Former Lakers Forward A.C. Green Sees Ambulnz As Strong Opportunity For Youth
Former Lakers Forward A.c. Green Sees Ambulnz As Strong Opportunity For Youth
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Former Los Angeles Lakers forward A.C. Green is all-too-familiar with the various challenges that can arise in a medical incident. His mother was placed in a rehab facility years ago after a fall.

But first there were several doctors appointments and visits to the hospital, which required coordination on the side of Green’s family. “You take it for granted,” Green said. “One, driving. And two, the availability of family and people being able to do those type of things.”

That’s what drew Green to Ambulnz, which is aiming to shake up the medical field by providing on-demand ambulance service through the use of technology. Already familiar with some of their personnel and executives, Green recently visited an Ambulnz office.

“I wanted to go see how their headquarters were set up, which I thought was pretty dynamic from the standpoint of there was a lot of energy in the facility as far as employees,” he said. “They’ve set up a great operation.

“They were showing me their technology and purpose of how it works. It was really, really cool. I got a chance to meet some of the executives and staff. It was a good visit for me.

“When I saw the technology firsthand, it was like, ‘Wow. I get where this is coming from.’ I lived it firsthand. Trying to get my mom to places and schedule appointments for her.”

Beyond the new-age spin on emergency services, the goal to further motivate EMTs and change the direction of the industry, and career opportunities available within Ambulnz further drew Green to the company. Their philosophies and approach align with what the retired Lakers big man aims to accomplish through his youth foundation.

“More than anything else, it goes back my passion, and that’s the youth and future generations,” Green said. “Kids can make a career out of this. Not just looking for a job out of high school or job. The opportunities there are not extremely hard to do if you want to try.

“Any person who is trying to start maybe another career, or a young person just trying to get started, they really need to take a strong look at Ambulnz. I think it has a long-term upside for anyone who has an interest in this career path.”

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