Fancap: The Danger of Killer Bees

I’m not going to lie…. I love fights in sports. I know it’s frowned upon and bad for the integrity of the game, but as long as no one is seriously injured I find them very exciting.  One of my favorites was the preseason fight between Doug Christie (of Sacramento) and Rick Fox two minutes into the game.

Both got ejected and then Rick sprinted through the tunnel and came out the other side to pound on Christie as he headed to the visitors’ locker room. Both benches were involved and both players were suspended for a number of games. I loved it! Fights are always fun in sports and the feisty behavior and bad blood evident between the two teams was on full view, which is what helps make rivalries so great.

I can finally feel a Lakers-Mavericks rivalry brewing.  We showed them who was boss last night, but a playoff series would still be entertaining.  With the Kings as an afterthought, the Suns not the same team as 6 years ago and the Spurs showing some problems, Lakers Nation could use a good Western Conference rival.

Oklahoma City or Portland could be the antagonists of the future, or it might just end up being Dallas… the battle of two of the greatest Europeans in the NBA, Bynum versus Chandler in the paint, the elder statesmen contest between Jason Kidd and Derek Fisher, and Kobe just being who he is.  It has the potential to be an exciting match-up.

Bryant hit a classically difficult fall-away jumper towards the end of the game and let his swagger show, wagging his finger and pursing his lips at the crowd.  That’s one of my favorite Kobe celebration moves.

I didn’t think it would be possible a few weeks ago, but it looks as if the Lakers might be able to catch San Antonio for the number one seed in the West. They are now only 2.5 games back and have a firmer hold on the two seed as well thanks to the win over Dallas last night.  While other teams are falling apart, the Lakers are surging at the right time of the season. They know what it takes to win and can see that third straight trophy tantalizingly close to the finish line.

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