Coach Kobe Future? Pau’s Questionable 3 & is Vanessa Back?


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Will the Black Mamba become a coach when he retires from the Lakers? Will Kobe and Vanessa get back together? And Deep thoughts with Metta and his new Guinea pig. All that and more on LNTV.

The Lakers beat Dallas on Sunday in overtime…but there has been some controversy over this shot where Gasol rainbows it, and then Barnes grazes the ball right before it goes in…. I hope Barnes wasn’t around when Gasol scored later that night.

Because of this shot, Mark Cuban is now seeking a rule change, which would allow review of basket interference situations in the final two minutes of regulation and overtime. Sorry, Mark, this rule isn’t going to prevent you from getting screwed by the Lakers. (Picture of Lamar leaving Dallas in a Laker jersey.)

Well, Kobe has been playing coach for the past 5 games, but he says he will be back well before the playoffs… (crickets sound effect)… Except, there are only 5 games left and 4 of them are this week. According to Mike Bresnehan Kobe did some light shooting in practice, but he is not expected to play tonight against the Spurs. You can catch the game at 7:30 pm on TNT.

So the Lakers shot their team picture yesterday. And it looks really nice – except for Devin Ebanks, who is just looking at a Laker girl off camera or something…

Update on the Kobe / Vanessa divorce: Yep, it’s still happening. But the two were spotted at a Kings game together on Sunday night with their daughters. Sources say that the ex-couple are just friends, and Vanessa still plans to go through with the divorce. But look how happy everyone seems in this picture.

Welcome back to Deep Thoughts with Metta. In case anyone was wondering, Metta World Peace has a new guinea pig. He tweeted: “Where are the best guinea pigs in LA? And “I love my new guinea pig.” Alright, if that’s what it takes for you to play like you switched bodies with Kobe, then you should get hundreds of guinea pigs. Maybe you can train them to tweet for you.

And in other twitter news, check out this picture Pau Gasol tweeted of himself taking a bath in really cold water… (shrinkage clip from Seinfeld.)

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