Byron Scott: Lakers Need To ‘Man Up’ After Loss To Suns

After an encouraging win on Sunday night against the Detroit Pistons, the Los Angeles Lakers took a step back on Monday as they were blown out down the stretch against the Phoenix Suns in the fourth quarter.

Without Kobe Bryant, who rested after playing a season-high 37, minutes, the team’s issues with turnovers and rebounding again reared its head as the Lakers fell to 2-8 on the season.

Head coach Byron Scott offered up no excuses for his team as he said the Lakers simply needed to man up according to reporter Serena Winters:

Some would point to the Lakers being on the second night of a back-to-back as a reason why the team faded down the stretch, but Scott didn’t care about that either according to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times:

The 19-point loss was the largest of the season and it is obvious that something will need to change if the Lakers hope to salvage a respectable season. Scott has used this kind of language in talking about the Lakers before, and it is never a good thing to have to question the toughness of one’s team.

The Lakers have shown flashes this season, but consistency has not been there yet. Whether Scott can get this team back on the right track remains to be seen, but this season could be well out of hand very soon if something isn’t figured out.

I’m so tired of Byron and his “old school” ways! Why don’t you man up B and resign.

  • How about you, Coach? When are you manning up for your terrible coaching? Or maybe the more appropriate question is: when are you getting fired???

  • I watched the game and to me, Byron is half right. With that said you can’t keep alienating your players by telling them to man up. If that’s the case why doesn’t Byron “man up” and draw up some plays because honestly he sucks as a coach. The plays he draws up are predictable and jv varsity worthy.

    I’m glad he keeps telling the team to man up, because I’m willing to bet Becky hammon from the Spurs would run circles around byron from a coaching standpoint drawing up plays and bench rotations.

  • Scott blames all his players for all their loss so far, we’ll almost, BS doesn’t have the balls to call out one specific player

  • Seriously, Byron? This is literally the third time he’s used this excuse this season.
    Fire this clown.

  • Two years in a row man up/soft is all he can say. A head coach is supposed to inspire and motivate as a leader…

    Byron, you need to man up too.

  • Coach how about man up and tell russell what hes doing wrong out there, he passes the ball every time down the court, worse yet passing it to the center at the 3 point line, how about telling him what to do, “man up” doesn’t do it for anyone. How about posting randle up instead of giving it to him just to bull rush people and get blocked, this isn’t football, arms folded with a scowl on your face isn’t coaching.

  • He doesn’t know how to use lou, bass and nick, they are meant to give your team a jolt not to take over, I agree coaching is not for him lol

  • now fired coach Byron Scott weak because he is weak in the defense system right now to replace fired him a better coach like Tom thibodeau or scott brooks and or option Monty Williams as next head coach of the LA Lakers Lakers before late fall in the playoffs the Lakers

  • Russell is doing nothing wrong. The offense needs to go and rusell needs to have ball in his hands

  • I hope not we need one of them or this season was a waste of we can get a great rookie and sign stars in FA then we will be set for the next 4-6 years

  • That ship has sailed, but honestly he’s too much of a headcase anyway. At this point, I just want BS gone.

  • BS needs to go and there is no way we win less matches than Philly and brookyln. Hope we get to keep out pick .

  • They have more talent than they did last year. Call me crazy. Possibly it’s the coach that’s the problem?

  • Russell needs to stop hiding in the corner like a lil prostitute! Ask for the ball and attack!!!!!!

  • He gets the ball a lot, the problem is he gives it up too soon, my problem is he is not being very aggressive in trying to penetrate, or find his shot, sometimes he just crosses the line,and passes to the first person he sees, I mean hes got the talent to do much more than that.

  • This would be appropriate here , our biggest flaw.

    Scott is not a tactician, nor is he a motivator of men. And unfortunately, he doesn’t have the kind of support staff that can make up for his own deficiencies. His chain of command remains curiously unchanged from last season’s epic 21-61 disaster, with Paul Pressey, Jim Eyen and MarkMadsen still sitting alongside him. Despite whatever expertise these three basketball pros possess, they seem to serve as little more than yes-men to their commander’s stubborn resolve.

    In addition

    When you’re working on your sixth straight team that likely will finish in the bottom 10 in defensive efficiency, and the fifth straight that likely will finish in the bottom five, and the only connecting thread is that they were coached by Byron Scott, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror rather than saying things like, “It doesn’t come down sometimes to X’s and O’s. You’ve got guys going at you. You’ve got to man up.”

    When your defense routinely gets beat with simple pick-and-rolls, and doesn’t defend the paint, and doesn’t force turnovers, and fouls all the time, and that holds true over a period of years on teams with vastly different rosters, at a certain point, it probably does come down to X’s and O’s, man. It does.

    I bet you like the last team , players are going to say this year , no one knew what they were doing , yes we know that all too well.

  • The Lakers were somehow in the game for 3 quarters, despite giving up a whole bunch of offensive boards and turnovers and open 3 point looks. Then the game was lost in the first two minutes of the 4th quarter when Huertas (The oldest 32 year old player to ever play in the NBA) basically threw the game away with his defense and TO. To my surprise Byron actually called a time-out, not at all to my surprise, Huertas remained in the game after the time-out.

    Man-Up Byron, you are the softest of them all.

  • Look in the mirror Scott. Even if Bass man’s up 100x he will never ever be a Center. Even if Huertas man’s up 100x he will never be able to quick with his feet on D. Even if Lou mans up 100x he will never be the distributor Scott thinks him to be.

  • BScott discipline is alienating the young guys. They all are looking over their shoulders. Sometimes you need empower these young guys and give them confidence beating on them all the time with no room for hope is killing this team.

  • i think MDA is the best coach for russell n randle. russell n randle/black fornthe pick n roll or kick it out to young

  • There sure was a lot of fans on this board who revered Byron Scott, and thought he’d bring this franchise back to respectability. I tried telling you Lakers fans he was only as good as the talent he coaches, but everyone kept pointing to those loaded Nets teams he coached to the Finals two years in a row, and assumed he could do the same with glorified bench players and an over-the-hill Kobe Bryant. Now everyone is on the “Fire Byron Scott” train, lol.

    I love Byron Scott, but he was never the answer for you guys, and he was destined to be a lame duck coach. It’s time to stop clinging to the past, and blow everything up after this season.

  • no matter how much players man up, wont bring wins as long as the strategy and schemes wont improve

  • rather
    Lakers receive DMC and Rondo(replace Dlo and Hibbert in the lineup)
    Kings receive Dlo,upshaw,hibbert,chris anderson
    Miami receives bass and kelly

  • How can this team possibly be worst than last year’s?

    Lin, Ellington and Boozer > Russell, Kobe and Randle

  • lin cant even hit double digit scoring if you add the points he scored in his last 2 games, are ellington and boozer still playing basketball??

  • the offense is a joke. not the players. the PNR is useless. no off ball movement. no creativity. just look at all the open shots Sun’s had. constant movement by all players.

  • you would think he would make a defensive adjustment after the time out but it was the same players back on. amazing. we always lose the 4th because we run the same plays and the defense knows.

  • I agree with you. I wasn’t mad at Scott signing at first, because he has been successful or known to develop young guards (Kidd, CP3, Irving, and Clarkson). However, I really doubt now that Scott played a role, rather it was those players will to overachieve in their situations. Looking at Russell, he has not been put in a situation to be successful under Scott, and looking at Scott’s rotations and system, nothing works. This season either has to go in two directions, win a few games and show signs of development, or flat out tank. At this point, it doesn’t seem like a coach would want to coach this team, and under Scott we may not win or develop in the right way. Maybe we ride Scott for the rest of the season and fire him after the NBA Draft Lottery (since he did get us the number 2 pick in the Lottery).

  • I agree Byron Scott isnt the right guy for the job. But lets be honest even if we had the best coach, do you guys really think it would make a difference with this team? Sure they might improve a little or alot but this team isnt a playoff team.

  • Every Team needs a Lebron, Every Team needs a Kobe, a Harden, a Steph Curry etc. We have Kobe but his days are numbered and he isnt the Kobe we all knew once. Lakers need to land an all star like Durant or Westbrook.

  • I think this team under the right coach would be improved. Scott is just horrible. With this roster, there’s no reason we aren’t near or at or even a little above 500. Look at the Wolves a young team with some good vets that is playing well, the Lakers should be in the same boat as the Wolves honestly.

  • It says a lot when a coach needs to teach a squad of young kids how to be men and be more like a high school coach than a professional NBA coach.

    Right now, Scott’s teaching these guys how to be professionals, which is the first step of being pro players.

    Kobe doesn’t complain. Kobe just goes and plays 100% every night.

  • D’Antoni won 27 games with: Kendall Marshall, Jodie Meeks, Wes Johnson, Ryan Kelly, Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill, Nick Young and Steve Blake. It goes without saying, any semi-competent coach would have a better record through 10 (especially this easy schedule) than Byron Scott.

  • Scott is a mentor. He’s teaching guys how to be professionals.

    In the process he’s teaching them how to be well rounded players and instilling the understanding of HOW they should play, and what they should do. He’s not polishing the diamond, he’s chiseling the rock!

    I’m not sure that most guys in the league ever get such an education. Most are coddled or coaches ignore their flaws. Scott’s one of the few that will let these guys know exactly what they need to do to get better and how to win.

  • Russell and Randle get private coaches every day. Scott has already mentioned that the young guys get individual tutelage.

    But, as Scott has said, they play well in practice and seem to forget everything during the game. And Scott has said that he doesn’t want the young guys to rely on their natural talents in an effort to help them grow in other areas.

  • Why?
    Scott’s not on the court. The players sucked in the 4th quarter and played soft. We all know that Metta and Kobe would never play soft.

    He’s reminding them to play harder and to their fullest. Even though they probably don’t have the physical ability yet as 20-year olds.

  • I’m OK with Scott until the end of this season. He’s not winning, but he’s teaching the young guys how to be pro’s. Building the foundation of elite players is good in the long term.

    And, after scapegoating Scott, the young guys will have a year of mentorship, growth and no excuses for the next coach.

  • Did D’antoni teach that same group anything?

    Running down the court and shooting if you have the ball in your hand and are open doesn’t really teach much. It builds confidence, but it really doesn’t teach how to run plays, how to play in an offense, or help a player improve skill areas that he’s deficient in.

  • And there-in lies the problem. When playoffs happen, the game slows down to half court defenses and running stops.

    DLo needs to be like Cp3 and learn how to master the half court more than making amazing decisions in transition.

    At the same time, I think the young guys would play better with a faster tempo, and for a short time, I think a D’antoni system of everyone shooting if they are open might help the young guys gain experience and confidence in their shooting abilities, especially Russell and Randle with his mid-range shot.

  • calling out a specific player isn’t good for growth.

    It’s a team sport. and the team has to learn how to win as a team.

  • When it comes to Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving, it definitely seems as though Scott has a track record for developing guards. However, Jason Kidd was a three time All-Star before Scott became his coach. Personally, I think he’s gotten lucky with coaching guards who were destined for greatness regardless of who their coach ended up being.

    Clarkson is a good player, but he’s got a ways to go before he can be mentioned in the same breath as the other point guards discussed. He has to continue to improve, and that definitely includes play-making.

  • “Man up” LOL that’s all Scott can say every time this Lakers team gets blown out, and it seems like it’s always not his fault. I have never seen such a bad NBA coach after all these years watching NBA ball. What I want to know is why he always benches D’Angelo Russell in the 4th quarter, it confuses the heck out of me. He is robbing the growth and development of our 2nd overall pick, instead he decides to play Huertas smh. Byron Scott needs to be fired asap.

  • Teams in the Western Conference proves too much to handle for the Lakers, if Lakers were in the Eastern Conference, we might even make the playoffs.

  • Well, the Lakers are HOPING the 3 young guns of Clarkson, Randle, and Russell can become a Harden, Curry, Durant, but it’s going to take years. With the way this team is playing the last 3 seasons, I can honestly say no superstar free agents in their right mind would come and play for the Lakers until this team has something to show for.

  • LOL!!! you are right on point!! this is exactly what’s going on out there. Randle acts like a mad cow putting his head down and bull rush to the lane, freakin hilarious. Randle needs to post up more, bang inside and start shooting some 15 foot jumpers, he’s just too predictable out there right now. Russell really needs to man up and be more aggressive. Scott can keep folding his arms and do whatever he’s doing out there.

  • Would somebody please fire Byron Scott immediately? I am so sick of his blame game tactics which are a complete relic of coaching from another era! He has no idea what he is doing or saying – period. His lineups are a complete joke and have no consistency about them whatsoever! How are they supposed to gel as a team when they have no idea whose going to play or when? And for BS to play the blame game with the team is so ridiculous and out of touch it makes me want to puke. This is literally the worst coach and team combination in history. If they don’t do whatever they can to develope the young talent centered around D Russel as their point guard of the future, they might as well sell the whole team to other owners. Because nobody is going to be buying what they are selling next year in free agency. GET RID OF BYRON SCOTT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

  • It’s a tired old message but he’s right this time. Getting outhustled all night. the 50-50 ball all went Phoenix’ way. Even the 100-0 balls we coughed up. One of our best hustle player happens to be old and got outworked by a younger hustler. Sorry Metta, PJ Tucker got at least 2 off rebs on you.

  • Listen, he can’t drive to the basket like he did at Ohio State when the offense keeps the lane clogged up and loaded! This is not Russel’s fault. This is the wrong offensive scheme and terrible coaching period! BS has no idea what to do with the talent he has because he doesn’t know how to coach and develop players. Never has! D Lo works best off of motion offense with pick and rolls along with three point shooters in their place. He has none of that here. BS has to go!

  • MDA, Luke Walton, Mark Jackson, I honestly DGAF just hire one of them! Byron is a disgrace.

  • yeah but right now, he is more of a nash(shooter pass first, below ave. defense) than CP3(passer,defender but not that great shooter)

    if the beef between Dlo and Scott continues, one has to go, and Im afraid it’s Scott who will stay(most probably since Dlo been mentioned to trade rumors and Scott has had a history with the lakers)

  • Im afraid Dlo would go first(been mentioned in rumors before)before Scott(history with lakers)

  • lakers need to man up BUT coach needs to DO BETTER TO(especially his coaching style be it player rotations,defensive scheme, halfcourt plays,motivation,etc)

  • lol other teams considered lock in the playoffs(memphis,hou,noh) are currently struggling….lakers just cant take advantage of it(minny,kings and denver,jazz going for the spot)

    this is a playoff team 7th or 8th spot with the right coach and system

  • luke walton is actually a good option. given his long history with the lakers. both as a player (2003-2012) and as a coach for the Dfenders

  • I know, that’s why I mentioned him. He’s also holdin’ it down in for the Warriors as the interim HC.

  • fired now byron scott and replace mark madsen as interim coach for meantime for now please fired now

  • by players yes. but when younadd the coach on it, they are on same level as the sixers and the nets

  • u said it your self he is building their confidence compared to BS thatbsays your going to sit if you dont play well enough.

  • Players on the trade talk lately:
    Zach Randolph
    Jeff Green
    Nick Young
    Joakim Noah (Bulls no longer consider him as the untouchable per report)
    Brandon Bass
    Taj Gibson
    Isaiah Thomas
    Marcus Smart

    __ Now here is where it gets crazy __

  • We all know preseason don’t mean shee-ate but still Huertas had me fooled (and apparently Mitch too) that he was a steal. I can’t recall seeing such horrendous D as Huertas has displayed during this season. He makes Swaggy look like DPOY.

  • We’ve heard Scott use this on a number of occasions ” Man up ” do you think it is fair on every occasion every time we fail he puts it on his players? We know this team has talent, we also know they are learning, they need time on the court, let’s also add they have big egos and confidence. Mentoring is teaching these kids to use whatever skill, confidence, ego ( and whatever positive talent ) they have and manage that to make these kids be the best athletes, person and represent the organization , league to their best. From what I am seeing I do not think he is properly mentoring these kids. I see a confused coach.

    In your opinion , is Scott a good coach and is he the right coach for this team? Does he have the ability to draw up the right plays and substitute the right players as the game dictates? The reason why I am asking this is maybe the players are confused. And it doesn’t help to punish people all the time , it stops their growth , their ability to think , enjoy the game. And I think this is happening to his mentoring of russell right now. Have you ever experienced in HS when your given a small room to play with and when you make a mistake your reprimanded that is what i see happening. There will come a point when players will stop responding and when that happens FO will have to make a decision. And down the road they will wonder why it hasn’t happened sooner. Scott just isn’t that all around coach this team needs. I’m sorry to say but his hiring last year was to save face for this organizations failures. And if they FO doesn’t stop the bleeding this Team will sink deeper and deeper.

  • Smart is untouchable, ainge said it already

    I wont trade for rose or melo(injury prone and 30+ the other, rather trade for Porz)
    DMC(and Rondo,it’s a package),RussWB,PG13,Lilliard…those players are options

    Noah,taj,thomas(but he’s a celtic and lakers wont trade with celts),birdman are good options to have

  • also, Nets are exploring trades(lakers can act as 3rd team, nets should not get a Simmons/Ingram for celts)

  • Your coach is not the one to school players on professionalism. The kid’s won’t connect with him on that level. Veteran players like Kobe, Metta, Hibbert and Williams do that by example.

    Kobe always worked 110% plus, but don’t get it twisted… he complained as a young buck through the growing pains. They all do.

  • Scott aint just a coach, he played for the lakers amd won rings with Magic,Kareem,Worthy…with his record he should be on the hot seat but his history as a lakers always saves him

  • I expected him to be a serviceable backup….guess I was drinking the Kool Aid too.

  • Lakers’ best chance at a deal, imo is Hibbert’s expiring contract, which would be a shame because he’s one of the better players on the team.

  • The Lakers have taken two nights’ off so far this season, which I guess isn’t bad by NBA standards, but egads….frustrating to watch.

  • How about having a proper defensive system? An offensive system that is not princeton would help too

  • Ah…the Man-up speech again. expect to hear this 50 more times the rest of the season.

  • Dlo this, Dlo that, Dlo needs this to happen! Dlo needs to shoot, it’s not Dlo’s fault. It’s Kobe fault, it’s BS fault, no, it’s Lou’s fault, no Swaggy P’s fault. It’s just that Dlo’s body hasn’t developed, yeah, it’s his body’s fault, not his body, but actually, it’s his legs that needs to develop. It’s his legs fault, no, he’s only 19yrs old. OMG, it’s his mother and father’s fault, because.., Lord knows, it can’t be “Dlo’s” fault. STOP IT! He’s not good, sorry, I said it, that’s right. The little emperor has no clothes. Insults should start to fly in 3.., 2.., 1…

  • Hey Byron, remember in training camp when referring to all those conditioning drills, you said, “Everything that we’ve done thus far will pay off.” How’s that working out?

  • In training camp, Scott argued that the emphasis on excessive conditioning will ensure a hard-working, well-conditioned, and defensive-efficient team…. So far, so good!

  • I willNOT watch when Byron put’s in the old guys who still go ahead & lose. I can’t understand the point of putting the old iys in if they lose as well instead of TEACHING the kids…We have a good group of young people & they should be on the floor way way more then the old guys. Black, Nance, Clarkson, Randall & sadly our latest mistake, Russell should all be starters & should all play MORE time on the floor. We need to trade or cut Kelley & Sacre, FIRE Scott, Mitch & Jim Buss…

  • Unfortunately he can no longer deliver that message. He is the boy you called “man up”.

  • This is a new team, we can’t expect Sacre and Kelly to win games and lead by example. No team chemistry yet and they’ve only played 11 full games together (not counting pre season). This might be the same story next season for the very same reason.

  • I have this feeling that Byron would be a better college coach than a pro coach.

  • Lakers starters played 14 minutes together vs. the Suns, had an OEff of 123.9 & a DEff of 95.7. Played zero 4th quarter minutes together.

    Interesting. Now to be fair to Scott, JC & Randle got into early foul trouble. Thing is, that does not completely absolve him for his usual 4th quarter roster antics. Scott needs to man up on analytics.

  • “Pride is a dangerous, dangerous thing” –David West questioning Scott’s methods

  • The analytics here do show an interesting point. Not going to disagree with that. However, I will say that still the “man up” quote still applies. The Lakers just don’t seem to be bringing the type of energy and effort that they should be. Young, inexperienced teams general make up ground by playing with great effort. Many nights that can compete against teams that may have more talent and experience simply because they bring more effort. I just don’t see that effort consistently from the Lakers this year.

    That could also be the fault of coaching as great coaches know how to motivate their players.

  • It doesn’t have to be pride. It could simply be ignorance or even fear. Analytics are being used by your newer contemporary coaches. Even with the Rockets, you aren’t hearing Kevin McHale talk about analytics….you are hearing management and ownership talk about it.

    Byron could just be out of his element with it. The results are the same…but it doesn’t have to be a pride issue.

  • The problem is you don’t know if they are going to win or lose it until after you do it.

    The lead extended much further with the young guys back in the game.

  • The problem is Byron Scott. He needs to go. The players obviously aren’t responding to him. the number 2 pick in the draft plays 20 minutes, I mean come on. How do you expect Russell to gain confidence when the coach has no confidence in him. He was a lame duck coach the day he was hired. Please let the lame duck migrate south.

  • That last sentence. Coaches often run into a point were their message is tuned out. The does not usually happen with a young team like ours fulla players new to each other. Especially not this early in the process. Scott seems to be flirting with deaf ears already?

  • You and possibly him are missing a key part of that statement…effort.

    Being well-conditioned means nothing if you don’t use it in the game.

  • This is very true, but Scott does not put him in the position to do so by constantly putting him down in the media and limiting his playing time. He’s a type of player that level of play is based on his confidence, and Scott is not helping his confidence.

  • Problem is, pride is what a few of Scott’s former players noted. Each time he was fired for it.

  • Actually young teams are the quickest to turn a deaf ear these days. Why would they listen to a coach that hasn’t won a championship as a coach BUT has coached for a number of years? Young teams will listen to a young coach if they feel like that coach is working towards something just like them. However, Byron has been in the game a long time and has no evidence that any of his methods will result in a title.

    I really didn’t think it was going to go this way when the Lakers hired him. To be fair, I wanted him instead of Brown, which at the time would have been a much more seasoned team which I thought he would easily be able to lead to a championship. This is not that type of team.

  • The only correction I would make is…adding the word ONE. Byron is one of the problems, but not the only problem. Getting rid of him won’t fix this team. Switching him out for a bad replacement will leave the team in an even worse shape.

  • This would be a terrible mistake. If the Lakers get rid of Russell over Scott, all faith would be lost in this franchise.

  • I used to like Scott — but he was terrible with a young team in Cleveland.

  • I haven’t seen that…perhaps. The quote by David West doesn’t indicate where and who the issue was with. Just like the quote by Julius Randle leaves room for interpretation.

    It is easy for people to say that someone has pride…but don’t we all? Michael Jordan is probably the player that had and still does the most pride of all time. That pride helped him win 6 titles. What makes this stand out is that the guy being accused of pride hasn’t won anything.

  • We didn’t have much to go on which was part of the issue. He was injured for most of the preseason.

    Steve Nash was a horrible defender, but managed to be a league MVP twice. Huertas would be fine in the right system.

  • That would be a comical disaster. Hibbert has been nothing short of great for the Lakers. There is no way that they should let him go or send him away.

  • Scott was fired from Cleveland because of the bad culture and lack of effort there. (sound familiar?) Guys like Dion Waiters (and sometimes Kyrie) had poor effort & selfish play. Remember how Deng complained about the professionalism when he spent 1/2 a season there?

  • There you go again using the past tense for “fire” like it has already happened. Your post are difficult to understand due to your poor grammar.

  • He’s been right the whole time. The team has lost several games due to effort.

  • What is he suppose to say when clearly the effort isn’t there. If you want him fired, it will first take the players doing their best. If they still fail, then it can be easily seen that the problem is him. however, when they don’t have effort, he can easily pass it off on them.

    I have not seen many nights this season where they have played with effort.

  • West was speaking directly about Scott in the aftermath of his termination. Jason Kidd did also. Even Wes Johnson brought it to light. We saw it clear as day with Lin last season. JC rode the pine behind Ronnie Price? If not for injury, JC would still be buried behind price.

  • I disagree. There are a small number of teams in the east that are good.

  • Lakers need to go the route the Celtics went and sign a high-quality college coach who projects to be a good coach in the NBA. Brad Stevens is doing an excellent job of developing the talent on the celtics. Lakers need a Brad Stevens type of coach.

  • Wes Johnson said that he was lost, not pride issue. I never saw where Kidd said Byron had a pride issue either.

    What did you see with Lin last year? Jeremy Lin has been successful with one coach and that was MDA. JC was a second round pick that no one considered to be a great pro prospect. You act Byron was sitting a lottery pick on the bench.

  • I agree that the Lakers need new blood, but I’m not certain college is the best route — too many college coaches who “project” well ultimately flame out.

    I’d prefer an NBA assistant along the lines of Luke Walton or, in another 2-3 years, Becky Hammond.

  • Fully agreed. Although just rumors, you do hear of coach’s being hesitant to take the job because of the difficulty in dealing with Kobe. We may have to wait until Kobe retires to go with a young coach.

  • Is the Lakers fan base prepared for what that would mean? They aren’t going to win games. In the West they are not going to make the playoffs. That would be a 2-4 year project.

  • Anige was also willing to completely purge the past in rebuilding. Our FO and many in the fan base are not ready for that level of change.

  • BS has man upped to an extent. He stopped going to the Kelly/Bass combo. And went with hustle players in Nance and Metta. Guys who don’t hustle, a few of them just won’t, a few challenge themselves and manage to do more. But the guys who hustle, when they get beat, they’ve let their tired bodies override the challenge. Metta is old, i give him a pass. But Nance, he’s young, he shouldn’t let anyone out-hustle him for him to be at the next level -manning up.

  • Exactly….The Celtics got rid of everybody. Plus the Celtics have proven that they will go 20 years between having teams contend for championships. Are the Lakers willing to go that long between contending? It’s been 5 years and people are already losing their minds. Could you imagine 20 years before we are a championship contender?

  • Article late last year on Grantland that players (and coaches, I believe) were avoiding the Lakers because of Kobe.

  • Hard-working and effort are essentially the same. Can’t tell if you’re arguing or agreeing or completely missed that I was saying it’s all crap.

  • Nobody is talking about the fact of the adjustments that Byron has made.

  • Pretty sure the recent coaching carousel has more to do with it than Bryant…

  • Had working is attitude. You can be well conditioned and still not have a hard working attitude. You are missing my point, I see.

  • Stop hating on Lin. He’s avg 11.5 on 22 min and Charlotte is 5-5. LAL should of signed him instead of Lou since we need a playmaker on the 2nd unit.

  • Was it the same writers who said that Kobe was the reason Aldridge turned down the team? My point is, unless names are given, it is just a good story.

  • Exactly. That’s why i keep saying that the Lakers aren’t the ones in the driver seat for finding a new coach. The coaching pool would be in the driver seat. And, it might cost the Lakers quite a bit the next time.

    Plus, they have reached their limit with replacing coaches. If they fire Byron, it will be the last time that they can afford to do it for a while so they better get it right.

  • Has he not made a lot of adjustments since training camp? Look at his rotation now versus Game 1. Look at the overall defensive performances since Game 1. Look at the offense they now produce. There have been many changes since training camp. With more effort, they would be winning some of these games.

  • Parity has hit the NBA this year. The west is trending weaker than the east to date, this season. Boston has taken out a couple of western conference playoff teams from last season. The way they are playing, the Celtics look to have taken a step forward already. At this point, I’d settle for that kind of progress. We”re well behind whst Ainge is doing. Keep in mind they also have a ton of draft picks still. Land a big fish or two like they did in 07? Boston is back in serious contention this or next season.

    We must get over our entitlement arguments. Times have changed.

  • Sure seems to be getting to that point already in this season. This is at least the 2nd time he’s used that excuse this season. Sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce your way so I’m not sure it’s a issue of effort. LAL just have weak perimeter defense and the Suns have a pair of great guards. We just need better perimeter defenders playing if we want to compete.

  • The creativity comes from the players in the PNR. That’s the whole point of why it is so effective. It’s like the Read Option in Football. The quarterback/guard has the responsibility for reading what the defense is giving and making a play on the fly to beat it.

  • I don’t see how you can call it an excuse when it is true. It’s not the only reason, but it is true. He might even be the reason for it…but it’s still a true statement.

    It would be different if the players were playing hard and still losing. It would be easy to see that the problem wasn’t effort. However, that’s not the case.

  • And as always BS is FULL of BS, BLAMES the team for his incompetence, as a COACH, which is a JOKE, AS WE ALL KNOW he is no COACH.

  • Were there’s smoke there’s fire, I say. You hear too many of this stories for them not to have some truth. Plus didn’t Phil call out Kobe as being almost uncoachable. So there’s your name Phil Jackson.

  • The season is early. The West is still adjusting to the season. By the end, the West will be seen as the best conference again.

  • Yeah, the dude needs a solid defensive team around him to cover up his deficienies. Unfortunately we can’t provide that at this time. What surprised me most though, was that horrible turnover pass he made on the break. Looked really stupid for a veteran player who’s shown flashes of intelligent passes in his brief time with us. Looks like he’s losing confidence aswell.

  • sorry my poor grammar i am not good is not enough using my english words i am still need more learn english words thank you understand just i am lakers fan since 1998 kobe era and just i am express my opinion

  • The Suns guards were just to quick for our backcourt I think. It really wasn’t an effort thing. I think players are playing hard just too many inconsistent young players and vets not really performing well due more to being played out of position. He can blame effort all he wants but it’s a weak roster with a bad coach. Just like last year.

  • You just need to look at the counter-parts that face Byron to realize just how inept he is. The plays they draw up after time-outs, the rotations they make, the way their players pretty much know how to neutralize the Lakers’ strengths(since the first couple of games, every team now seems to have Randle’s number), also every team seems to know that Huertas is a very weak link. Hornacek last game, rode his hot hand (Brandon Knight for 41 minutes), he took out ice-cold Jon Leuer, played the better performing Alex Len over Tyson Chandler. Byron Scott will take out hot guys and let cold as ice guys stay in the game until their set minutes are up in the rotation. Stuck in the past, no hope for the future

  • A little harsh don’t you think? This isn’t the first time that a team has say down on a coach. It has happened all too often and when the second coach comes in the team will all of a sudden look like they are doing so much better. The difference is two simple things, effort and simplifying the message. Better coaches than Byron will tell you that if the players had given them effort, they wouldn’t have been fired.

  • You can’t call the roster weak and young and then also blame the coach. Those things all work together.

  • But we do have one young player that Being CLARKSON still shooting 50% and 3s 66%, and what has happened to RANDLE its like he quit playing. I think they are all fed up with BS.

  • How many seasons did he coach without one of them. Zero? That’s a ridiculous question.

    Phil wasn’t the greatest X’s and O’s coach but he could handle the prima dona superstars like no other. That’s why he’s got 11 rings as coach.

  • It helps when you have had time to know your players. How many of the key players for the Lakers has Byron had time to work with? Most of the teams we have faced have had players that they are familiar with. (Before you start naming examples to the contrary…I said most).

    Get me clear, I’m not saying that Byron isn’t a problem…he is. However, I have seen all too often that teams that put it all on the coach and not look at the full picture end up still losing after the coach is gone. Every time the Lakers have changed coaches, they have also changed the roster. For once, it would be nice for them to focus.

  • The scouting report on him is out Al. He needs a right hand and a jump shot badly. His pnr play is also quite average. He is being exposed right now

  • It’s a weak roster with a bad coach. We could upgrade the roster and then we’d have a solid roster with a bad coach.

  • Agreed. It’s just old af to hear BS blame effort and needing to “man up” when it’s clear he’s doing a bad job. The LAL are stuck with him this year but he is definitely apart of the problem.

    So instead of blaming his players he should look in the mirror next time.

  • Specifically with Lin I saw Scott’s pride in the wsy of what was working. JC and Lin thrived in the PNR. Scott bashed Lin for that.

    Wes said you never know where things are going under Scott. That is similar to what West contended and leads back to Scott’s pride.

    Kidd played it PC but we all know why he and Scott fell out. Scott’s pride shows as he called Kidd an A-hole just last season.

  • we already know that russell is still very young and raw, we know he’s not the fastest or strongest dude on the court and we know he lacks experience, that being said the one thing thats really getting to me is the fact that i dont see this kid play with heart. you dont need any of those things i just mention to prove that you are a competitor and heart is not something you can develop to me you either have it or you dont.
    id like to see him get down and dirty on the court, dive for loose balls, go to the ball and demand it like you want to carry this team one day, stop running to the corner on every possession whether it scott’s call or his.

    somebody please teach this kid how to put on a game face instead of trying to play conservative so he doesn’t mess up his hair, forget putting lines in your hair and eyebrows and start showing some balls(nuts). you say steph is your idol but aside from his talent steph plays with heart and that should be russell’s game right now, a young rookie that plays with heart.

  • I would agree, but seeing how well coaches like Hoidberg and Stevens are doing makes me think that the whole team needs a makeover and need someone who could be a franchise coach.

  • He coached a season with the Bulls and he also lost a few seasons while having Kobe with the Lakers.

  • I could name so many examples it’s not even funny really. This has nothing to do with not knowing the players, Byron has had this group (pretty much injury-free I might add which is a rarity for a Lakers team) for 4 months now. That he plays Huertas after that disastrous 2 minutes at the start of the 4th quarter is inexcusable. It was evident from the second quarter on that very simple crossover step back 3 that B Knight hit on Huertas, that he has no business being in the regular rotation. I’d like to see the immediate removal of Byron Scott and his 3 yes-men amigos on the bench. Call up whoever is coaching the D-Fenders, and let him ‘let the players play their game’ as Bernie Bickerstaff said. Then while that happens let the Lakers interview guys who have the best ideas for this roster, and not sign a coach because of what their past rosters have done for them. As evidenced by Byron’s tenures, the longer he stays, the more he loses the dressing room, followed by years of rebuilding to correct the mess he has made.

  • LOL…I would say something about your reasoning but I know you would just say that I’m making accusations towards you, so I’ll just agree to disagree.

  • We could upgrade the coach and then we would have a great coach with a bad roster. It works both ways.

  • But he argued that the conditioning would ensure all of that… You’re missing the point. It has ensured nothing.

  • “injury free”…”four months”…neither of those statements are true, BUT if they were, that still would be much less than the teams that are doing well right now.

  • well obviously they play well in practice because it is the same crap offense running against a bad defensive scheme. Byrons offense and defensive schemes get exploited when we play against a team with better ones. so yea i expect them to do good in practice.

  • Question for the room. Is Alvin Gentry a good coach? (Spoiler alert…I’m leading somewhere with this.)

  • That is true, but i think if the team was committed to winning, they would have to make the sacrifice of upsetting some fans with a rebuilding process. On the other hand, we might find a gem like Brad Stevens who made an immediate impact on the Celtics and made them a playoff team.

  • are you going to suggest that we trade sacre and kelly for gentry and the brow?

  • We still don’t know what Brad Stevens is. The Celtics haven’t won anything. Expectations are low and he is doing well for now. That is not enough to crown him as a success yet.

  • If the fanbase truly wants to win, they would have to understand that a project is needed. We struck out on several big free agents, and I don’t see that changing in the near future. Everyone needs to embrace a rebuild in order to get to the championship again.

  • Nope…I am going to suggest that Gentry (if considered a good coach) is loosing right now. He is running a system that he believes in, which isn’t working with that roster. He hasn’t changed his system though.

    Could the same things being said about Byron in the way of prideful and unwilling to adjust and not being successful, apply to Gentry?

  • You said it yourself, hard-working is attitude. He said the conditioning would ensure hard-working… which it didn’t. Dude, I think you actually agree with me and just don’t even realize it??

  • Well so far he’s been pretty successful with his teams. Expectations were low, so it was pretty easy for them to surpass expectations, but he gets them to play hard and play with passion. Scott seems to be losing the locker room.

  • byron needs to go, lakers need to trade for a lock down defensive player who can also score in the sf and pf position…

  • The Lakers have signed only one big free agent that wasn’t already a part of the team. However, they have continued to build championship teams. Fans that have been here for more than 10 years understand that.

  • Embarassed what’s happen with Pelicans. They was a playoff team last year. A young one with a superstar in coming. Gentry has to be way more pressioned than Byron

  • No he didn’t. Show me an article where he said that hardworking would be the result of conditioning.

  • I’m glad someone agrees. We can’t expect a big change overnight, with the way we’ve been striking out with free agents. A rebuild is needed, and it will start immediately after next season when Kobe’s great career is over and no longer impeding the development of the young players.

  • Stevens has an easy job. The last tough aspect was traded away when Rondo was sent to Dallas. Stevens has a roster of guys that have nothing to lose and are happy to be playing basketball. None of them are superstars at this point.

    Anything that team does well will seem like overachieving. When he gets better players with championship expectations then we will see.

  • You think that the Knicks and Mavs are comparable to the Lakers situation?

  • That’s true, and I know that, but they haven’t been pulling off the trades anymore either, and serious fans of the NBA would know that under the new CBA, these trades the lakers used to complete, are extremely harder to achieve. A rebuild is needed.

  • Just a quick message to congratulate your Byron Scott rehabilitation. So far, I criticize his limited tactician moves (he needs to be really pragmatic about his rotations), but I’m on par with you about everything else

  • No doubt that has bought him a little BOTD, and more patience than I think he’s worth, but once the fans start to abandon the team (empty seats at home games), the FO will abandon Scott.

    As it stands, I’ve had more fun watching the D-Fenders play this season (2-0, one on the road and one against the reigning champ Warriors. Yes, their d-league team are also current champs – go figure). They have a better coach than Scott.

    I get that Scott was a great player and coach in the past, but the game has evolved, and Scott doesn’t believe in evolution, at least not of the BB kind. He is a dinosaur, and his fossil like coaching belongs in a museum, not on a modern NBA floor.

  • I know all that and I agree, but here is something that has got under his skin, he looks like he just don’t care, and that’s just not his natural make up.

  • If the team with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown as starters didn’t cause fans to leave…they aren’t going anywhere now.

  • Yes, I do. I’m his biggest fan, but the young players need to establish leadership and confidence between themselves, and having Kobe shoot a high volume of shots when he’s in the game impedes development. He has some games where he’s the facilitator and getting everyone involved, but more often than not, he’s stalling the offense when he gets the ball.

  • Nope…I’m suggesting that Scott isn’t the first coach to believe that he knows best and be wrong.

  • But that doesn’t change the fact he’s getting his players to play the right way, and establishing a direction of his team. This team has no direction under Scott.

  • Did you watch the last game? What about the game before that? How can Kobe impede them when he’s in LA and they are on the road?

  • I did watch the last game, and the starting trio of Randle, Russell, and Clarkson played amazingly when they were on the court together. However, the starting lineup was barely on the floor together. And the game before that, I said he has games where he is the facilitator, but more often than not he’s a ball stopper. Watch every other game before that.

  • Larry Brown is regarded as one of the best coaches to coach in the NBA. However, he had a way of getting players to not like him, tune him out and wearing out his welcome. He was often considered to be stubborn and unwilling to change his strategies. He was hard on his players.

    Yet he is regarded as a great coach.

  • He made a few sweet plays, and I thought he was a find as well. But I never expected him to be a good defender.

    I guess the FO decided they needed a vet PG on the team for Russell’s sake. They could’ve got Rondo, but probably didn’t want to pay him (flexibility).

  • The Knicks got Lopez, the Lakers got Hibbert, the Knicks got a top rookie pick, the Lakers got a top rookie pick, The Knicks signed a new wing, the Lakers signed a new wing, The Knicks have a rookie backup pg, the Lakers have a rookie backup pg, the knicks have a returning second year late 2nd round combo guard, the Lakers have a returning second year 2nd round combo guard. The Knicks have veteran Camelo, the Lakers have veteran Kobe Bryant. The similarities are there. Dallas have almost an entire new roster change(again) with the only constant staple being Dirk, the Lakers have an almost entire new roster change with Bryant being the only staple. These are only the examples from this season, last season the Bucks and Celtics both had an entire Roster overhaul with young talent and they both made the playoffs (the east, but still they improved dramatically). This Lakers team led by Byron Scott is on course for an identical record. Insanity comes to mind.

  • Did you also watch the game before that against the Pistons? That’s why I asked you if you watched both.

    Did Kobe impede them? They looked to be playing very well in both games.

  • No matter what it is, no direct, or not following it, is Bryon’s fault. It is the coach’s job to motivate players and get them playing the right way. He has not done that, and if he is already losing the locker room he needs to go.

  • When your leading assist man is Roy Hibbert with 3(!!!) you have a serious problem with the offense. Please run a semblance of a play Byron

  • People don’t motivate people. You create situations that can hopefully lead to people finding the motivation they need.

  • We need to rebound better. I don’t know if is only a effort thing. We are defend very good. Holding opponents in poor %. But we just give too much second chances points. Thats our main problem right now
    We are playing ok basketball and rebounding like crap

  • Yes, i watched the game before that, and the offense was horrible. They didn’t play well at all against the Mavericks.

  • He don’t even try to creat plays. He pass the ball to the big and goes to the corner. That’s good basketball if we move the ball faster. But the ball stick with the big guy almost every time

  • Rebounding is effort and position. Rodman, Wallace, etc were great rebounders because they had both.

  • I’m truly unamazed by Byron Scott coaching. Huertas who was supposed to play as a true backup PG is wiping the bench when D’Angelo is having a hard start. I thought winning was the prime idea, or did I get that wrong?
    I almost thought he wouldn’t let MWP play, yet here is one of the best player on this team. Victory first means right now playing Huertas, Clarkson, MWP/Kobe on back-to-backs, Randle and Hibbert as a main lineup, and getting Russell, Williams, Young, Nance, Black from the bench, with Bass, Brown and Kelly as strategic players for what they each specifically bring to the game that none other can.
    The set plays need to be learnt and assimilated, and right now only the veterans apparently can somewhat cope with it. Then bring in the rookies gradually into the starting lineup. Not the opposite… Unless you wanna be a Philly 2.0…
    And what’s that, ‘man up’? Like, seriously? That’s all this coach can come up with a game analysis to see the source of the defect in our game? Everything he said to justify his choices has been proven wrong by analytics, and now that?
    How can he be so good at developing Clarkson and so bad now that talent is there? We’re not even fun to watch.

  • Huertas can’t play. We are playing good D and Marcelo kill us in that end of the floor.

  • It’s funny because the fan base is so confused about what the team needs to do to win…yet the coach is suppose to have it figured out already.

  • If you actually took time to read, I said above acknowledging the Pistons game when i said there are games where he plays the facilitator, but more often than not he’s the ball stopper.

  • Lakers are 28th in the league in assists 8 less a game than the number one team… Golden State. Are you happy with our offense? Do you think we execute plays? Stop defending Bryon.

  • If you truly think that coaches don’t motivate teams, you don’t understand sports and the role of coach’s. A coaches job is to have the players ready to play, and motivated to play. If you aren’t doing that, you aren’t doing your job as a coach.

  • I’d like to see Russell play his game rather than Byron’s system, kind of like what he did in garbage time when he said F this system, I’m gonna get my own.

  • We have to continue defend at the level we are right now, but grabing rebounds. This will give us some wins. Maybe even 30.

  • LOL….First off, I have repeatedly said that Byron has to go. I have also followed that statement with saying that if they don’t have a true plan when they fire him, they will end up right back here again next season.

    As for assists, different teams use different strategies to win. Having a free flowing assists party is one way, but it isn’t the only way to win. This is like when I use to hear people criticize the Lakers back when they had Shaq and Kobe. The bench didn’t score much during those years and people said that you needed a strong bench to win. The Lakers had a strong starting 5.

    My point is that there are more ways to win than just one.

  • How coach can help the rebound stuff? Is a thing of effort or the system help that? I trully don’t know. I’m asking honestly.
    To me improve the rebound (and don’t play Huertas) will give us 30 W’s with our level of deffense right now.

  • Coaches create environments that lead to motivation but directly they do not motivate players. I guess it’s splitting hairs but if you do some research on motivation you will see that this is a common opinion about motivation.

  • The Suns weren’t playing D in garbage time. Hard to draw conclusions from that.

    We’re committed to him for now. So I hope he figures it out.

  • MDA builds false confidence. He lets them shoot which helps improve their shooting, but he doesn’t teach them much else.

    And what happens to every MDA star?
    They become average in a regular system.

  • well when your defensive rotations are bad that is either effort or the scheme and that can also put you out of position to get the rebounds you need.

  • That star is named Simmons or Ingram.
    The second star is named Randle.
    Then there is Russell and Clarkson.

    Seems like folks gotta be patient.

  • No doubt, but still it was nice to see him not just hand the ball off and run into the paint for once.

  • But how our defensive rotations are bad if we are holding opponents at poor %?

  • Making sure the whole team rebounds and the guards don’t leave it to the bigs to do it all. Maybe playing Black at C would help, so making personnel adjustments.

  • Creating an environment that leads to motivation, is basically the same as motivating a player. And obviously, he hasn’t created a motivational environment, which, either way you put it, means he’s not doing his job.

  • And in the end, when the team settles with 35 wins what good is it?
    Let’s not get delusional and think this is a 42+ win team.

    Get 16 wins, get Simmons or Ingram.
    Get 35 wins, don’t get Durant and don’t get Simmons.

    This isn’t a playoff caliber team. They might be able to win some more games, but they aren’t as good as you want them to be.

  • Players gotta improve. They gotta play hard for 4 quarters.

    Yes, the strategy and schemes are a bit simplistic, but at the same time, the players still can’t execute them properly.

  • This reminds me of a Mark Jacksonism.
    “Hand Down, Man Down”
    Byron Scottism:
    “Hand Up, Man Up”
    We need a change and it starts with opening up the office.
    We got rolled because of our inept offense.
    Jim, Jeannie and Mitch need to act soon or they will lose more than just games.

  • We have done a good job against Pistons. Players crashed the glass all night long.
    I actually agree with Byron in THAT GAME. The players don’t have done their jobs boxing out and going to the lose balls. Every 50-50 balls goes to the Suns…

  • Put Huertas, Clarson, Kobe, Nance, Hibbert in first unit and We get 5-5 in the next 10 games.

  • well when you have a career record of 987-741 (.571) you will probably be considered a good coach despite players not liking you. larry brown won games and had a great mind for in game decisions. Byrons career record is 371-418. not really a good comparison just because the players dont like him.

  • I didn’t say he was playing well. Nobody can play properly with so few minutes here and there. I’m saying Russell has to share his minutes with a true facilitator who can get the ball to circulate and who has enough experience to get a grab of the set plays. Lou Williams is not that man, and Clarkson does not help circulating the ball neither. That leaves Huertas, and given proper minutes I am more than convinced he would outplay Russell, and his style would fit in better with the other vets.
    If Russell doesn’t find his own solutions – and apparently he doesn’t – BS is going to break him completely. Which is why I think he should start from the bench and learn the game before being handed the keys.

  • An ideal record should get a top-3 pick.
    Seems like the front office is crazy like a fox.

  • Huertas can’t defend, man. Our defense is what we have of good right now. Pretty good, i mean. I agree with Nance, he can help us rebounding more.
    Byron has to increase the Clarkson and Hibbert minutes too.

  • The front office rebuilt the entire team from June to July.
    The team has gone to the last 2 lotteries, and looks to be going to the next.

    Isn’t that a rebuild?

  • they are holding them to a low % but look at second chance points. we have 2 guys rotating and leaving an open man under that basket. so while we have the guy taking the shot covered by 2 people the helper never gets helped and they are free to grab the offensive boards and make the easy put back.

  • A new coach like Luke would be great but I think they are just a piece. What LAL really need is a major overhaul of the FO. We need more basketball people making decisions. LAL need a vision.

    I think a lot of our problems are stemming from having a bad FO.

  • We’re in the middle of the rebuilding process.
    It ends on June 11 after the next draft.

    Kobe is the only recognizable face from the past. And the team has gone to the lottery in each of the last 2 years.

    If that isn’t a rebuild, please describe what one looks like.

  • I agree. In byrons offense Russel brings the ball down the court then hands it off and runs to the corner. if anyone says that he shouldn’t do that you are right but he is just running the offense his coach has given them.

  • We don’t run any system in particular, we run many different ones. And we still need a true PG for that.

  • It’s a partial because they have brought in a bunch of vets who clearly won’t be apart of the team once it starts winning.

  • You have the assumption that Scott and the Front Office are trying to win.

    I have the assumption that Scott and the Front Office want to get to the lottery. And that Scott’s ONLY focus is to teach these young players how to be well rounded and establish solid fundamentals.

  • Guys here are too much desperate. We are improving. Our defense is good right now (a big EXCEPT for our defense rebound)…
    Clarkson is playing a very good basketball, he is a real deal right now. D’angelo is playing D Fish role (and showing some lack of effort, but good games when he came to play)… Hibbert stepped up. Nick stepped up.

    We are building a identidity and a core who will be way better in some months and next season.

  • Some nights the 50-50 balls don’t go your way. It’s not clear to me that it was lack of effort, but maybe just one of those nights.

  • I never said we weren’t. I specifically said the full rebuild happens when he;s officially gone. We’ve been partially rebuilding, but trying to compete.

  • The parity is working in our favor. By January 25 teams will have too many wins to compete for the top-3 pick.

    And, given the strength of the west’s top teams, there is no championship to be had for 2-3 seasons. So until then, why not retool, rebuild and reload. No one’s getting past GS or San Antonio until 2018.

  • Just pissed that BS is throwing the team under the bus yet again. When it’s clear that he’s coaching poorly.

  • Clarkson is average at best, Kobe is below average. It would be a bad defensive starting 5.

  • There is no hope. Randle, Clarkson, and Russell would do better if they were on another team. That’s how f’d up our situation is right now with BS at the helm.

    So depressing. I’m losing all faith in the FO for not doing what so plainly obvious needs to be done.

  • I do have that assumption because that’s what they sound like in interviews, and the way this team was put together was to compete for a playoff spot. If Scott’s only focus is to teach these players that, then I’m fine with him being a coach till the end of this year, but theres no question we need an upgrade at coach to be a real team.

  • I lost faith in the FO awhile ago. It’s got to be one of the worst in the league.

  • This is true.
    BUT, they have to get enough talent to make the team worth coaching. Last year, no coach wanted to come to LA.

    Outside of a college guy who has to take the career boost, top tier coaches don’t take over train wrecks and sabotage their career.

    Scott is a placeholder. His only job is to teach these kids fundamentals, and absorb the pain of watching them grow. And since he’s a company man, he can also follow the directive to get 16 wins and a lottery pick.

  • haha man your contradicting your self.

    nash, amare, diaw, bell and johnson to name a few. your calling them average?

  • I agree. we need to keep searching until we find a coach that is going to be the leader instead of a baby blaming everything under the sun but himself. I could see if Byron was this great established coach with a career winning record but he isn’t. he has a 439-591 (.426) record for his career. the only time he had good record was when he had his stacked nets team and when chris paul helped carry his team to an 8th seed lol. we need to keep looking for the proper fit.

  • It’s teaching by example.
    Even though the old guys aren’t winning, they are executing as they should be. They are in the right position, and they are playing to win.

    The young guys have to learn how to win. And, until the young guys are better than the old guys they SHOULD be on the court.

    So, while Russell has more potential, Young and Williams are better solutions.

  • I agree he is a placeholder, but I think he’s trying to win with this team. This team was set up to make playoff push, signing quality role players like bass, and sixth man of the year, Lou Williams, and they even went out and got one of the best rim defenders in the league. This team wasn’t meant to get only 16 wins, but thats where they’re heading. If he’s teaching them fundamentals, then that’s fine until the end of this year. But he has to go in at the end of the year in order for this team to reach its full potential.

  • Who has the players to trade for a $15M contract, and then want to trade for one that’s expiring?

    And who would the lakers want to bring in via trade? No one gets rid of good players via trade.

  • I don’t agree with the Russell pick (I wanted either Porzingis, Mudiay, or Okafor, in that order), but the FO did pick out Nance Jr. and Clarkson deep into the draft (and Bynum before that), so we have some good talent evaluators there (Ryan West, maybe). What I can’t fathom is not just admitting the BS hiring was wrong and cutting their losses now. Can’t believe they’re going to let another season go down the toilet.

  • I think he reaches the finish line in June and gets the lottery pick the front office wants.

    Then once the team has a 4th young superstar, he gets scape goated for a better caliber coach and the team improves overnight.

  • I was hoping he’d stay. I thought he would be a great 6th man behind Clarkson and Russell.

    Losing Davis was a bummer too.

  • “Beef” between DLo and Scott?
    There is no beef.

    Russell needs to get better. That’s the end of the story. He’s no where near his potential, or even starting caliber.

  • Scott Soppe wrote an article about it back in June. Patrick Oxford did a full on stats based calculation in the Nylon Calculus about the parity. Over at Hoopshype they had a writer projecting the conference parity. These are just a few I recall.

  • They won’t let me post the link (comment still pending), but look for Mark Medina’s article in Daily News from 10/05/15… I paraphrased, but it’s in there

  • I can’t get on the it’s all the coach’s fault bandwagon like many did with D’Antoni and Brown.

    It’s the players and the roster construction. No coach is winning with Lou Williams and Swaggy P on the same roster. No coach is winning when the Front Office botches a draft as badly as the Lakers botched the 2015 draft. Our guards of the future can’t even muster more than a combined 3 assists in a game against Phoenix.

  • You are only thinking offensively, that’s not Huertas’ problem. His problem lies in that he makes D’Angelo Russell look like Usain Bolt. He would be absolutely massacred by any starting point guard in the NBA. Whilst DLo’s defense hasn’t been stellar, he is at least long enough to be a problem and can be hidden on a two guard. I’m pretty sure even Dirk could blow by Huertas with minimal ease.

  • Y’all seem to forget that this team sucks. At best it’s a 35 win team.

    So you are making it seem like Scott is a silver bullet and that all of the current rookies and young core are good enough.

    The bottom line is that they AREN’T good enough. Russell and Randle need to grow to be legit starters. They need to grow to be consistent reliable veterans who do things right.

  • I agree with much of what you write, but what kind of coach plays Lou and Swaggy at the same time, particularly Lou at the PG? I am all about player accountability, but it is hard to keep faith when BS substitutes five players with five minutes left in the first, for no reason whatsoever? Then, he has five subs on at the beginning of the 4th quarter when the game starts to get out of hand and he keeps them in? I just don’t get what BS is trying to do.

  • You really did more than just paraphrase. I read every one of his comments and none of them even remotely states that conditioning will result in hard work during the season. You can encourage good attitudes, but you can’t create it.

  • are you saying that the lakers lineup + coach are on same level as the pacers and wizards? or even boston?

    i can still say that even if the the current lakers + coach will move to the east, will still be on same level with the sixers and nets.

  • Let’s talk about how Xavier Henry played, and Bazemore, and… Let’s talk about Stoudemire. And outside of Nash, the rest are average and played a lot better under D’antoni.

    I said that for this squad, playing faster and letting them be free with their shot might be a good plan for a short time. Mainly because it seems like Russell and Randle don’t have confidence to take a shot.

    But outside of a short learning period, they need to stay in a structured environment.

  • Clarkson was Ryan West doing. I assume Nance and A Brown were also his. Mitch does the lotto picks and Ryan West does the deep in the draft ones. Couple that with looking stupid with the analytics and the bickering between Jim and Jeanie. Our FO looks lost and confused. No wonder FA are avoiding us. Our present coach and the coaching turnover in general are all flowing from a lack of vision and competence in the FO.

  • Look at the margin for the games they’ve played against East teams versus their margin against teams in the West. Clearly, the Lakers have done better against the East teams. In fact, that’s where both of their wins have come from.

  • I think he’s tanking it already. There’s games we lose just based on the lineup he leaves out there in the 4th quarter. Either he has no sense of what his players can bring to the table strength wise or he’s simply under orders to tank and the best way to do that is to put a lineup out there that won’t finish the job in the 4th.

  • RE: Rebounds
    He helps by teaching them and reinforcing how to box out.
    He helps by teaching them where to be and to stay there.

    So far, it seems the young kids forget what they’ve been taught and want to revert back to high energy, college style hustle which doesn’t work in the NBA.

    Scott teaches them the fundamentals, and in practice they seem to follow them, but on game day they forget. And while it’s easy to shine in practice when guys are only playing 85% and lax on defense, but when the games matter the young guys have to play 100% for the entire time and “man up.”

  • just a while ago? … i already lost my faith on them ever since they give-up on MDA. they were not able to fulfil the Dr. Buss dying wish, to bring back the lakers in showtime era. The FO scum to the idiotic fans demand.

  • You’ve got to give him a chance to show what he’s got. From all reports I’ve heard he’s a hard worker that is dedicated to improving. He’s a jumper and finishing with his right hand away to being an above average PF. Most projections put him at 1-2 years to be able to do this.

  • Clarkson’s the only Laker who’s been consistently good. Randle and Russell are high draft picks who aren’t playing great. Towns, Okafur, Porzingas and even Mudiay are justifying their high picks. Lots of people blame BS, but Randle and Russell are getting enough playing time to show their stuff. 6 points in 25 minutes isn’t great.

  • Credibility in projecting probability? I won’t go there. All I know is some were saying it and one used a 74 year history of nba data coupled with the 2012 small ball focus as partial basis.

  • After wins: “Look how much better we played, this is what the Lakers really are!”

    After losses: “Fire Byron Scott!”

  • It used to be that lottery picks were all “NBA Ready” when they were drafted. Most of them already had “developed” games that people could easily see translating well to the NBA. Now we have guys that are projects as lottery picks.

    That’s a problem.

  • Randle is showing some real flashes of his potential. RIght now he has two huge holes in his game. His jumper and the ability to finish with his right. Everyone claims he’s working very hard at his craft, and at put him at 1-2 years to do these things. Then he will be an above average starting PF (at 22!).

    Russell is another story for me. I haven’t seen enough flashes to be excited. I’m in a wait in see mood with him.

  • Disagree on getting past GS or the spurs by that time frame. Lots can change next season with the looming cap expansion.

  • You can always find someone to agree with any point, it doesn’t make it true.

  • They need a legit minor league system. College is a bad place for these guys to learn since they don’t get paid.

    Edit: Maybe more will start heading to China, that could be a possible solution.

  • Not a full on house cleaning like the Celtics did. The hiring of Scott indicated we’re still stuck in the past.

  • The Spurs will be gone by then. Duncan is the glue holding the together. When he retires everything will look much different.

  • so its not EVERY MDA star. X and Amare got injured. Bazemore is a good role player in atlanta right now.

    thats what makes MDA a way better coach than BS. he makes an average player a good player. I cannot even remember a coach who picks someone up from the DLeague and give them the opportunity to shine ang get a good contract.

    and there is actually more to that “short learning period” as what nash said before they were not even playing yet MDA’s system when he was with the lakers.

  • The Celtics didn’t do it either. They have guys still on the roster that were there with Pierce and Garnett.

  • I honestly just don’t like Randle’s style of game. He has some great potential and may be great one day doing what he does…It’s just not the style of game I would like for the Lakers.

  • College would be the right place if the NBA stopped paying them.

    Guys come to the NBA and we hear that they need time to develop…They don’t say that about their salaries! How about the next time a project player enters the league, the team gives them a project salary!

  • you just hit the nail on the head when you said “at best” we are going to get no where near that so that means the coach isn’t bringing the “best” out of our players. say what you want about them having to man up and yes more effort is needed but that comes from the coach too. Coach needs to lead and show confidence and maybe they will try harder for him.

  • you will not see it on paper man. try to check out some of the games some eastern teams. you will see how cohesive they are even though they are in the “weak” eastern conf. compared to BS who only have 4-5 plays

  • Are we not suppose to support wins?… We still wanted his sorry azz fired after the Lakers won!

  • There is no one left from the big three championship era. Those young bucks that played with KG and Paul P. were part of the rebuild.

    First you agree now you arguing the opposite?

  • So far the parity probability projected is being proven. I did not agree or disagree with this point so what are you talking about?!?

  • hahah for sure during the hiring process phil is salivating when he see those line up. got upset when he wasnt chosen and was relieved when injuries kicks in on that team it would have been a disaster on his record. 😀

  • Agree, and I would say from what I’m seeing to date. Picks 1-8 in the 2015 draft are NBA ready, with the exception of one player. Guess what team he plays for?

    Go to Youtube put in highlights for insert player’s name: ___ see if all but 1 passes the eye test. Example: Okafor vs Mavs 11.16.15. Tell me if he looks NBA ready? You are right it is a problem, one that will haunt this franchise for loooong time. Peace.

  • I’m a lifelong Lakers fan and this is all such a shame. Basketball should be played with joy and passion and this team has had the joy sucked out of them. You all can discuss why. I’m also a Liverpool Football Club fan and we just went through this same coaching dilemma for the past few years. It’s amazingly similar. A coach of a once mighty team who believes all his decision are the only way (Google – Brendan Rodgers) keeps playing his squad in the wrong positions and with ever-changing lineups and strategy. His poor results end up sucking the joy out of his players and the fan base and lead to a malaise where the players just don’t look right. Rodgers finally gets fired this year after a few poor games into the season and Liverpool hires the charismatic and successful German coach Jurgen Klopp. The players and fans come alive. The coach loves his players, loves the joy and passion of the sport, and the team begins a turnaround. Players finally start describing how the previous coach left them always confused, and one described it like being a caged lion. Now all the players universally love Jurgen, and he hugs them constantly and high-fives people in the crowd after scoring goals. This is real stuff, look it up! I can only hope a similar fate befalls our beloved Lakers and they can be let out of their cages to play basketball with joy and passion once again. Yes, they will make mistakes and have a challenging season, but let them play with a love for the game again like they once had as children. Maybe then they can finally grow as professionals and truly “man up.”

  • I’m just looking at the games. We have been in every game we’ve played against the East. We have been blown out a few times against the West. We’ve won 2 games and both were against the East. That’s not on paper….that’s on the court.

  • Okay, I’ll bite. How does the coach motivate players and get them to play the right way in todays NBA. He basically, needs to be a Phd of mental health, motivational speaker, and life coach. Today’s players are different, very few are driven like Kobe. It’s all about the swagg, sport center highlights, who you dating, what rappers and movie stars you kick it with, who’s on instagram and twitter. The modern athlete is complex, spoiled, with a sense of entitlement when they come through the door. So, if you can get their attention and you are successful in teaching them anything. The only tool you have once all the lessons have been taught, is discipline and reinforcement. Suspended privileges, like sit on the bench since you don’t want to play defense, or grab rebounds. It’s the only tool the man have after coddling them. But, no BS don’t know what he’s doing, get rid of him, he’s the problem! Amazing. ..

  • You gave three people/sites that agree that there will be a shift this season as to the East and the West teams. I said, you can always find somebody to agree with any point, so the fact that you found 3 entities to say what they did doesn’t really shock me or change my thought.

    I’m watching the games and the games say that the West still has a hold on the NBA.

  • Which is why no one wants that job right now. It’s a bad head coaching job to have for exactly the reason that they will give you a bad roster that no one wants to play on and a fanbase that expects miracles, and the constant hot seat if you’re unable to deliver. Support wins…by supporting a change of behavior.

  • So you agree with my point? That’s all you had to say. Just the simple fact that you acknowledge that “those young bucks” played with KG and Pierce proves the point I made which was that the Celtics didn’t do a “full” rebuild either. They started with Pierce and KG still there. AND they would have simply reloaded if it had worked.

  • China would be a poor solution. College remains the best simply because the guys you are playing against in College….will be coming to the pros as well.

  • Who motivated Kobe? Who motivated Magic? Who motivated Tim Duncan? Who motivated Karl Malone? Who motivated Isiah Thomas?

  • Do they need all that? I’m pretty sure Popavic, Stevens, Phil Jackson, Spolestra, and Kerr don’t have any of those things. Even coaches like Tom coughlin and bellichek in football do it as well. These are all coaches who have their players motivated to play and they don’t have those things. Kobe is one of the few players who are self-motivated and ready by themselves. It’s the coach’s job to get the rest of them to play defense and play the way they want. And he’s outdated for today’s NBA. I never said he doesnt know what he’s doing. His offense is not suited for the NBA today.

  • Tim Duncan was motivated by one of the best coaches in the league, and he has gotten every player that played under him motivated. Karl Malone had a great coach as well under Jerry Sloan. Thomas had Chuck Daily who was another good coach. And Kobe had the master of motivation, Phil Jackson

  • He is a horrible coach. Last nights game, down 5 going to into 4th. Phoenix makes a run after Huertas turns the ball over 3 TIMES IN A ROW!! Yet, he still still leaves the bench on the court for another 5MINUTES!!! Like wtf is he doing.

  • They had coaches, but the coaches are not the ones that Motivated Them. Kobe was motivated before Phil….so did Del Harris teach him how to be motivated?

    Who motivated Charles Barkley? Name the coach that gets the credit? Who motivated Reggie Miller? ALL of these guys were self motivated. The coaches taught them how to excel in the game, they didn’t motivate them.

  • Phil would have utilized Pau and Dwight a lot better then D’antoni did that year. Don’t forget Vegas had the lakers as favourites to win the Championship that year.

  • Gentry is wicked a coach. That team has been dismatled by injuries. Its basically the Sixers with AD.

  • They were motivated to developing their own craft and their own skill. But a coach has to get the players motivated and united to play under him. Charles Barkley never won anything because he never had that coach who could get everyone playing together.

  • It wouldn’t have been showtime though…which was the subject. I never said that he wouldn’t have gotten them to win.

  • You a trip. Those guys are not part of that big three culture, period. Ainge began to blow it up after Ray Allen left. Trading . Pierce was major. Trading a HC is unheard of!

  • Matt, my friend, I think you are making the point for me. The coaches you mentioned are dealing with different dynamic than Byron Scott. They have a veteran core, where as, BS is dealing with and playing in the starting lineup for the most part 1st and 2nd year players. You know, the aforementioned “modern players.” So, back to my original question. How does Byron Scott motivate today’s players, who most have been coddled since grade school? Since, everyone says he’s old school, and don’t know what he’s doing. Other than the “new discipline PC rules?” You know, give them a time out. Maybe, say something like, you made mommy and daddy very disappointed and sad… Seriously though, how do he motivate them?

  • I don’t think I proved your point, because your point was coaches needs to be an expert in motivational speaking and mental health to be good coaches. When Brad Stevens came in, the Celtics were mostly rookies and second year players, and they had no problem playing hard. Those are the same players that were “coddled” but they are playing hard for him every night.

  • I want Byron out, not because of wins and loses. But because he is clearly the wrong coach for this team. Look at his history. 4 years coaching a veteran Nets team and two final apparences. He got fired 2 years later but props for taken a team to the finals, even if it was a mvp lead Jason Kidd team. Then New Orleans for 5 years. 2 playoffs teams again with vets like David West, Tyson Chandler, Peja, Mo Pete ect. And a young CP3. But he flamed out as soon as they went young. Then the Cavs!!!!! He was 100 games under 500 with a young team. Yeah he helped Kyrie but did nothing else and set a all-time record for straight loses at 26. You see the pattern. He did okay with veteran teams but a complete disaster with young teams. Hence he likes to play vets over youngsters. He knows he doesn’t relate to the younger players because he just has a old school mentality. He was a great Laker and I’d like to see him in some “advisory” role, but not coach of this team. It’s time Jim and Mitch get it together and pick a coach that matches the team. I hate the Celtics but I’m jealousy of Brad Stevens. I want a young bright coach with the ability to relate to our future players and appeal to other players. Byron doesn’t do any of that.

  • You continue to make excuses to take up for Russell. Here’s an easy one then. Why is Nance playing harder than Russell?

  • Byron didn’t play his starting 5 together at all in the 4th when they played so well together in the short 14 minutes they got. That is inexcusable and I’m tired of people defending Byron when he keeps making incredibly idiotic decisions. How this guy even became a coach I have no idea..

  • No…you just have a hard time understanding. What the Celtics did was they started changing to rebuild while having some of their players from the championship team still there. That’s all I said from the beginning. Why can’t you understand that?

  • Paragraph 20. It was Mark Medina’s assessment, and it didn’t come from nowhere –

    With stops in New Jersey (2000-2003), New Orleans (2004-09) and Cleveland (2010-13), Scott ran training camps modeled after former Lakers coach Pat Riley. Scott argued that staple will ensure a hard-working, well-conditioned and defensive-efficient team.

  • Really? Is that why coaches were lined up to get an interview with the Lakers FO? Lol… You aren’t making much sense! We aren’t expecting “MIRACLES” were expecting “CHANGE”! Every fan base of every single sport calls for a coaches head when a coach can’t deliver either!… Soooo you were saying?

  • Im not too high on MDA for the fact that he doesn’t coach defense. If we had more natural defenders..maybe. But since we don’t, we need a coach that has a good defensive strategy to make up for our natural ailments. And I think people are overestimating Luke Walton right now..hes a great young assistant but I don’t think he’s yet ready for a head coaching gig. He doesn’t really have to do much with Golden State

  • No, my point was presented as a question. How does Byron Scott motivate them (Lakers young players) modern athletes in today’s NBA? Saying today’s coaches in effect has to wear several hats was/is commentary and contributory. Not the main point.

    “Your original statement was something to the effect that it’s still Byron Scott’s fault, because it’s his job to “motivate them?”

    I in effect said how? What else can he do after he applies all those hats, besides making them sit?

  • Unless you can show me where he said it, I’m not believing it. Have we not learned that the media can twist things?

  • Young and Williams are better players but it comes back down to the main philosophy of this year’s team – are we worried about wins or about development? Young and Williams playing at the end of games shows were more concerned about winning now. The frustrating part is that with them in, we’re still not winning, to the detriment of developing our young talent.

  • Alright, well either way, whatever they did in training camp, what they’re doing in practice, in games, at halftimes, in huddles, at breakfast, whatever… none of it’s working.

  • Anige blew it up in a major way after Allen left. No two ways about it. One season after Allen Ainge traded Doc, KG and draft grown Paul P. That was serious house cleaning. They got KG to waive a no trade clause. Trading Paul P. Is almost like the Lakers trading Kobe.

    I don’t care if they stayed one season post Allen. That was blowing it up in all out culture change for rebuilding.

  • I bet Scott Brooks, coach Pop, or even Eric Spolestra wouldn’t have used “man up” as an excuse. Just saying….Byron Scott=fired well before all-star break

  • Obviously many of you have never been in a sports locker room. This isn’t “throwing players under the bus”.

    Pretty much, what he said is true: no time to cry and complain, MAN UP!

  • Every coach has to hold their team accountable and be ready to play every game. If you dont think that Pop holds his players to a similar standard. You are sadly mistaken.

  • Dude, stop. There is a difference between holding players accountable and just throwing you players under the bus! Those coaches I named say WE lost, or WE didn’t do well, not THEY lost! What type of relationship do you have with your players if THEY are the only problem, but YOU act like you can coach? Byron Scott is a loser (literally) that has ZERO accountability for his own garbage coaching. His only scapegoat is the players. Show me when Byron Scott has held himself accountable, and Ill show you when Pop said he would come coach the Lakers

  • They looked pretty good against the Pistons on both ends of the floor and played okay for three quarters last night (they were right in the game). Then all of sudden they kinda just gave up there in the 4th.

    I’ve been critical of Byron too, but there’s obviously been some improvement.

  • My fellow Laker fans. Please stop crying over Scott and his every comment and the playing time he gives to Russell. Nothing worst than an internet coach. First of all the Lakers fans who said the Lakers would be a playoff team. Welcome to reality. There is not a single coach who would do much better with the talent on this team. Russell is a one and done rookie. Had he learned the game on the college level he might be playing better. Have a better understanding of the game. But he has to now learn what he should have learned in college at the pro level. You dont put a guy who lacks that type of knowledge and experience in at crunch time. Within his first 10 games as a pro. Clarkson wasn’t treated that way and it worked out. Clarkson came into the league with three years of college play under his belt. That’s also why his game seemed to come a long fast. Why should we rush Russell’s progress. Because he was taken # 2 overall? Ask yourself,Would he still be a #2 pick with what we know now? No he wouldn’t. So why are so many crying for Byron to play him like he’s a true #2 pick. As far as Byron’s Man up comment. Umm yeah they need to man up. It’s Byron’s job to hold player accountable to be ready to play. And that’s what he doing. No excuses, man up and be ready to play. Too all the internet coaches who think they know better than Byron. Put the virtual clipboard down. This aint NBA 2K and Russell aint ballin like they have him doing in the game. Believe me I know i got him at 15 assist a game with 2k.

  • Where do you get that he was throwing players under the bus? He was asked if fatigue was a factor. He simply said if that is the case they need to man up. He didn’t place any blame on anyone. Your argument is misplaced. Look you may hate Scott and the way he runs the team. But the truth is we are all internet coaches who dont know half of what Byron has already forgotten about basketball. So for give me if i believe his way is better than yours.

  • So China is a poor solution because most guys go to college. If most guys go to China wouldn’t that make it a good solution? Mudiay got paid 1.2 mil to play in China. Maybe couple that with making the minimum age to play in the NBA 21 and you’d have guys developing in China playing against men not other boys.

  • B166-ER , I do agree , This team isn’t good enough , in fact at best I don’t even see them winning more than 30. But just because we have a bad team , with our young players still learning, they still deserve like you said “mentoring”. And they deserve the best coach to do it. Were not saying to hold their hand every time but mentor them well. On Scott being the silver bullet , absolutely , he should have prepared his players during offseason. They should have a structured game plan by now. He should have planned and managed minutes for Kobe if he plans on Kobe playing all season, And so many more reasons that I’m sure you know without it being written. Yes I do have my doubts with Russell but like Greg Anthony mentioned in a recent interview , “It’s too early to tell”. My point is , if the current system isn’t working its time to change it and make sure this team gets the best person to teach , guide , mentor to make us better moving forward.

  • And there’s Jamal Murray, don’t forget him. Sixers gonna get 2 of the 3. If not, the Lakers will give the pick away after consulting with the Kadashians.

  • i think the main problem is we drafted a PG who is known for reading the floor and running the offense how he sees fit and we put him in Princeston offense sets where he cant do any of that. so our system does not fit our players bottom line.

  • If this is the case. “The Suns guards are just too quick for our guards.” Then, the issue is not a coaching issue, but a GM/FO issue instead. Some questions need to be answered like:

    Why did we draft/acquire guards that aren’t “quick” enough to guard other NBA guards?

    Who is responsible for player shortfalls (“weak roster”- per you) and players playing out of position? Is it due to draft duplication (e.g., drafting and having too many guards) or the coach’s lack of knowledge of basketball floor positioning? Which has caused speculation such as:

    “I think players are playing hard just too many inconsistent young players and vets not really performing well due more to being played out of position.”

    Like you, I agree, it’s a combination of things. Blaming the coach is to simple, the ultimate blame for this debacle goes higher up. Peace…

  • First he is not the right coach for the lakers with his ugly offense, he doesnt know lakers basketball is all about, its hollywood showtime!
    2nd he is so dumb & not thinking, always blaming his team to just man up & not respecting other teams are just better offensively& defensively with better offense system. Then by just blaming everything to man up hes not thinking of improvements. Spurs were said old a few years but using & modifying the Dantoni offense that most teams use now they are a playoff team. Lakers cant even decisively win home games. This problem is bad coaching, by being blind that the league just improved & scotts solution is to just man up!!!!!

  • Won’t happen IMO, but he should man up and change the rotation, rather than expecting them to do ao.

  • @ER — don’t know, don’t care…but if they’re going to make a move and retain their youth, it would have to be Hibberts’ contract.

    Personally, I’d re-sign Hibbert and roll the dice with the kids — too early to be talking trade and not many assets to deal.

  • It’s not about “lining up” for the job, it’s who the brass pick as candidates is who. And please bringing back BS like four times for the interview, and then sitting on it for a couple of weeks before hiring him wasn’t really a ringing vote of confidence in my book. The ultimate clincher was because “Kobe likes him”. That’s it! Jerry West knew exactly who to get and not a pool of coaches to choose from.

  • It’s not the players, it’s the record. Lakers won 45 and 42 games the years Smush was there. They’ll be lucky to crack half that this year.

  • This has nothing to do with D Russ, bad coaching is bad coaching. The life is litterally being sucked out this team. The Lakers road trip was guys maning up, individual defense being played, I didn’t see a defensive system in play I seen guys who wanted to win games, these Lakers aren’t as bad as thier record reflects. Last night game going into 4th qt the Lakers were keeping the game pretty close then Heurtas enter the game, 3 terrible plays later the game got out of control, all before that happen I had the opportunity to say ” hey why is this dude even in the game” and what you know game was already out of control, Heurtas has a highlight reel for all the wrong reason but yet D Russ has the honors of observing from the bench.. Bad coaching is bad coaching no matter how you put it.

  • I was saying that coaches other than recycles just like Byron Scott had rather stay where they were, a few of them in college, then take that job. Probably due to a terrible working relationship with the ownership going back to the days before Phil. Rudy Tomjanovich, Mike Brown, Mike D’Antoni, and Byron Scott. Oh yeah, coveted gig that one is…

  • honestly your right im sick of the excuses d’lo gets but when jordan plays bad hes hold accountable its not byron fault. this is what i have to say about d’lo min, when jordan got to start he was having the same min in the beginning as d’lo and showed he derserved more min even now i think he derserves more. With russ i dont see that.

  • It gets worse. Unless Luke will come back next year, I doubt that anyone will come to LA to work for Jim Buss, that’s who hires the coaches in Lakerland.

  • Tell us again, who were all these coaches that were lining up to coach the Lakers? I remember quite a few turning us down, though.

  • He once made the statement that anyone can scout basketball players. Like you can sit in a bar, knock back a few, play some pool, and scribble down a mock draft based on highlight reels and hype.

    Phil Jackson should’ve gotten that job years ago, but, ya know, nepotism…

  • And we can expect Luke Walton to come back and bring the whole GSW playbook for both ends of the court.

  • What is the story with all our game-to-game guest stars? One game we have Kobe Bryant. Next week it will be MWP. Then Huertas, probably. How can we get any flow going?

  • Why don’t they just start Nick and bring in all those older players for spot duty? Nance or Kelly at the 4. Randle needs to ride the pine for a couple games and think it over.

  • I keep saying it. Russell would be helped immeasurably if Kobe/Randle could buy a corner-3.

  • So, 66-ER, you admit you are more worried that the rest of us about the playoffs. I don’t think you need to be.

  • Phil wanted to come out of retirement, but he’s always enjoyed far more leeway with the LA fans, front office, and media due to success. Karl has health issues which a lot of teams are maybe uninterested in dealing with, Hollins was pretty much Byron Scott-like when it comes to analytics which puts a lot of teams off these days, and Thibs was getting run out of Chicago at the time.

  • I didn’t know you were the one who gets to say he’s one and done, and not himself and his play on the court. Some of the stuff you said is correct, but we will see, give him time, he’s a rookie.

  • Way Way Way more confident in Russell’s future success than I am with Randle. He has a lot working against him.

  • It has a lot to do with the player execution as well. You dont see the defensive system because the guys aren’t running it right. It’s easy to blame the coach. But if you fire Byron today and bring in Pop or Phil Jackson. Fact is this would still be a bad team with poor execution. The Princeton offense is a basic college offense. Had Russell stay in college he might have learn some aspect of the system and had a shorter learning curve. Like Clarkson he played three season of college ball. As a 46th pick he made starter within his first full pro season. And that was after he was sent down to the D-league for the first part of the season. Fact is some of these one and done rookies dont come into the league. With the basic basketball knowledge that they should have. To execute in a simple college offenses or defense.

  • There are more ways to win, but you have to admit our offensive schemes are horrible, so much ISO, so little time for PG to have ball and create plays. Russell’s usage is astonishingly low for the minutes he does play because his main job is bring the ball up, pass it to randle/hibbert and move over to the corner. This is just bad offense. It’s bad.

  • Like who? How do you pull that trade off? Don’t really have assets for one of the most important players in today’s NBA.

  • I agree, he needs like one entire game like that with 30+ minutes. We have nothing to lose. Guarantee he scores 16+ on 50% shooting with 7&7. If not better. This kid can play, he’s slowly getting more aggressive, and you see some fist pumps when he gets assists. You can slowly start to see he wants it. He just needs to be himself on the floor instead of this scrub version of himself that fits into Byron’s system. Horrible system anyways, every single player would improve on a different team with a solid system.

  • Funny thing is the players respect Byron words and know he means business. Its not like he is out on the court playing 5vs5. Players have to get smarter and show more effort.

  • Dude, can you read?? He was asked about the way they played, and his response “They need to man up. Suns gave better effort”. THEN when asked about their fatigue, his response “That’s a bunch of crap”. Is that REALLY what a good coach says? These guys come out here and play hard every night, and your only solution for a loss is “Man up, that team did better than you”? And who said he knows much about coaching? Lol..why, because that’s his title? So in other words, he’s a Pat Riley while the players are worse than the 76ers? Dont need to be a coach to see COMMON SENSE. Bench players while hot..that’s what YOU like. Always say the players need do this/that, without you even telling/teaching them how to solve problems…that’s what YOU like. Talk defense without teaching defense…that’s what YOU like. I can go on all day long about this guy’s obvious failures, yet you see none. That’s called delusional.

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