (a play-making center and a great outside 3-pt shooter) would have been quite the coup!

  • I’m tired of people saying that Kobe is the problem when clearly the problems are MUCH bigger than him. In each of the four games his minutes, touches and shots have decreased, yet the team has lost all 4. If it was him, there would be some improvement directly related to his lesser role each game. When he is off the court, they lose leads and fall apart. When he is on the court, the same happens.

  • As bad as the Lakers’ defense is right now, their real problem is on offense. They’re 4th in the league in points per game but only 26th in FG%.

    If they can get that % up to a respectable level (43-44%), they cut down on the transition buckets and probably outscore every team in the league in the process.

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  • Where’s the guys who call Demarre Carrol a “system player”. His defense is amazing… My goodness

  • They are shooting a lot of 3’s at a very bad percentage. Don’t really mind shooting 3’s in fact I like it but we need to start making them.

  • Why care about Okafor? Let’s worry about our own team and don’t dwell on what ifs… bunch of stupid fans

  • I’ve been saying that if they fixed the offense, the defense would begin to look better consequently.

    The successful teams connect their offense to their defense. The unsuccessful teams try to keep them independent. For instance, the Bulls were one of the best defensively, but couldn’t buy a bucket in crunch time in the post season. The Suns were the most explosive team offensively for a few years, but could clog a toilet better than they could the lane!

    If GSW wasn’t playing good defense, they’d be the Nash/Stoudemire Phoenix Suns.

  • Yep, and Russell is the perfect example: 9/21 from inside the arc (.428) and 5/20 outside it (.250).

  • It’s funny because everybody knocked Byron last year for being against 3-point shots. His defense was that you don’t shoot them if you don’t have consistent shooters. Well, this year they are letting them fly and people are upset. Guess what, Byron’s statement from last year still applies.

  • 5 3’s per game seems about right for him. Would like to see him make more though for sure.

  • Scott’s a bad coach. Kobe isnt what he use to be unfortunately for us fans. D’angelo isn’t going anywhere. We drafted him so might as well stop saying we should have got Okafor. A front court of Okafor & Randle is bad for the future defensively. So just hope D’angelo develops & his jumper starts to fall. Because it eventually will. But he does need to go find Gary Payton to help him with defense.

  • hehe…if he’s not making more then it’s too much! EDIT — nah, I’m just playing. I hear you.

  • Russell’s rookie year is yet to be determined. Go look at Andrew wiggins through his first 4 games last year and he was rookie of the year.

    Game 1 6pts/3/1 19 minutes
    game 2 8pts/4/1 24 minutes
    game 3 8pts/6/0 31 minutes
    game 4 17pts/4/1 37 minutes
    Averages of 9.75ppg/4.25rbg/0.75apg/27.75minutes per game.

    Averages for russel through 4 games 8.5ppg/2.5rbg/2.8apg/24minutes per game.

    Wiggins had more Personal Fouls through 4 games than russell(12 vs 7) Wiggins had more TO through 4 games (9-6) Wiggins points (39-34) Wiggins Reb (17-10) Wiggins Assists (3-11) Wiggins minutes(111-96).

    These are a far cry from rookie of the year numbers and his season averages at that.

    Your so wrong and so far off and you know it because you try to make it personal and attack me for nothing to try and prove your point. I don’t need personal attacks to prove you have no knowledge of basketball.

  • It may not seem as obvious to the Kobe novices but Kobe is the best player on this team.

    It would be foolish to want to see him go when he barely has his legs back. Imagine how he will improve once that shoulder and the rest of his body is back to 100%.

    PATIENCE = VIRTUE (without hate/anger).

  • If he was making them, I would want around 8 per game. Which is what Curry and Klay shoot haha. Kobe is shooting that many too though. UGH

  • Jabari Parker impress me yesterday. Look at his stats… He’s a bust? hahaha stop to get that soon juds, big fellas

  • If only 75% of the idiots on here could understand this we would be much better off.

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  • if only you could understand that your brain is 100% plus dumb blind to that russell is a bust!

  • BS is the problem. Kobe chucking all those bricks isn’t helping either. Defense is another, as well as player rotation Kelly-Bass? Really Byron?

  • Yep. Don’t get me wrong, they need a lot of help on defense too, but better execution on offense will protect leads and take some pressure off the defense.

  • Okafor, is the “beast” of the east. Everything the so-called experts said about him was false, he does play good defense, he can shoot from outside, he is a good foul shooter, and he “can” consistently beat and score, despite being doubled and triple teamed at this level. Runs the floor on every play. Took the ball coast to coast on a steal last night against the Bucks ~ see Youtube. Who said this kid has reached his ceiling? This kid is 19yrs old too, quick first step, and stamina? He’s playing avg 30 minutes a game. How’s that, you think Mudiay was amped to play the Lakers? Watch what he do, Lakers gonna have 10-12 years to deal with the insult to this kid taking Russell over him. It would appear, at least from the small sample size to date, everything the experts said about Russell is false too. Laker fans got “jacked” but the coach, GM, FO, and ownership did it!

  • dude all ineed is 7 lame points 4fouls and 3-11shoooting thats horrible I know more than you girly man!

  • You’re starting to sound lame with all your Russell comments, if you thought that Russell was going to come in and fix everything then that was your first mistake

  • My first choice was a big…Towns or Okafor, but Russell is a Laker!

    He wasnt being played right by Scott up until last two games, and we clearly saw some improvement in those last two games.

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  • Philly fan base’s door is wide open. Have fun with Okafor and the 4 other centers they have on the team lol.

  • For some reason you strike me as a Lin fan pretending to be a mad laker fan over Russell

  • He is putting up good numbers but it is definitely an adjustment. Spurs look good though, regardless.

  • Agree except the only counter that I have to that is I havent seen Scott utilize Metta correctly at least for a few minutes at a time.

  • I would hate to see swaggy go, so it would have to be for a real quality trade up.

  • Our FO will never admit that BS is one of the main problems. Laker fam bllshit is real

  • Did you guys see Eric Pincus’s article on how much Clarkson will cost to keep? Damn. Looking at roughly 60 million over 4 years.

  • To me they look bad. At least in comparision with the years before. Too much post isolation in this 5 games. They have to move the ball even with a great scorer like Lamarcus in the post

  • You have every right to vent if you have true love for your team, just dont forget that Russell is now a Laker.

    Realize that no matter how much you post its not going to turn back time.

    Your passion and opinions are better suited trying figure out how to utilize who we have more effectively.

  • I know Okafor isn’t coming to LA but I’m tired of people saying that he would have been the wrong choice, when that just isn’t true. Drafting Okafor would have given the team an identity, a foundation, and created options. The same way people were saying you draft Russell and figure out he and Clarkson’s dynamic later, is the same way you draft Okafor and figure out the Randle dynamic later. Perhaps you explore Randle at small forward and find a stretch PF. I would much rather Randle at the SF than Bryant.

    Here is Okafor’s line in 4 games…MPG-34.0, FGA/M-8.5-15.5, FG% 54.8, RPG-5.5, APG-0.5, BPG-1.0, SPG-0.5, PFG-3.5, PPG-20.3!

    We are stuck with Russell, but Okafor was the better choice.

  • I really do not understand the supposed Lakers fans on this site that aboslutely rooting against Russell to become a great player. He is the one on our team so hoping he does bad and okafor does great is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. I hated wesley johnson but i wanted him to do well because that meant the lakers did well. All the people that constantly bring nothing to the discussion but Russell is a bust and Okafor should have been the pick are really just wasting every body else time while we have to scroll over your pointless comments.

  • Okafor is avg 2blks a game. It’s the other guys that have to worry about playing him on defense, which is evident from the double and triple teams every night. Still, he avg 20 ppg (I know season is just starting) he mashed it up in Summer league, pre-season too. Is D’cAn’tgo go Runsslow a defensive stopper? To date, I haven’t seen anything to suggest Russell is special, you want to believe he is, fine, but don’t question players that are actually producing – should been drafted by Lakers. With vague questions to justify your delusions. We want to see Russell do well, fact: he’s not! Ask why..?

  • We need all our passionate fans to be on board with Russell.

    Russell is going to be here for a long time.

    Dont compare Russell to Okafor nor Mudiay, thats pointless.

    Compare Russell from game 1 to game 4!

  • I really like him. But if his selling is that high, i can trade him for a vet…

  • I am one that does it, so I will reply….

    I am not rooting against Russell. I simply don’t think he was the right choice. He could become a hall of famer one day and I still wouldn’t think he was the right choice. You don’t draft him when you already have Clarkson and Kobe as your guards…especially not with the number 2 pick. It has nothing to do with his potential, it has to do with what fits. I don’t see the Lakers keeping both he and Clarkson. One will eventually be traded (possibly 2 or 3 years from now) for a player that will fit better at that time. People forget that the GSW had Ellis when they drafted Curry. They were going to try to play them together. It didn’t take long before they realized that it didn’t work. Now they have Klay Thompson who fits way better.

    Talking about the Lakers season on a message board is pretty pointless in and of itself, so I don’t get how any specific subject can be considered anything worse.

  • Lakers are a joke, getting someone like Hibbert to help out on defense, and here they are allowing a league worst 116.8 pts per game to opponents.

  • poison 1990its driving me outof my mind thati ts hard to find a good playe rto get behind never trust a big mouth and a liar!

  • Okafor will be the one they keep. When they make the decision to be a good team again they will begin trading the other centers and building a team.

  • I thought it was all about the youth movement??? Why trade him for a veteran?

  • Could you point out “specifically” where Okafor has played “poorly? ” Please don’t cite one play, but point out poor play. I could start from the summer league to now with Russell, numerous sloth – like play overrall.

  • The problem is that the organization lives in the past far too much. The front office still operates on the assumption that the Lakers brand is enough to attract free agents. They gave Kobe an extension, while still believing he can put up 30 points per game forever. Kobe still believes he can be the man despite the fact that father time has backed him into a corner. Eventually Kobe will retire and BS will be fired, but it won’t matter until changes are made at the top. Jim and Jeanie have to step aside and hire a President of Basketball Operations to run the basketball side of things. Until that happens, we will be mediocre.

  • Nothing wrong with being 420 friendly. But I agree, he reminds me of one of my friends who went off the rails after doing too much acid. He’s pretty retarded now.

  • The 3 point shot only works effectively if you can collapse a defence with penetration to really get the proper look ………. that’s why you don’t just shoot the three just to shoot the three and appease the data crunchers ……… you have to have someone that can break down the defence before the 3 really becomes the weapon it needs to be ………. now the question is do this team have ANYONE than can do that? maybe in the future Russell will be that guy but he’s not that guy now…… if it was about winning today than Hurtas would be the kind of guy that can do that….. but it’s not necessarily about that now…….. to help out Russell they need bigs that are good within the P&R to free up the opportunity to collapse the defence…..again don’t have that either ……… all these 3s haven’t been great looks realistically for this version of the Lakers and the reason is because it’s not coming out of collapsing the defence to get the looks ………… until that changes this team will continue to struggle with that shot……..

  • Kobe will be gone next year…and then what? I guarantee you some will be missing him then.

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  • I feel bad for Russell as a I feel for Kobe. Anyone in that position will forever have to contend with internet know-it-alls’.

    5 championships from now and 20 seasons later people are going to be headhunting Russell and asking him to retire. SMH!

  • First off you cannot change a pick so you are crying about spilled milk. Secondly letting kobe bryant in his 20th and possibly his last season dictate what you do with a pick is ridiculous. Finally even IF Clarkson and Russell cannot co-exist you are still stockpiling assets. Lakers don’t have another first rounder for 2 or 3 years so you have to maximize your pick with BPA. you cannot let fit dictate a draft choice when you have as bad a roster as we did. EVERYBODY said russell had the highest Ceiling as a player that makes him the most valuable commodity available to us. If the Lakers had the #1 pick and towns was available your argument would be valid but it just simply is not.

  • Of course we will miss him. He’s an all-time great that has done great things for the Lakers. But we can’t continuously live in the past and think he’s still the old Kobe from 2005. We have to move on towards the future.

  • well …..the reason isn’t Russell that the Lakers didn’t think Okafor was a good fit….the reason is Randle ……. the combo would have been disastrous on the other end of the floor ……… it isn’t just about numbers, it’s about fits… you have to have a guy that helps on the defensive end to have Okafor on the court ….same as Randle, both are offensive minded players…… but provide little to no paint protection

  • Nobody is thinking he’s the 2005 Kobe. You guys state things in such a dramatic way to make a point. At best, people are looking for the 2010/2011 Kobe. That’s reasonable to want.

    The Spurs moved on from Duncan years ago yet they have still found a way to make him a viable part of the system. There is no way the same couldn’t have been true for Kobe these last few years. Had he not gotten injured, the story might have been different.

  • Yeah i thought we were supposed to better defensively this year not worse. The defensive schemes look as solid as the offense, like water.

  • If you want to consider a trade for Clarkson (most likely our only true asset that can demand a trade that should be on the table) you trade for a 1st round pick this year and hopefully a serviceable young wing defender ……. outside of that I wouldn’t move him.

  • Nah, Golden State is the best 3 shooting team in the NBA and they rarely ever penetrate.

  • You can’t cry over the coach the owner signed either, yet a lot of people are. Stockpiling for what? What??? What is the big master plan? You don’t stock pile when you can build instead. Yes…it is crazy to actually draft a guy because he fits what you need. That is ludicrous. How crazy of me to think that it made sense to do so.

    So if the Lakers get their draft pick next year and the best available for them is a guard, you will say that they draft that person? Good to know.

  • You must be new around here. There are still fans who believe Kobe is a walking 30 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assist. Even expecting 2010/2011 Kobe is asking too much.

    Duncan is a different story. Duncan took less money and a lesser role for the sole purpose of winning. Kobe got paid and still thought he could be a go to option at age 37, with 20 years of milage and injuries on his legs. He literally sat down in meetings and told players they would be a second banana to him. Duncan is team first, and has reaped the benefits.

  • Didn’t Parker just return from injury and isn’t he on minutes restriction? So you are comparing that to a rookie that is healthy, has had a full summer, training camp and preseason. That makes sense.

  • A rebuilding team stockpiles talent at any position, so that they have something to trade for better pieces or draft picks. That is the stage that the Lakers are in. You get the very best talent you can, regardless of fit or whether that piece meets your long term goals. You then have a card to play, something someone else might want. You can trade that piece away for something you want. This is how it’s done.

  • De’can’t go Runsslow is more like it. The Lakers are one of the most highly recognized franchises in history of sports, which makes this selection all the more baffling. Every fan supports the team, but does that mean you can’t voice your dissatisfaction? You have to just shut up and drink the kool-aid? If you are unhappy with the product, and don’t voice it. You can guarantee, nothing will improve. Peace…

  • I wouldn’t use that template though …… unless you realistically think Curry type guys just grow of trees or something…… a lot of his shots are bad ones for majority in this league …. he’s the exception, not the rule…….. I look at our team and decide what is needed, I’m not busy watching other teams and wishing upon a star ……. our shooters need those looks to be created for them, they can’t create it all by themselves like a Curry …….. and they can defend people creating a lot of looks in that manner thru transition…… again our team is toast that way

  • You don’t need penetration to get good looks though. Simple high pick and roll should get an open 3 every time.

  • Need to come back to reality man. We all love and revere Kobe and all he’s done as a Laker. Kobe is by far one of the all-time greats of this game. Unfortunately father time has intervened the same way he did with Nash. Like it or not, were not gonna see 12-13 Kobe anymore. He may give us flashes here and there but the steady diet of Mamba on a consistent is no more.

    This is not rust he’s tryna shake. His legs are gone.

  • I agree but the role has to be a threat to do it…..I mentioned that in my post you responded too

  • Who has done that? You already have Clarkson and Randle. You should be getting pieces to fill out your roster.

  • It is so much! He will have to get really consistent. If he can hit that open 3 like last game and become a lockdown defender I keep him, but if he still looks like he is learning at that cost it could be tricky.

  • I noticed they ran alot more p&r last game Russell and Clarkson high screen was nice but Byron won’t let the p&r loose!

  • rember that dumb4 point play foul russell fouledr mudiay that got tthe enuggets the lead!

  • They do have that in my opinion. Randle is a huge threat in the high pick and roll. He will either get a lane or find an open wing after the pick. And if they stay on Randle, Russell has the open 3.

  • Do any of you really think the money is why free agents haven’t come to LA??? Had Kobe played for $1, do you really think the Lakers would have then signed the top free agents? You are more ignorant than I thought if you think money was the answer.

    We’ll see next summer when the Lakers will have a ton of money. Let’s see how many free agents come knocking.

  • and where does your centre go in that process? you don’t have a centre that can stretch a defense if you use Randle as the Pick&Role big…the paint can be clogged anyway in that manner …….. remember MDA having issues with Howard and Gasol using it opening up space? same issue with this current roster

  • Yeah, there were some great high pick and roll’s with Randle and Russell too. That needs to become a trend!

  • Center stays down in the post on the opposite side to keep his man pinned away from helping easily.

  • “I look at our team and decide what it needed…” That’s funny, I’m sorry! I’m sure Mitch is happy that you are on the job!

  • Why not? They had significant success with it! Even kobe hit randle with the pick

  • russell has to get consistent jordan hater loser ,russell needs to shoot better d is poor and effortdummy!

  • usually for that to work your big doesn’t sit right at the post opposite side…….. that allows one to realistically take away the role too easily……you need the role to be a serious threat with help being compromised ……. didn’t work with Gasol/Howard…won’t work with Randle/Hibbert….neither can stretch a defense past 14 feet…… MDA was a genius at that type of motion, he couldn’t make it work with 2 bigs that can’t shoot……

  • What has Duncan reaped? 5 championships, 6 finals appearances? Kobe has 5 championships as well and 7 finals appearances…AND more money in the process.

    You all say that guys should take less, but fail to acknowledge that only ONE team is going to win each year. The other guys will be sitting at home with less money.

  • nope I saw russell fauilt t bust bust! mudiay did the same the other rway no d by russell to deflect mudiays passes!

  • What makes it so dangerous with Randle is that he is such a good passer and willing passer. The goal would be to start the pick and roll with Russell and Randle, if the defense tries to close out Russell, which they usually will, he passes to Randle. At this point the entire defense will start to breakdown and try to help. He is so dangerous going to the basket. This means, that either Russell will be free to get the ball back, or Kobe or Clarkson will be open. Hibbert’s defender can’t leave him or Randle will throw it to him for the layup.

  • The thing is you can complain about the coach because he can be fired. You cannot however go back in time and change the pick.

  • Starters: marcelo, lou, kobe, randle, hibbert
    2nd: russell, clarkson, young, metta, tarik
    Goal of playoffs: Closer: lou, kobe, young, metta, hibbert
    No playoffs- russell, clarkson, kobe, randle, hibbert.
    Russell & clarkson cant be at the court at the same time when still developing.
    Try to put marcelo as pg& russell as sg to develop his offense in nba level.
    & seriously lou & young should take the role of best players in the team & carry it!

    & dangelo engine is so slow that it only promotes catch & shoot & useless with no rhythm passes. Compare to present offense of all other teams that promotes fast team ballmovement. He should be penetrating the paint instead most of his passes are coming from outside & he is only breaking his single defenders defense & not opponents team defense.

    & fire Byron if he cant adapt to todays fast team ballmovement….
    Its lakers showtime, Dr buss team & scotts offense is the opposite.
    Spurs fast team ballmovement offense, an offense that becomes subconscious & save the mind energy for reading the defense.
    While byrons will have to read the opponents defense to create offense & will still spend energy reading to guard an unguardable spurs offense thats being used by almost all teams.

    Good offense creates good defense. Sure lakers feels bad about their old style offense + inconsistent shooting of their starter guards. + its a disgrace& bonehead if byron doesnt honor that other teams has better offense that uses spurs style.
    The only counter to it is to use the same spurs offense against them. Dont care if they cant shoot. Theres magic in fast ballmovement that average shooter shoot better.

  • why didn’t it work with Gasol and Howard than? Gasol is one of the best passing bigs in the game……… you might be right because Randle attacks it quicker but I wouldn’t bet my job on it….. Randle seems like he needs the rock in his hands to create his offence so far

  • rusell get sscared seeing a defender and throws it away what thinking is yours s!

  • Because neither Gasol or Howard were threats from the 3 point line area to drive. Neither are good ball handlers. We are talking about setting screens above the 3 point here, just to be clear.

  • no it’s how I base my opinion …how do you base yours? dreaming of the 80s ?

  • not everybody said Russell had the highest ceiling. Quite a few scouts and GMs said Porzingis did, but he did come with the greatest risk of bust… which I never believed. He was the gamble but right choice if you wanted to complement Randle since Randle doesn’t need a PG to get him the ball. Some analysts said Zinger could be the superstar in this draft but the Lakers wouldn’t have the guts to pick him. Having guts was what Jerry Buss had. Not this bunch.

    So in memory of the spilled milk, Imagine if we’d traded our #2 for Porzingis and Hardaway (= pick = Hollis-jefferson a tough defensive SF), there’d be a buzz the building not the fizzle that D’angelo’s average at best presence has created in laker land. Losing or not, Zinger gives a team hope with his multiple activities on the court. Despite his thin but improving frame. The will to do whatever is necessary to help his team win were easy to see from day one.

  • neither is Randle or Hibbert ……. again these guys are playing the same position out of the action you suggest ….. you might be right though because of Randle’s handles but he needs to be really under control to get away with it…’sd intriguing …. and you need shooter around it which would need to be adjusted compared to the current rotation

  • Randle is a huge threat to drive down the lane from the 3 point line. In fact by far the biggest on the team. Not even close.

  • Free agents didn’t come here because the team is poorly constructed and poorly run.

  • Didn’t Kobe tell Howard he wasn’t willing to give the team to him? Granted, I didn’t really want Howard, but hard to see stars wanting to come here to be second fiddle to Kobe. Pau was special that way.

  • Duncan comes from a simple background, so he doesn’t need the extra cash.Plus, playing in a state with no state tax helps. Duncan has won 5 rings, and is still in contention for another one unlike Kobe. Duncan is wired differently and lives differently. It’s not all about money for him.

  • Okay, I just had someone bring up Duncan and how he is such a great teams player that took less money and moved back to let the other guys be the lead. That’s cool, and it’s his choice….but, what has it gotten him?

    He has 5 championships, 6 Finals appearances, and 15 All-Star games in 18 seasons (this is his 19th).

    Kobe also has 5 championships, 7 Finals appearances, and 17 All-Star games in 19 seasons (this is his 20th). Those numbers are similar. The difference is that Kobe has more money.

  • No need to make general “personal” attacks but I agree, there’s no question the “we have cap” mantra is failed one. Kevin Love spelled it out in his article. Lakers money doesn’t trump what free agents want – a chance to win.

    Interesting that you say ignorant, because our FO thought exactly that. How many times has Mitch and Jim come on radio/tv and say we “we’ll be better because we have cap space.”

  • Duncan is still competing for Championships, while Kobe and the Lakers are talking about if they should tank or not.

  • That’s personal choice…it doesn’t make it better. Being in contention is overrated. I would rather win big in stretches than always be in contention an win less. There is a reason why the Lakers have won multiple titles in Kobe’s time while Duncan has never.

  • Especially since we should have started 6-0 with the weak schedule, maybe 5-1 losing to the Kings. Some are saying they just need to adjust, well their best chance to win is this weekend. More road games and tougher opponents can make this get real ugly fast.

  • See, this is one of the reasons I think Russell gets a lot of backlash. When Laker fans discount Okafor, who to date, is heads and shoulders above every player on the list, you just mentioned. And discount him because of some reasoning about playing with Randle, are you kidding me, Randle? You come off like some kind of mad cult or something. If it came down to Randle and Okafor not being able to play together, it’s simply, Randle would come off the bench! Same if the player was Durrant, Davis, Curry, Lebron, Cousins, and ect. Because… They all are better than him#!!

  • If you’re going to run your mouth about me at least be up front about it. As I stated below, Duncan comes from a simple background and lives in a state without state tax. He obviously doesn’t care about extra money like you do. Duncan will go down as the greatest Power Forward ever and is still contending this season.

  • Phil is on record as wanting Russell and was enamored with his passing abilities to fit into his triangle. I’m pretty sure he and Jeanie had that talk, but Jim wasn’t about to help Phil. As it turns out, that non trade probably saved Phil’s legacy.

  • You just emphasized my point about collecting assets. you can even argue well.

  • Name fits you perfectly. A lot of these Kobe fans can’t see that he has had a Small Role(being generous) in the Lakers demise.

  • 5 championships isn’t considered “multiple” titles now? Lol.

    Also, Duncan’s decision is best for Duncan. It works for him. I can’t speak on it any further since I can’t live his life for him. You talk about Kobe’s money like you get a percentage of it or something.

  • “Losering” isn’t even a word. I’m not taking you serious. All I see is a troll. That should be in school

  • Did you say being in Contention is overrated? Let Kobe hear you say something stupid like that. Ask Kobe is competing for titles overrated? What a silly reply. SMH

  • Don’t take out your poor grammar choices on me. And does it really matter if you won it consecutively or separately? 5 rings still equals 5 rings at the end of the day. You don’t get bonus rings for going back to back.

  • Had Kobe only accepted 10 million these last two years, how many of the available big name FA’s would have signed with the Lakers over the last twoi summers? That answer is still 0. And the next tier down FA’s would still be missing since the front office played all their cards waiting on the Lebrons, Melos and Lamarcuses to say no.

  • Yeah, but you know why Russell wore the number “0” cause “0” people could guard him… You see, he (Russell) bought some of this on himself, by feeding into the hype too. It’s more like “0” people are “needed” to guard him! He looks like a bleeding tomato out there, he’s such a bust. He’s still talking when he should just shut up.

  • Pau was traded for. He wouldn’t have come as a free agent. He stayed as long as he did because they did have some success at first.

    Kobe said that to Howard because he has no respect for him.

  • It’s not about him taking less, it’s about Kobe willing to step down at his age and be the 2nd option to a younger guy, and he’s not ready to give that up yet.

  • It is more about the gesture than the actual money. If Kobe had taken 10 million it would have shown he was willing to let others take the primary role on the team. I don’t dislike Kobe’s deal, he earned it but I do think that it handicapped the team in a pretty big way. Last year though, so time to just move on.

  • You didn’t get it. I’m not saying that being in contention isn’t important. I’m saying that those who say that is enough of a reason to give up millions is stupid. Memphis has been in contention every year for a while, but they have no titles. Is it worth it to play year after year and still not win titles? And also give up millions.

    If Kobe says yes….then he’s a hypocrite, because he should have turned down the money.

  • Yeah, so you think that was smart on Kobe’s part? Howard is soft to me, but don’t you think LA would at least be a Playoff team with Howards? I think so…

  • Why wouldn’t he come as a free agent? That team was good. I mean they won championships.

  • You missed the whole point of my comparison. Duncan doesn’t have anything more than Kobe except for more years in the playoffs. He has the same amount of titles, less finals appearances and less money.

  • The lakers did it when they drafted Kobe they already had an all star shooting guard.

  • Priorities for the Lakers.
    1. Develop Russell, Randle, Nance, Brown, Kelly, Black and Clarkson.
    2. Develop Russell, Randle, Nance, Brown, Kelly, Black and Clarkson.

  • How? If you have nothing to trade and no draft picks, how do you get those pieces?

    Answer: you stockpile talent wherever you can get it, and use it to trade up.

  • You don’t build a champion around the attitude of Howard. In LA he would have been the main guy after Kobe retired. Do you really want that?

  • What are you doing bringing facts and logic to this board? I’m report you to the board administrator.

  • First, they would have drafted a different player in the draft to fill a hole. Next, they would have signed 2nd tier free agents. Third, they would have traded for players that teams want to unload like they did with Hibbert.

    It would give them a more complete roster now than they have.

  • Shaq is the ONLY major free agent that has come to the Lakers since free agency became big. There is a reason for that.

  • He was a 3 time all star. Also he had the same credentials as JC his rookie year. All rookie and Player of the month 1 time it is almost the exact same scenario as drafting russell when you have clarkson.

  • I posted it at the top of the board…how upfront do you want. Did you want me to say your name???

  • If I see Russell play another 20min game and benched in the 4th, I am going to cancel my TWC subscription. On top of that, I will stop going to Lakers games at Staples.

  • Whoever would be the coach for the Lakers has a difficult job. They have to determine the right course of action for the team both short and long term and do so while trying to block out the noise. They have people saying go with the youth! They have people saying go with the veterans! They have people saying play this lineup, this player, or don’t play that player! There are so many differing comments out there that I hope for his sanity that Byron Scott doesn’t spend much time on the internet.

  • When you are drafting at the 4 spot you have to say good things about all of the top tier picks because you don’t know who is going to fall to you.

  • Once he took less and they still didn’t come…Kobe would still be losing with less money.

  • Maybe, but I guess that speaks very loudly about how stars feel about playing with Kobe.

  • Really? So why did Lamarcus say what he did about Kobe? He had nothing to gain or lose…why did he say it?

  • All players talk about Kobe that way. But actions speak louder than words. They know he is a legend, they respect his career. Doesn’t mean they want him as a teammate.

  • So it isn’t possible that there are other reasons. Not even remotely possible. It’s funny. When guys don’t say, we assume what they are thinking. When they do say, we still assume that they mean something else.

    So really, no matter what anybody would say, you are convinced that Kobe is the problem.

  • Pretty much yeah. Also Phil is big on mind games it might have been a smoke screen all along that has nothing to do with the point i was trying to make J B Rooker said we should have traded with NY but i was just pointing out that this might not have even been possible.

    I wanted them to trade down all along and was physically upset when we drafted russell but he is on the team now so i support him 100%(except the kardashian thing) and just hope he can live up to his potential.

  • No. Your original argument was Kobe could be doing what Duncan is doing right now had he stayed healthy, and I pointed out how that would never happen because Duncan is team first. Forget the money for a second (if that’s possible for you). If Kobe never got hurt, could you ever see him deferring to a younger player? Could you see him taking less money to fit Howard or Melo under the salary cap to go for a ring? Probably not. Like I said, Duncan is a different type of player.

    As far as Duncan having the the same thing ask Kobe, you’re actually wrong. Duncan has an additional MVP, an additional Finals MVP, and will go down as the greatest ever at his position. You keep bringing up less money as if Duncan is homeless or something. As I’ve said about 4 times already, Duncan comes from a simple background. He could probably play for free and still have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. It’s clear that Duncan values competing even at the expense of his own money. I’m sorry you refuse to understand that.

  • I am trying to put myself in the shoes of those players. LA is a beautiful place, you would have to really force my hand to live elsewhere, in fact you probably could never do it. It is a huge market, if you have a brand there is only 1 place bigger to capitalize on it.

    If I am a star, I am thinking.. Hey, this is where I want to be. I want to be the cornerstone of this franchise. But then reality sinks in. Will I be the cornerstone? Will Kobe let me be the star? Do they have any money to build around me?

    And regardless of why, Kobe is the biggest contributor to both issues.

  • Nope…Kobe is too competitive. And with Bron breathing down his neck for All-Time greatness, just couldn’t see Kobe doing that.

  • We have the worst fan base in the league, philly might have booed Santa but we bash our own young players who might end up winning us a championship later in their careers.

  • People called Magic “Tragic Magic” after a bad Finals performance. People booed Kobe. It’s part of sports. No one will care as long as Russell plays well.

  • I couldn’t see Lebron coming, but if he did, you can’t tell me Kobe wouldn’t have stepped back.

    Everybody keeps saying Kobe won’t step back, but who has been asked to step back for? It’s not like it has been a top player. Kobe has been asked to step back for Bynum, Howard, etc. Neither of them are/were worth Kobe stepping back. But Lebron James would be worth it.

  • I knew Bron was never coming to LA, so I didn’t even waste my time thinking about it.

  • The organization treated Gasol like crap with the constant trade talks. That’s why he left.

  • I meant that Kobe could still be playing productive basketball. You took it in a different direction.

  • I brought up the money because people use the money as an argument against Kobe. Making 1 million is a lot as far as I’m concerned.

  • I agree. But I also say that something happened to Gasol during that series against the Mavs. He was never the same after that. Rumors have been out there as to what it was, but he was never the same player.

  • Sure, if you want to rationalize that way. But Phil only said this “Great looking kid.” “great looking prospect.” regarding only one top tier draftee. It wasn’t okafor.

  • Come on man! Nobody is worse than the Knicks. They boo their draft picks on draft night. At least we wait until they play a couple games! LOL

  • I think the Lakers low ball Clarkson, and maybe want Russell to really work out then maybe Clarkson is toast just because dlo is #2 pick i would hope not but our FO track record so far not good or stable enough to know for sure what they’d do especially for a certain key trade.

  • bueh #firebyronscott and call mark jackson, that coach now how develop players. and is a coach defensive

  • You obviously would make an excellent GM, wasting a lottery pick on guy who is going to be on the bench lol. You think the Lakers drafted Randle to come off the bench? Get real he was drafted to be the Lakers starting PF for the next 5-7 years at least. You don’t draft a player that doesn’t fit the team, or draft an identical player. Thats how the 76ers drafted 3 straight Centers. Or the Kings drafted McLemore then drafted a guy in the same position (Stauskas) who they ended up trading. There is no way the 76ers will keep all three of their C’s, one will get traded. These disorganized front offices are who you want the Lakers to become? Randle and Okafor are practically identical in regards to how they approach the game, they both attack the paint, and both are particularly poor defenders. The Lakers have needed a serious rim protector ever since DCoward left, Okafor was not nor will he ever be a rim protector. Wake up.

  • or………

    i want to be in la
    i would be ok with playing next to kobe

    the fo sucks
    they treat their future stars like crap
    they dont know what it takes to win
    they have a trash coach.

    why would stars come to a team with trash in the fo

  • Where did this rim protector term come from? Successful defense takes 5 players playing on a string together. Pau wasn’t a rim protector but in crunch time he played great defense with Lamar in the paint. Bynum was on the bench and Pau was the center.

  • Even if you don’t take Okafor….you still don’t take Russell. Justise Winslow would have made more sense as a wing defender. The Lakers could have traded down and taken him with a lower pick and something else.

  • No doubt that was a better option than Okafor, but I believe DLo has all the tools and will eventually shut up these okafor fanboys

  • No. He has taken the most shots so far with 64 and he leads in FGA avg 15.5 a game.

  • Don’t w5 the Lakbores will resign him to a two yr deal after this yr!

  • I don’t know. If you are basing it on the results on the floor, it would be no. However, how much responsibility can one man take for what is currently on the floor?

  • I can’t believe you came back to justify your statement. You are funny.

  • so we are a playoff team that means no youth for the future and a scrub soft center in howard

  • Thats fine but you have yet to show any evidence that they were willing to trade the 4 and tim hardaway junior for the number 2 pick.

  • Yeah, he’s still a financial draw for the Lakers. That’s why they re-signed him.

  • so? hes taking alot of shots that the system and his pg,s are getting him.

    does not change the fact that kobe is not playing his game because he is letting the young guys lead this team

  • That’s what they’ve always been — sign a big star and milk every penny out of him until you find somebody to replace him.

    It’s business and the Lakers are the best at it.

  • thats better then letting the team be ran by a bunch or young guns that dont know how to win

  • Did Al Jefferson ever get anywhere?
    Not saying Russell is going to start picking it up anytime soon, but I don’t really want Al Jefferson 2.0 as the cornerstone of my franchise.

  • The old Kobe is dead. The Kobe you see now, I just wanna shut off my T.V. when i’m watching him at times. I wish he would of retired after that Achilles. Ever since, he has been injured.

  • you put this kobe on a good team like say the clippers or the bulls and he would be a 20-5-5 player again on 45+% shooting

  • 1 game he dials back and you think that’s what he’s doing? Okay…We’ll see which Kobe comes out for the Denver game.

  • kobe is not playing his game if you are a lkaers fan you could see that. the game that was mthe most kobe was vs miny when he just lost his legs in the 4th.

    but in all 4 of the games kobe has been letting the young guys controll the game and its showing with all the loses

  • Out of the 2 paragraph statement you pick up on that to further your argument. I’m sorry for wasting my time you clearly are not even listening to valid points and are just on here to spew your opinions as if they were facts. I guess it’s my fault for feedings the trolls.

  • Dialing back for you is him shooting less than 10 shots and not having the ball in his hands and playing around 20 minutes.

  • “The biggest knock on Byron Scott has been his aversion to the pace-and-space style of modern NBA basketball exemplified by James Harden and the Houston Rockets. ”
    Shouldn’t that be Steph Curry and the Warriors?

  • I didn’t further the argument. There was no real argument because you have no educated viewpoint on the subject.

  • Keep believing the old Kobe is gonna come back for the Lakers. You’ll get a few vintage Kobe games, but he can’t sustain it no more. #DELUSIONAL

  • I will say this about the trolls this year. At least every article is not turned into a debate about how scott is being racist.

  • It is funny to me how Howard left the Lakers saying that Kobe shot too much and now he plays with Harden who shoots more. And has won nothing.

  • There is no reason for Kobe not to be avg at 17/5/7 or 8 assists on this team with a decent FG%.

  • You want him to get 8 assist but you don’t want the ball in his hands? You want 17 points but you don’t want him to shoot much? Do you realize that 17 points would mean probably 12-15 shots attempts and a few free throws (meaning more shots taken)?

    And you want all of this while playing 20 minutes. Wouldn’t that mean that he is shooting a lot in a short period of time?

  • There is a big difference with getting rid of him and him deciding to leave.

    If Clarkson gets frustrated enough, he could leave. He would be worth quite a bit on the open market.

  • Why are people putting so much attention (good or bad) on Russell and not focusing on Clarkson? Clarkson has the potential to be the face of the team, and yet he is getting no love.

  • If you’re watching the games. Every time Kobe has received the ball, 90% he has shot it. He hasn’t tried to facilitate at all besides this last game vs Denver. You don’t have to shoot the ball 12-15 times to get 17 points. Kobe can put up 9-10 shots 2 or 3 of those 3’s and get to the line 5 to 6 times and he can get that 17 easy. Kobe is avg 15.8PPG on 15.5SPG, it doesn’t take a math wiz to see that’s inefficient and a terrible Ratio.

  • You have yet to offer any evidence for why it is useful to keep bashing russell. What does it help the situation. He is a 19 year old Kid give him a break he is struggling no worse than many other lottery picks that later went on to be great players.

  • Well in this case that particular analysis is compared to the rockets 3pt numbers bs ours

  • It’s about context. Because we are losing while not playing particularly well, people are calling for heads. Our #2 pick is an easy target while JC was a divine surprise from the bottom of the secound round and keeps putting good offensive numbers. Now, we could tear apart his defense which is bad. On 1v1 situations, he’s average at best, but god, on the helps, the rotations, he doesn’t know what to do, when to do it and where to go.
    What has been quite impressive is his 3 pters. That makes him the ultimate offensive player right now. But still, I don’t see him as our starting SG. I’d rather make him our 6th man of the future.

  • Byron Scott should be on the bench. Bring in Scott Brooks after getting rid of the Short Buss Kids

  • Right, yeah, at the worst Okafor might have failed to grab as many rebounds as some thinks he should. Still, overall the sixers losses are not due to rebounds, they out rebound every team they play as a team. There problem is overrall talent. Thanks to the Lakers generosity on several fronts. That is slated to change. The sixers are doing much better. The city of Philadelphia thank you LA.

  • If you take 2 point shots and make 50% of them it would take you 20 shots to get 20 points. It doesn’t take a mathematician to know that. The kind of shots he gets now won’t give him as many foul shots. jump shots don’t typically result in fouls.

  • I haven’t bashed Russell one time. I repeatedly say that my choosing Okafor over him has very little to do with him and more to do with what i feel the team needed most.

  • Funny the very first person to attack you is who?
    good ol Al.
    lol i told you about al bro.

  • He is the last too know that he should hang the jersey up…It’s tme… If he gets bumped he will sit…and he will never get better. He is a big part of why vthey are so awful on Defense As vad as he had been on offense ..He is three times worse on Defense

  • we love Kobe but were still logical and if Kobe is a problem i would admit it.
    He came off 3 season ending injuries not just 1 al.
    I expect Kobe to do alot better yes.
    Sucking for 5 games is not sucking.
    Its a slump and Kobe will get out of it.
    He doesnt suck hes just being self critical.
    Alot of people would admit they suck if they do at that moment of time.
    If you dont check yourself.
    Noone is perfect al and certainly not you.
    so why dont you get over YOURSELF!

  • Great defense is learned and can take time to develop. Plus, it is rare to find a rookie or second year player that is going to sell out to defense when they don’t see the same from players around them. Clarkson has the athleticism to be a great defender.

    I just think that there should be more talk about him instead of Russell. If you don’t show this guy some love, he will leave.

  • How do you get rid of an owner? (don’t answer Clippers’ fans)

    It was stated very clearly in an earlier article that Brooks would be just as much of a problem for this team as Scott.

  • Even though Okafor is a better player and doing more right now i think dangelo is a better fit for us.
    He will pick it up sooner or later we have to be patient.
    coach scott needs to coach this t eam and get wins.
    we cant single out any 1 person.
    unless were talking bob sacre lol.

  • its not free if you pay 150 bucks a month and pay extra for league pass and ect….
    were paying customers fool.
    we also pay for the shoes tshirt and all the mechandise that goes with it.
    Jerseys hats ect…
    Who are you Lakers rep man?
    You need to be fired if so.

  • i dont care how bad he plays i dont wanna see him traded.
    we lost too many players in the past.
    keep swaggy…..
    we have others to get rid of 1st and it starts with bob sacre and kelly.

  • im starting to come around! lol
    but he has alot to prove to me bro….

  • Okay so admit half of us “armchair GMs” could make better decisions than coach scott, jim buss or jeanie buss.
    the only one im happy about is mitch kupchak.
    the only beef i have with mitch is letting upshaw go and jabari brown.
    kelly&sacre shouldnt be here.

  • hey nash already screwed us.
    itd be even funnier if we stole their pick back.
    i know tanking sucks but think about it….

  • Problem with Brooks is that he has no offense and doesn’t make adjustments either.

  • is paytc on the phone with Kobe or something?
    he hasnt been on the last few posts.
    wheres my other buddy at?

  • omg i thought that was a pic of bob sacre at 1st glance.

  • hey….i say boom sometimes when people dunk or BANG!
    put the hammer down…..
    eh anyways….

  • Definitely firing B.Scott right now would cause another disaster in an already bad situation. We’ve basically went through how many coaches since the first run with Phil Jackson. At the end of the day, the goal for this team is to be better than last years team, by at least winning a min. of 2-5 more games. Secondly, D’Angelo has to at least cont. to make progress by the end of the year just like JC did. He doesn’t necessarily have to be a double double or triple double type of player, but there has to be growth as far as shooting better, bumping up the assist, and playing better D consistently. And 3rd, I really believe B. Scott needs to forget the old school of being a Riley 80’s Showtime Hard Nose type of team, and focus on finding an identity and making sure it is something the young guys can relate to. At this point, even Luke Walton would of been a better choice than B. Scott

  • Russell doesn’t look like a bust, he looks like Kobe, Nash or Parker as rookies. He flashes brilliance but is a project.

  • Well when you have one player that demands $25M there’s not much left to pay for too many other good players.

  • yes when he stays in control …… right now he’s young, he’s got a little “bull in a china shop” to his game right now …… either way my original point was making the defence collapse to make the 3 a true weapon…..which ever way that is they need to figure it out if they are going to shoot 3s more …….
    Ideally I would like them to run their offence with the first unit right now but with more screens and double screens running guys off ball to free them up for catch and shoot situations ……. especially for whatever touches Bryant gets…. he’s no longer an ISO guy and without his ability to attack from that he’s going to have a hard time creating space for others…it should be the other way around now at this point in his career if BS is going to get anything realistically out of the man ……… Than run a lot of P&R action with the second unit to break down the defence while having all those shooters on the floor ……… if BS is going to stick with these rotations some adjustments have to be made to maximize these combos IMO….

  • Highly Disagree.

    His legs look like strong as ever. The only thing that has to be controlled is his time on the floor as to be most effective. We cant expect to have his legs for 30+ minutes.

  • He was one of the better at defense and you single him out.

    Id rather take Kobes defense over the majority of the teams NO EFENSE!!!

  • Again, Russell is the only one who is struggling between JC, JR, and him. Russell needs the minutes, but he also needs to play better. An easy way for him to get more minutes is to not play Huertas. Let Russell start the 2nd and 4th quarters if you want Lou and Clarkson to close games. It’s simple.

    Kobe has adjusted his game but he is struggling to hit shots. Last game Kobe played much smarter by making some good passes and wasn’t forcing too many jumpers. His defense isn’t good which was expected.

    Byron’s main issue is finding the proper lineups to use. He had all preseason to experiment with lineups, and now his decisions are costing the team wins. The defense is still an issue without having a proper backup center to replace Hibbert.
    An easy way to fix that is to play guys who are competent on defense even if it’s short spurts. You have to play Sacre, MWP, Brown and Nance who are all better defensively than the other bench players.

    I guess we have to wait until Young and Bass get traded

  • Im done with Al.

    I let him talk but I dont interact with him because he is plain hating allot of the times. lol

  • Quiet Al. You should be the least to talk.

    If we go by your standards then you dont deserve to post here since we should discriminate based on society’s stereotype of age.

  • Yes and no but mainly yes. I have been thinking about this lately and Kobe is the reason for these crappy few seasons. It all stems back to the Dwight Howard fiasco. Kobe was playing well and thinking he was the ish while trying to get us Ws I will admit but he was getting into yet another penis swinging contest with Dwight. Then he got humbled via his injury and hasn’t been the same since.

    Before that the FO made some sloppy trades that fell through and after Kobes i jury they tosa $50 million at him while Dwight walks.

    Luckily for us this is Kobes last season. I appreciate the great years but he is more like a burden now. I fully believe Byron will leave with him as he was only here to massage Kobes ego – so we have almost passed the full brunt of the storm.

  • I agree somewhat but even though we have a better roster on record the west is much tougher this year and one could argue that our defense looks worse than last season. Looking at this 5 game road trip The Nets looks to be the only winnable game on it & it would be hard to say keep Byron around if we not only loose tomorrow night but also do so in giving up 100+ to the Nets & like another writer wrote the Lakers don’t have a favorable schedule.. Where I agree with you firing Scott would look bad for JR. Buss because it would be another coach who got fired 5 games into the season.

  • Some of you fans dont use your own mind, you let the media make it up for you and you gladly submit.

  • Yeah People can keep the blinds on but the reality is he stopped playing Defense a few years ago and now he will play for a portion of the shot clock and then get lax and no transition Defense. Yes I’m calling Kobe out just like he will do his teammates… I’m as big a fan of his as anyone but rt now he should do the rt thing for the team.. Take a reduced role or retire.

  • Russel wasn’t considered nba ready coming into the draft and okafor was, u fans that say Russell is a bust are pathetic, they described him as need 1-2 years to develop

  • Disagree.

    If you want to use Kobes performance as a measure of who to retire, then about half the team, young and older, need to retire.


  • Well thats the thing with taxes. The NBA says they want an even playing field but $20 million in LA isn’t the same as in Texas. Players are catching on and thus shunning cities with higher taxes. After taxes Kobe probably takes home less than Duncan. He could have took less and lost like Duncan. Media won’t mention that though. Spurs won’t be contending this year either.

  • But we were kinda warned before the FO pulled the trigger on the Howard trade when Howard and Kobe talked and Kobe basically told him he would be the 3rd option at best. Bynum had the same issue except Bynum had more of a leg to stand on because he was much better offensively than Howard was & he was more used to the situation. It was also unrealistic to think Howard was going to be ok with being the 3rd option when he was the 1st option down in Orlando.

  • Exactly Howard and most of us Laker fans I remember when they were chanting “We Want Phil” many times that year

  • While that may be true his time here made this team look horrible. Mostly thanks to Kobe. Do you not remember the daily articles about how the Lakers let Kobe run another guy out of town? It makes the entire franchise look bad and has marked them ever since. Once Kobe finally retires lets see if things start to change. That situation seemed to turn off a lot of players.

  • Its a $ game. I’ve heard Jeannie in interviews say if she can sign Kobe to another contract she would. He is still a BIG revenue draw.

  • Nash dissed Dwight as well. Don’t put all the blame for Dwight leaving on Kobe. Dwight didn’t want to run D’Antoni’s system and Dwight wanted more post ups

  • Where did you get “concrete” proof that Kobe told Dwight he was going to be third top dog?

    Ive never seen any proof of that, or are you going based on rumors and “unknown” sources?

  • Yes even though Dwight was a punk they made Kobe the bad guy. They all had a hand in it but as a vet and the person with the most to lose Kobe should have handled it better. Dwight leaving may have been a blessing but the whole situation held the Lakers back at least 5 years.

  • But he is an afterthought in Houston too. I think it just biols down to the fact that Kobe really, really rubs some people the wrong way. Dwight was clearly one of those people. He might have even hated Dwight too instead of just humbling himself and accepting the guy. If he didn’t pull his weight then show him the ropes. At least then people, the media and other players can’t say Kobe was a douche.

  • I know he does. I wish he would be an instant star like Randle but then again hes only 19.

    Theres no way I could play like him when I was his age especially with all that pressure. Some people take longer to ball out.

    Russel outplayed Towns and Mudiay in this seasons meetings so far.

    We will see how he plays against Okafor. Okafor deserves props though, I’m not going to ever hate on him.

  • No No I agree with that but Kobe is a small fraction of the problem. The big part is the person who’s running basketball operartions Jim Buss.

  • Hahaha remember fans said its just preseason as an excuse for Byrons crappy lineups? Looks like nothing has changed. He NEEDS to play those guys. They need defensive help.

  • I make up my own mind. Why would I care what the media puppets say about my Lakers anyway!

    FFFF bspn.

  • Starting D’Angelo Russell is like putting a guy in varsity who’s only at the the jv level. Russell should come off the bench. Put Kobe back at SG and start a real SF.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the lakers hire Luke Walton after Byron Scotts contract is up.

  • Taxes, really? You do know the great laker players have other things than basketball. For example, Nike usually signs deals with good and great players, show appearances where they do get paid to go and also exposure to make their name and brand known. The money is everywhere in LakerLand just depends if you are great at your craft.

  • It is going on three year with BS being our COACH and now he has come up with this thing he call BALANCE OF DEVELOPMENT, now is that not what all coaches use in player training, and pre season games to see who is the best players for each poss., and just now BS comes up with all the other have been using to see where he will play the guys, are we not just a little late=== we have a SHARP COACH, that cant even make a rotation work and all this is what we call the LAKERS COACH, what a disgrace .

  • I’m looking at his explosiveness, how he lands and how slow his first few steps burst is. If he was just showing that in 4th quarters I’d agree with you.

  • Exactly, Kobe actually said the same thing in the 2011 exit interview when they lost to the Mavs when we had Bynum so I don’t know why it would be far fetched to believe that Kobe would say the same thing about Howard when Bynum Offensively was much better.

  • Half the “armchair GMs” are complete idiots and most of the rest are even dumber than that.

  • I was not the one that said KOBE sucks KOBE SAID IT HIS SELF, AND IF YOU DISAGREE WITH HIM is not my problem he had all simmer and an sat out during pre season games and now we are headed to # 5 game with him shooting in the low 30 s and in the teen on 3 s, only a foul would think he is going to come back as he was, no matter how much you LOVE him that is not going to happen, I don’t like it any more the you do, but life is cruel and when it gets you down you very seldom get up to fight again. Be careful who you threat and CHECK YOUR SELF , I am not one of your little friends your talking to, so remember to CHECK your self at the door before you walk into more then you can handle. your the one in love not me.

  • I am not the only one that thinks this way, and I speak the truth and can live with it because I am looking the TRUTH in the eye and keep looking , but I never stick my head in the sand, and like I have said to you before if your a GIRL I could understand THE LOVE FOR HIM but a grown young man getting excited every time his name is mentioned is a little to much to understand, a man should only have that mush love for his father, the one who has raised him.

  • Umm….no. Half the “armchair GMs” are idiots and most of the rest are dumber than that. I wouldn’t trust them to pick my nose, much less my franchise player.

  • You mean we are no going to the dance together, you hurt my feelings, what will I do, I am so disappointed, but you are all ready spoken for.


  • more money for swaggy ps of the world… more bad contracts we would have to pawn off. There’s only a few guys who “deserve” that ridiculous money, but GMS in all sports have a tendency to spend cuz they feel they have to.

  • Watching Pau Gasol play seems as he’s playing with a purpose = more assertive. Do you believe a change of scenery was best for him? Seems so I’d say, the way FO mismanaged him (trade rumors etc).

  • no facts cuz that’s impossible unless people were actually in those war room, but high plausibility of such a deal could be deduced. Had Minnesota offered us Towns for the #2 oa, our other #1, and taking cap hit for a guy like pekovic, Lakers would surely consider. Wasn’t in Flip’s interest to do that. Not Jim’s interest to move Russell cuz Russell was his guy not Porzingis. But make no mistake, Russell was the guy Phil wanted.

  • He is playing now like when he first came to the Lakers he and KOBE were a great together..

  • What up bro im tired of that fool b powell1. He has zero knowledge of the game. He must be mentally ill. I dont repect him on this site

  • So far, they are a bust and it doesn’t look like it’s going to improve this year. If they fall to the Nets, hopefully we can all see the writing on the wall. This article has so much truth it it, that it hurts. Come to grips with reality, and again pray for another wash out this year so the FO can select another was out next year. I’m still fuming over the Okafor pass up fiasco.

  • Yeah but Kobe still wants to make his $20 million from his basketball deal. Kobe wants to be #1 at everything, like making the most in the NBA, and money is money. You don’t pass on money from the Lakers just cause you have a deal with Nike.

  • Byron Scott is a tactician and a strategist all in one. If you are patient enough, this brainy mind of modern basketball will surely bring a championship to LA!

  • Again living in the past I see, today’s NBA has become a lot faster with far more pick and roll action. A rim protector these days is a guy who is athletic and long, can block and alter shots and most importantly can defend the pick and roll. Look at Gobert, Noel, Draymond Green, Whiteside, DeAndre Jordan these are the sort of rim protectors for the modern NBA. Towns will join them and so will Myles Turner and WCS. The lethargic oversized slow footed offensive C’s like Al Jefferson, Enes Kanter, Nicola Vucevic, Nikola Pekovic will never really accomplish anything but putting up empty numbers at one end and giving up just as many at the other end, Okafor will join this list.

  • BS says it all !!!!!!!!! top 3 worst defensive deficiencies 5 yrs. and counting !!!!!!!! And all in all just a Kobrick in the wall !!!!!!!!!

  • Haha you are actually a 76ers fan, the Lakers stink right now, but you are going to stink forever. Okafor lol. Enjoy that fatboy putting up empty numbers for the next 5-7 years. Even DLo can out-rebound him.

  • Get rid of BS and hope Kobe retires early and lets enjoy the season and the growth of the kids !!!! GO LAKERS !!!!!!!!!

  • Bring back MDA , I rather have someone who is at least an offensive coach and down right a genius at it than someone who stayed at a holiday in last night and is just pretending to be a coach !

  • Right about GM need other players this group is bad. If anyone attends the games make sure you leave early.

  • Russell will be a second string bench player can’t jump shoot or play d what’s to think differently. No excitement even when Kobe started there was a difference or don’t you remember.

  • You must be a new laker fan, this kid will never be a Paul maybe not even nick young

  • LOL The talking points you hated most are going mainstream!!! Wow you must be so pissed. LOL.

  • Glad you are easily pursuaded to Believe the lie! Mitch and Byron stated that Russell was their choice because he looked like he would make an impact on the team rather than Okafor. Buss is on the Clock. If they were concerned about losing their jobs, choosing Russell on a 2 year development plan was not the best choice. Who’s pathetic? gotta be kidding me!

  • Magic and the media started the D’Antoni bashing to get his buddy hired and Kobe gave the guy the cold shoulder and stares to accomplish the same !!! MDA deserved better , he had the most wins after the all-stars his first year and in his second with a rotating D-Leaguers the guy had 29 wins and nearly every game was winnable and a good effort , everyone kept bashing the guy for no reason citing defense and BS has been in the worst in bottom 3 and this year leading in nearly all defensive categories but nothing but praise from all involved !!!! Grow some balls and hire him back !!!!!!!

  • @Daryl Peek, Laker fan since magic and these 2015 Laker fans are
    impossible to relate to. All they know is Kobe…..but are forgetting
    that our wall of fame is riddled with greats. That’s what we do, get
    greats, be it draft or free agency. The pattern hasn’t changed, just
    there’s a 37yr old elephant in the room and everybody knows and see’s

  • You got to be kidding right ……. MDA? please…….. he’s gone, get over it….. we handed him an extremely talented team and all he did was alienate our two best bigs at the time (Gasol/Howard) and started the direction of building a 1 dimensional team with little regard for the other end of the floor…… some of the issue with the Lakers right now started with that guy………. I’m not saying BS is any better but the answer ids not bringing back MDA …. we need a more balanced coach that understands and can implement a system on BOTH sides of the court …. not a 1 trick pony on either side of the court which both MDA and BS are. The sad part is this team tried to get MDA talent to fit his philosophy and he was terrible, BS doesn’t even get that luxury of the FO getting him the talent he needs to fit his philosophy ……… MDA…. what a joke , maybe as an assistant in charge of helping implement an offence but no higher position than that ……….

  • @Lakers Lifer. It’s not defense when the teams best perimeter offensive player waves off the team for an isolation and commences to making you look like your 50. They are picking with Kobe on the defensive end these days. Kobe is in a personal battle with himself, and the Lakers are suffering because of this personal shindig he and his inner Mamba are having. Come on man you have to see this. But just inc case you forgot, Father Time is 2015 – 0 just in case any body questions his record.

  • If we lose the next game against the Nets, Byron must resign or be sacked. Stop the player development bulls. We cant develop players if we dont play the right way. ISOs on every play wont develop these guys into winning BB players.

  • Haha, one thing I will freely admit to is that I’m a “Jahlil Okafor” fan. And indeed I do enjoy him, as to being fat. He’s avg 30 odd mpg & 20 ppg a game and is mashing up the whole league every night. Thanks to the Lakers on several fronts, you know the absolute stupid pick of D’cAn’tgo Runsslow with the 2nd section, and the protected pick to the sixers. The Lakers FO, may have single-handedly solved the problem of the sixers being bad for years.

    You mentioned Okafor rebounding, yet you excused Dlo’s poor defense by saying “he’s not the last line of defense:” The same thing could be said of Okafor when it comes to his rebounding, but I will not use that as an excuse. Even Okafor has acknowledged he needs to rebound better. So far, everything the so-called experts has said this kid can’t do he have proven them wrong with positives. Can the same be said for Russell? Haha, is right, the Lakers are going to have a long time to grit their teeth about passing on this talent. This single move may help the sixers finally get out of the basement. Thanks to the Lakers. .

  • “no facts cuz that’s impossible unless people were actually in those war room,” your own statement shows that You are spewing a bunch of hypothetical bs that never happened.

  • I’m living in the very present now. The GSW won the NBA finals with a 6-7 small forward named Draymond Green playing the center position many times. I have NEVER heard anyone refer to him as a rim protector. It anything, they say that his size and versatility in guarding all 5 positions is what makes it work so well for GS. If you said Bogut was the rim protector, I might have taken your comment serious. The Jazz, Sixers, Heat and Clippers have not won anything, so using them to justify your point is really not wise.

    Defense is defense…always has been. John Stockton and Karl Malone were running the pick and roll years ago. The Kings ran it with Webber and Bibby years ago. Phoenix ran it with Nash and Amare years ago. It’s not anything new, so neither is having to defend it. Shaq was anything but quick at over 300 lbs, yet the Lakers played strong defense with him in the paint.

    What you and many more that were against Okafor fail to understand is that the reason why teams with pace are dominating the NBA right now, is because of a lack of skilled traditional big men. There are very few teams that play in the post now as a result. Most teams run their offense outside in now with a lot of screen and rolls, and drive and kicks. They also are more focused on running than playing half court sets. You slow down teams that want to run by pounding them on the other end. You get them in foul trouble. And you take them out of their rhythm. It takes a big man like Okafor to do that.

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  • Durant and Westbrook won 30 games their first season together. As long as there are signs of improvement, wins can be secondary.

  • Half the “armchair GMS” are morons. The rest are even dumber than that. I would trust them to pick my nose, much less my franchise player.

  • You can’t just use the argument of ‘they haven’t won anything’. Only one team per season can be champions and there are very few teams who have had that honor. What I’m saying is that if you look at any NBA roster and the teams who start a genuine defensive big man are fairing far better than those who are not. Case in point: Utah gave up on their Kanter, Favors experiment and went with Gobert, Favors as they complement each other on both ends, rather than just one. Cousins has been moved to PF and a genuine rim protector has been installed at C. When you look at the teams who have no defense first interior players, such as Cleveland before they signed Mozgov, the Suns before they signed Chandler or the Orlando Magic with Vucevic and Harris, or even the Lakers with Hill and Pau, Hill and Boozer, these teams will always concede easy buckets and the pro at one end is not going to make up for the deficiencies at the other end.

    Okafor has landed to a team that does have a genuine rim protector in Herlens Noel, so things aren’t going to be so difficult for him. What is going to be a problem is that Noel cannot stretch the floor and both of them operate pretty much exclusively in the paint making defending them that much easier. I expect a lot of big empty numbers from Okafor that will lead to very very little wins.

  • The BEST trade the Lakers can make would be to package Byron Scott, Jimmy Buss & Mitch for the 60th pick in 2019…….

  • Now hear this, The bulls & Rose are having problems, maybe we can send them D. Russell along with Kelley, Sacre & Young for Rose….

  • in the absence of facts, hypothetical is all we have to go by. It’s the foundation of rationalization. For instance the BS “that never happened” is your statement of fact that you certainly can not will not ever prove yet you spew it. Go figure.

  • If I didn’t know better, I would think the Kadashians made this pick. A game changing franchise big man is right there for the taking, and they pick pretty boy holywood.

    The Sixers thank you very much, and oh, for the protected 3rd pick too. Click, wink, wink!

  • The Lakers are mortgaging their future by not selling the team because obviously the buss “kids” don’t know what they’re doing.

  • Okay, if you don’t like “they haven’t won anything”, how about “two of them didn’t make the playoffs last year”? You are convinced that Okafor can’t be a defensive big man and I don’t see how you can make that declaration so soon. The same way you say I just can’t …. you just can’t ….

    I would rather his big empty numbers than Russell’s little empty numbers. We not winning anyway.

  • What are you talking about? If the Lakers mess up, as they could, and don’t sign Clarkson to a deal that he deserves, he will leave. What part of that can’t you get through your thick skull???

  • Don’t worry They’ll sell within the next 5 years. This summer will be big with lots of changes. Starting with Kobe calling it a career followed by Jeannie firing her brother. Jeannie knows she can’t afford another swing & miss summer with these big name free agents and Jim has no influence whatsoever in getting a big name to come here. Jim hasn’t learned that these players aren’t just all about having a Hollywood career they want to win & also what hurts us is the clipper being a legit threat not only to the west but to this city not in terms of fans but getting player to come to L.A. Clippers currently are the more desisreable destitination as of now If Magic were running things it would be a different story & I see him buying it with investors just like he did with the Dodgers.

  • Have you ever heard the question….How can I get experience if no one will hire me?

    That is how I feel about these players that say that they won’t come to the Lakers because they want a place that can win. Cleveland missed the playoffs 4 years straight. Lebron decided to return and they went to the finals. Other players decided to come along for the ride and signed as well.

    Also, you don’t need multiple HOF on your team to win championships. Most championship teams have 1…maybe 2 tops. Once they get one, they normally don’t get anymore until that one has left or gotten old.

  • 5 games in….fire him? So you do the same thing that people complained about with Brown?

  • I must be blind because I thought a guy that coached a team to two NBA Finals and was a former Coach of the Year was an upgrade over a guy that has been in 1 WCF’s.

  • This is why I say Byron can’t win. You want Russell coming off the bench. Others want Russell getting 35 minutes a night. There is a big spectrum of what people are wanting Byron to do.

  • I wouldn’t want Rose. I’d take Butler in that same trade scenario. Clarkson, Bryant, Butler, Randle and Hibbert would be an upgrade greatly.

  • There is such a thing as making a bad situation worse. People are suggesting some crazy things that the Lakers should do. Firing Byron Scott after 1 season and 5 games would be a bad decision. Hiring MDA back would be a bad decision. You further turn the team into a laughing stock. Instead you stick with what you have and let it run its course and maybe begin to change the perception that the front office has a quick trigger and doesn’t think through decisions.

  • Sure EXCEPT one thing, the Bull’s won’t let Butler go & will let Rose go before he walks for nothing.

  • The reason Okafor can’t be a defensive big man is the exact same reason that Russell will never be an elite defender. Insufficient athleticism, slow feet, poor lateral movement. DLo fits the future Lakers more, he can play the point and the two guard, he has the size to guard 2’s so even if his defense is lacking, he can be ‘hidden’ so to speak on a two guard who is a spot up variety rather than having to deal with the explosive point guards. Case in point vs Denver where he guarded Gary Harris. Okafor is a center, nothing more, and an offensive minded one at that who is not a very good athlete and thus not a particularly good defender or rebounder. He is putting up big numbers (points only) but he is also taking a lot of shots and getting a lot of minutes all the while having the offense run through him, his offensive strengths do not outweigh his deficiencies. The FO passed on him as did the TWolves, he is not the second coming of Shaq, he is the second coming of AL Jefferson. The Lakers FO have made some bad calls with free agents, trades and poor contracts, but they very rarely draft poorly in the lottery, and really they have managed to find talent far outside of it more often than many taems. I’d trust them before I’d trust someone who got enamoured with a guy who I have no idea why even got so much attention, was it because he won the NCAA title, sitting on his butt in the championship game?

  • I just did. Or would you rather i say that 2 of those teams didn’t make the playoffs?

  • The hiring of Hibbert is what confuses me. This guy is awkward, slow and offensively limited

  • Not saying you need multiple but One always helps with a young team such as ours as far as the core were building is concerned. Cleveland Owner made a huge mistake in the way he handled the LeBron situation Lets hope he learned from that which brings me to Jim Buss, You cant learn much if you don’t listen to other people that have a little more experience in getting things done. We have Magic Jerry West Mitch Kupchak & many others around that could help. Don’t get me wrong we were going to have a bad streak at some point but many of these mistakes like choosing Mike Dantoni over Phil Jackson as one of many examples could have been avoided & at some point you have to admit whatever you’re trying to do in terms of eyeing talent & getting free agents to come here isn’t working. Jim Buss is too proud of a person to admit that and that’s what’s hurting us more so than anything else including Kobe basically telling players that he’s still the #1 option.

  • Yeah I do because I think phil jackson would have done what it takes to get. Phil loves bigs since the triangle is based off have a a decent one. At the time also Magic was trying to get Chris Paul to come to the Clippers & both he and Dwight wanted to play with one another. Now they would have had to amnesty Kobe to do it but I think it could have been done. I wasn’t surprised that Kobe didn’t come back 100% as soon as he did since the type of injury he had takes a long time to heel. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had said that too.

  • Phil would not have liked Howard’s attitude, so it wouldn’t have worked. The Lakers would have never amnestied Kobe either.

  • Actually having a HOF with a host of really young players will actually hurt a team. No HOF is going to put up with the growing pains of young players.

    I don’t see where Phil was a better choice. It’s funny that people say that we should have gone back to Phil a third time, but the same people keep saying the Lakers are holding on to the past. Isn’t Phil the past? Do you think they wouldn’t have run the Triangle and Kobe wouldn’t have been right back in his sweet spot again?

  • “Phil would not have liked Howard’s attitude” He didn’t like Kobe’s ither even wrote a book about it and still came back to coach him & the Lakers & as far as saying they wouldn’t have amnestied Kobe never say never crazier things have happen like LeBron going back to Clevelabnd even though its home for him.

  • Phil has 11 rings as a coach Mike D has 0. I don’t think it’s really even a comparison.

  • Thanks for the coaching trio Scott, Dumbtoni, Brown. Only thing in common besides being loser’s, Jim Buss’s Yes Men..

  • Did any of you morons ever look at Russell’s highlights from college? You really should.

  • Are you some sort of swami? What makes you some sort of fortune teller? From his college highlights, most would think Russell would turn out to be a great player someday. Even Kobe vouches for him. I never saw Kobe do that before for anybody. I trust Mitch and Kobe over you on this subject. Sorry.

  • But, this is not college. Did you see my highlights from little league when I was 9 yrs old? See, irrelevant.

  • There are plenty reasons why Kobe won’t avg those type of numbers.He is finished… He will need 30 Shots to avg 17 points,he don’t go to the basket so he won’t get many free throws….And He isn’t going to battle for rebounds so maybe he could get 3 or 4..Rt now he should take a reduced role.He can’t guard anybody…. He is hurting them more on the court than helping them .32% from the field …Please.!! He was doing the same things last year before he got hurt….He won’t get it back.

  • For Kobe 17 ponts mean 30 shots,he don’t drive to the rim anymore, he shoot jump shots so he won’t get free throws… And he takes tuff Bad shots

  • They couldn’t come to an agree on a contract because Barnes believes he deserves more. We could offer him that if we get his bird rights.

  • Would like to see Justin Anderson. Very good defense, strong and has a 3 point shot. 6’6 o he is pretty versatile at defending position 1-3

  • I agree. I don’t know if you are watcing the game, but MWP alone transformed our defense. We are in such a dire need of true defensive perimeter players.

  • Once Jeanie takes over Jerry West will come until can’t wait til 2017 the year Jim Bust steps down !!!!!!

  • Give the kid a chance. He is only 19 years old. Only time will tell. aying he is a bust wont make him a better player. Time and hard work will make him a better player. He shows promise if you will forget the fact we drafted him instead of Okafor. He is the one we picked so we need to stand by our man and give him time!

  • From the heart article. Pretty much a big part of what is wrong with franchise and team.

  • Oh, my bad. I thought us “morons” were discussing things that are irrelevant. Like, how Russell played in college (thankfully, he did look better the other night) when we are concerned about how he’s playing overall now. Evan Turner, played well in college, how is that working out in the pros? Are you looking for trends, a nugget of hope? Here’s one for you, what do these two players have in common? Bizarre ain’t it? Even a “moron” can see what seems to be beyond you oh great wise one.

  • Kobe will do fine… This team is not made for winning… But Kobe CAN get them there as he gets things together. 😉 FACTS, as you say, are not as you seem to think. You are extremely limited in your thinking. Maybe you should be a lowly Clippers fan. That is about your speed, it would bo you good as you do not DESERVE to be a Lakers fan!

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  • Operating word, “looks like” a bust! I did not call him a bust. I want Russell to develop into a nice pick. I was only hopiing for more from him upto this point. They talked the kid up plenty but he has not delivered. Now recently he is doing better but time will tell if we (our team) made a great choice or not.

  • I’m a crack,yeah but Kobe is shooting 30%+ percent, he was 6 of 19 against the Knicks, he has not been close too 50% Percent, a person like you has low self-esteem because you need to call people names because you don’t like an opinion, says a lot about you,so go ahead call me names but the truth is Kobe should reduce his role…. So what am I now call me whatever…But for the last 2 seasons he is shooting 30+ percent and its killing them.

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