Game Recap: Lakers Blown Out As Warriors Break NBA Record
Julius Randle Will Prove The Doubters Wrong
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The Los Angeles Lakers have their work cut out for them tonight, as they try to be the first team to defeat the 15-0 Golden State Warriors this season. The defending champion Warriors have been undoubtedly the best basketball team in the NBA this season, while the Lakers have the second worst record in the league.

With a win tonight, the Warriors will set the record for the best start by a team in NBA history with 16 straight wins. The Lakers would love to be the team that snaps their momentum, and a Laker victory would be a huge confidence boost.

First Quarter:

The Warriors won the tip and Stephen Curry assisted a Draymond Green three-pointer. Two minutes into the game the Lakers finally got on the board with a Kobe Bryant free-throw, after drawing the foul on Harrison Barnes. The first Laker field goal of the game came on the ensuing possession when D’Angelo Russell made a pull-up jumper from the elbow. With the game tied at 5 apiece, the Lakers somehow lost track of Steph Curry in the corner where he drilled a three. After a Kobe missed field goal, the Warriors pushed the ball in transition and found Barnes in the same exact corner, where he knocked down his three ball. The game started to get out of hand with 5:27 remaining, when Barnes hit another three that put the Warriors up 16-7. The Lakers struggled to put the ball in the hoop, and on the other end Curry danced right down the middle of the lane for a left-handed finger roll. Larry Nance Jr. ended the Lakers five minute scoring drought with a dunk, but the Lakers still trailed by 14 with 2:30 left in the first. The Warriors ended the first quarter with a 22-4 run and The Lakers trailed 30-11.

Second Quarter:

The Warriors continued to dominate in the second quarter, getting uncontested layups as the Lakers took contested jumpers. Kobe airballed a three-pointer, and then proceeded to take two more threes on the following possessions, one of which he actually made. On the other end, the Lakers left Leandro Barbosa open for a three and he capitalized, putting the Warriors up by 21 with nine minutes remaining in the half. Out of a timeout, Luke Walton designed an alley-oop play that Festus Ezeli converted off of Andre Iguodala’s pass. On the Warriors following possession, Kobe stripped the ball away from Maurice Speights and Lou Williams finished the fast break with a layup. The Warriors scored with ease with another alley-oops, but Lou Williams’ hot shooting prevented the score from getting too out of hand before the half. As the Warriors continued to score, the Lakers continued to run their offense through Williams. Curry hit a free-throw line jumper to increase the lead to 21 points against with 2:31 remaining in the half. After the Lakers struggled offensively for a few minutes, Julius Randle made a nice step back over Draymond Green from the free-throw line. On the last possession of the quarter, Brandon Bass tipped in Kobe’s missed layup, and the Warriors led 54-38.

Third Quarter:

The Warriors started the half with back-to-back alley-oops after the Lakers failed to score on the opening possessions. Jordan Clarkson made a nice move into the key with Curry on his back and converted the layup in traffic. Amazingly the Lakers lost track of Curry in the corner again, who hit another three to increase the Warriors lead to 19. The Lakers struggled to take good shots and the Warriors got fast break layups as a result of that. The Warriors began to toy with the Lakers and extended their lead to 27 points with 4:07 remaining in the quarter. After the Lakers trailed by 30, Nick Young nailed a three to cut the lead down to 27, but Klay Thompson answered with a three of his own to push it back to 30 points. Steph Curry rubbed salt in the wound and scored with ease to close out the quarter, putting the Warriors up 89-55 at the end of the third.

Fourth Quarter:

Marcelo Huertas and Tarik Black made their first appearances and each made a basket early in the quarter for the Lakers. The rout would continue however, even with the Warriors. Nance hit back-to-back jumpers, but was matched by Ezili on the other end as the Warriors pushed the lead out to 101-63. The young bigs for the Lakers continued to play hard as Black and Nance got buckets. Ryan Kelly made an appearance midway through the quarter for the first time in seven games. Turnovers and open shots for the Warriors continued to be the case down the stretch as both teams had the end of their benches in. One last basket by Huertas gave the final score as the Golden State Warriors broke an NBA record by starting the season 16-0 after their 111-77 win over the Lakers.

# Fire Byron Scott!!!!!!!!

  • Draymond Green is their key player for why their rotation and spacing is so great. Teams try to copy the Warriors but need the right roster

  • The Lakers score 77 points, Kobe takes 7 threes and shoots 7 percent from the field. Soon to come – Byron Scott saying for the 7th time that they played ‘soft’…this season.

    Taxi for Byron and Kobe please.

  • 100% certain this should be Kobe’s last yr. If Scott would’ve brought his *ss in – in the 4th, he should be fired on his way back to LA. Kobe and JC stunk it up, GSW capitalized on the opportunities since this team’s unable to attain offensive rebounds which combined with the brick laying the results speak for themselves.

    Russell took a step back today given the team ISO plays that led to no pts as opposed to executing better plays. Russell needs to be more assertive while trying to set up plays as opposed to letting these inconsistent shooters keep hitting bricks after bricks while playing more ISO ball.

    Freakin inept/buffoons of FO best make a trade otherwise this team be lucky to win 15-20 games by the end of the season. When Kobe retires, Scott should be fired.

  • Bryon Scott is officially the most disliked head coach in Laker history. Can’t wait until he is gone!!!

  • Wait I know Kobe was bad, didn’t check the stats but did he really shot 7%?!??!?!?!?

  • It’s terrible but nothing is going to change. On the bright side we should keep our pick.

  • So i guess i will be 26 years old by time the Lakers are back contention into contention possibly longer if we keep getting draft picks and prolonging the rebuild. I wonder how Jeanie Buss feel we just got embarrassed in front of millions on TNT just ridiculous i just wanted it to be over man we looked terrible. Byron just let Kobe shoot all night i love my Lakers man but i grew up watching a winning team. We can say we are ready for Kobe to retire but we will see if Kobe is the true problem and see is it him or management i want to see how many free agents knock on the door to come play in L.A.

  • “How does it feel to know that your career FG% is sinking faster than the Lakers record” – reporters

  • The Buss family is laughing at the Goobers who continue to support the Lakers.

  • Man this team is starting to look checked out. The body language out there at this times looks down. Not sure what could spark them to show some fight.

  • That’s not good news. This team does not need another ball dominant player. Lou, Russell, Randle, Clarkson are enough. We need role players/specialists who will play defense and share the ball. We can even have one of them grow to become a roll player extaordinaire like Draymond Green

  • Not just the right roster but personnel / coaching / front office which we dont have.

  • Kobe better tune in to Inside NBA. Look at how much of a joke you’ve become?!??! Its not respectable anymore. 1/14 you must have set some records right there…

  • Jerry Buss is looking down from heaven like wth have y’all done with what i have built.

  • The Lakers have gone from constantly making history to being on the wrong side of it, how low this proud franchise has fallen….

  • He’s right jokes on the Lakers fans who pay for overpriced tickets to see the Lakers be a joke and Kobe going 1/14

  • Looks like the whole league is laughing at us. It’s embarrassing seeing them chuckle when they talk about us.

    I though we would show a little dog. A little fight. We got the little and that’s it.

    But seriously, we have absolutely no offense. None what so ever and it’s not fun to watch.

    That need to change.

    Still a fan through thick and thin. Taking my lumps now.

  • We actually won this game. We’re getting Ben Simmons or Skal. I think Scott is going to out tank the 76ers. Do anyone think we’re worst than that Charlotte Bobcats team that won like 8 games a few years back?

  • Doesn’t tank mean losing on purpose? You think we lost on purpose today? Lol sorry bro we suck and it’s not “tanking”

  • Don’t go on ESPN, Bleacher Report, or any sports site. Lakers fans have a target on their back and its hunting season for the trolls

  • That’s on this FO, the apples fell on another continent (not closest to the tree) with relation to the Buss kids following on Dr. Buss’s footsteps.

  • this team has tuned Scott out…
    were getting blown out yet the kids are on the bench are you effen kidding me, the only reason for this is to showcase what few trade chips we have. Im beyond effen furious, we can’t play defense, we can’t run the damn offense whatever the fack it might be….

  • That’s why I said Scott is out tanking. He has no offense. No set plays or rotations to keep it competitive at least

  • Maybe we should trade Hibbert? He’s not going to resign to this mess and he’s played very well this year. Should get something good for him.

    It wouldn’t be tanking but have the same result.

  • No matter how bad this year ends….Kobe Legacy is intact….everybody knows this is most likely his last run….1/14 or whatever isn’t changing anything as far as his career is concerned…..So slow down.

  • Yes i definitely agree Jim Buss & Jeanie are definitely destroying what their dad has built. I think the only way things can be turned around is if they wipe out the entire front office and make a change.

  • LOL Barkely calling out Shaq….

    “Remember when you sucked in Boston and Cleveland, Kobe take a look at what happen to Shaq”

    That’s what I heard…

  • Next years lakers lineup:
    PG: Russell
    SG: Derozan ( lakers will let Clarkson walk)
    SF: Ingram
    PF: Randle
    C: J Noah

  • do you mean TNT with Chuck, Shaq and Kenny cuz thats what they’re saying on TV now

  • No one said that one bad season tarnishes his whole career. However this is pathetic, sad, and heart breaking. Kobe take a look in the mirror and call it quits

  • We’ve been winning so long that it built resentment around the league. And we get it way more than the Celtics. It’s like they couldn’t wait for us to lose.

    And to think, it’s only been 5 years since we’ve won the championship.

  • So why wouldn’t he play for a team that could offer him either more money or a chance at winning?

  • Man honestly screw Byron since he doesn’t have a gameplan at all on either ends but let Kobe live man. Dude brought us 5 chips, Clippers and other teams haven’t even sniffed one. Dude is old and likely done, just let the dude have this year

  • I think they have to start from the top find a way to get Jim Buss out, then Mitch and send the entire coaching staff out the door. Send Kobe out and just start fresh man.

  • His career FG% will sink badly after this season. So I guess you could say Kobe is hurting his shot percentage throughout his NBA life time

  • Pass on Derozan. Dude isn’t going to get any better, Clarkson still has potential and is younger. WE GETTING SIMMONS

  • Lol i hope you not talking about Steph Curry cause i for one said he was overrated last year boy did he shut me up.

  • he doesn’t like being/living in Toronto, an has stated his desire to return home… also Toronto isn’t going to be winning squat the east belongs to King James…

  • I have a feeling that B Scott is going after this game, and Kobe after all star break. I am a huge Kobe fan but I gotta admit he has to go. He is only hurting his legacy by playing like this. Fans are very fickle and forgetful

  • on a positive note, i thought randle played a decent game on both ends. russell had some moments, too.

  • NOOO, don’t give d@m about the past. Not letting Kobe off. Play a lessor role off the bench or something. Let Metta start, this is sad and pathetic, no Lakers fan, scratch that, no NBA fan should see Kobe fall from grace like this.

    If you want to see Kobe, go on Youtube for his highlights period

  • Kobrick only 1-14 tonight, lol. How are Lakers going to compete with the Clippers on XMAS Day?? This is a #TANK club with Bryant as the #TankCommander

  • C: Whiteside (max him out, idc get him)
    PF: Randle
    SF: Simmons
    SG: Clarkson
    PG: Russell

  • I have us getting DD and shifting Clarkson to the 6th man role and hopefully becoming our OKC James Harden..

  • Bryant 1-14 FG, he is now the worst shooter in the NBA statistically, according to #ESPN.

  • Hard to show progress when they can’t play as a team (facilitate) while others just settle for ISO plays. It’s on Scott tho. The pressure/criticism will only increase.

  • The Warriors got 12 straight points off of back door cuts, easy lay-up’s and no one called a time out to stop the bleeding….smh….Way to go Byron Scott, you deserve coach of the year!!!!

  • All star break is too far away. I almost can’t watch the Lakers play anymore cause I hate seeing Kobe like this.

  • I was referring to Draymond. Thought he was one of those guys who looked good because of the system and the talent on GS. I totally blew that one.

  • We’re not in a position to win honestly. I just say limit his minutes and shots. Scott doesn’t even let kids get minutes to grow

  • Russell only 2 assists. That’s crap for a point guard. Is he supposed to be a point guard or ??? 2-11 is worst start in franchise history 😉

  • That is not changing anything except for a stat….His Legacy is the records he has…the Rings.and the many highlights he leaves behind as well as Clutch shots etc….that last year is simply being written as a Kobe after Injuries..especially the Achilles.

  • also sucks when Russ had some shots go in and was looking good only to get yanked…

  • Same here man. As huge a Kobe fan as I am, these games are slowly taking over my memories of him. Memory does not go that far. He has to man up and accept that its over

  • Scott enables Kobe because he’s earned it lol. The kids haven’t even earn it. OMG the kids should have been on the floor the last 8 mins of the game BUT NOOOOO

  • Only way the Lakers will LIKELY keep their top 3 pick is if they finish with the worst record in the league. Otherwise, they’ll just be handing the Sixers another top 5 pick which is what they’re desperately looking for.

  • So there’s hope. Some people say he’s not worth max, but he’s better than nothing.

  • I just don’t want Derozan. We’d have too many 6th mans jacking up shots (Williams, Young, Clarkson) plus it’s not working now with just Young and Williams

  • You obviously didn’t watch him at MSU. Guy has been good his whole life. State title for the city of Saginaw. I knew he would be good, but he’s been better than I expected.

  • Kobe im your number one fan, this has to b your last year. Hibb 2 pts as a center? U must go. Russ u look ok . still need improvement but nice. JC u choked. JR need to dominate more. More hustle. B SCOTT COACH US TO ANOTHER LOTTERY PIC N GET ON UR WAY .

  • It’s 2 -12 now. This team has no chance of reaching double digits in wins.

  • passes the ball to Kobe too much, explains why he only has 2 assist lol

  • That’s gotta be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while…LMAO….I’m laughing and crying at the same time….

  • Clarkson and Russell don’t seem like a good fit to me because Clarkson is not a catch and shoot type of player. I think if D.Rose gets injured again this season and the Bulls don’t make the finals again Clarkson can be a perfect replacement for D.Rose. Clarkson is more so a combo guard of todays generation and i think he needs the ball in his hands. I think the only way these two can work is if they hire a new coach in the future because both players have voiced frustration about the system.

  • this is the problem with this team. we need a real SF. anthony brown would be great, since he’s always going to be a threat from deep. it would help the spacing tremendously.

  • Can’t argue with that, he’s inconsistent but it’s on him. He needs to improve his shooting which goes for his technique/lift (jumper) to show consistency which will come with time.

    Rather see him try to make plays for others when others rather play ISO plays, that’s just him settling in going with the flow of things.

  • Well…the Lakers Were the Glamour team of the NBA, Hollywood..ala the Cowboys,Yankees….

  • I’ll never understand this logic, the D-Fenders had a game tonight(Which they won), Anthony Brown got called up for this Warriors game, thus not allowing him to play the D-Fenders game. Yet he is made inactive for this game. MWP, despite Byron having no intention of playing his old lazy bones against the fast paced GSW gets that 13th spot. And ends up playing the last quarter of garbage time What exactly is the logic there? Why choose MWP over Anthony Brown if you weren’t going to put him in the rotation anyway? The cluelessness of it all!!

  • This team has a ton of problems, there’s really not a single change that would help much.

  • Jim and Mitch are two clowns. They defied the odds and put together an even worse team than last year.

  • If we fire Byron Scott Jim Buss is still going to be making the basketball decisions. Then they will bring another coach in and Jim Buss will still be in the way.

  • If he was smart he would shoot less, play less mins, play a smaller role, and facilitate more to better his performance and his stats

  • Everyone needs to give up on the pick. We’ll probably only keep it if it’s number 1 and there’s no way Philly is giving up that seed. Too easy to be jumped at 2 or 3 seed.

  • no kidding. but that would be a start. we also need an athletic center who is a threat for the lob.

  • Larry Bird gave up on Hibbert and the Pacers basically gave him away for nothing. I’m not sure what anyone expected.

  • 10 wins for this God awful team will be an accomplishment. Blame Byron all you want to but the cold reality is the players on this team SUCK BALLS…

  • Exactly. Kobe is my favorite player, and I realize he doesn’t have it anymore. Keeping him out there or exposing him does nothing for him.Perfect game to play young guys like A. Brown.Kobe’s got to start (he’s earned that), but he doesn’t need to be out there a lot (hasn’t earned that), he just can’t do it anymore. This is secretly Kobe’s farewell, which is why he won’t retire mid season.

  • I only watch the tourney and usually only follow 1 or 2 teams so yeah, I didn’t watch him at MSU.

  • I know, but would you walk away from being the highest paid player lol. Only way he may accept the Lakers passing him up

  • 2nd in command, Kobe obviously has Scott by the balls. Kobe is the secret emperor of Lakers land. Jim and Scott are his puppets on the throne

  • You’re right. And the thing is, we thought that “Hollywood” was going to draw free agents but it didn’t.

    Times have changed but we have not.

  • Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 10m10 minutes ago
    Kobe said he needs help so he can get easier looks.


  • Problem is Russell isn’t a pg since he doesn’t drive and create opportunities for his teammates. It’s hard to give up on Clarkson when it’s going to be hard to build an offense around Russell.

  • Trust me I can already see that happening. To me the FO is desperate which is why we chase names, and end up bringing in vets that don’t work

  • I’ll agree that Kobe has to play less, but if KG, Pierce, Carter, etc. can take lessor roles then I don’t see why Kobe can’t. If Kobe actually put up numbers like Dirk or Duncan than he can start. At this point its just hard to watch….But yes the young guys NEED to start regardless we win or lose. They need to be develop

  • Does Ben Simmons not have a jumpshot? I’ve been watching some highlights and he just takes it to the rim.

  • then there’s Philly, Philadelphia, Sixers, and that 0-15 team.

    That should make 5.

  • No Clarkson is a beast he is not a problem and neither is Russell but i just think Clarkson is a player make as your corner stone to a franchise.

  • Pels have had injuries and they have AD, they are way better. Nets have been playing better since we played them. I think they won 3 out of their last 7.

  • Kind of hard when he literally holds on to the ball as opposed to let the play come to him with ball facilitation.

  • Stats are Misleading….it’s not taking nothing from his Career…How many times can I repeat it…It’s not going to drop his greatness.

  • Exactly what I was wondering today. Plus the competition hasn’t been that impressive. I also wonder about his defense, it looks good but the competition is weak. I still want him though hahha

  • exactly so why are you here? by the looks of things he won’t be a hornet soon either

  • No it seems realistic to keep the pick. Other than Philly who is worst? And what if we move up and win the lottery against Philly?

  • True, but it’d help to have some reliable scorers to open things up a bit more

  • He’s got this season to show it. If not I say we move on. I hope we aren’t planning to wait 5 years for him to get good like Phoenix did with Nash.

  • I agree. He needs to take a lesser role such as taking less shots, but he just doesn’t seem to understand that. Scott needs to talk to him about that, but he’s just horrible as a coach. Playing vets, overplaying Kobe, bad rotations, no system on either end of the floor, etc. is not helping us

  • Clarkson looked good last season as the PG, and isn’t BS a pg coach, so they say?

  • what?? thank God you’re not in charge of the team. there is no overnight rebuild. gotta be patient.

  • No stats do count, that’s why Jordan is GOAT, its everything rings, personal accolades, and the stats.

    No one will say Robert Horry is a top 10 player. Don’t ever say stats are misleading because that horse sh*t.

    Rings+personal accolades + stats= personal evaluation of a players true worth.

    Kobe has rings, okay accolades, his stats are dropping

  • Noah is a good defensive big and would bring some intensity and toughness that Hibbert doesn’t provide

  • The team last year had 21 wins. Sad to think we had better talent last year.

  • the answer is about 5 years away there is no quick fix but id take any of the top3 picks

  • Lol nope but lebron didn’t neither but hes a monster going to rim he wud be perfect sf for us

  • I don’t know what you mean by that. It seems like all Russell does is use picks.

  • Don’t thinks he’s the answer but he looks like the solution….Lmao….

  • The dude is from Compton and is a huge laker fan. Plus he can fill a hole left by Kobe when he retires this season

  • Noah just like Hibbert isn’t as good as he was. Plus he’s 30. Best bet is to throw a max at a guy like Whiteside

  • Its become clear that this season is all about Kobe and Byron Scott.
    On the bright side…Lakers will end up with Simmons or Ingram.
    On the negative note…BS might still be the coach.
    Its so hard being a fan nowadays..i just want Byron Scott gone

  • 4th worst, the real lottery draw starts with the 1st pck, then 2nd and 3rd. The first/worst team in the league normally ends up with a top 3 pck given they can fall as far back as 4th (at worst) which doesn’t happen much (falling 4th). Knicks were 2nd last year and fell 4th and the 3rd team will likely end up moving to #1 or fall 4th, 5th or 6th.

  • I’d rather the lakers finish 5th, 6th or 7th. One of these seeds will move up to the top 3 given it’s unlikely the lakers will suck enough to be #1 (w/76ers around).

  • I actually just looked at the bottom standings.
    Sixers 0-15
    Lakers 2-12
    Brookln 3-12
    Pelicans 3-11

  • WOW not a lot of trolling on Bleacher Report

    Warriors, Knicks, LA Kings, Boston fan, etc. legitimately feel bad for Kobe and telling the trolls and the 12 year old to watch his old highlights ;(

  • 1.)Russell

  • Yeah he seems pretty good at distributing the ball too. If we had the chance to draft him playing him and Randle won’t be pretty until they develop an outside shot.

  • We are into the area of Analytics…and many will tell you that they will go by their Eye Test…Stats are not going to tell you how Good that person is going to be….As for Kobe whether his Stats drop this year or not….he’s still going down as one of the 10 GOAT…you may have players with better stats in certain areas…but that not going to put them in his Class…The Eye test has it own rewards.

  • if kobe cant play the 2 anymore and he’s clearly not a 3 his role should be off the bench

  • Yeah he was forced to build through the draft because nobody probably want to really do business with him, his father was so respected and loved by so many owners so now he built the draft. Also Phil Jackson wanted the position he has now with NYK cause like Dolan he didnt want Jim getting in the way of his decisions but Jim pride was like no Jimmy he probably wouldn’t even let Jerry West have that position if he asked for it, Jim is a big problem but because he is behind the scenes Kobe and B.Scott are the scape goats then Mitch even though these guys are part of the problem as well.

  • Tell that to BS. Only he thinks Kobe can still play 30+ min and lead the team.

  • For myself, Russell needs to help set up plays/make plays for others. Rather than letting players settle for too many ISO plays. If he can’t do that then he’s not doing his job as the starting pg. Knowing when to shoot the ball and help get teammates involved will help him adapt quicker IMO. Can’t let these players keep hurting the flow of the game when they decide to be more ball dominant.

  • Russell is so slow he moves like Kendall Marshall. He can’t break anybody down without getting a screen.

  • Thats y jc shud play pg ..let russ shoot.. Kobe shud not play the 3 but we all kno hes not coming off the bench

  • You could make the argument that the roster sucked last year and Kobe “who everyone assume would be great” wasn’t present.

    But here’s the problem
    1. No defense identity has been establish as much as he preaches it
    2. Offense is pretty much ISO ball
    3. Inconsistent with Kobe’s mins from what he says and what he does
    4. Not developing the rookies

    So even if this team sucked the least he could do is play the rookies but noooo….I don’t see what the point is letting Young, Lou, Bass play in the 4th Q when the game was clearly over.

  • Lakers need a fresh start. No Scott and no coach that’s been fired in the NBA. Need some new blood. And no Kobe.

  • I don’t know, people are making Simmons to be real talent. Something we definitely need in LAL.

  • Daryl Peek8 hours ago

    Marathon Mike– ‏@sneakerseminole

    @lazenby Byron must feel pretty comfortable that he won’t be fired. Organization does not want to disillusion Kobe on his last season.

    3h3 hours ago

    pumpkinspice mumphré ‏@mumphrey

    @lazenby ownership is enabling byron is enabling kobe. if something doesn’t give, they’ll be the new knicks.

    Roland Lazenby– ‏@lazenby

    @mumphrey More like the old Clippers.

    Roland Lazenby– ‏@lazenby

    Byron Scot is doing Kobe no favors, and Kobe is doing Kobe no favors. The Lakers have long needed his shot-making, but it’s disastrous now

    Mark Medina–Verified account ‏@MarkG_Medina

    Kobe wasn’t at shootaround. But the Lakers enter tonight’s game vs. Warriors with no one out with injuries, including Kobe.

  • What if the question is: What would make me feel better at the end of this current season?

  • exactly there is no “answer” to this, this is a rebuild and to do so yo need young talent and ben is totally the answer in that aspect

  • The only thing worse than watching the Lakers lose 75 games this season will be the constant “just wait until Ben Simmons gets here” posts from the perpetually delusional.

  • Simmons is not Lebron he is overhype solid but will not be franchise changing player

  • “We can’t let one guy determine everything. We have to play as a team”- Nick Young

    I wonder who is he referring too?????

  • Oh, I see what you are saying. In order for him to do that the defense would have to collapse and that only happens when you are a legitimate driving threat. Russell seems too slow for that. Maybe he could do that if he dribbled a lot more, but instead he relies on picks to get past his man.

    Lakers big men aren’t going to set pick after pick after pick for Russell.

  • I am really not seeing Russell as the future due to his lack of quickness. He will probably end up a bench player.

  • Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 9m9 minutes ago
    Kobe” “I could have scored 80 tonight, it wouldn’t have made a damn difference. We’ve got bigger problems.”

  • thats what they said about okafor and he’s looking pretty dam good right now

  • LMFAO at the eye test no one takes that seriously LOL. Eye test isn’t a form of measurement.

    Eye test= opinions NO FACTS

    Numbers= FACTS

    So care to explain the importance of eye test or are you spewing horse s*h!t that some NBA fans like to claim.

    According to the eye test guys like Lebron, Jordan, Duncan, Magic, Kareem etc. dominated the game. They also dominated in stats too

  • if only Randle can play better and more consistent defense, jumpshots and playmaking skills

  • I think everyone agrees that BS did a terrible job last year. They had a bad roster and he coached them poorly.

    This year he has more talent but a very unbalanced roster, and he’s doing another poor job of coaching them.

  • But the argument could be made last year that along with a bad roster and the injuries Scott had an excuse. This year he doesn’t

  • Some of you act as if you remove Kobe this team suddenly wins. We’ve seen them without him and they still suck so…

  • You’re and idiot if what you think he said is wrong. Anyone think that team basketball is a bad idea? Raise your hand lol

  • The blowout was expected, 2-12 and counting, and Scott is still the head coach smh.

  • Can he even hit FT’s? That sounds like an unrealistic plan and I’m sure the Heat will pay him.

  • If a bad roster and injuries are an excuse why wouldn’t having 7 1st or 2nd year players and an totally unbalanced roster not also be an excuse? He probably has a better excuse this year than last.

  • And I really don’t understand how this is happening. They have better players this year. What is really going on?

  • trade nick young,kelly,hibbert with sacre,cash to chicago for noah,taj gibson,moore to LA Lakers

  • Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 31m31 minutes ago
    Kobe on his shots: “I got to do a better job demanding some help off the ball & get some easier chances, pindowns, picks, catch and shoots.”
    Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 30m30 minutes ago
    Kobe said that the team’s struggle & execution made him frustrated and led to his tough shots. Kobe: “I got out of my Zen tonight.”

    For the record Kobe Bryant had the highest usage rate in the entire game from both teams. He took 9 uncontested field goal attempts and made one, he only took 5 contested. The Warriors basically started daring him to shoot, knowing full well it would lead to an easy possession and fast break opportunity.

  • Russell’s ball handling ability is pretty much his only strong suite. He’s too slow to just a make a move and go. He has to be able to make moves and change direction/speed in order to get to the basket because he is WAY too slow to just go like Clarkson does. If they aren’t going to let him do that then he is worthless. Everything will come out of his ability to drive by dribbling and making moves. He can’t pass if he can’t drive and draw in the help defense.

  • hate to see that, would have been easier for me to accept those losses if the fire is in their eyes BUT NO THEY DONT….I just want that competitive spirit to keep up no matter what……if that’s the case just trade everybody and tank…. cmon those players should have been more hungrier and more determined to get a win after those losses smh

  • Seeing some of these comments is hilarious….How many of you Really expected the Lakers to beat the Warriors….Raise your Hands……..From these comments you should Know bettet….The Lakers are Bad..with or without Kobe….GSW has beaten EVERYONE.

  • They blew up the roster so there is a period of the new players gelling coupled with 7 1st or 2nd year players and a lot of holes on the roster.

  • Here’s the deal, everyone was hyped up entering this season because most Lakers fans were thinking our rookies would explode and Russel would be ROY, we got 6th man of the year, Roy Hibbert for back court defense, and Kobe (who we assume was going to be fine) returning. So this season the expectations were higher since the overall roster was considered to be better.

    Last season we had season ending injuries and D-League players so I would say Scott had an excuse last season instead of this season because even with the rookies the expectation of better talent from FA should have improved this team.

  • It’s just sad to see the Knicks after one summer can greatly improve plus they got a steal in Porzingis, and here we are, still at the bottom of the barrel, actually playing worse than last season so far.

  • Scott limits Russell in running the offense and play calling. Scott admits this. How can Russell do more to set others up when he’s not given full access to do so?

  • I’m done I’ve had enough we aint gonna win sh@! if Byron Scott is still coaching. I have been a Laker fan all my life. I was excited to watch our young players develop and was full of hope of a bright future. Scott has ruined that hope and has made watching the Lakers unbearable. I refuse to watch them again until Scott is gone.

  • But if he’s just dribbling around hoping for the defense to mess up then it will be iso-dribbling with the most likely outcome a contested shot with the shot clock winding down. Seems the whole team needs to be moving/passing not just one player.

  • Lakers can’t afford to change 4 coaches in the last 4 seasons, I think they are still paying Mike Brown and D’Antoni. What message would this send to the rest of the league if they fire Byron Scott, we are stuck with him for another year or two unfortunately smh.

  • What could be funny is when the Lakers play the 76ers, Philly may be gunning for the worst start in NBA history. Could our Lakers be part of the best AND worst starts in one week?

  • Phil did a great job this offseason for the knicks. He saw how the big FAs weren’t going to come to NY and quickly built a competitive roster.

  • Be more assertive, caught the second half of the game. He literally stood back and let Kobe and JC stop the flow of the game with their ISO’s. If he wants to earn the respect of his teammates then get them more involved, especially when Kobe’s continued ball handling produces no results.

    What’s crazy is Kobe bringing up that he needs the team to set plays for him to make his game simpler and yet he’s his worst enemy with that scenario.

  • You’re the Idiot….”wonder who he is referring too”….Think about it….The only 2 games they Won was with Kobe…even if it’s only 2….How many have they lost with Nick on the floor?

  • that’s why he’s the zen master, winner as a coach, and winner as an executive, and here in LA, we have Jim Buss calling the shots smh.

  • Again, that’s because of Scott not allowing him to run the offense. Not sure why you don’t get that part? Scott said he does this with Russell.

  • A couple of those for Nick were end of shot clock heaves trying to bail his team out.

  • 1. Nick Young was more consistent than Kobe this season.
    2. Kobe being on the floor for those two win doesn’t mean Kobe won the game for the team dumbo
    3. That quote from Nick Young, if you disagree with that YES YOU ARE AN IDIOT

  • I thought they said they take turns calling plays for the offense. So Russell runs it 50% of the time.

  • dude is a pass first point forward(like lebron,LO)…yeah his current weaknesses are Jumpshots(ouside the paint),3 pointers, shooting & scoring instincts….

  • Phil is a much more savy basketball mind than Jim and Mitch. He cut out all the cancerous contracts from last season and used it to tank for a top pick, whilst also picking up useful young role players along the way, Stoudemire was finished as a basketball player and Phil had no trouble waiving him. The same cannot be said for the Lakers FO who are too sentimental and not ruthless enough. He also had a plan B in free agency if he didn’t get the guys he wanted. Robin Lopez for example said he would sign IF the Knicks didn’t land their targetted Center in DeAndre Jordan. It also helped that they signed players that actually suited their system.

  • disadvantage tho is that he plays at his best with the ball in his hands(same with Randle,JC and DLo)

  • No, I’m talking about making moves to get to the basket. Making crossover moves, faints, changing direction etc. etc.. He’s not just dribbling to waste time. I’ve only seen him do that a few times. If Russell can’t do that then he will be a bust because he can’t just be a guy who uses picks every single time he wants to drive to the basket. Only when he’s a real threat to get to the basket will the defense collapse opening up the passing lanes.

  • I think getting guys on the staff who are good is the best we can hope for this year. How about B Shaw and Thibbeadeau for off/def coaches?

  • he is still under contract next year, lakers wont fire him(former laker with legacy) unless

    lakers strike out in FA(KD,etc)

  • According to the Eye test…Kobe,Shaq,Wilt,Russell etc dominated games…while having bad stats in different areas…..He’ll I can go Tic for Tac also.

  • so…at least they can learn to play as a team and not have some washed up guy have 32 percent of the ball and jack up 14 shots whilst playing little to no defense.

  • Agreed, that’s why I am not liking this pick at all. Plus he’s defense will always be bad, hard to build a winner with bad defense unless your an MVP, and I really doubt he gets anywhere near that level.

  • He’s not a post player that needs lower body strength to compete. He’s a wing that needs quickness to get to the rim, and you can’t work on quickness.

  • Kobe,SwagP,Randle,JC and Lou must HELP the team in ball movement and the coaching staff must employ better plays and defensive schemes

  • the thing about Russell is of the top prospects he played the easiest teams in college basketball. A lot of nights Russell didn’t even play NBA comp so he could get all his stat padding stats to make it seem like he was really great. Lakers outsmarted themselves. Even if you didn’t want to keep Okafor he has a lot more trade value.

  • We are talking about improving the execution of this team right? LOl Again it’s on Scott, but best to try to improve the flow of things right. how’s starting all 3 rookie/1st year players coming out tho DP? You preached that all off season. Best to make some trades b/c it doesn’t look like the team’s buying what Scott’s selling which starts with Kobe.

  • yes you can work on quickness cmon JUST RUN ALL DAY AT MAX SPEED even max vert leap can be imporved….he needs lower body strength to get to the rim easier and have a better defensive footwork

  • What you say makes no sense.

    If you’re refering to Shaq having low assist stats for example that’s because he’s a center. Russell and Wilt didn’t have bad stats except for assist once again because they are centers. Your argument makes zero sense.

    Kobe bricking shots will hurt his FG% that’s the fact. Also Kobe doesn’t really excel in assist or rebounds. They are decent but not great as Jordan or Lebron.

  • It’ll come w/time (his 1st yr), but by now he should know his weaknesses and improve upon them now (his own time/off time) while continuing to pick up the game.

  • Okafor looked good last night against KAT. I still don’t like his defense but he’s improving in all areas fairly quickly. I think I could of lived with his flaws.

  • Ok, getting back to what I said about his downfall beginning with the nixed trade. That traded got nixed in 2011. He would have been in a good position in 2012 if he had Paul on the team. They also would have been able to recruit free agents easily.

  • Why the heck are there so many Lin Win accounts posting in Lakers Nation? This is already the 4th I’ve seen with an entirely different number of posts total.

  • even if lakers didn’t want to keep him he has a lot more trade value than Russell.

  • Did you hear what the Man said…The team is Bad period….Nobody want to see a bunch of young bad players…makes you think the future looks bleak…I rather watch an old Kobe in his last year.

  • But everyone else on the team does the same thing. Who is currently leading in assists? Is it still Randle? A power forward? These idiots can’t even put in effort to play defense, Kobe isn’t holding them back from learning anything. This is his swan song so the Lakers and Byron are going to allow him to do whatever he wants. Just accept it. April isn’t that far away.

  • He’s a vet and supposedly the leader on this team. He should be telling guys how to play not playing badly. So maybe lack of leadership on that list.

  • I pasted this earlier as I knew the team chemistry would be totally out of whack tonight given Scott’s idiotic statement on Kobe. Now Kobe skips practice and shoot around and folks wonder why his shot is so off? Or why there’s no team flow? Scott has completely driven a wedged between Kobe and the team. The fracture was extremely evident tonight. Now Nick Young has put the situation on blast…

    Serena Winters– ‏@SerenaWinters

    .@LAIreland asked Nick Young what LAL can do better, his response: “We can’t let one guy determine everything. We have to play as a team”

    1h1 hour ago

    Serena Winters ‏@SerenaWinters

    Nick Young continued: “It can’t be like a video game & you’re playing w/ your favorite player, you know? We’ve all got to share the ball.”

    Kobe is firing back….

    37m37 minutes ago

    Serena Winters ‏@SerenaWinters

    Kobe (1/3): “I could’ve scored 80 tonight & it wouldn’t have made a damn difference. We have bigger problems…”

    Scott has lost these guys. SMH

  • He actually thinks he can score 80? Delusional LOL. Yah….if the shots went in Kobe duhhhh I can score 100 more points than Kobe, question is will the shots go in. That’s Kobe logic for y’all

  • brian shaw is availble, thibs said he will rest on coaching this season…..and thibs hates help on offensive plays(one of the reasons he was fired in chicago)

  • I meant as assistants. They would only be involved with those areas (B Shaw as off, Thibs as def)

  • Done. I don’t get why a troll would use 4 or even more accounts just to troll when others just did it with 1 account.

  • Yeah I know but it’s still…so bad! Other teams at least have bright spots, well except the 76ers. The Timberwolves look about done rebuilding already. These guys are just flat out lazy and uninspired.

  • Man eff that! Kobe is done. It’s time to move on and let the next generation get going. Just holding them back with that one last time mindset.

  • Not me, gave him a pass b/c he didn’t assemble the team, but it’s on him now. Mike Brown could’ve coached this team better to put it simpler.

  • thibs will only accept HC, shaw yes an assistant but both are defensive minded tho…..Luke walton/Kevin Ollie I prefer to be the next coach hoping

  • This man is an idiot, he would watch Kobe fall from grace than to see young guys make mistake but develop for the future. False B Told should be his name

  • Tisk tisk! Not you Mr. “Lakers fans are spoiled” ready to toss away Mr. Laker himself! Shocking. What a tough crowd. Our motto as Lakers fans is officially “what have you done for me lately?!”

  • The trade didn’t go down and he should of down something else. Instead he let everything fall apart and we are on the same level as the freaking sixers. They are at least tanking on purpose, Jim Buss is actually trying to win.

  • Well it’s not like any of us have a choice. We have to suffer unless Kobe gets injured is all I’m saying. Why fight and complain about the inevitable. It sucks though yeah I get it.

  • I thought B Shaw was an offensive coach. Either way we need more talent on the coaching staff and since BS is staying put this would be the best way to upgrade it.

  • LOL NO. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can still have a productive year even when sucking. Its called developing your younger players so they get better. Let them try to win or lose, but most importantly we focus on them because they are the future and Kobe is the past

  • I wouldn’t have this stance i f Scott would try to manage the team as a collective not Kobe first regardlessof how bad he is. This mess is out of control.

  • The Point is it makes ALOT of sense…since you want to bring stats into play….FT are stats if I am correct and they are VITAL in game situations…..Centers,Fowards,Guard all have stats…You can’t pick and choose who stats you want to use…We are talking about STATS remember?….As for Kobe..he’s the only Players in NBA history with over 30,000+ points and over 6,000 assists….Do your homework before trying to make statements.

  • Here is a quote from the first website I googled about this topic:

    Unfortunately, reaction time is highly genetic and typically can only improve 10 to 20%. Two things that help improve it are stimulants and overspeed training.

    Guess what, basketball players already train for quickness in high school so expect much smaller gains than 10-20%. I say <3%.

    So no, a five-star college recruit is not going to see improvements in quickness since they have been doing quickness drills there whole life.

  • Yes but as I’ve been saying since last season, Scott was only here to massage Kobe’s ego during his last couple of seasons. I am quickly starting to believe the rumors last season that the FO has had enough of Kobe. Scott was to appease fans and keep Kobe calm. It sucks for us fans though but it’s not like the FO really gives a damn, their cash cow Kobe will still rake in ticket sales no matter how bad he plays. They don’t care.

  • If you actually watch the games you will see what an effect Kobe has, he is nearly every single time the first player those guys pass to. Why? Probably because he asks for the ball and they don’t have the balls to waive him off. That’s when the whole offense pretty much breaks down as Kobe takes his sweet time trying to figure out if he can get a shot away and while he gets his shot away, he is busy admiring it, or shouting at the refs for the phantom foul, while the other team goes 100 miles an hour up the other end, leaving the rest of the team having to scramble on defense. Another thing Kobe is very guilty of is forcing switches on defense, because he doesn’t want to fight around a screen or his man ran too far away from him. He basically doesn’t even practise with the team anymore, so while all these guys develop chemistry at practice, in gets inserted this mole who just ruins everything on both ends.

  • Kobe is the big rock you just have to walk around because he can’t be moved yet. Remember that quote? I now believe that’s how the FO feels. Scott can’t upset Kobe in his last year so while he should cut back his minutes to like 25 a night, he won’t do it. Why? Because in Kobe’s mind he’s still the best. He has to massage that ego, it’s the Lakers way of saying “thanks but we can’t wait until you are gone!”

  • Again I’m not sure what you are rambling. You said Kobe has this and that refering to his stats and records while your previous comment was about the eye ball test. What? You don’t make sense because your comments aren’t cohernet and now your flip flopping.

    Also “You can’t pick and choose who stats you want to use” Well you chose 30,000+ points and 6,000+ assist while ignoring that he has the most feild goal miss you hypocrite. Also depending on the discussion YES I CAN choose the stat, if we are talking about his shooting I can talk about his FG%. WTF are you stupid?

    Also stop flip flopping, explain how this comment relates to your eye ball test argument.

  • As far as I’m concern Kobe isn’t the owner of the Lakers. So what you are telling me is that we have a egotistical monster who has hijacked this franchise. So the Buss family and Scott are afraid of him? No wonder free agents won’t come, they won’t play 2nd fiddle to Kobe, and get into this terrible mess of a team.

  • Agreed but there ain’t a damn thing we can do about it. It would be fun to see this team for a long stretch like 20 games without Kobe. I also want to see Anthony Brown play more.

  • Kinda. Kobe is their golden son who brought them a lot of good fortune so now that he’s washed up they can’t just toss him out like trash. It’s not that they are afraid of him, more so that they appreciate what he has done and because they have that respect for him it’s tough to tell him to sit his old a$$ down and stop chucking.

    Yes it’s bad enough that free agents won’t come and they now have a bad reputation so spitting in the face of their most loyal player would be a bad look.

  • I was fine when Lakers threw Shaq who lead us to 3 rings and won 3 Finals MVP as the leader of the team only to see the Lakers choose a younger superstar Kobe Bryant to take the league while Shaq grew old, played 2nd fiddle to D’Wade’s Heat and then slowly faded into meritocracy with the Suns, Cavs, and Celtics. So if I can let Shaq go I can totally let Kobe go. At this point I would welcome a younger superstar and tell Kobe thanks but goodbye

    Lakers need to to look at what the 90s Bulls especially Jerry Reinsdorf told MJ after the 2nd 3peat.

  • Don’t matter troll, don’t mean they should lose by 30+ pts, efforts what’s in play. I’d been cool with losing by 20 but progress hasn’t been shown the past few games.

  • You must own this site in order to make that comment bruh….lmao….

  • What part of B. Scott sabbatoge is working towards improving the team? Scott is just appeasing Kobe.

  • Agreed. Hate to see Kobe like this but he’s not helping his cause by allowing Scott to enable him.

  • Team ball is improving the team, Scott’s the biggest problem on this team. Bad rotations and giving excessive minutes to Kobe. Been telling ya since 2013 that the inept needed starting depth. They and yourself kept making excuses given cap availability lol while believing that top talent would still b e lured by the Lakers brand.

    That brand flew away with the great Dr. Buss. You should be jumping for joy DP LOL, your execution and vision have proven my point all along bro. No talent aside of vet talent and no one will want to join a bottom dweller team. Now the Lakers find themselves next to the 76ers in excellence.

    3-4 yrs from now it’ll be a different story IMO (will stick to it).

  • And just think, The Lakers held a press conference for the singing of “Williams, Hibbert and Bass” as if they went out and made major moves over the summer…..LMAO…..

  • This is a straight up joke – there is nothing good at all to be taken from this game – as a lifetime Laker fan unfortunately living in the bay now – this is embarrassing on every level. We are arguably the worst team in the NBA

  • Like I said ..”Do Your homework before making statements.”..Once again…in reference to the Eye Test and your Stats….You listed MJ,Magic,Duncan,Lebron having great stats and passing the Eye test and dominating….I countered by saying,Kobe,Wilt,Shaq and Russell dominated,pass the Eye test and had bad stats in areas…..Saying stats doesn’t tell you how Good or Great that player is going to be….All those I mentioned are GOAT or HOFers….Kobe’s 30,000pts and 6,000 assists is in reference to your assists about Kobe….MJ doesn’t have 6,000 assists……Read a little closer next time.
    The Eye Test was in response to your Stats or Analytics.

  • What’s really going on is Byron’s crappy rotations. Starting 3 rookie/2nd yr players is gambling enough on the season. If you ask me, this teams not buying what Scott’s selling.

    But things won’t change until Kobe retires being Scott’s time as coach is up. I dislike people that talk too much and can’t back up sht. Scott hitting the pipe with all the talk about championships with this team.

  • With Scott as coach, don’t expect any playoff. Poor coach with a poor team. Probably beaten by Philly with Okafor having 20+ points and 10+ rebound. This Lakers coach and management is really a joke. Okafor was NBA ready, KAT has a high ceiling. DLO is not NBA ready and they took him as a project. Lakers wasn’t even thinking of trying to make playoff. Anyone who buy season ticket will feel so cheated.

  • Do your homework? That’s a cop out for you saying “I have no evidence so you go look them up”

    You counter nothing. You listed Shaq, Wilt, Russell who had amazing stats so WTF you talking about.

    MJ also didn’t play 20 seasons, he played 16 and averaged more assist. Go back to school and study basic math. So yeah do your home work because you are the one misleading stats.

  • I suppose the team has bottomed out. Team should rally behind the coach.
    Give Byron an extension to avoid him being a lame duck coach. Trade/buy
    out the players he deemed soft, for example Russell. Go for veterans
    who mans up. Draft Simmons.

  • The Lakers should just play in the D-league. Unless they let go of Kobe and Scott they’ll just continue to play like garbage. Sad that a once great team will be reduced to this pit level team.

  • yeah Phil sure has one of the best basketball minds in NBA history. He’s got an NBA ring ina ll of his fingers plus one extra. The Lakers favored Kobe over Phil so where are the Lakers now?

  • Dang! we lost by freaking 30 points, even vegas spreads were wrong. FO I think its time to wake up and not wait for Philly to beat us too. I really miss DR. Buss

  • This young core is better than our record but Scott is killing us. I stick to the rebuild theme but am not happy with all the moving parts brought in. All that other mess from the past i could care less about now.

    Gotta get a competent head coach and then things will get better.

  • Not gonna happen while Kobe’s around since literally that’s all this clueless coach seems to be putting his faith on. Here’s my wishful trade once the newly signed acquisitions are eligible to be traded. Lakers badly need a stretch forward (Kobe/Randle) more con than pro currently.

    Ryan Anderson would be an option given this is his final contract year but best to not risk your best chips since it’s no guarantee he’d resign next year as an UFA. Aside of that not sure if Pels would consider a deal given his current value/contribution to the team.

    However, my preferred choice would be Ersan Ilyasova (stretch 4), given Detroit’s seriously interested in acquiring Markief Morris (PF) they’d likely include Ilyasova in the trade. Ersan’s numbers are down while playing alongside Drummond which goes for his shot attempts. Hes a better player than what he’s shown thus far in Detroit.

    There’s literally not enough ball possessions to go around between Drummond, Jackson, Morris and Caldwell Pope who average over 10+ touches per game. Ilyasova’s #’s are average aside of not fitting well with the team. Given Meeks is out they’ve struggled with their shooting. Lou the 6th man would seriously be an improvement over Meeks aside of throwing in another player like Bass or Kelly.

    This will aid the Lakers in 2016 FA aside of flipping it for a bigger asset (not that many good stretch 4’s available in the next yr or two.) Ersan has an un-guaranteed contract yr (inked) to which he could be considered in a future trade too if things don’t pan out.

    Who knows, if KD decides to stick around (OKC) and if things don’t improve much in OKC maybe Westbrook would consider the Lakers which odds point to him likely being traded given their GM’s hx. Thus, big bargaining chip there if things don’t pan out. Somethings gotta give which should be sooner than later for this FO.

  • Pathetic. What will it take for the Short Buss Kids to fire Byron Scott? What a joke of a team. Start over.

  • I can’t worry bout all that. Just need Scott gone snd a coach who won’t bow down to Kobe. Kinda why I liked MDA.

  • Thank God Luke Walton was on the sideline last night and called off the dogs in the 4th quarter, or they would’ve scored over 160 points on the Lakers….LMAO….Thanks Luke, we really appreciate it….

  • still improving tho……that’s my point you said it’s <3% Ill take that improvement

  • This rotation problem should be coach’s job… wait, our coach is failing in every category. Enough is enough

  • BS said it himself. With other point guards he gave them the keys to the car right away but with DR, he have to earn it.

    Plus, the only reason he let Clarkson be PG last year is because he had no choice. Everyone else was injured. And kobe not being on the floor because of injuries ment that he didn’t have to dump it down and run off.

    But you noticed, he didn’t spend time trying to get others involved like real PG are supposed to do. Because he’s not a real PG.

  • Fall from Grace?…..Nobody in their Right Mind sees Kobe Falling from Grace but You….Over Kill….All the commentators and former Players do not see it that way….As Barkley and others say….10 GOAT…
    Father Time is the Common statement….No such Fall from Grace…..Over Exaggeration.

  • So what Kobe has Amazing stats…but like Shaq,Wilt who you say has amazing stats…they have Bad stats as FT’s…Which again is a Vital part in a game….Which is why in Closing moments of games they become a liability…Regardless of Kobe’s FG % (as you say)has the ball in those closing moments….So don’t act like they do not have bad stats…

  • Well, at least it was a close, well-fought game. Our team didn’t just lie down like dogs.. they fought like lions. Warriors were lucky to scrape out the win.

  • neither russell is a true pg he cant break down defenses man ans he as slow as malasses russell is no excuses!

  • first of all if it was kobes fault why did roy not get rebound fool thatshis job you forget all the playerswere horrible last night!

  • Coach is failing being a coach. His double standards argument about Kobe and the rest of the team makes him look like a contradicting fool. Whatever Kobe has the right to brick and air ball shots because he’s earned it, I hope Clarkson, Randle, and Russel become future stars and win rings so they can have that excuse too smh….

  • This is for those who compare JC and DLO.
    Don’t compare the number they’re drafted.. compare the FACTS

    Michael Beasley # 2
    DeAndre Jordan # 35

    Greg Oden # 1
    Marc Gasol # 48

    Anthony Bennett # 1
    Rudy Gobert # 27

    Use facts.

  • So this was to be the year of patience where Byron Scott and Kobe would develop the youngsters? I think we all have bought in that this season will have few wins, but we held out hope that some progress would pay off in the future. But here is the real disaster that now plays out before us. Byron Scott is the wrong teacher with the wrong plan to develop these young athletes. Forget detailing the offensive woes for now, let’s simply look at how he has been teaching them to play defense. The underlying problem for the team is in trying to figure out how to play D in this horrible system. It all comes down to our playing off the pick and roll. Every team is having the time of their life because they know we have no idea, and no system to deal with the pick and roll. Every play against us starts with the pick and roll, and teams do so with the glee of a feeding frenzy because they see us rotating like chickens with our heads cut off going nowhere, going everywhere, but always a moment too late. This is a problem with the defensive system, not with these individual athletes! They can’t envision anymore what the coach is trying to do. They have lost faith on the floor and are trying to figure it out as they go because they don’t have a teacher with plan that provides results. You want them to “man up?” Then at least stop playing the rotation (which we get caught on every single time) and force them to stay on their man. Have them play old school man to man if only to teach them to learn how to fight through screens and how to fight through adversity. Sure they will get burned at times by playing “man”, but it will teach them that they are responsible for themselves. It’s a temporary solution of course, but for now it will provide a far better outcome than watching a Laker on the periphery every time dip down into a lane already filled by two Lakers only to leave his man wide open for the three. But here’s the worst part of this…Byron and his systems (with an equally poor one on offense) are forcing the youngsters to perpetually make mistakes by trying to put a pearl in a pig’s snout. It’s not going to happen. And all this will lead to is a devastating lost year of development, with an inevitable new coach next year trying to undo the damage and start all over again. We plead with you Jeannie, make the change right now while there is still time left in the year to honor all our long-suffering and the hard work of the players on the team. It seems Byron has been tasked by the Buss family simply to administer morphine to soothe Kobe’s sad farewell tour. For the players and Lakers Nation, this is not enough.

  • That something else was the Nash trade that sent those picks to the 76ers. He made that bad trade out of desperation.

  • I’m holding out hope that he has amazing ball handling skills. Haven’t seen him try to do too many moves with the ball. If that’s not there for him then there really is no way he can be a great player.

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