Game Recap: Lakers Blown Out By Rockets In Last Game Of Road Trip
Game Recap: Lakers Blown Out By Rockets In Last Game Of Road Trip
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers finally hit the last stop of their eight game road trip as they went to Houston to take on the Rockets.

Jordan Clarkson would sit out his second straight game because of a sprained ankle, but D’Angelo Russell stepped up in a big way against the San Antonio Spurs and would look to continue his recent good play in Houston.

Russell is likely to be matched up with MVP runner-up James Harden who remains one of the NBA’s best players. For Lakers fans, however, Dwight Howard remains the most hated player in the league and this marks the first meeting of the year between the two sides.

First Quarter

Roy Hibbert got the Lakers on the board early and D’Angelo Russell came out aggressive again with five quick points to put the Lakers ahead 7-6. Kobe hit Nance with a beautiful pass for a dunk and Hibbert got another basket, but the Rockets matched the Lakers step-for-step as a Harden jumper tied the game at 13. The teams continued to trade baskets and Kobe picked up his fourth assist to Hibbert and added his first basket, a three-pointer, to keep the Lakers ahead 23-21. Turnovers began to hurt the Lakers as both teams went with their second units down the stretch. A reverse layup from Marcus Thornton and a dunk from Terrence Jones capped a 9-0 Rockets run. One last layup from Harden made it 32-25 Rockets at the end of the first.

Second Quarter

The Rockets run continued in the second quarter as they increased their lead to 14 points after back-to-back threes from Marcus Thornton. After a couple of dunks from Dwight Howard, the Rockets suddenly had a comfortable 20 point lead as the Lakers bench ruined a good start. Kobe would lead the Lakers back, however, scoring 11 of the Lakers next 13 points, including two three-pointers, to bring them back within striking distance at 51-42. The Rockets would begin pulling back ahead at the end of the quarter, however, as Harden led them to a 10-2 run to end the half as the Rockets led comfortably 63-46.

Third Quarter

The Lakers started the third quarter with three straight turnovers allowing the Rockets to pull back ahead by 20 points after a pair of free throws from Harden. The Lakers would continue to fight and a deep three from Russell followed by a layup from Williams brought the Lakers within 70-55 with eight minutes remaining in the quarter. Both teams traded baskets, but favored the Rockets who remained ahead by 17 midway through the quarter. Kobe hit a couple of baskets, but Harden continued to match him as the Rockets remained ahead big. The Lakers bench made a small dent in the deficit after baskets from Randle and Sacre, but a three from Corey Brewer ended that quickly. Kobe continued his excellent game, hitting a jumper to bring his total to 25 points, but the Lakers remained way behind, 91-76 at the end of the third.

Fourth Quarter

Nick Young got the Lakers started with eight quick points, to bring the Lakers within 11, but the Lakers defense remained subpar and allowed another three from Thornton to end the Lakers momentum. The Lakers bench would continue to fight, however as a Randle layup and Young’s third three of the fourth kept the Lakers slight hopes alive. A jumper from Williams would cut it to 13, but a 9-0 run capped by back-to-back threes from Harden and Beverley put the Rockets up 22 and ended any hopes of a Lakers comeback. Both benches emptied as the rest of the game was academic. The Lakers would ultimately fall in Houston 126-97 to finish their road trip 1-7.

Randle still trying to play bullyball. Keep it up bruh, and you’ll continue to come off the bench and lose even more minutes.

  • just wanted to say this was another game were my point has been proven. kobe being used the right way is still a great player

  • Going into the season I thought this team was a borderline playoff team. Now we just waiting for Ben Simmons

  • I wouldn’t say great player, but he can still be effective. He can avg 16-18 with 5 boards and 6-7 assists easy. And get that % up to st least 40%+. I love how he is letting Russell be more aggressive and feeding him.

  • So far it has played out pretty much how I expected. Maybe slightly worse. Coming in I thought we would be atrocious until February and then the young guys might start to figure out how to win and have a small run to give us hope.

  • Blowout loss, terrible game from Randle, pathetic showing for the 2nd unit, just so many things wrong with this team. And once again, Byron offering nothing of substance in the post game interview smh. I sincerely hope he gets fired before our next game.

  • kobe on a contender could be a 20-5-5 guy on 40-50% shooting still.

    like i said at the biggening of the season our biggest issue is

    clark and russ combo and scott

  • To be fair, a lot of us thought that same thing. I at least thought they could be in the 9th-10th seed range. Even the rockets commentators agreed this team has underachieved. We have Byron Scott to thank for being 3-21 right now.

  • True, but at the same time that’s a big “if” considering our chances

  • So now that Kobe is playing efficiently and within the offense where are all his haters from early in the season? Who are we blaming now? lol. Anyway this game was lost as soon as Sacre checked in. He should never ever play. Dude is totally worthless. How many passes did he drop? How many shots AT THE RIM did he miss? My God…

  • I’m disappointed in Randle. I think benching him had the opposite effect it did on Russell. Just looking at his body language it seems like he doesn’t care.

  • the russel benching had merit but not the randle benching thats the biggest diffrence

  • He had 10 rebounds in 22 minutes. He is playing hard, just struggling to score. He will figure it out. His body language is always like that, he gets frustrated with himself but it doesn’t effect his effort.

  • the issue is that he has played in back to back games vs bigger players wile being the best player on the court. he needs to play nest to kobe, russel and clarkson so he can get better more open looks

  • Lmao. I couldn’t do anything but shake my head. Man, I hate that guy. I really don’t understand why he’s still on the team. He never plays so he should be practicing all the time yet he still sucks. Just a waste of height.

  • Russell saying building chemistry with Kobe is fun but not important because he will be gone next year. Sadly very true.

  • playing scare over black is stupid

    playing randle off the bench is stupid

    making hokey subs is stupid.

    scott should just stop and retire after this season say the lakers a few million

  • Told y’all in yesterday’s loss comments, Scott knows how to kill momentum. Didn’t catch the game much in the second half (watched GSWs), but Nance should be coming off the bench and Randle who was the most consistent 4 (doesn’t say much too) should’ve started.

    Just like the Spurs game, the 2nd unit gave up a lead in the late 1st and the Rockets never looked back (much closer yesterday). This somewhat happened in the Lakers first game vs. the Wolves. They were playing good until the late 3rd qtr and then momentum swung to the Wolves and Scott stubbornly stuck to the 2nd unit while bringing the first unit back towards the mid 4th.

    Scott seems lost while on the bench smh. Can’t do nothing about it now until the end of the season.

  • He lacks confidence, something Russell doesn’t. Randles more of a project than Russell given his lack of a jumper/awkward habits inside the paint.

  • On a contending team at this stage of his career he’d have less of a usage level. He’s at almost 30% with us. That would again dtop drastically thus he would not score as much.

  • The weakness of our second unit is a byproduct of poor coaching. Scott’s failure to identify his core is a big part of it. Double down on that with his Kobe single mindedness. Triple down on that with his rookie hazing ego trips. Then his lack of communication in line up change is unforgivable.

    How can you build any kind of team chemistry dealing with all of that?

  • Crazy fact: Nick Young had his first career assist to Kobe tonight… in three years, his first!

  • Not surprising given they have not played together much over this two and a quarters years. 6 games in 13-14. Young was out injured the first two months last season. Kobe checked out a month later. This season is the first time they’ve truly been healthy at the same time.

  • It is also a byproduct of having very little talent. I don’t see a winning lineup on the Lakers roster. Just not there. Not yet. They have young pieces who will eventually be part of a winning lineup but right now they are working to get there.

  • Not how most felt at the start of the season into training camp and through the preseason. I recall many saying our bench would be very strong. I even remember being told our bench would be as good as the Warriors. Can’t recall who it was but they were adamant about the addition of Williams being major! And how he and Young would be trouble for teams to deal with offensively. Most were very high on Huertas given his preseason showing.

    Things really changed since then.

  • thats why i said could be. it depends on the contender. if you take kobe and replace rose in chi they are contenders and kobe could still shoot 16+ times pergame

  • Lou is doing well. He is who we thought he was. Nick is playing well. They aren’t enough though. They are role players, guys you put next to really good players. Those are the guys we are spending the year trying to develop.

  • Butler and Pau would cannibalize. Especially Butler. Plus those Bulls are more team oriented offensively.

  • I think most felt lou and Young would both be double digit threats nightly. 12-16 PPG minimum. No one thought Lou would shoot so poorly. Most thought Bass would give us his same production from Boston. Many figured Kelly was finally gonna get back to that 13-14 promising level. JC is doing well but not scoring more than last season.

  • yes it would 16 shots pergame make 7 of them 43% thats 14 points minimum not counting free trows or threes kobe is taking 5 free throws pergame so thats an extra 4 ppg puting him up to 18 all he needs to do id git two threes to be at 20ppg.

    btw thats on 16 shots pergame when rose shoots 18

  • The only sound strategy is for the Lakers to ensure they finish with a bottom two record. There’s no upside to fighting for the 5th worst record in the NBA. In the meantime, the young players gain valuable experience, and Byron Scott’s record is reason to fire him at anytime. If the front office can’t figure this out, we’re dealing with one of the worst run organizations in the league.

  • LOL dude byron is stupid…..its official now.
    play huertas&sacre over anthony brown and tariq black?
    hes seriously mental i think he has alzheimers or something…..
    FIRE byron please Lakers. end this and hire a new coach. i dont even care anymore.

  • they prolly talk too much smack to each other in practice come game time they aint sharing the rock! LOL i bet bc i do that to my friends IRL.

  • if they dont fire him for benching dangelo and randle he should be fired for playing sacre&huertas and not using a brown and t black.
    so now thats 4 reasons to fire him……..

  • dude i want him gone. i dont like scott now.
    yet another Laker i hate!
    these a growing list.
    sacre huertas kelly coach scott bass and dangelo but i might take him off my hate list. hes just a kid at 19. i should start over with dlo. but the rest Fu..em!

  • Kobe has not shot that high of percentages since 12-13. Need to get real in where he’s at as a player.

  • BTW, Rose is at 15.2 shots per game this season. He’s only shot 18+ one time in his career. 15 for Butler, 14.3 for Gasol and fairly even 5-10 for everyone else. They would not change the offensive system for a 37 year-old Kobe.

  • I’m sick and tired of seeing that stupid-*ss blank look on his face every game. There’s nothing up in that head.

    Thanks for the showtime rings Scott, but please go away.

  • i have NBA league pass i always watched just ONLY LAKER games.
    but i think im gonna watch other teams too. i wanna see competitive basketball. ill still watch the Lakers but im gonna watch other teams now too. screw this….

  • God Bryant is great when he uses his basketball science to facilitate the game!

    Looking forward to being an attractive destination for elite free agents? Why not simply play the way we’ve been doing over the last few games!

  • It’s about competitive ball but you’ve done yourself a disservice in passing up competitive games on league pass.

  • Not sure what FO has intent next season and with Scott yacking about needing to sharpen his ‘pitching’ skills to FA’s he seems confident that he’ll return. Hey coach ‘didn’t you get the MEMO!’

  • Scott’s blabbing about
    needing to sharpen his ‘pitching’ skills to FA’s, seems confident that
    he’ll return. Hey coach ‘didn’t you get the MEMO!’

  • Scott’s confident with himself given his latest comments about needing to sharpen his ‘pitching’ skills to FA’s next season. Hey coach ‘didn’t you get the MEMO!’

  • thats alot more then two games from november 15th to now kpobe has been at a 43% shooting clip

  • You need to stop making up numbers. Kobe only has about 4-5 games total above 40% on the season. That’s no where near 43% since the 15th.

    Matter of fact, Kobe’s only shooting 32.1% since the Detroit win. His last 8 games he bumped up to 36% with the two 50+% games he’s had. He’s still at 33% on the season.

  • Kobe in his prime, Rose can’t dream of touching. Kobe is no longer that dude.

  • is this conversation about how great Kobe is, or about another pathetic loss, by a terrible team.

  • I would say he was the only guy on that second unit who had the motor to make effort plays. Part of the problem is that the guys he plays with don’t make maximum effort and he’s on an island by himself.
    He’s obviously frustrated by his offensive output but he’s still working hard. I think he misses Clarkson’s presence, because both are on the fast track on both ends of the court. Without JC, our guards meander on the court.

  • if i were u i would cancel that league pass got to vipbox watch any games for free

  • never said he was but kobe has proven hes still capable of 20-5-5 multiple times this season on a horrible team

  • The numbers I gave you are the real. There’s no conceivable way to get 43% out of his performance over that span

  • Putting up big numbers on a bad team is not the hardest task. Doing it on a contending team is the tougher feat. This is why they don’t reward MVP to the best player on a sorry team.

  • You’re stuck in denial man. We have historical and present examples as proof. Duncan, Ginobli, Garnett, Pierce, KAJ, Shaq, and even LeBron is falling off in accuracy on a good team. LBJ is not that old.

  • no your in denial. kobes best sg% came with the healthy nash howard pau team. kobes best fg% seasons are when hes got talent around him.

    kobe in chi would shoot bwtween 40-50%

  • Kobe isn’t even the player he was in 12-13. This is how deep the denial is.

  • never said it was but his fg% would go up with more hep and a better coach anyone with any basketball know how knows this

  • When a player is in the physical decline Kobe’s in, the increase will not be that much if any on a better team. KAJ fell off his final season. Paul P. Is way down.

    You ignore the usage rate factor also. Kobe would not have a 30% usage rate with the Bulls. The decrease in usage would account for a steep drop in his scoring output. less shots per game less touches as the offense would not run through him and more importantly an offense not catered to him. Everyone knows Kobe playing off the ball is difficult for him.

  • no it wont the usage rate going down would be because of kobes fg% increase.

    kaj declined on a great team so his fg% went down naturally kobes is declining on a terrible teamso his fg% is gowing down because of a lack of help.

    most guards fg% dont really go down to end their career. it falls around 2-3% points kobes has fallen about 12-15. that is from being on a terrible team its not hard to see kobe shooting say 43% on a great team considering that fallls inline with other top guard fg% declines.

    on the other hands all time great bigs fall around 8-10%

  • For those who have been crying about Russell’s development and minutes. Just know that he’s 4th in most minutes among rookies. So you can drop that from the list of excuses for this kid. But he is playing better, i like his shot and he rebounds well. I’ve seen some nice passes from the kid. But not nearly enough with consistency to justify what the Lakers were raving about in his workouts. I dont think he will be a total bust but he wont be what the Lakers thought he was going to be. I mean 3 on 3 workouts, the passing going to look good. Real 5 on 5 NBA speed is a whole different ball game. On the passing side the kid still looks like a deer in headlights. Middle of the pack guard at best.

  • Kobe is a jump shooting guard. That means he needs his legs to score. His decline is due of injury, miles and age of those legs. That’s not gonna regenerate. This is why he’s fell so hard. 43% is not much lower than Kobe in his prime. Those days aren’t coming back. YES we’ll see flashes here and there but it’s not sustainable, and this is where your denial resides.

    Michael Jordan, Clyde Drexler, Reggie Miller, Dwayne Wade and even Byron Scott were all guards who fell off at the end. These greats were much more accurate than Kobe in their primes. They were 50% FG and fell into that low 40’s range you seem to think Kobe can sustain. Again, 43% for Kobe is pretty much his career average. And none of them had the miles and consecutive season ending injuries Kobe has. Kobe’s knees have been going dating back to 2011. You gotta get out of denial mayne.

  • jabari parker will play right? lakers badly need most of the rotation players to have a good game against bucks

    IF lakers can somehow beat the bucks and the bucks beat the cavs, then Lakers > Cavs

  • Keys things I would like to see tonight,

    The team get more than 20 assists

    Bench score more than 25

    Rookie’s and Clarkson play aggressive

  • 9 more assists and 10 more points (for the bench) and I’ll say the lakers are improving as a team.

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