Dallas Reporter Whines About Lack of Recognition From Lakers

When I first saw this I didn’t think it was real. I figured this guy was one of those internet trolls the kids talk about today. But when I learned that it was far too real, well, I just had to respond.

Eddie Sefko is a reporter for the Dallas News Mavericks Blog. Recently, Eddie and his Mavericks were in Los Angeles to face the Lakers at Staples Center. I’m sure you all remember the game considering it just happened two days ago, so we’re not going into the details.

As I’m sure you also remember, the Mavericks are the reigning NBA champions, a title that they earned in part by sweeping the Lakers out of last season’s playoffs. It was the team’s first championship.

Now, apparently Eddie isn’t too happy with how the Mavericks are being treated in L.A. He seems to think they should be showered with love and attention from the Staples crowd for their tremendous achievement of surpassing the Clippers on the all-time title list. Here’s his post, which was simply titled ‘Lakers’ arrogance never dies.

“Not only did the Lakers not mention that the Mavericks are NBA champions in pre-game introductions, the production also includes the public-address announcer blaring that the Lakers have 16 NBA championships.

Not that it really matters. The Mavericks have the most recent NBA championship, which came in part because they swept the Lakers in the second round of the playoffs.

But still, a modicum of class would have been nice to see.”

Oh, Eddie. It’s so cute that you think people care about your Mavericks. It’s even cuter that you’re so insecure about these Mavericks that you get upset when other teams don’t acknowledge the success they had 10 months ago.

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Now, I don’t want to come off as one of these “arrogant” Laker fans that Sefko loathes so much. But in all honesty how do I stay humble while telling him he sounds like a petty child who picks up his ball and runs home because the popular kids won’t include him?

Silly Eddie.

I would love to know what alternate universe his mind inhabits where teams commonly praise other teams for their success. That sounds like a lovely place to live. It sounds like the type of place where the roads are lined with peanut brittle and gumdrops.

So, Eddie, while you prance around in the Big Rock Candy Mountains I’m going to try and give you a little dose of reality. Nobody cares that the Mavericks won the championship last year. It was an amazing run, of course, and I even rooted for them once they bounced the Lakers. But seriously, do you expect a team that was swept by your Mavericks to throw them a parade? Trust me, Los Angeles knows all about parades, they’ve thrown 11 of them. (And for the fans whining that the Lakers have 16 championships, remember that five of those parades were held in Minnesota.)

I’m going to ask one final question for my good pal Eddie before I go.

How many times have the Mavericks acknowledged the Lakers as the defending champions in the past? You may not remember, Eddie, because you were busy playing backgammon with the Oompa Loompas in Candyland, but the Lakers were the defending NBA champions for two seasons not too long ago. When they were the ones with the crowns and visiting Dallas, did the Mavericks acknowledge their greatness? Did they announce to their fans that these Lakers were kings of the basketball world?

I didn’t think so.

Try again, Eddie.

h/t – @JanisCarr

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