Five Reasons 2014-15 Lakers Could Really Mesh Together


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3. Offensive System

Offensively, Byron Scott brings his background with the Princeton Offense into the locker room with him.

Princeton Offense? Where have we heard that before?

That’s right, back in 2012-2013 when Kobe brought the idea to Mike Brown. Kobe subsequently thrived in the offense briefly, before Brown was fired and Mike D’Antoni was brought in. Most fans don’t have the fondest memory of the Princeton, but essentially what happened was Brown effectively handled the defensive efforts while Eddie Jordan was brought in to teach the intricacies of the Princeton.

The Princeton could work very well with this team because Kobe loves an out-think-your-opponent style of offense predicated on ball and player movement and, more importantly, Scott is well qualified to teach it as a head coach.

You may recall Steve Nash not looking much like Steve Nash in his brief stint running the Princeton (mainly in preseason), which is true. Nash — who at the time was still healthy and coming off a solid season with the Phoenix Suns — was virtually relegated to bringing the ball up the court and initiating the offense instead of freestyling and being allowed to utilize his creative brilliance. Unfortunately, Nash suffered an injury which would change the course of his career and not allow him to thrive in his usual run-and-gun role under Mike D’Antoni.

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and post play, simultaneously — as former head coaches not named Phil Jackson were unable to do in recent years.

If he is able to do this, it could make for a very balanced offensive attack.


Kobe Bryant After His First Game Back

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