Former Lakers Center Dwight Howard Announces Part Ownership Of Asian Basketball League
Dwight Howard, Lakers
(Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images)

When the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship one person who played an absolutely crucial role was big man Dwight Howard. In a redemption story after spending one year with the Lakers back in 2013, Howard returned to provide a huge boost to the Lakers off the bench and win his only NBA Championship.

In 2022, following another stint with the Lakers, Howard would go to Taiwan to play for the Taoyuan Leopards. Now, Howard is headed back overseas not just as a player but also as a part owner of an entire league.

Howard announced on Instagram that he has signed with the Taiwan Mustangs as a player and is also a part owner of The Asian Tournament, the league in which the Mustangs participate in:


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This is an unprecedented move in the world of basketball, as Howard is now the first player to ever have an ownership stake in the league in which he plays. As Howard noted in the post, he spoke with a friend about this some time ago, and now that dream has come true.

Howard also said that wants to bring over former NBA players and other top players from around the world in order to give them a showcase of what they can still bring to the table. And for some this may be an excellent option. While the Big 3 league does provide something similar, some might prefer an actual 5-on-5 basketball league and Howard is looking to provide that.

Overall this is something for Howard to be proud of. He is now in an ownership position while still being able to play the game that he loves.

Udonis Haslem doesn’t believe LeBron James will leave Lakers this offseason

Of course, the championship Lakers team that Dwight Howard was on was led by LeBron James, who remains with the franchise, though there is a possibility that he could leave this summer.

LeBron can opt out of the final year of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent, leaving him free to sign with any team. But a former teammate of his, Udonis Haslem, doesn’t see that happening.

Haslem recently spoke on this, believing it would be impossible for LeBron to leave the Lakers. L.A. is the perfect place for him, especially in terms of his business ventures. Haslem added that this is a chance for LeBron to make more money, and he doesn’t see the superstar passing up on that.

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