Best of the Week: May 16 – 22

It was a busy week for the Los Angeles Lakers and the rest of Lakers Nation. We saw the Lakers begin their Western Conference Finals series with the Suns, winning two games by double digits to send the series back to Phoenix with a 2-0 Los Angeles advantage. The Lakers are playing some of the best basketball of the season, and it is looking like they are on their way to their third consecutive Western Conference crown. Below are a list of some of our favorite articles from the week:

Win An Autographed Kobe Bryant All-Star Card – We’re giving away a Kobe Bryant authentic autographed All-Star Card from our good friends over at Panini. Check out the article for more information on how you can win this awesome prize!

Should the NBA continue their age restriction? – It has been several years since David Stern installed the minimum age requirement in the NBA, and in that time we have seen many players play one year of college to bypass the rule and then leap into the NBA. How is this affecting the NBA? Should there be an age requirement? Lakers Nation’s Stan Park tackles this particular issue.

There Will Be Blood – Staff Writer Jeff Lambert takes a look at Kobe Bryant and his never-ending competitive drive. What makes guy’s like Kobe and Michael Jordan tick differently from the rest of us? How are they able to harness everybody’s doubts into motivational fuel? This is the perfect article for all of you who love when Kobe Bryant turns into the Black Mamba.

Lakers Nation Representing at Game 1 – We took our camera to Staples Center for Game 1 between the Suns and Lakers to capture Lakers Nation, otherwise known as all of you, showing off your purple and gold pride! If you were at Game 1 be sure to check out all the pictures to see if you or any of your Lakers comrades made the list!

T-Shirt Photo Shoot – This week we were very excited to announce our first ever Lakers Nation shirts, featuring our intricate and spectacular crest! Lakers Nation girl Karen Mae was kind enough to model our new shirt for us, and the resulting pictures were fantastic! The shirts are for sale through the Lakers Nation Store for those of you interested in picking one up today!

We hope that you were able to enjoy these articles and some of the other happenings going on in the Lakers Nation universe! Be sure to check back all week for continuing coverage on the Western Conference Finals and anything else relating to YOUR Los Angeles Lakers!

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