Fancap: The Candyman Can (Beat the Spurs, That Is)

Lamar Odom has been one of the most consistent and most improved Lakers all year, but he was especially incredible last night in the second half.  He really rose to the occasion after Bynum’s injury and led the charge when the Lakers were struggling.  LO went 8 of 11 from the field and got 21 of his 23 points after halftime.

It was the way he was scoring that impressed me as well; he was being aggressive, driving to the hoop and on the baseline and in the paint. He shot jumpers, collected offensive boards and played like a leader. If he doesn’t win the Sixth Man of the Year award, it will be a travesty.

Odom was also very candid in his post-game interview with Cheryl Miller.  She asked him “Why do you guys think you can just flip a switch?” Lamar answered with a small smile, “Overconfidence… cockiness.”  It’s good to know that at least one of them admits to it.  Swagger is important and essential to a winning team, but it isn’t much of a leap to the negative aspects of such a character trait.

It’s been a struggle as of late, but for once the Lakers closed out a close game. It shouldn’t have been close to begin with, but I’ll take the W all the same.  Too much energy was expended, especially considered how depleted our bench is: no Blake, or Barnes, or Bynum. Only one Killer Bee in Shannon Brown left to do any damage for now.

Tonight is a big night: if they can win in Sacramento (for perhaps the last time), they will clinch the 2 seed. The regular season has come to a close, and I am a little devastated by it…. but the fun and excitement-and stress- is just beginning!



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