Cedric Ceballos: Life, Career, Stats & Facts
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Cedric Ceballos is a former basketball player known for an explosive style and a few moments in his career that have forever left a mark on the NBA. In this biography, we’ll dive deep into Cedric Ceballos’ Lakers career as well as some of the other teams he’s played for.

Discover the ups and downs of Ceballos’ career, his notable achievements, and the legacy he left behind.

Early and Personal Life

Born on August 2, 1969, in Maui, Hawaii, Cedric Ceballos grew up in a modest household. His passion for basketball blossomed at an early age, fueling his determination to succeed in the sport. Despite facing challenges along the way, Ceballos never wavered in his pursuit of basketball excellence.

Many people don’t know that Cedric Ceballos is the second cousin of Lakers great, Kobe Bryant. Their grandfathers were brothers.

Cedric Ceballos suffered heart attacks in 2011 but was able to successfully recover after an angioplasty and two stents in his heart.

Cedric Ceballos College Career

Ceballos attended Ventura College before transferring to Cal State Fullerton. His college career showcased his exceptional skills, earning him recognition as a force to be reckoned with. Cedric’s performances caught the attention of NBA scouts, setting the stage for his professional career.

Cedric was ultimately drafted with the 48th pick of the second round in 1990. He ended up playing 21 years in the NBA with humble beginnings with the Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix Suns – 1990-1994

Selected by the Phoenix Suns in the 1990 NBA Draft, Ceballos burst onto the scene with his electrifying dunks and scoring prowess. He quickly became a fan favorite, dazzling crowds with his high-flying style and becoming a key contributor to the Suns’ success.

In fact, Ceballos won the 1992 Slam Dunk contest with a blindfolded dunk. He even led the NBA in field goal percentage in the 1992-1993 season with a .576 average.

Los Angeles Lakers – 1994-1997

In 1994, Cedric Ceballos was picked up by the Los Angeles Lakers where he led the team in scoring with 21.7 points per game. Cedric Ceballos’ all star career continued from there but he wasn’t able to play in the all star game due to an injury.

He set a 50 point career record in 1994 including a game winning 3-pointer to beat the Timberwolves.

Phoenix Suns – 1997-1998

Returning to the Phoenix Suns in 1997, Ceballos continued to display his scoring prowess. Despite facing injuries and setbacks, he remained resilient and delivered impressive performances. His contributions helped the Suns reach the playoffs, leaving a lasting impact on the franchise.

Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat – 1998-2001

Cedric Ceballos would play for three teams over the course of the next three seasons. Injuries would continue to plague his career, limiting his time on the court and making it difficult for him to truly show off his skills.

Following his NBA career, he had a brief stint with the Harlem Globetrotters and in 2002, Ceballos signed with an Israeli team but was waived shortly after.

Why Did The Lakers Trade Cedric Ceballos?

The Lakers needed to make roster changes to create salary cap room that season and were looking to increase their chances of going after an NBA Championship. Ceballos was a big piece of their budget at the time and they were able to free up a lot of space that resulted in positive future changes for the team.

Another factor was the evolving dynamics within the team. During Ceballos’ tenure with the Lakers, there were changes in coaching staff, player personnel, and team strategies.

These changes may have influenced the team’s decision to explore trade options for Ceballos, as they sought to reshape the roster to better align with their goals and vision.

What was Cedric Ceballos Nickname?

Cedric Ceballos earned the nickname “The Dunkmaster” during his playing career. This moniker was a testament to his incredible leaping ability and his penchant for delivering high-flying and acrobatic dunks that thrilled fans and energized his teams.

Cedric Ceballos Stats

Here are Cedric Ceballos career stats:

  • Points: 8,693
  • Rebounds: 3,258
  • Assists: 723
  • PPG: 14.3
  • RPG: 5.3

Final Thoughts

While he didn’t have the longest career in the NBA, he left a mark and paved the way for high flyers. Cedric Ceballos had a successful run as a role player with the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers that won’t quickly be forgotten. Get the latest Lakers news!

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