• Ball simply bounced NO way tonight. They didn’t out rebound us, the ball simply went to them… Their garbage shots went in…. No biggie. The true talent WILL rise to the top.

  • Gasol plays like he is Gay! Shannon Brown thinks he is Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. The Lakers play like straight bitches!!!!!!

  • Let’s all just be happy they’re in th playoffs and let’s keep encouraging them to do there best let’s go lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I second that opinion where’s that killer will like teams like Boston plays with n that pains me to say that.Then read comments like the ball just bounced their way WTF????Last time I checked you make the ball bounce your way.What it is is this Lakers is 80% pussys yes outside of Kobe,artest,barnes and maybe Bynum everybody else pussy talented pussys but still pussy period!!’n

  • Can’t sound more gayer than that support these nuts this is supposed to be a championship caliber team what it is people think since the spurs a Num 1 seed is struggling against memphis that it’s okay that were struggling against the hornets that’s straight BS.Is it that Phil Jackson teams are front runners their better if they lead from the start kind of like tiger woods not leading a tournament going into Sunday what is he 0-and forever ,what’s Phil record when he starts off 2-0 perfect I’m not saying were going to lose to NO I’m just saying

  • I’m a kobe fan butttt dang! Kobe needs to get his head in the game and start making points like the old days! I think we all want the #8 kobe back..scoring 81 points

  • chris paul is a dirty ass player. he should get know on his ass more often. and yes…the refs are fags. they are so corupt.

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