Fancap: Two Words For Any Celtics Fan: Game Seven

All we can do is look forward.  The Lakers will get another shot at Boston in less than two weeks. Maybe after the All-Star Break, things will start click in Lakerland.  We still have one of the league’s best records, so there’s no need for real panic. I just hope

they can start engaging themselves and getting quality wins against foes they will certainly meet if they hope to make yet another deep playoff run.

Just because I can’t resist completely, I thought it was hilarious that within the first couple minutes of the game Paul Pierce got fouled and stayed on the ground for a couple seconds longer than was strictly necessary. I saw him reach for his hip and grimace and just started laughing. No one makes something out of nothing better than Pierce.

It was also very jarring to see Shaq in a Celtics uniform. I had seen pictures of course, and a couple game clips here and there, but this was the first time I saw him wearing the green jersey for an extended period. It seemed like a bad joke with Photoshop… really weird.

I’m definitely in the group that believes the Lakers should still retire his jersey; he did so much for our team. But I also think they should wait a good while after he is eligible; after all, he should pay some kind of penance for becoming the Big Leprechaun.

On a side note, the color green (once one of my favorite colors) has been absolutely ruined for me the past few years. Between my hatred for the Celtics, as well as the Jets in the NFL, I’m not sure I can ever wear green again… who wants to wear purple with me on St. Patrick’s Day this year?

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