For the Lakers, the Sky is Most Definitely Not Falling
Nov 2, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol (16) is defended by Memphis Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay (22) at the Staples Center. Photo via Newscom

This is a team of veterans. And right now, they’re not bringing the effort for four quarters every night. Why? Because it’s November and championships aren’t won in November. This is their job, and sometimes, you simply don’t bring you’re a-game to work every day (or in my case, any day).

You can tell Pau is tired from his extended minutes, which will be eased with the return of Bynum. Also, everybody talking about the inconsistency of the Lakers bench? They do realize, Lamar Odom, who won a FIBA World Championship as the starting center this summer, will be joining them in the near future, right? Why is this never discussed when people bash on the Lakers bench?

The Lakers are the deepest, most talented team in the league. They know Miami is a joke. They know they can beat Boston. They certainly know they will destroy Orlando. And really, who else matters? The Lakers know they’re the team to beat and they’re on chill mode until after the All-Star break.

And fans can whine and complain all they want—it’s what we do—but I’d suggest Lakers fans lean back and let the league have their time bashing us; because we all know, once July comes around, there won’t be too much Lakers bashing going down.

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