From Pau Gasol to Joe Smith: Assigning Each Laker A Nickname

Theo Ratliff- The Back-Up Plan

Theo Ratliff has been injured for most of the season, and Laker fans have not seen much from the “old-man.”  Ratliff was brought to the team to back up players such as Bynum and Gasol; unfortunately for the Lakers, that plan has completely failed.

However, Ratliff will be a very important player in the Lakers’ rotation once he returns. If Ratliff is on the floor, Bynum and Gasol can preserve their energy for the end of the game.

Joe Smith- The Outsider

Joe Smith was acquired by the Lakers from the New Jersey Nets. Just like Ratliff, Joe Smith was expected to back up the Lakers’ big men.  However, Smith has not seen a lot of playing time this season, and it seems as though it will stay that way. Don’t expect to see Smith on the court unless the Lakers are dominating an opponent.

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