Dennis Schroder Impressed By Uniqueness Of Lakers
Dennis Schroder
Adam Pantozzi-NBAE

The Los Angeles Lakers made several changes during the offseason to not only improve their roster for this season, but also to set them up for the future by getting younger and adding players who could be with the team for the long term.

Perhaps the biggest of those moves was a trade that brought in point guard Dennis Schroder from the Oklahoma City Thunder. At just 27 years old, Schroder is a player who could be a member of the Lakers franchise for several years ahead.

Anthony Davis has already signed with the team for the long-term, so locking in other talented players is a priority for the front office.

The franchise has already been in discussions with Schroder on a contract extension and while that has yet to come to fruition, by all accounts the point guard has thoroughly enjoyed his time with the Lakers.

“I’ve been on really, really good teams. I think in Atlanta, my second year was with such great professionals. Even in OKC I had great teammates and great teams. But here in L.A., the organization, teammates especially, coaches, everybody is just having fun,” Schorder said.

“I’ve never experienced something like that. We’re having fun but at the same time we know we have to be serious and get to work. Never been a part of it like that before. I’m glad and grateful I’m with this team and organization.

“Every night I can go kick some ass. Go out there and just play. We’re still learning and we can still get better. I think the last two games were great on the defensive end, we were running offensively with pace and sharing the ball.”

Obviously money and role is important for a player when deciding where he will sign a long-term contract, but they undoubtedly want to enjoy themselves as well. The Lakers have long been revered as a franchise that is great toward its players, and Schroder is experiencing that firsthand.

With leaders such as LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the tone will be set for what is expected of everyone on the roster. No one is allowed to slack off and everyone is held accountable which is a great look for all those involved.

But the chemistry on this roster is apparent as well and everyone has fun, which was never more apparent than LeBron looking at the bench during a 3-point attempt because Schroder bet him during the shot.

Schroder seeks ‘fair’ contract extension with Lakers

While a lot of things will play a role in the possibility of Schroder remaining in Los Angeles, he sounds more than open to the idea as long as the deal is best for all involved.

“Teammates are amazing, people here, they do everything for you and your family. Just where you want to be. For sure I want to extend but it’s got to be fair on both sides. I would love to, but it’s got to be fair on both sides. That’s all I’m going to say.”

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