Byron Scott: ‘Always Hard When Greatness Like Kobe’ Decides To Retire
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott was the first one to know that Kobe Bryant would announce his intentions to retire after the 2015-16 NBA season.

Coach Scott was surprised Bryant was ready to call it a career and was sad that the five-time NBA champion was prepared to walk away from the game.

Although he was shocked Bryant had finally come to grips with basketball career coming to an end, it was the sadness, he felt about his former teammate and the current player being prepared to retire after the season via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Scott admitted that it is never easy to see a player of Kobe’s caliber announce their intentions to retire. Bryant’s greatness is something that may never been seen again in the NBA making it that much harder to watch him walk away from the game:

Although the clock is now ticking on Bryant’s final days in the league, the show must go on with Kobe and company getting back to work tonight against the visiting Indiana Pacers.

Including Sunday’s game against the Pacers, Bryant will have 67 games left in his career with the Lakers. The squad will hit the road once again next week with eight games to be played away from Staples Center before the team returns to Los Angeles on Dec. 15 to face the Milwaukee Bucks.

Ironically enough, Bryant’s first game on the road after announcing his intention to retire at season’s end will come against the Philadelphia 76ers. It’ll be the last time Bryant will play in his hometown and the first game of his official farewell tour on the road.

bout time you say something that makes sense scott

  • i would really love to see the lineup of pg-clarkson sg- kobe sf – metta pf- randle and c- hibbert

  • Okay Laker Nation lets say 2016

    – Kobe Retires
    – Lottery Pick goes to 76ers
    – No big name free agent come
    – Byron Scott is still head coach
    – Same roster
    – Lakers record is worst

    Who would you guys think is the problem ?

      1. So you dont think that we should have been better then we were last season, i mean we all thought we would at least be more competitive this season but we are worst this season than last season. The Timberwolves have 2nd yr players a rookie and just lost a great coach but they are better this season then last yr lol man Jim Buss got you brain washed man he is a cancer check from 2012 to 2015 how we have gotten worst man we need to change face in the entire organization.

        1. i thought we’d be better but not like playoff better, i saw us winning like 5 more games than last year

    1. If they can’t get players to sign in free agency they need to start making trades and try to go from there.

    2. byron wont be the hc when kobe retires(luke/ettore)
      some changes in the roster(no kelly,sacre,bass)

      lakers would finish in the worst 10 in 2017

  • Its official I’m giving up my support of BS. He has no system and overuses the following: 1. Bass, who must be his gf,
    2. Statements such as the team is soft
    3. I’m going to change things up if people don’t play hard

    1. You should Bass is a PF, NOT A CENTER!! Cant play the 5 never could never will BS needs to put him back at the 4

  • Randle needs to be benched in favor of Nance Jr. We need his high energy right out the gate.

  • I wonder if Byron is sad that Kobe is retiring, or sad that when he goes, Byron will also no longer have an NBA “coaching” career.
    Edit: Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 3h3 hours ago
    Even with Kobe’s struggles, Byron said, “I thought he at least had another year in him. I still do. The season isn’t over.”
    Yep, no question Byron wants him around, he is the only thing keeping Byron employed it would seem.

  • Seriously, it’s time to fire coach Scott and his coaching staff. We’re not going anywhere this season and we’re certainly not going anywhere next season with this stubborn old fashioned mule.

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