Byron Scott: Lakers ‘Don’t Trust Each Other On The Court’
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Ever since the Los Angeles Lakers were dominated by the Golden State Warriors, there has been a lot of discussion about what the team needs to do to turn things around.

Kobe Bryant spoke about his shot selection and what he needs to improve, while Nick Young said the team lacks an offensive identity. Some have wondered whether the Lakers pieces fit together.

Head coach Byron Scott doesn’t believe the Lakers lack chemistry. He does, however, think that the team doesn’t trust each other on the court according to reporter Serena Winters:

Trust is essential for any team to be successful in the NBA. That was apparent in watching the Warriors when they played the Lakers. Each of their players had no issues making the extra pass to their teammate because they trusted them to make the right play. Likewise on defense, the players knew if they helped their teammate that someone would have their back.

The Lakers, on the other hand, don’t show that same level of trust. There are few possessions when the ball is moving crisply and the Lakers usually end up in an isolation situation. For someone like D’Angelo Russell, whose game is predicated on passing, vision, and anticipation, it is difficult if the team lacks trust.

The Lakers have a lot of things that need to be fixed if they are going to begin to climb out of the hole they have dug themselves in. If there is a lack of trust, handling that issue will be essential, especially to the young players who have to grow together.

“Scott says chemistry isn’t the issue, says they “all get along,” just “don’t trust each other on the court.”

Are you including or excluding Kobe?

Never mind I should follow my own previous posting advice.

  • What happens in fight club stays in fight club.
    BS you’re breaking the number one rule. Zip it.

  • I’m pretty sure if there were a way to interview the players with complete anonymity they would have some absolutely terrible things to say about Byron and Kobe. That’s the only way we’d ever hear the truth. Too much lip service and walking on egg shells around these two narcissistic egomaniacs.

  • We’ve been hearing this. Maybe they do it when watching film but he needs to be specific. If he speaks in generalities like this to the players, no wonder they’re not improving. But even if he does call people out specifically, still pretty sure there’s one person he would never call out.

    1. dude is the coach, he’s gotta call out all his players… aint a coach if cant get the respect of the team

  • When there’s no accountability from the coach to the “star” player why should there be trust? Players get yanked for bad defensive rotations or poor shot selection but Kobe gets free reign and the coaching staff won’t call him out? This creates a poor climate for a basketball team. Preferential treatment doesn’t work well. Now that Kobe’s talent doesn’t match his ego the preferential treatment sticks out like a sore thumb and it’s rubbing people the wrong way.

  • scott looks confused in the picture above, but at least he’s holding the clipboard so he can look like the coach……………………….scott you’re an idiot bro.

  • Pleassssssssssse! Give your hard working players due. They don’t trust you. They are confused, there is no system. Even Swaggy P is confused with the offense. Our rookie looks lost. It’s not the players but You Coach. A system should have been in place prior to Regular season, players should have been practicing offensive and defensive sets , getting comfortable playing with each other , enjoying the game yes, like golden state. None of which was done because No one has any clue. Again when we loose to Philly, if we do lets see what happens because when this team hits rock bottom i’d want to see how FO deals with it. If nothing is done , well we will all know the plan for sure.

  • I’m really starting to think Byron Scott is a worldstar top comment troll….smh….

  • Dude, it’s not that they don’t trust each other. It’s that they don’t trust you! Anytime there’s a double standard in the locker room it becomes the breeding ground for distrust.

    On multiple occasions you’ve thrown most of our young players under the buss. Meanwhile you let the one who shall remain nameless to do whatever he wants. Taking horrible shots, losing defensive assignments, blaming others for his own horrible play.

    You can’t tell the team to do one thing but let your top guy do whatever he wants. That’s not leadership.

    And let’s not even talk about your questionable substitutions. I’ve watched every game and wonder if you’re trying to lose on purpose. There’s no wonder they don’t trust you.

    Poor Leadership

    This guy…

  • If the FO believes in the players they have put on the team like they said they did then the problem in their eyes has to be the coach. If nothing is done as far as byron is concerned then that means the FO is taking responsibility for putting the wrong players out there and need to step down or rectify the situation asap. If they do not do anything i feel it is an admission that they are the ones to blame not Byron. although i do feel byron does not have what it takes to coach a young developing team. Byron is a veterans coach at best,.

  • I dont understand, why not trade Huertas? he is by far the best PG of this team and he doesnt play. Just see all his highlights of the user “Brazucas na NBA” on yt.

    1. Let me guess you’re brazilian so that makes you think Huertas is the best PG in the team right? any player looks good on a highlights video, that’s why the video is called “HIGHLIGHTS”, Huertas is trash sorry.

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