Fancap: Buzzkill at Staples Center

To be fair, the Hornets only had three turnovers the entire game and had almost double the Lakers’ points in the paint.  They hit shots and ours bounced out.  They were able to maximize possessions and we were not.

If the Lakers have a switch, which I believe they do, now is the time to switch it ON. They can’t afford to mess around any longer.  I’m still not worried; last year’s first round series against Oklahoma City was challenging as well and started off rockier than anyone expected.  The difference this year is that LA has a blueprint to follow, although I’m unconvinced whether that is a good or bad thing.

On one hand, Lakers Nation can take solace in the fact that they went on a losing streak to end the 2010 season and faced problems with the Thunder in the first round, and still managed to win their second consecutive championship.  So far, the pattern is basically the same so one can infer that the outcome will be just as positive this time around.

On the other hand, the Lakers could be relying too heavily on past experiences to get them through their current malaise and lack of focus. We could be assuming that the 2011 season will end just as magically when the problems could be much more deeply rooted. Honestly though, I don’t think that is the case.  I think this incarnation of the Lakers is the same as all their other recent teams and will treat us to a rocky and tumultuous ride on the way to another sublime championship celebrations.  I’m not worried. Not yet.

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