Game Recap: Lakers Drop Second Straight With Loss To Pistons
Game Recap: Lakers Drop Second Straight With Loss To Pistons
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After an impressive win over the Washington Wizards earlier this week in which Kobe Bryant scored a season-high 31 points, the Los Angeles Lakers were brought back down to Earth against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night at Philips Arena.

The Lakers put up a fight against the Hawks on the road and seemed to be on the verge of a comeback in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, Kobe and company came up short and, as a result, suffered their 16th loss of the season.

On Sunday night, the Lakers continue their road trip at The Palace of Auburn Hills. One of the team’s three wins this season came against the Detroit Pistons back on Nov. 15 at the Staples Center. Outside of the performance against the Wizards, the win over the Pistons was some of the best basketball the team has played all season. Los Angeles will hope for a repeat performance against the Pistons while containing one of the best young centers in the league in Andre Drummond.

First Quarter

Andre Drummond gets the game started with an easy bucket inside the paint. Pistons extend their lead to seven with consecutive baskets from Ersan Ilyasova and Reggie Jackson. Ilyasova continued to the put the pressure on the Lakers with another shot that went down. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope picks off a bad pass by D’Angelo Russell resulting in a breakaway jam. Pistons up big, 11-0. Another turnover by the Lakers ends with another easy bucket for Detroit. Russell ends the drought hitting two free throws. Hibbert finished at the rim off a beautiful pass from Jordan Clarkson. Lakers cut the deficit to nine after a pair of free throws from Hibbert. Russell scored off a smooth layup. Pistons led, 15-8. Clarkson hit one of two from the charity stripe. Drummond countered with yet another easy bucket in the paint. Lou Williams connected on a couple free throws to cut the lead to six, 17-11. Jackson nailed a three. Marcus Morris extended Pistons’ lead to 12 finishing at the rim and hitting the free-throw attempt that followed. Clarkson hit a jumper in the lane. Former Laker Steve Blake got on the board with a corner three. The first quarter came to an end with the Pistons up, 32-19.

Second Quarter

Veteran forward Brandon Bass starts the second quarter off cleaning the glass and throwing down the jam. Russell gets his sixth point of the night with a jumper in the paint. Russell connected with Bass on a pick-and-roll with the veteran throwing down another jam. Pistons maintain an 11-point lead. Williams did what he does best by drawing the foul. The reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year hit the first free throw and missed the second. Drummond finished off the alley-oop jam from Caldwell-Pope. Randle headed to the line. Made one and missed the other. Caldwell-Pope continued to light it up with another bucket. Russell countered with a jumper at near the free-throw line. Blake completes a four-point play giving the Pistons a 20-point lead. Caldwell-Pope made a layup on an assist from Jackson. Randle connected on a layup and converted the free throw that followed. Jackson made a pair of free throws of his own. Jackson hit a jumper, countered by another Randle layup. Jackson fired back with another deuce increasing his point total to a game-high 13. Randle made a couple of free throws. Julius continued to attack and hit an easy bucket in the paint. Caldwell-Pope extended Pistons’ lead back to 21. Clarkson’s consecutive jumpers cut the deficit to 17. Jackson nailed a three and led all scorers in the first half with 16. Caldwell-Pope put the icing on the cake ending the first half with a three putting Detroit up, 65-42.

Third Quarter

Julius Randle connected one of two free throws to start the third quarter. Ilyasova scored an easy bucket in the paint. Reggie Jackson scored four consecutive points. Russell got going with a smooth layup down the lane. Randle continued to get going with another bucket. Caldwell-Pope was a thorn in the Lakers’ sides once again making a jumper off another Jackson assist. Kobe Bryant hit his first shot of the game with a three-pointer. Randle fouled Caldwell-Pope beyond the arc. Hit all three free-throw attempts. Drummond got involved with another basket off a layup. Russell recorded another assist to Bryant. Randle finished at the rim with a layup. Jackson dished an assist to Drummond. Hibbert got on the board in the third quarter with a jumper. Drummond countered with a jumper of his own. Caldwell-Pope’s layup gives Pistons a 26-point lead. Drummond slammed it home to extend the lead to 28. The Pistons center kept it going with made jumper off a Blake assist. Williams ended the drought for the Lakers with a layup and followed it up with a three to end the quarter down, 90-65.

Fourth Quarter

Williams continued his hot shooting to start the fourth hitting another shot from distance. Morris connected on a jumper from 17 feet. Anthony Tolliver puts Pistons back up by 17 with a three-pointer. Morris hit another midrange jumper. Larry Nance Jr. headed to the line after drawing the foul. Hit both shots from the charity stripe. Tolliver hit a free throw off a technical foul call. Stanley Johnson drained a two-pointer. Williams scored yet again to cut the lead to 18. Ryan Kelly got on the board with a layup then hit two free throws on the next possession. Marcelo Huertas made his first basket of the game with a layup and hit a free throw after drawing the foul. Blake ended the drought for the Pistons with a layup. Robert Sacre made his first appearance in the game and hit a shot of a Huertas assist. Kelly got to the line and hit both free throws. Huertas puts two more points on the board. Darrun Hilliard drained a three which is quickly countered by Huertas doing the same. Williams cut the deficit to 15 with a shot from deep. Reggie Bullock connected on a pair of free throws. Hilliard hit his free throws. Williams split his free-throw attempts. Spencer Dinwiddie made a 12-footer. Lakers lose a second consecutive game on the road.

Final Score: Detroit Pistons 111, Los Angeles Lakers 91

This is just terrible and what’s worse is that we only have a 55% of keeping our pick that’s just like therest flip of a coin to determine our future because no free agent is signing to be a part of this mess

  • horrific horrific game from start to finish. how can byron let a team out rebond us by nearly double, and still think a bass/nance front court will work…what is wrong with this guy letting bass try to stop drummand

  • Things are really bad when a postgame article only has three comments. Fans are disappearing quickly. Hope the FO is happy.

  • Darius Soriano ‏@forumbluegold 48m48 minutes ago

    Darius Soriano Retweeted Hardwood Paroxysm

    Lakers rarely run any continuity out of their offense. A lot of actions are to set up a wing iso.

  • “Last year the Lakers won 21 games & were 5-15 through their first 20. This year’s team is 3-17 through their first 20. Amazing that it took less than 20 games to erase whatever excitement Lakers fans had coming into this season. All that goodwill is gone.”

  • Darius Soriano ‏@forumbluegold 3h3 hours ago
    That Blake three happened b/c Kobe called out a switch unnecessarily & then the ball went to the man he should have picked up but didn’t.

  • Per rumors it was said the FO would make changes in coaching if the losing got too bad. I’m wondering how long the leash is?

  • Let me say i love what Kobe has done for this organization but at this point in time he and Byron are hurting the development of the kids..

  • Only 12 assist the whole game with 15 to’s shows how bad this whole team plays

  • I was talking about the whole team besides Russell hasn’t shown his highly publicised passing ability by only averaging 3 assist per game so far

  • Last 5 games Kobe is taking 21 shots a game, shooting 26% FG. Of those 21 shots, 10 are three point attempts that he’s shooting 26% on. Kobe is on pace to have the most inefficient shooting percentage for a player who averaged at least 24 MPG in NBA history.

    Scott should be shame for allowing this, regardless of a farewell tour.

  • Russell and Randle played ok, rest of the team was total and complete trash. Especially Kobe. If he is too sick to contribute he owes it to the team to not play.

  • Russell is the third best rookie in assists this season. Given Scott has him on a super imposed leash, and does not allow him to run the offense, Russ is not doing bad.

    BTW, 3 assists per game is likely leading the team right now.

  • Conversely, Tim Duncan could miss his next 100 shots and still have a higher FG% than Kobe on the season. This is just sad.

  • It’s hard for Russell to get assist when guys like Kobe rather dribble & miss. Or JC just dribbling, Bass can’t catch, Randle can’t shoot mid-range yet.

  • I cannot believe we’re talking about tanking 20 games in after the last three seasons? I told folks tanking becomes a hard to break habit.

  • I think this team needs a faster pace. Kobe & Hibbert are just slow. But the coach likes this slow pace. It’s hard to believe he was part of the “Show Time Lakers”.

  • Unfortunately this season is a throw away due to Kobe’s situation. I am sure management was hoping he could be our best player this season and give us a chance, but that is not how things played out.

  • Add to that how Scott is hindering Russ by not allowing him to call plays and the heavy focus on trying to get Kobe ISO looks in his sweet spots. I see at least two to three shots missed by Bass or Hibbert, that should be assists for DR.

  • Anyone who thought Kobe would do more than he has the last two seasons is in denial.

  • They need to play a much faster pace game. The players are young I can tell they want to run. Everytime they can have a fast break the young guys are sprinting to the basket. Scott’s old school coaching sucks. It’s hard to believe that he was part of “Show Time”

  • Call it what you want, but he is eating almost half our salary. Can’t build a team with that situation. Luckily it is all over soon

  • This BS stat, Daryl. How many rookies get to start in a ball handling position? 3rd means nothing. Russ is not that good. Stop hyping. Still cant drive. Cant defend. Kobe and BS are pathetic but your idol Russ is not Lakers future. You guys are so delusional. I really cant wait for the FO to set things right. Trade these so called young talents for some real talents.

  • So everyone gets blames for not getting Russ assists??? Get out LIN TYPE RUSSTARDS!!

  • So?
    What point are you trying to make? Kobe is human?
    Every player makes mistakes in every game.

  • And?
    Is it a surprise that Kobe’s being featured in his last year?

    In case you have been in a cave, it’s Kobe’s farewell tour and every opposing stadium is selling out just to see Kobe one last time.

  • How?
    Let’s split Kobe’s 18 touches between 4 players.
    Will 6 MORE touches per game change Russell’s .404 FG %?

    These “kids” need seasons, not touches.

  • Cherry pick stats much?
    Clarkson shot 3/11 and the entire team shot .40 and .27 from 3 point.

    Everyone sucked tonight.

  • But there is always a chance to move up.

    And if we get 4th, there is a ZERO % chance of keeping the pick.

    I’d rather take a coin flip than NO coin flip.

  • Are you one of those guys who haven’t figured out the Lottery IS the goal this year?

    And that Kobe is helping hide the fact this team sucks?

  • Who plays SF if Kobe doesn’t?

    Do you think this team is better with Kelly or MWP?

    You are cherry picking stats and not looking at a cumulative effect.
    After 1/4 of the season, why can’t you accept that KOBE IS GOING TO PLAY.

    Why do you have to sound like a broken record or a parrot who can only say one thing?

    Every post from you is about Benching Kobe. Do you have some sort of OCD or autism?

  • If they play faster they don’t rely or learn fundamentals.
    Playing transition basketball doesn’t teach them anything other than how to jack up shots.

    There are some positives to Scott’s methods.

  • What about the shots and the contribution from the SF?
    So you think they should play 4-man basketball?

    Whomever you add to the 3 spot, is going to take shots, and affect everyone else. So theoretically, from a statistical standpoint your statement would be invalid.

  • If Kobe is going to shoot 20% or less, any guy in the NBA could play and we would be better. Would love to see those minutes go to Anthony Brown though for developmental reasons

  • What?
    The team had enough for a max contract in BOTH of the last 2 years.

    Kobe’s contract isn’t doing anything other than holding a space for Durant, and letting the team clean it’s financial house in the process.

  • I’d rather watch Kobe than Anthony Brown.

    This team sucks either way. So I’d rather watch Kobe. And given Kobe’s warm welcome in every stadium, it seems the rest of the NBA agrees.

  • We could sign 3 or 4 decent role players with 25 million. Kobe is terrible. If he was good it wouldn’t hurt so bad, but he is so damn awful.

  • That’s not true. You WANT it to be true, but it’s not.
    ABrown isn’t an upgrade.
    Kelly isn’t an upgrade.
    MWP isn’t an upgrade.

    What are you really saying?

    We get it, you spin everything to be Anti-Kobe. This team MUST play crappy rookies who might not be on the team next just for the sake of player development…. And completely damn the consequences, the politics, the broadcasters, and the rest of the situation we don’t really know about.

    How about looking at the positives Kobe brings?

    Autistic Batemen can’t.

  • There were no other players worth signing.
    With the $25M STILL on the table, it means they can afford ANY PLAYER. And yet, they chose to pass.

    So, did the $25M really make a difference?

  • And be stuck in mediocrity like Phoenix.

    This team has a long term play, it’s just that the spoiled fans have the patience of a sugared-up kid the day after Halloween

  • He does not have to be the focal point on the court. Kareem wss not the focal point in his farewell tour. Neither was Dr. Jordan Magic in theirs.

  • You were trying to use them to hype your idol. It’s just wrong. Dont do it. You boy is not being mistreated. BS just loved Kobe more. Russ is probably his next best love. Criticize Kobe and BS all you want, I support that but stop hyping Russ. So sad.

  • You sound real foolish. Faster pace was the focal point of Showtime. Magic, Scott, Worthy and Green were fundamentally sound.

    Steve Nash ran the seven second offense for MDA. Nash is one of the most efficient and fundamentally sound players in NBA history. LeBron ran like crazy as a young buck in Cleveland.

    Get ya knowledge up. Rookies adapt much better to the NBA when they come in sprinting. Fast break basketball equals easy buckets which helps build confidence in young players as they try to make their way on the big stage.

  • Beginning of the end was that Mike Brown hire… Followed by failing to let Phil decide if he wanted to coach again.

    I will say though that Byron would have been a better fit with that Post Phil team than M. Brown and his Practice binder.

  • Facts are facts. You just hating on a rookie? I don’t agree with how Scott is managing sny of the youth. A Brown should be getting some burn. JC should be the focal point feature on offense. Russell should be allowed to run the offense in getting to know how to play with JC and Randle.

  • They still need to develop the rookies… Especially D. Russell… And the 2nd rounder from Standford

  • Brown was a decent hire. He blew it with the Princeton idea. Should have scrapped it soon as Nash was signed. Scott would have failed miserably, same trash system.

  • What’s sad is Jim Buss picking Mike Brown… And his Long Practices… Followed by letting Kobe play 45 minutes on some nights… While Duncan can sit because the Spurs front office knows what they’re doing. Duncan had 1 head coach, Kobe? A bunch.

  • I’m in the camp that wished the Lakers were forced to pick Porzingis with their 4th or 5th pick… That’s obviously if they didn’t get the first pick… D Russell is going to need TIME… A lot of it…

  • Just hitting you with some facts as you keep the blinders on in regards to Kobe.

  • B Scott… The hope is… After the all star break, they clear out the team… I can’t believe that this isn’t basically the FO having this team tank for Simmons or that PF/C kid

  • Should we not be lucky with the ping pong balls, it would be stupid to rush things out in order to speed up the rebuilding process anyway.

    We need to make it step by step IMO:

    1) Hire a new coach before the end of season to start giving positive signals (or have an interim coach and try to steal Luke Walton away from GS?).

    2) If we keep our pick, create smart trade packages including one or two of our young guns to try to get solid veteran players or an all-star caliber player in his prime

    3) Sign a couple of good free agents in the off-season (Vasquez, Batum, Noah, etc.).

  • Kobe deserves the accolades… It’s understandable Scott not wanting to cut to many minutes from Kobe… But he has to play the rookies more… We’ll see after the all star break. Lou Williams is the only dude with value coming back. I think a bunch of vets are getting traded to get The young guys minutes

  • What?
    Yes, Rookies PLAY better in a faster system, but a faster system doesn’t equate to better fundamentals and a better learning environment.

    It seems like you’d rather watch them run up and down the court in a D’antoni system with no defense, or offensive fundamentals, just for the sake of higher scoring.

    Are you thinking about the long term and building a dynasty or just trying to win a few games this year?

  • Are you really knocking Phil Jackson?
    Did you somehow miss the bad years before Pau?

    If you are a Closet Spurs fan, then google: Spurs Fan Forum.

  • What does Kobe playing have to do with developing the Rookies?
    In case you haven’t followed, ABrown is averagins 16.1 points on the DFenders. He’s barely a bench guy, let alone a starter.

    Do you realize how bad this team would be if ABrown were the SF?

  • Meeks took $6M per year, Hill is STILL garbage in Indiana, Bazemore isn’t exciting too many people in Atlanta, and Lin chose to go to Charlotte.

    And, would Lin make a difference when he’d be behind Clarkson? Meeks, Hill and Bazemore aren’t better than the guys we have today.

    So….. do you care to elaborate how resigning them with the $25M Kobe’s being paid IMPROVES the team.

  • And collect 3-4 REALLY CHEAP starters and future stars in the process.

    Do you realize that after this season, the Lakers will have 3 lottery picks as starters? And as of now, NONE of the young guys look like busts at 19. How good will Russell, Randle, Clarkson, and whomever they draft be in 7 years when they finally reach their plateau?

  • If you are so keen on statistics, then let’s talk about how these really aren’t statistics and that they are averages and projections. There is no true Statistical level analysis being done with a box score, let alone some hack trying cherry pick figures because he THINKS he knows something?

    Would you like to talk about an regression analysis that MIGHT give insight about how who plays best together? Or let’s run some actual models against the entire league and start making projections. But randomly picking stats doesn’t mean much.

    Correlation isn’t Causation.

  • As long as I see 2 from 15 from Kobe, I have nothing else to blame but him being selfish and Byron for letting him shoot that much. I grew up watching Kobe and was his biggest fan. But through this season I’ll become his hater. I can not believe that he is so selfish and arrogant. You can’t expect other guys play hard on both ends of the floor when one player is playing like this. I feel sorry for those guys.

  • Again, rookies develop better when they run early and often. Easy buckets = confidence. Practice and the off-season is where they work on fundamentals. The assimilate into good team chemistry better when using those young legs on the fly.

  • Fundamentals are taught. Just because of a faster pace doesn’t mean they forget the basics of basketball. But using 23 seconds of the shot clock just to take a bad shot isn’t helping them now.

  • Not seeing his talents is not hating. Have I ever called him names? I did call his fans delusional and Russtards because they are becoming Lin type delusional fans. This team needs new proven stars to build on. Definitely not Russ, maybe not JC and Randle. That’s how I see it.

  • This season has been crap.
    1. Byron needs to go
    2. Kobe should only be playing 20min a game and no b2b games.
    3. Anthony Brown should get all of Metta’s minutes.
    4. Clarkson, Russell and Randle should play 30min each.
    5. Nance/Bass is NOT WORKING…either Nance/Black or Bass/Black.
    6. Young deserves more minutes. He’s been consistent and is playing decent defense.
    7. We need a solid backup pg.
    This season is a waste. Can’t wait for next year.

  • Nah the old site was out dated lmfao. It shouldn’t take forever to load. This is much more smooth and they got rid of those crap vines that made articles take forever to load.

  • If it wasn’t for Kobe’s farewell tour I think the number of fans attending the games would drop real hard.

  • THE GOOD: (I got nothin)
    THE BAD: Russell’s turnovers are increasing with his minutes
    THE UGLY: First real “quit” loss of the season….not a good sign when it’s still early December.

  • Russell’s to’s are up due to being more aggressive which I think is a good thing mostly. He needs to be aggressive and play his game. He will learn from the mistakes.

  • i dont mind his mistakes a long as he’s trying to do more which he has been lately

  • Oh, man. They killed our lakersnation I cannot comment anymore. I’m trying since yesterday and nothing. i wanna my favorite site back

  • Huertas – 8 points 4 ast 1 reb 3-5 FG in 12 minutes , 45.% 3PT (season), trade this guy, free him!

  • 18 touches? He shot the ball 15 times last night. Even Kobe passes the ball more than 3 times. He probably gets at least 30 touches a game.

  • Not a concern long-term, just an observation. He needs to learn that, just because a guy is “open”, doesn’t mean he needs to deliver the ball — guys need to be ready to receive it as well and there have been a couple that nobody could possibly get.

  • Isn’t it possible that these slow starts are partially because the team is adjusting to Kobe, who doesn’t practice with them? And isn’t it possible that if Kobe’s minutes were lowered down to 20-25 mins, then he would have more energy and be more efficient? Isn’t it possible that road crowds on Kobe’s farewell tour would be just as happy with 20 mins as 35 mins? Isn’t it possible that we all would rather see a well rested more efficient Kobe than the one we’re seeing now? And isn’t it possible that if he didn’t need to rest so much then he would be able to participate a little more in practice? Isn’t it possible that this is all obvious to everyone but B Scott?!? GEEZ!!

  • Ok I get it. We’re tanking without letting it be known, the players don’t know it but Jim, Mitch and Byron do. They need to do everyone a favor and let it be known.

  • I hope so. Maybe the ticket prices will drop and the FO will wake up and make some changes.

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