Could Erick Dampier Replace Theo Ratliff?

After the recent injury to reserve center Theo Ratliff the Lakers have found themselves unusually thin in the front-court. While the team anxiously awaits the return of Andrew Bynum they will need some help in the post. While rookie Derrick Caracter may be ahead of his developmental schedule, he certainly isn’t ready to handle the amount of minutes the Lakers are looking to fill right now.

One of the names being tossed around is Erick Dampier, the 35 year old journeyman center who was linked to the Miami Heat earlier this year. While Dampier is certainly no replacement for Bynum, he could do the job and fill the minutes void left by the injury to Ratliff. Whether the Lakers make a serious attempt at bringing him in or not is yet to be seen.


  • I just cannot understand why in the world is every one in a panic over a two game losing streak! Lakers are 9-2 by the time the season ends I bet they would have anywhere around 70-65 wins! No need to panic people Drew will be back shortly they only worry we need to have is to keep healthy, that is the most going important aspect going into the playoffs!

  • Why is everyone in a panic over a two game losing streak? I cannot understand why people make such a big deal about these two games specially when the Lakers did not even lose by much! Lakers are by far one of the best teams in the NBA right now and we still have not even had Drew back yet! The only worry LA fans should have is to hope we stay healthy going into the palyoffs. If we stay healthy I bet in June the title would read 2011 Champs 3peat LA LAKERS!

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