Full 2024 NBA Draft Order After Conclusion Of Lottery With Hawks Landing Top Pick
2024 NBA Draft Lottery
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The NBA held its annual Draft Lottery for the 2024 NBA Draft and despite having just 3% odds, it was the Atlanta Hawks who jumped all the way up to land the top overall pick.

It’s the franchise’s highest pick since 2018 when they had the third overall pick and took Luka Doncic, only to deal him to the Dallas Mavericks for Trae Young and a future first.

This presents a very interesting scenario for the Hawks, who are at a bit of a crossroads following a disappointing 2024 season in which they failed to miss the playoffs. There are some who believe the team could look to make some big moves this offseason, including the possibility of trading Young or Dejounte Murray and having the top overall pick to build around could make one of those moves more likely.

The Los Angeles Lakers are already among the teams being linked to Young in trade talks.

Back to the draft lottery, the Washington Wizards had the second-worst record in the league and remained there to grab the second overall pick while the Houston Rockets will pick third overall via the Brooklyn Nets and the James Harden trade in 2021. They had just a 20.3% chance of moving into the top four, only slightly ahead of the Hawks as both teams made huge leaps.

The San Antonio Spurs made a small move up into the fourth spot while the Detroit Pistons were the biggest losers, falling from the top odds all the way down to the fifth overall pick for the third straight year. The Charlotte Hornets and Portland Trail Blazers will pick sixth and seventh, respectively, while the Spurs have a second top-10 pick thanks to the Toronto Raptors dropping to eighth and having to give up their top-six protected pick.

The Memphis Grizzlies and Utah Jazz round out the top 10, with the Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder (via the Rockets), Sacramento Kings and Trail Blazers (via the Golden State Warriors) complete the lottery.

The Lakers, meanwhile, will pick 17th overall, though there remains the chance that the New Orleans Pelicans could choose to take this draft pick as the final piece of the Anthony Davis trade. The Lakers also have the 55th overall pick in the second round.

Full 2024 NBA Draft order

First Round

1. Atlanta
2. Washington
3. Houston (from Brooklyn)
4. San Antonio
5. Detroit
6. Charlotte
7. Portland
8. San Antonio (from Toronto)
9. Memphis
10. Utah
11. Chicago
12. Oklahoma City (from Houston)
13. Sacramento
14. Portland (from Golden State via Boston and Memphis)
15. Miami
16. Philadelphia
17. Los Angeles Lakers
18. Orlando
19. Toronto (from Indiana)
20. Cleveland
21. New Orleans (from Milwaukee)
22. Phoenix
23. Milwaukee (from New Orleans)
24. New York (from Dallas)
25. New York
26. Washington (from LA Clippers via Dallas and Oklahoma City)
27. Minnesota
28. Denver
29. Utah (from Oklahoma City via Toronto and Indiana)
30. Boston

Second Round

31. Toronto (from Detroit via New York and LA Clippers)
32. Utah (from Washington via Detroit and Brooklyn)
33/34. Milwaukee (from Portland via Sacramento)
33/34. Portland (from Charlotte via Denver, Oklahoma City and New Orleans)
35. San Antonio
36. Indiana (from Toronto via Philadelphia, LA Clippers and Memphis)
37. Minnesota (from Memphis via Los Angeles Lakers, Washington and Oklahoma City)
38. New York (from Utah)
39. Memphis (from Brooklyn via Houston)
40. Portland (from Atlanta)
41. Philadelphia (from Chicago via Boston, San Antonio and New Orleans)
42. Charlotte (from Houston via Oklahoma City)
43. Miami
44/45. Houston (from Golden State via Atlanta)
44/45. Sacramento
46. LA Clippers (from Indiana via Memphis and Milwaukee)
47. Orlando
48. San Antonio (from Los Angeles Lakers via Memphis)
— Philadelphia (forfeited)
49. Indiana (from Cleveland)
50. Indiana (from New Orleans)
51. Washington (from Phoenix)
52. Golden State (from Milwaukee via Indiana)
53. Detroit (from New York via Philadelphia and Charlotte)
54. Boston (from Dallas via Sacramento)
55. Los Angeles Lakers (from LA Clippers)
56. Denver (from Minnesota via Oklahoma City)
57. Memphis (from Oklahoma City via Houston and Atlanta)
— Phoenix (from Denver via Orlando; forfeited by Phoenix)
58. Dallas (from Boston via Charlotte)

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