Five Reasons 2014-15 Lakers Could Really Mesh Together

Byron Scott Introductory Press Conference

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1. Byron Scott/Leadership

While the Lakers didn’t go with my first choice at the head coaching position in the form of Mark Madsen, Byron Scott is seemingly turning out to be the perfect coach for this team. A team usually takes on its leader’s personality and Scott’s professional, old-school style is a great one to implement into this team going forward. (On a side note, Scott added Madsen as one of his assistant coaches, so I’m happy about that.)

In terms of philosophy? While Scott may not be Phil Jackson, Kobe stated the following after his first practice under B. Scott, via the Los Angeles Times: “We see things the same way. In terms of philosophy, it’s like identical.” Just a few days prior, Bryant not surprisingly revealed that he and former Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni didn’t quite share the same philosophy on winning.

Scott having not only the support of his superstar, but also a trust built on a long-standing relationship dating back to Kobe’s rookie year (in which Scott was Kobe’s “rookie mentor”) is paramount.

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Kobe Bryant After His First Game Back

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PAGE 3: Five Reasons 2014-15 Lakers Could Really Mesh Together

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