Five Reasons 2014-15 Lakers Could Really Mesh Together


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2. Defensive Philosophy

Another factor that could help this Lakers team mesh together is its defensive philosophy under Byron Scott.

The Lakers simply have not been a good defensive team over the last few years. Too often did opposing teams put up ridiculous numbers against the Lakers and it led to a very bad reputation in scouting reports. Reports from training camp thus far, however, have detailed the emphasis being placed on defense. As in, almost everything Byron Scott has been preaching reverted to defense in one way or another.

Over the last two seasons, you’ve seen frustrations mount between players as countless defensive assignments were blown.

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Nick Young for taking the challenge to guard him in practice, and also praised Wesley Johnson and Ed Davis’ defensive prowess.

(UPDATE: Young has since been sidelined with a torn ligament in his thumb, ironically as a result of attempting to guard the Black Mamba.)

When you’ve got Kobe Bryant praising younger players for their defense, it only makes them want to work harder and get after it even more. It seems as though defense is going to be this team’s bread and butter, which is a great sign for Lakers fans going forward if that is indeed the case.


Kobe Bryant After His First Game Back

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