Derek Fisher – A Leader On And Off The Court
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 15: NBA Player Derek Fisher helps students from Figueroa Street Elementary School plant vegetables during the Kelly Meyer and the American Heart Association Plant a 'Teaching Garden' event held at Figueroa Street Elementary School on October 15, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for The American Heart Association)

Just like he tries to decipher opposing defenses, Derek Fisher is trying to figure out how to avoid a lockout for next season. In doing so, he must balance being able to communicate with his fellow players and still remember that on select nights they are the opposition. As a Laker fan, can you imagine him having to communicate with the likes of Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce? As President of the NBPA he has to be able to listen and communicate regardless of whether or not they like each other on the court, but Fisher understands that and knows that while on the court they might be enemies, off the court they are allies.

The NBPA represents all players in the National Basketball Association, and provides many services such as helping with contracts, agents, retirement benefits, charity organizations, and filing grievances or appealing fines and suspensions. At the top of all this exists six vice-presidents, which include Lakers center Theo Ratliff, but there is only one president, only one man who is considered the liaison between the players and the NBPA, but more importantly the face of the NBPA who directly negotiates with the likes of David Stern and the rest of the NBA.

Fisher not only excels in his position but also recognizes that it is an honor and a privilege. His continued commitment to his team and the NBPA just come to show the he will be successful past his playing days with the Lakers. It is Fisher strong character that allows him to be successful off and on the court, and this is evident by his ability to be such a clutch performer and such a savvy businessman.

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