Brook Lopez Interviews With Lakers Nation (VIDEO)
Brook Lopez Interviews With Lakers Nation (video)

Brook Lopez sits down for an interview with after being officially introduced as the newest center to don the purple and gold.

Lopez chats about everything from his impressions of Lonzo Ball after working out in the Lakers facility for the past few days, how he hopes to mesh with a young core and Luke Walton’s style of play, and even takes a question from the fans. It’s all in our video above, with a transcription below.

Q: You’ve spent the past 9 years with the Nets but you’re also getting to come home to your hometown state of California, so I have to imagine this is a little bit bittersweet leaving where you’ve been, but coming home?

It is, but I had such a fantastic time playing out with the Nets, made some connections, friendships relationships that I’ll have and cherish for life but at the same time I’m excited to be out here, have a fresh start with the Lakers, playing for the hometown team, playing for a team I rooted for growing up, it’s a dream come true.

Q: Speaking of that fresh start, how do you plan to mesh with the new Lakers young core, including Lonzo Ball, who Magic dubbed the ‘face of the franchise,’ along with running Luke Walton’s up-tempo style of play?

As I’ve said before, I’ve come in here, just trying to do whatever Luke asks of me, what he needs of me. I’m ready to do whatever, offensively and defensively. I’ve been in the gym working a lot in the offseason already, I’ve been out here working since I got to LA, just doing what I can to mesh and be ready for the league. I understand that the league has changed a lot throughout the years, and it’s in another current phase and I’ve just been trying to show that I fit in, whatever the kind of play it is.

Q: You’ve been in this gym working out with the young guys for the past three days, give me your first impressions of what you’ve been seeing around here…

I guess I’ll just start with Lonzo, just seeing him on the floor and playing with him the other day, he’s just truly an impressive specimen. His basketball IQ is truly off the charts, it impressed me, just seeing him on the floor, kind of commanding the team, running the team, it was impressive, obviously given his age and lack of NBA experience, it was really cool to see him out there doing his thing.

Q: After Buck Williams got traded (who a lot of people compare you to because of his eight seasons with the Nets) he said that at the time he might not have realized it, but looking getting traded to Portland was the best thing to happen to his career. What are you hoping this change can do for you?

I’m not certain obviously, but I’m truly thrilled to have this opportunity moving forward to come in here and make my mark with this team, I want to help this team be successful in any way possible and I think if we go out there and take care of business and do our jobs, we’ll be alright.

Q: For fans that don’t know much about you, what do you think fans will appreciate about you and about your game being here?

That I’m just going to go out there and try to make my teammates better and do whatever I can for the team, be a guy that can be relied on both offensively and defensively and kind of do a little bit of everything for the team.

Q: I told the fans to send me their questions, and I’d pick one to ask at the end of the interview, so…. what’s it feel like being the better twin, the better brother?

That’s a feeling, it’s almost indescribable, something that can never be taken away from me, something that Robin has to deal with for the rest of his life, so it’s a pretty great situation for me to be in.

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