Byron Scott: Lakers ‘Going To Live And Die’ With Kobe Bryant’s Shooting

After Kobe Bryant recently announced he will retire at the end of the 2015-16 Los Angeles Lakers season, the farewell tour officially began in his hometown.

Prior to the game, the Philadelphia 76ers had a special ceremony for Kobe, which included a video and Lower Merion High School jersey. Despite the boos throughout his career, the fans showed their appreciation for the five-time champion.

While Kobe opened the game by making 3-of-4 threes, he went 7-for-26 from the field overall as the Lakers lost 103-91. Following another loss, head coach Byron Scott was asked about his superstar’s shooting performance via Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times:

Heading into the new season, there were expectations the Lakers would be much improved with more talent. However, Kobe has struggled in his 20th season and is on pace for his worst shooting percentage of his career.

With Kobe leading the team in field goal attempts, he has been criticized for not accepting a lesser role for the young core of D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. At this stage of his career, Kobe is revealing the physical limitations he is experiencing and is trying to get back in rhythm.

For the third consecutive season, the Lakers find themselves at the bottom of the standings. It does not get any easier for Los Angeles as they are on the longest road trip of the season. After losing to the winless 76ers, the Lakers will play the Washington Wizards in a back-to-back situation and it is unclear if Kobe will play.

That can be said for your future with the franchise.

  • scott is just as stupid as lin fans, he’s so stupid he didn’t even sub kobe out for an ovation from the philly fans

  • I hope to wake up tomorrow to the headline “Byron Scott is fired, along with his 3 sycophant assistants”. Will happily take any other headline along the same lines as that though.

  • I don’t mind seeing Kobe shoot 20+ shots a night. But I don’t want to see BS :/

  • When Kobe’s gone, there shouldn’t be a need for a Kobe fanboy as the coach anymore.

  • congradulation BS. You are the worst coach in the NBA and WNBA. always out coached in the 4th. freakin amazing how clueless you become as the game goes on. no adjustments. and there is no freakin way you were trying to tank on the worst team in the nba.

  • Probably his worst comment so far this season and he’s had a lot of bad ones but this is right at the top. Fans love Kobe but even we don’t want to see his crazy shooting so while they think they are giving fans what they want to see, in reality they’re really pissing us off.

  • we can all dream but highly unlikely since kobe announced his retirement. doubt FO will bring in a new coach to run a new system in kobe’s final year. this year is a complete wash.

  • the front office is risking clarkson leaving at the end of the season by allowing kobe to do what he wants in his final year, i know if i was clarkson id be contemplating leaving this BS

  • I’m grateful for everything Kobe has done for this franchise I really am. But it doesn’t give him a grant to keep playin the way he’s been playin. Byron loves Kobe too much. He’s willing to let Kobe shoot us out of a slump off of 30% fg and 19% 3pt.. we aren’t a good team, this is obvious… But nonetheless we could be way more competitive if other players are given free roam. Seems like Byron only gives the green light to Kobe Clarkson and Lou, and if you’re not one of those 3 you get benched for not following orders.. our team sucks, but this loss was on the coach.

  • Seriously Byron?? wtf I pray Jeanie fixes this mess next year by seeing the POS coaching job this guy is doing and goes in a new direction.

  • its common sense any other coach would have pulled kobe towards the end of the game for a standing ovation, the philly fans would have gone crazy but scott robbed kobe of the moment. props to philly i wasn’t expecting that gesture from them though.

  • Now Sixers fans are even talking trash. The Lakers are the biggest joke in the NBA right now but the Lakers FO doesn’t care, they are making bank off of Kobe even if he chucks up 30 shots a game and misses 25! This is totally out of control.

  • Reality check for the fire BS mob. You ready to hear this? HE WILL NOT BE FIRED!!!!!! What coach will want to coach a team with Kobe Gone Wild? Watch college basketball this season, get ready for the draft.

  • I wanted Scott fired. But he’s going to help us get Ben Simmons. Soon as the season over I hope they hire Mark Jackson

  • 1) Fire BS
    2) Hire Thibs
    3) Hire DiAntoni’s brother as an offensive coordinator
    4) Ask Kobe to STFU and play KG minutes (mentor the young kids)
    5) Give the young trio 35+ mpg every night NO MATTER WHAT.

  • why mark jackson? Defense is our perennial problem. we need a change of identity. thibs is the way to go.

  • I just finished watching it….damn Lakers suck! Kobe out there chucking like its his last season. Ohhh wait it is. Byron just letting it happen, coaching like its his last season. Ohhh wait it might be. But he’s earned it right Byron, the rest of team is like I guess it’s cool to do whatever.

  • HAHAH RIVAL ! You are such an idiot.
    I can’t believe you fell for the bait and got yourself banned!
    Damn you really are that stupid!

  • dude what’s your beef with the lakers? do you ever see any laker fans vising lin fansites to badmouth your archangel? just chill. i actually think lin is a pretty decent role player with good handles and passing ability.

  • clarkson is a RESTRICTED free agent. the lakers can match any deal he gets.. and they probably will.

  • Magic Johnson just deflected all the blame onto Jim Buss in the LATImes article. No mention at all of Byron Scott. Terrible boys’ club mentality. Jim Buss is bad for business, but not even a peep about his good pal, after all the trash he threw D’Antoni’s way. SMH

  • if jeanie’s ultimatum is still valid, jim will be fired by next year. so let’s hope for the best.

  • He’s brought it up himself, thus he’s gone thankfully. But Mitch’s the one who needs to go as the GM (future VP).

  • Breaking News: Adam Silver has announced a new annual award ‘The Best Tank Commander’. Right now, it’s a close battle between Sam Hinkie and Mitch Kupchak

  • You got banned from the site close to 6 wks back?.. the blacklist only bans a blogger for 30 days tho.

  • Let’s face it the showtime era was great but the players who tried out for coaching sucked; Scott we know but Magic also tried a short stint in the 90s. Cooper coached the Wnba and wasn’t good enough and Rambis is an assistant coach at best and was fired in Minnesota.

  • doubt if Clarkson would even contemplate leaving. we’ll max him out and hand him the keys. simple.

  • Cooper’s still a WNBA coach and won two titles lol (2001, 2002) aside of being the best defender for the Lakers in the Showtime era.

  • It’s hard to gauge a persons emotions on Twitter, but Big Game is really holding back. You can see he wants to rip into Byron but he doesn’t, there’s a few times this season his started to slip then held back. And Dave Miller is a Byron fan boy worst than Byron is on Kobe. Can someone from “Showtime” please rip into Byron and call a duck a duck.

  • I’d say Ryan West (son of Jerry West), but the question is… does he have the experience to be GM currently?

  • that espn jerk amin al hasan predicted that kobe would replace kupchak as gm. he could be right,

  • Doubt it, in Kobe’s retirement interview he’s interested more so in being some kind of story teller? O_o

  • Only way I see Ryan stepping up is with Mitch’s help given his inexperience but that literally set up the next 10+ yrs at the GM position IMO.

  • Yeah I was being expedient but I meant he wasn’t good enough for the nba; anyways he had Lisa Lesley who is dominance is equivalent to someone like Kareem in the nba.

  • Better than Scott I’d say, Cooper would actually help the team on the defensive end. Trade proposal… Lakers acquire Michael Cooper and send coach Scott to the Atlanta Dream? Nothing to lose either way since this is Scott’s last year.

  • Yeah but that makes too much sense, Lakers want to do things the hard way theses days it seems.

  • magic took a picture like this today with new dodger manager dave roberts i hope we dont have the same results

  • That would be the ultimate humiliation for Scott; I wonder if he’d rather commit suicide…Lol

  • Rambis is actually the best of the four but he had it bad with David Kahn as the GM.

  • You know how far things have fallen, when I too, want to see Robert Sacre instead of Brandon Bass.

  • Yeah but at least Magic realized it and quit, Byron is clueless as to how bad he stinks. Byron best coaching days are behind him, much like Kobes best playing days. Well at least they have that in common and they both can reminisce about it when there both out of the league next season.

  • This is beyond disgusting, losing to the lowly Sixers, making history again at the expense of the Lakers, last time was Warriors, this time Sixers avoided breaking the record for the worst start in NBA and it’s against the Lakers again. I feel embarrassed to call myself a Laker fan right now, this is getting way out of hand. Byron Scott and the entire coaching staff needs to be FIRED immediately, Jeanie Buss needs to fire her little brother like right now, this organization needs to clean house, Dr. Jerry Buss is rolling in his grave right now.

  • No doubt, drafting Wes johnson 3rd overall points to a very poor executive. And giving up Ty Lawson and passing on Steph Curry. One of the worst GM’s ever.

  • I am confused Lakers fans want Ben Simmons but if Kobe keep shooting the way he is it only put the Lakers closer to Ben Simmons as you can ever get. Y’all want B.Scott fired but if he is the reason Lakers losing if you guys want the GOD Ben Simmons then you will get him right ? Lakers are pure dog ish and they won’t get better until Jim Buss leave idk why the fans don’t see this.

  • Well i don’t think they would give him the keys if they drafted D’Angelo Russell. I think the Bulls should pursue Clarkson if D.Rose gets injured again and they don’t get past the west conf finals. Make Clarkson the face of your franchise he needs the ball in his hands like Westbrook or Rose in order to be successful. If the Lakers lose Clarkson i swear to jesus i will never watch another game.

  • Wow! BS just finds new absurd things to say after every game that really flushes his coaching acumen further down the toilet. He is the worst fanboy there is. Just wait til the Lakers play the Cavs, OKC, LAC, etc.. Kobe is going to go on hero mode as it’s his last time matching up with Lebron, Westbrook/KD, Paul, and others. You know he will try and outgun them and match them point for point and shot for shot.

  • Actually Jim said i don’t know how i can be fired and i am the owner, he also said it will take 3 years to get the Lakers back into contention and 2015 is year one, Jeanie Buss said last season 2014 was year one so they are confused. All i will say is daddy Jerry Buss is turning over in his grave.

  • The only reason to support Scott is that he increases chance to get a pick this year. But it’s not worth the risk to loose half of the fans forever, record the worst franchise record and one the worst in the history of NBA. I think that he is not fired only because at this point it would be very difficult to get a good coach coming to this team. Now, just hope Kobe gets injured, wait for the end of the season, fire coach immediately and turn new page.

  • TOO bad you won’t see that because we are Tanking for #BENSIMMONS the new god of basketball so you guys say. Starting 2016 Jeanie Buss should follow my steps to get right back on top.

    1.Fire her brother ( Jim Buss )
    2.Move Mitch Kupchak to VP
    3.Fire B.Scott
    4.Hire Luke Walton / Scott Brooks / Mchale / Tibbs
    5.Trade Russell for Russell Westbrook / Nick Young or Lou Will / a pick
    6.Trade Randle, Sign and Trade Clarkson, 1st Round Pick, + more picks for Anthony Davis
    7.Sign Demar Derozan

  • “Hope Kobe gets injured”? if your comment didn’t have troll written all over it your 2 comments does

  • Wow this is worse then tanking. It will be even more sad if we lose that pick to the Sixers. Not only did we stop our losing streak on you, but will keep your pick too.

  • Think about it! How pissed I am right now to write the first comments at this moment. Just can not read all Kobe supporters anymore. Right now there is no team, just one old player with 27 shots in 31 minutes. I hoped he would take lesser role, but after today, there is no hope in that. And I 100% believe that Kobe on the bench injured or healthy is way better for the team!

  • SELFISH! Im sorry to say , but i’ve had it. The Lakers weren’t built on this Philosohpy and to see it unfold like this Saddens me. This is not basketball it is being Selfish.

  • Jeanie Buss expects brother Jim to step down if Lakers don’t contend within 2 years

    Let me know if you need more articles, can find a few dozen or more for you. This year is one of 2.

    http://www . sbnation . com/nba/2015/7/2/8888587/jeanie-buss-expects-brother-jim-step-down-lakers-contend

    http:// www . scpr . org/programs/take-two/2015/07/02/43491/lakers-president-jeanie-buss-on-kobe-bryant-s-lega/

  • Live and die? No B. Scott, it’s just die. Dang, just when I thought B. Scott couldn’t say anything more foolish, he drops this gem. What exactly has B. Scott added to the team since he became coach? Nothing.

  • Byron Scott is not a coach. He’s Kobe’s dog, servant and fan boy. Disgraceful, incompetent and foolish. OH Lakers, why is Byron not sacked yet??? STOP BUYING LAKERS TICKETS!!! THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AND PICKING D ANGELO RUSSELL 2nd!!!!!!!!! Hiring Byron Scott!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you’re right, worst GM ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What has Lin gotta do with China and China’s pollution? YOU ARE A RACIST, HATER and if you are BLACK, bloody clueless hypocrite!!!!! You throw out so much racist hates here that you ought to be BANNED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • 65 more games, good lord. This years Lakers are like that awful travelling circus that pops up in some empty lot, with BS being that hobo ringmaster and their huge draw is Kobe the Half human half horse 8 tentacled, sea serpent, with wings.

  • Only because of how he treats Kobe, I would be happy if Scott was fired today. And they would be better off with any coach until the season is over. I am just afraid front office would sign another D’antoni for 4 years and will be stuck again… But I agree that even that would be better than this.

  • you probably don’t understand how max deals work. A player into his 3rd year will not get a max deal like say what LeBron or KD gets.

  • you have nothing to say to Lin Win? he’s talking about “your lakers” lol you’re one of these stupid lin fans but you keep your trolling conservative so no one finds out. all you guys are a joke.

  • Chance to get Simmons (assuming he is clearly number 1 pick) is 25% at best. And 64% to have a top 3 at all. And ‘at best’ means being worse that sixers. I don’t think that playing like this, going for 10-72 is worth these chances. Lakers are a joke around the league after one month if it lasts for 4 more months and we lose a pick (which is more likely than getting Simmons) we’ll be a joke for another 4 years.

  • LIN WIN is a super disgraceful irritating Master TROLL that should be BANNED in all NBA forums!!!!!!! Come on OLD XXXXX …. you are just like HIM. TROLL, HATER, RACIST and ought to be BANNED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You are the type of clueless overhyping fans that we dont need. Esp. when we are now the WORST TEAM in NBA!!!!

  • Glad you agreed. We dont need to pay a clueless HC $4m per year to lose games.

  • It’s not fun. This team would struggle without Kobe but it’ll be growing pains of a young team, not Kobe missing 17 3 pointers. Come on you can’t tell me you enjoyed that game! Keeping the pick is a long shot anyway, they really cannot depend on that.

  • If you think he’s saying these things without the support of the front office, you’re pretty naive.

    It’s not like it’s the worst thing in the world for the Lakers either. They’re not going to be a contender with or without Kobe this year. So might as well let him play and go out his way, he’s earned it for the other decade and a half, and get another good draft pick you can keep or trade to bolster your team even more next year with the start of the new era. They’re also still making tons of money off of him regardless, he still gets people in the seats who want to watch him one last time, so it makes sense business wise too.

    Better get used to it.

  • Clarkson ain’t gonna leave a situation where he has 2 other players that will grow into stars with him, and maybe even a 3rd this off season. This team is going to turn things around very quickly in the next few years with the assets they have, it would be incredibly short-sighted to leave because of an insignificant year where they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs anyway and he’d be throwing away a good future opportunity.

  • But what about the damage? Are the Lakers the new 76ers? Any free agents going to line up for this? All for a 50% shot at a pick. It’s not like last season where it was upwards of 80%. At some point the Lakers are going to have to lose that pick, be it this season or next season. If they do keep their pick, they will still have a very young team that will have wasted an entire season losing and feeding on Kobe’s scraps. And who knows what bad things they will “learn” from Byron and the bad habits they might pick up from Kobe’s idea of team basketball. Then they get another young guy the following year, what happens when all these young guys still continue to lose? Are they going to tank again? It can become a vicious cycle, the young guys coming out of college these days take years to become productive members of a basketball team. The thing that frustrates me the most, is that the current Lakers’ best player Clarkson looks frustrated already at the losing. He is a restricted free agent after this season. He is playing too well to be playing second fiddle to an old man’s ego..

  • I understand where you’re coming from but I think your concern is misplaced to be honest with you. You’re talking like the young guys aren’t learning anything because Kobe’s shooting a lot. This isn’t the case at all. They’re still getting their touches, and they also get to pick Kobe’s brain and gain lots of important knowledge that will help them down the road. Clarkson had another great performance tonight, got 19 shots in, D’Angelo did his thing, played 36 minutes. Randle also did his thing and got a ton of rebounds. They’re still learning a lot out there. And on top of all this, they get to do it with very little pressure on their shoulders precisely because of what Kobe’s doing. He’s going to deflect a lot of that off of them and take it in himself and that will help them learn in a safer environment. Kobe does his thing and they do theirs when they get the opportunity to, which is the pace you want for rookie/sophomores. And if you want my honest opinion, they’re lucky. They have a bunch of good vets they can turn to, to learn a lot about the game and get a good foundation going, before Kobe and the vets are gone. The youngsters are fine, they’ve got a bright future.

    As for luring other players, they’re also fine. Anyone who looks at this team and where it’s going knows what the situation is right now. They’re rebuilding, but they have a bunch of bright young players that will be future stars. The team will grow into a contender again in the very near future, and who wouldn’t want to be part of that in a city like LA? And with Kobe retiring, they’ll get to be the new “guy” in LA. It’s going to be a very attractive option for a lot of stars over the next few years.

    Just let it go guys. The sooner you just accept this is how it’s going to be this season, the sooner you can relax and just enjoy the season for what it is. Kobe’s last run, and youngsters developing at his side. And next year’s the start of a new era. I’m at peace with it and excited for the future.

  • How about fire BScott and make Kobe the coach for the rest of the year. He can mentor the young players and still have his farewell tour. Then hire a permanent coach next year. Tom Thibodeau. Turn DRuss to the next DRose and preach defense.

  • so were tanking to hope to draft simmons who will take 3 to 4 years to develop. Andrew wiggins was suppose to be the next kobe/lebron and there fighting for 8th seed. we have officially become less than zero.

  • unfortunately the FO will not humiliate a laker “legend” and fire him. the only way to get rid of BS is for him to fake a injury aka Steve Kurr.

  • Kobe already said it plenty of times that these kids need to grow up and learn to take over games especially this is his last time to be there, man up scott! let these kids grow and continue carrying the lakers torch

  • hate to see Kobe like this man, really rooting for a playoff appearance even if it’s against the warriors…should not hire this coach in the first place

  • I have no idea what Kobe is trying to prove by taking all these shots. We know he was a great player, but now he is sitting out practices and shootarounds, then he is showing up at games jacking up shots. That’s how the narrative of kobe says he is a selfish player. Now his bad play is hurting his career stats due to the volume of shots he’s taking. He needs to dial it back. But as Kupchak said, “Kobe will be Kobe”.
    27 shots is absurd when you’re the worst productive player on the team

  • Does he really have to play 30 mins a game though? This is officially an exhibition/farewell tour. If he played 12 mins a night, maybe 20 the most, fans across the country get to see him every game and more likely he does well in those minutes. He’s bringing his career percentages down and it’s just tough to watch. The team, Kobe, and the fans, are not benefitting from these performances.

  • Thank you! You just said everything I was thinking for me. Anyways who cares if Kobe shoots and misses?? We’re going to be at the bottom of the league this year anyway so why decrease our odds of keeping the pick? Let and we likely keep our pick. You boys are such crybaby idiots it’s pathetic

  • Well you know now what the LAKERS are doing-they don’t care about winning as long as KOBE can make a IDIOT of his self, that’s what we have to look forward to the rest of this season, it sure makes it tough on the team who would want to try to play team ball. SORRY KOBE COMES FIRST AND YOU CAN TAKE ALL THE BLAME FOR THE LOSSES.

  • You spend to much time not thinking, before you speak, every thing was fine until you got down to 5/6 your a dreamer, and just had a night mare.

  • Well they’re going to be holding on for dear life then… Kobe, in the retirement letter, said “My body knows it’s time to say goodbye.” Drastically lower this man’s minutes asap!

  • Watching the Lakers is like watching Evil Knieval, a train wreck or rubber necking that accident on the freeway.

  • Nice call, Yeah it looks like a complete season as an exhibition tour.

  • Does Metta have 50 pound cement shoes on? Horrible player until he has a wide open gimmee 3 with no one on him. Wow these Lakers look completely messed up. They are playing strict one on one basketball with no coaching. Can’t BS simply tell them pass 3-5 times before anyone takes a shot?

  • It’s even sickening seeing John Ireland go around the locker room asking the team “How does it feel to be part of Kobe’s farewell tour?” Everyone was saying”it’s cool” and all that but I sense there could be some simmering fire under all of that. When Jordan Clarkson was asked, he said something like “Great, but the point here is to win the game.” He looked pissed at the question and perhaps the whole season and how everything is being run thus far.

  • Bryon Scott has proven time and again that he is not really a coach. He’s a place holder until after this season when we will find a proven coach who can bring in free agents. The sad part about it is his legacy as a Laker great is going to be severely tarnished by his terrible coaching.

  • Ok Ok Byron scott is clearly not coaching this team.He’s more a Kobe fanboy than a coach here. Trust me,I’ve been the one foolishly defending Scott since he got here. Is it me or are the Lakers better when Kobe or Ron are not on the court?I mean the ball flows more freely in the half court. Also,they seem to want to run more. That locker room is full of tension an it’s going to pop soon. If Mitch or Jim and Jeanie don’t see this. Man we are all in trouble . Note to Laker brass stop living in the bubble. wake up and open your eyes.

  • and this my Lakers fam is what i been saying last night, Its going to be the Kobe show from here on out.. it saves Face for the Organization, and for Coach Scott. As long as we continue to lose and keep our top 3 pic im not mad at it at all. i do wish Scott can cut back the minutes, but im more then sure, Kobe trying to accumulate more mins, shot attmps and misses. So its what we will have to deal with for the rest of the season..

  • Your right, but I thought we changed our names to the Los Angeles Kobes when we made this deal.

  • I honestly believe that Byron has actually taught his version of the princeton to the other guys, but Kobe is most definitely running his own system. Now if all the other guys are running one system and Kobe’s running his own. That’s going to cause problems. But I’ve noticed that the players play better without Kobe. Because with Kobe it’s like they are playing 4 on 5 at the defensive end and a double offensive system at the offensive end. Clarkson scored 6 points with Kobe on the floor and 13 when he wasn’t there. Kobe only passed the ball 16 times, a team worst number. And the princeton is supposed to be about constant ball and player movement. When Kobe is there it’s like it’s one pass and then a shot.

  • i love Kobe bro, but you right, it was all about Kobe when the Lakers gave him that contract. That contract was to give thanks for everything he has done for the Organization, and letting him go out like he came in, its just another way of thanking him. So im focusing on seeing Kobe play, til he leaves and going forward from there with the Lakers..

  • hahhahahahah
    Lakers are nothing without Jeremy Lin. Lin leaves and this team sucks even worse
    Kobrick building houses for every homeless soul around the world
    No Lin = No win

  • Lin has always been in a winning situation and a winner in his career except when he played with Kobrick, BS and the losing Lakers
    Glad he left this loser team and is now at a winning team

  • Johnny I is a Kobe worshipper. It’s not just this season, he’s always been that way. I cringe whenever he’s interviewing because he always frames the Lakers in relation to Kobe. Like whenever Kobe is out the last couple of seasons and they win, he always frames the questions along the lines of,”How’d you guys win without Kobe?” I literally remember him asking the entire team that a couple of nights and the facial reactions were like,”There’s 14 other players here of varying talent and the FO didn’t pick us up off the street/we can ball too.”

    Given how consistently he acts like this, I’m almost positive he’s oblivious to how disrespectful he comes across but nevertheless, it’s disrespectful how he acts and the questions he asks the players and he needs to tone it down on the Kobe worship. I’d thought at one point that someone had got in his ear about this because he stopped pulling that crap but it seems he’s back to his old ways again.

  • So I guess the plan is to try and keep our draft pick. It’s obvious that is the best thing that can come from this season as far as that aspect of it goes. Why win, the worst case is we land somewhere out of the playoffs and lose the draft pick too. I really want to see our young guys develop though. Kobe should have taken the 3 for 4 and left it at that. 27 shots? 17 3’s? Come on, funs fun but thats insanity. B. Scott you are really really NOT a good coach. PERIOD.

  • I’ma keep sayin’ it until someone answers it, but why does Scott Brooks keep coming up as a coaching option? He rode Westbrook n’ Durant his entire tenure in OKC. He is not a good coach.

    EDIT: Well, better than BS but still…

  • if we can keep losing and hoping to get that number 1 my gosh.. Ben Simmons..would be our Life Savior

  • Jeremy Lin has won 154 games and has played 318 games. That’s a .484 record. That is no winning record at all.

  • The CLippers and the Rockets are the only two teams I can’t tolerate a loss too at the moment. Cavs, OKC, whomever else, I can deal. But those two teams have way too many players invested in seeing us lose to tolerate a loss to them.

  • I guess that’s one way to look at things. I think there is a lot of hope there and some wishful thinking. I just don’t see how the young guys are going to be developing as they could be in this environment. With Byron playing with their minutes and throwing them under the bus after each loss while Kobe has carte blanche. I don’t see how that fosters any sort of team unity, other than a him vs us mentality. When Kobe went down last season, that’s when Clarkson really fast tracked his development. Last night D’Angelo Russell got the chance to play a measly 4 minutes without Kobe. Least we forget Anthony Brown who is not being used at all and is going to waste the entire year. For a guy who is a defensive specialist, he isn’t going to learn anything just sitting and watching or in the D-League where they don’t actually play any D. He needs to be out there guarding the best wing players in the game. I just can’t imagine how bad it would be to only win 15-20 games this year and come draft lottery time the Lakers get picked at 4-5 like the Knicks did last year. That would be like a dagger to the heart. I will never be ok with losing, especially with the team the Lakers currently have.

  • You’re right. He’s the biggest Kobe Fanboy on planet. It’s embarrassing to watch, and an insult to other players (particularly the younger ones) who are trying to improve and win games. They aren’t around just to bask in Kobe’s faded glory.

  • I keep hearing
    fans talking about how Kobe’s Tarnishing his Legacy. Lets see they said
    that about Jordan and his Wizard years. They said that about an older
    Ali after he lost to Larry Holmes. They said that about a washed up
    Tyson late in his career. But they are still all highly regarded as
    legends in their sports regardless of how badly it ended. Tarnished
    Legacy? No such thing for the greats.

  • LOL! I was trying to tell folks that with 9 new players mostly rookies. The chances were slim to none. However I didn’t expect them to be this bad. But I’m not too mad about it. We should have a good chance to keep our top 3 protected pick from Philly. We may also get a couple of picks if we can trade Nick young and Hibbert to contenders looking for help. So it’s not all bad, it just feels that way. LOL.

  • Yeah that dork should work for TMZ instead. The Trudell kid is doing a helluva lot better job than he is.

  • We need both. the offense is bad because we have no offense. We’re not even getting over 100 points a game. & we need defensive players that like playing defense. I wanted Thibs but he run players to the ground. So a good offensive coach like Jackson with his assistants will be fine for our young team

  • Trudell is definetly the better of the two by miles. He doesn’t let folks get away with half assed answers either and has a better pulse for the player’s mood to ask them questions.

    I hadn’t thought about it but Ireland is pretty hollywood/gossipy style ain’t he? Very much into celebrity sports culture.

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