Game Recap: Lakers Fall To Knicks In Fourth Quarter

By Maximo Gonzales

The Los Angeles Lakers (1-4) got their road trip off to a solid start, defeating the Brooklyn Nets 104-98 last Friday. The Lakers displayed a balanced offensive attack and for the first time this season held an opponent to under 100 points.

Los Angeles would try to keep that winning formula going as they head across the Hudson River to face the New York Knicks (2-4). No doubt two of the more storied organizations in the NBA, with Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher now at the helm of the New York franchise, this makes for an interesting early season matchup in Madison Square Garden.

First Quarter:
The Knicks got off to a hot start with a couple of three’s from Carmelo Anthony and the former Laker, Sasha Vujacic. The Lakers then countered with a soft floater from D’Angelo Russell to bring the score 10-4 in favor of the Knicks. Kobe got it going on the defensive end, poking the ball away from Carmelo en route to a Jordan Clarkson finish on the other end to cut the lead to two. That seemed to get it going for Kobe as he caught fire midway through the first, scoring seven straight points for the purple and gold to tie the game at 18. The two sides continued to go back and forth before the Lakers took the lead 23-22 with two minutes left in the quarter on a pair of Lou Williams’ free throws. Sweet Lou would hit another jumper as the first quarter came to the end all tied up at 25. The Lakers did a great job of taking the ball to begin the game with only one turnover in the first.

Second Quarter:
Tarik Black made his presence felt with a couple of strong finishes at the rim coming off sweet dimes from Kobe and Williams to tie the game at 29. The bench for the Lakers started to take over after a steal from Williams would lead to an alley-oop finish to Larry Nance to put Los Angeles up by three. Knicks guard Langston Galloway ignited the offense by hitting a three followed by a fast break layup to give New York the lead 38-37. Metta World Peace got some heavy minutes in, applying his heavy dose of defense with blocks on Carmelo and rookie Kristaps Porzingis. He then began contributing on the offensive end with a three to put the Lakers back up 42-40. The draft class of 2015 started to make some noise with two minutes left in the half as Porzingis hit a three to put the Knicks up by one. Russell would answer back setting up a soft jumper of his own to regain the lead. The Lakers ended the half on a high note with a three-pointer from Clarkson with the score, 49-45.

Third Quarter:
The second half began much like the first, with Vujacic hitting a jumper of the Carmelo assist. Randle came back with his second and third buckets of the game coming on a delicious dime from Russell as the Lakers took a 55-47 lead. Carmelo kept the Knicks in the game with a couple of his signature soft jumpers to cut the Laker lead to four. With about eight minutes left in the third, there was a strange sequence of events that included three steals in less than 15 seconds that resulted in a missed layup by Clarkson. Shortly after, Derek Fisher was ejected for yelling at the ref after Kobe was fouled by Porzingis at the three-point line. The Knicks answered back with back-to-back finishes by Robin Lopez to bring the score to 58-57 midway through the third. The Lakers would break a two-minute scoring drought with a three from Clarkson followed by a smooth jumper from Russell to retake the lead 65-63. The Knicks took back the lead with 2:00 remaining in the third with four straight points from Lance Thomas. Nick Young would finish off the quarter with a nice drive and finish. However, the Knicks would lead by one heading into the fourth.

Fourth Quarter:
The Lakers got the fourth quarter going with Tarik Black and Kobe switching off hitting shots to take a 74-72 lead. The two combined to score the first eight points for L.A. before Jose Calderon answered back with a three to tie the game at 78. World Peace started to catch fire with a jumper, followed by a three to give the Lakers an 86-80 lead with seven minutes left to go in the game. Carmelo would not be silenced as he came back with a three of his own to cut the Laker lead to three. Both teams went cold from the floor before Carmelo ended the drought with a mid-range jumper to give him 20 in the game with the score 86-85. Intensity began to rise down the final stretch, as a battle on the boards would send Roy Hibbert to the line to sink his eighth free-throw giving him 16 for the day. With two minutes left in the fourth, Langston Galloway hit a three, followed by a pair of free-throws from Carmelo to give the Knicks a 94-90 lead. The Lakers went six minutes without a field goal before finally getting on the board with a putback by Hibbert with 20 seconds left. But it would be too little too late as the Knicks would escape with a 99-95 win.

Gave another one away

  • Guys. I’m not a Charles Barkley fan. But i have to agree with the guy in terms of the PF position.
    He always talks about the main thing to be a good Power Foward is rebound the ball well. And Julius have to that learn quickly. With Nance we gave away way less offense rebounds

  • Why doesn’t BS let Russell close a game. The commentators even emphasized the fact that Russell was being taken out with a little over a minute in the 4th.

  • Nick Young is playing too well to not be traded for a draft pick.. He’s gone at the trade deadline.

  • Kobe is so thoughful. After getting the Lakers five rings his parting gift to us fans will be this guy…

  • The Knicks were too big. Lopez and Porzingis made it hard for him to rebound or even score.

  • Box out is the main goal. Nance does that well. Not a shot against Randle. The kid is a rookie and way more young than Nance is

  • I’m beginning to believe that Kobe and BS have a mutual agreement to tank this season being Kobes last.
    No way can Kobe chuck so many shots and have bs expect us to win like this.
    Ben Simmons or Skal Labissiere

  • Sadly a 36 Y/O MWP is one of the better players on the roster. Tells you a lot. I will give Scott credit for benching that stiff Ryan Kelly. I want to see Nance get his minutes.

  • Lakers no longer have players with the “it factor”. It use to be fun watching the Lakers.

    Now we just have players were the commentators are trying to PUSH as players to be excited about. But from what I can see….. meh

  • I was thinking the same thing. I really don’t believe Kobe would force this many 3s every night if there weren’t a plan in place by the higher up.

  • We have too many young kids. Is expect we will lose close games. I’m happy with the close games… Even if we lose. We can’t be blow out

  • I’d like to think Kobe is giving LA the security of the top 3 pick in his swan song.
    Kobe is too smart to be playing like this

  • You two think Kobe is ruining his own stats and reputation in his last year to help the Lakers land a top pick? No way. Now Byron may be letting him go out there and embarrass himself by giving him all these minutes but no way is Kobe doing this on purpose. He is done.

  • What good is competing and getting 36 wins, a 6th round pick, just to miss the playoffs and give the pick to Philadelphia?

    Durant won’t come to LA, and you miss a chance to pick the team’s SF for the next 12 years.

  • No reason why Nick Young is only playing 18 minutes a game with how efficient he is this season. When Huertas played alongside Nick and Lou the offense was flowing pretty well. Why is Scott heIIbent on playing Lou as the PG? He needs to swap Kobe’s minutes with Nick’s and put in Anthony Brown too. Kobe looks DONE out there. Why keep forcing the issue. He should not be leading this team in minutes.

  • Haha definitely a possibility. Kobe would be the first to know if this were a contending team or not, maybe this is a tank job. Kobe always wanted to retire with the Lakers in good hands, if that means (Randle, Simmons, Clarkson, Russell) I’m good

  • We have a lot of young guys. We pay for our inexperience today. But as much i respect a coach for been close of the team everyday. I can’t agree with Byron’s rotation late in the game today.

    Nance was playing very good D. And Lou was effective with the screen and roll play. Sub both of them killed us

  • It’s hard to have an “it factor” when your team is comprised of rookies.

    Randle, Russell, Clarkson, and Nance have an IT factor, it’s just being shrouded by the inconsistencies of being rookies.

  • Scott’s not trying to win. He’s trying to put guys in a position to learn how to win. Sometimes winning is a good learning experience, but overall the point of this year’s team is to give the “core 8” a year of playing experience.

  • what was the point of benching Kobe early in the 4th? He was getting hot and got benched… only to get back in the game a few minutes later. Very difficult to get into the rhythm with this sort of strategy

  • The coach has a responsible job to do each game. How come he never calls a time-out when the knicks are making a run? How come he can’t read the game and use the right rotation at the right time? There’s a lot of potential in this team, you just feel it, but he just can’t use them to evolve/help the team. These isolation routine needs to end. Moving the ball will actually free up someone for an easy shot…basketball basics!

  • They’re literally trying to force feed Kobe the ball in the final minutes. Don’t think the Lakers will keep the pick if they happen to be a 2nd or 3rd seed this season. If the reporters had testicular fortitude they’d ask Scott, what lessons have the youngsters leaned in not being able to close out games? LOL

  • The only reason I speculate that is because look at his attempts, mainly all 3s. No matter how old you get, or game starts to decline, you’ll always have IQ. Kobe would never throw up this many 3s ever on a regular basis, never.

  • LOL. The reporters ask such soft questions. They never challenge Byron and question his decisions.

  • No way is the league giving the pick to Philadelphia
    They are blatantly tanking and I believe the lottery is rigged to begin with

  • I wonder if they can trade both Nick and Lou for a real SF who can hit shots and play defense…wonder if that twin in Phoenix still wants out.

  • Today was 0 Kobe’s fault. D’angelo, Clarkson and Randle don’t did the job well down the stretch

  • No…Kobe is too competitive, it’s not in his DNA to Tank. Not buying it at all.

  • Scott always takes Russell out closing minutes of the 4th too, really helpful for his development. Scott is neither developing or helping us win.

  • 3’s are easier for him to shoot now which is why he shoots so many and barely shoots his mid-range shot anymore.

  • Kobe is too smart to be doing this he knew from the jump this is not a playoff team I’m just trying to see the bigger picture

  • Yeah. So what they are talking about Kobe? Everyone played bad in the last minutes

  • Not blaming Kobe, just really don’t understand this many 3s. No one could score tonight, other than Young. Same result would happen, had Kobe not shot

  • Byron Scott wanted to rest kobe for the final minutes. He was hoping Kobe would be well rested and would finish the game hitting a game winner.

    They’ve been trying to pull this move ever since BS was coach.

  • As it’s a team game they are all at fault really. The offense is bad and the defense is even worse. Clarkson didn’t have his usual good game so that plays a part in it as well.

  • Nance was playing against second stringers, although Randle still rebounded at a higher rate. Hibbert, Kobe are bad rebounders which puts a lot of pressure on Randle. Black, Metta and Nance all good rebounders.

  • Some fans think the team looked for Kobe down the stretch instead of running the offense. There was no offensive flow late in the 4th

  • I agree. But to me it’s Clarkson and Russel fault. Both have to be agressive when the game matters most.

  • If it ends up like that..with Randle, Simmons, Clarkson and Russell
    Kobe and BS had this planned all along. And it’s a beautiful thing frankly.
    The lottery is rigged to begin with , if we continue being this bad ..the league has to give us that top 3 pick the NBA is a business
    Look at the wolves they had the driest playoff record In the last decade and all of a sudden boom 3 lottery picks.
    I have no doubt the league will give us a top 3 in Kobes final year as a form of compensation we haven’t been to the playoffs in 5 years going on 6
    Call me crazy but the NBA is a business

  • Russell sounds frustrated at calling plays and the team ignoring him. I would be too.

  • Best bet is to trade some players from the 2nd unit. There’s some teams struggling given their lack of depth.

  • Kobe had 2 rebounds tonight in 33 minutes, but please blame Randle who had 11 in 30 minutes

  • yup that 4th qtr execution was terrible. they stopped doing what got them the lead

  • I’d prefer a stretch 4 and move Randle to the 3 next season depending on if/or who they land.

  • Why? He’s an inefficient smaller version of Nick who plays no defense. Package them together and they can get something good in return. Mitch signed them both for a reason so don’t be shocked if one or both leave.

  • Funny thing this whole mentality scott has with rookies has totally backfired. It’s influenced every player on this team to think russell isn’t a top option offensively, there treating him like fisher back in his playing days. Watched the whole game and I’m just disgusted, after coming to grips with kobe being as bad as jordan at 40, our second best player in my opinion is russell. The offense is designed for him to initiate the offense then maybe get the ball back after making a routine pass every 10 possessions. Worst play of the game Lo brings up the ball passes it to clarkson who surveys the defense running the clock all the way down then kicks out to randle for THREE. Are you kidding me?And it was late 4th quarter. This is why its laughable to me when people say he’s a pg, that’s just not his game. I said russell would struggle because there is 5 players on this team that think they should be taking as many shots as him if not more and tonight was a perfect example. Lou, kobe, clarkson randle, young all shot horribly. Randle’s game just isn’t polished enough which is why he has really good games and then a game like this. He will get better though and be a All-star. Scott relies on Lou like he’s a max player, love his play but come on he’s solid nothing more.

  • Morris twin is listed as a PF. He or Randle can play either position. It could be up to them or the coach.

  • Because he wants D’angelo to earn his court time.
    And truth be told, Russell isn’t good enough yet to be on the court.

    It isn’t just about playing time.. it’s about “forming” a complete player and helping them be prepared for a long career as a star.

    If Scott just gave Russell 35 minutes, Russell would have no incentive to get better or improve.

  • They need to start building for something quickly. I don’t see the point in bringing in all these guys and then they don’t play. What was the point in signing Bass? Trade him too. I like Nance better.

  • D’Angelo Russell on what he wants to continue to work on individually: โ€œbeing the floor general, gaining everybody’s respect.”

  • Wouldn’t the league smile if the Lakers legitimately got a top 3 pick and helped nullify the “tanking” that Philadelphia is doing?

    And if the Lakers were to get the #1 pick, I’m not sure the league would “rig” much.

  • LOL, who do these players think they are besides kobe, what player on this team has the right to be ignoring him out there.

  • I agree you can’t have both of them there complete hit or miss players, I’d rather see A.brown in the game instead of swag.

  • So stupid, I would just start benching any player that ignores him. Including, especially Kobe

  • I kinda agree… And as much as some folks hate it, the Lakers ARE the #2 most recognized franchise in the world and when the Lakers do good, the entire league does good.

    Also, if they were to get Ben, it would still take 2-3 years for the team to rise. Which would be good for the league and fans as they watch a new dynasty being formed.

    Think about this…
    Ben, Randle, Russell, and Clarkson would be playing on rookie contracts. Total they wouldn’t take up more than $30M of cap space. The team would be set in terms of cap and free agent spending for the next 4-5 years! It makes a lot of sense from a financial perspective to tank.

  • So lakersnation will post recap of every game LA loses, but they wouldn’t post the recap of that one game they won? SMH

  • I think Nick young is on his way out sooner rather than later. He’s playing really well on defense (by his standards) and he’s been really efficient.

  • Love how we get articles about loses but the one game we win isnt really covered anywhere and when it is, the article is still trashing the team. I smell…. Hate

  • They may not make them, but Clarkson, Randle, Kobe Lou Young are all iso players

  • They wouldn’t keep the pick?
    4 of the top 5 players in the draft next year (as of today) are SF’s.

    One is being compared to Lebron, and another being compared to Durant.

    Are you so sure about “not keeping the pick?”

  • That’s dumb and insulting to Russell, if he get’s more minutes he would stop working hard??? Nonsense, you don’t know what kind of work ethic he has, and from interviews he seems to be a workaholic. Stop making excuses for scott this team isn’t this bad, I’d rather lose letting the #2 pick make mistakes then what he’s doing, going to cost him his job.

  • As it stands it looks like the Nets need a top 3 pick..they have no superstar and a huge market in Brooklyn.
    I also have a theory that Knicks lost their pick because they sat out Carmelo late in the season and full on tanked
    philly stayed in the top 3 as compensation for embiid being out all year.
    Just a theory idk lmao
    But yeah it’s will be 2-3 years but atleast the development won’t be slowed down with Kobe on the floor as much as it sucks to say.
    The only person to hold a rookie back is BS since he hates rookies and loves vets

  • Why not just let him earn it?
    Rather than just “give it to him?”

    At the moment, he’s not good enough. That’s what you aren’t realizing. Why not let him realize that he’s not good enough and earn his playing time?

    When he’s better than Young or Williams in crunch time, then so be it. Until then, he’s not.

  • Or Kupchak and Buss for trying to make it seem like this team will be competitive with Lou Hibbert and Bass

  • Every young team has to learn how to win, and play consistent for 48 minutes.

  • You really think Scott’s telling Russell to go out there and be aggressive on offense? No way, more like” run the offense get the ball in our scorers hands and don’t make any mistakes or your BENCHED!”

  • the problem is that the offense mostly makes one pass then shoot. there is NO ball movement

  • I feel Randle can’t play the 3 defensively. He definitely wants to bag inside.

  • Nets pick goes to the Celtics.
    So they have no purpose to tank. And a lot of incentive to get better so that they don’t strengthen the Celtics with their pick.

  • But also, keep in mind Buss and BS gave a time span of 4 years to turn this thing around. Now as vague as that sounds this all makes sense and seems like a thought out plan to me..
    This would mean this year is the final year the Lakers tank.

  • Yeah, but then it would have made sense to get him in the game with 8 minutes left… as opposed to getting him in,out, and in again all within 5 minutes… Same thing in the first quarter… he was starting to get it going and was sent to the bench right away

  • i hate losing. my pride can’t take another season of tanking. also y is our LOTTERY pick not playing n da 4th. he’s our FUTURE what could possibly learn on da bench in those situations

  • RE: 4 years.
    Things are squishy… I am sure they thought, by now, they would have landed a free agent, and that would lead to Durant.

    Instead, they surveyed their team, the West coast Conference and changed plan.

    With Simmons or Ingram this team could be a dynasty for 10 years, rather than 4 with Durant. – Maybe the Basketball Gods are Lakers fans, and they didn’t want the team to get 1 or 2 rings instead of 3 or 4.

  • He’s better then both of them right now, that’s why there career bench players because they don’t have the all around game of a starter.

  • yeah I agree, but with that being said I can tell we won’t be good until we hand this team over to Russell.

  • Russell is NOT better than Williams. And it’s VERY questionable if he’s better than Young. Especially when you talk about an end of game rotation.

    Take off the blinders bro.

  • Scott using this “old school” mentality, I could understand making him work for every minute, if he had the “nick young” make-up but I just don’t see it every thing we’ve seen as fans says this dude is a workaholic that wants to be great.

  • once again keeps clarkson out for more than half of the 4th quarter and gets him out of sync. randle always standing near the 3 point line giving less option for russell to pass to when he penetrates. going through kobe the last 5 minutes making offensive out of sync. not one creative offensive sceme in the final minutes to get a clean shot. beat again in the final minutes when it really counts.

  • that’s Byron. don’t understand why teams keep giving Byron opportunities to coach

  • Kobe is on a 30 minutes restriction. When he benched him Kobe was at 28 minutes.

    Some things are out of Scott’s control.

  • We’ve played sub par teams so far can any of you imagine when we start playing the good teams? It will be ugly

  • Very likely they’d lose the pick, on a normal lottery draft year 1 or 2 non top 3 bottom teams end up moving up to draft one of the top 3 picks. Look at the Knicks last year, they were 2nd and fell 4th.

    Only the first 3 picks are up for grabs come lottery night and if 1, 2 or even 3 teams seeded 4th thru 14th landed the top 3 picks that force the first 3 worst lottery teams 4th, 5th and 6th..

    Last year the Wolves kept their first pick which doesn’t happen often, and the Knicks fell 4th given the Lakers were fortunate to land the 2nd pick as Philly was lucky enough to keep their 3rd pick. Since Philly kept their pick the Lakers and Knicks swapped picks (the Knick’s could’ve landed 3rd but Philly kept their pick since they had the magic bingo number.

    Only one team moved up to land a top 3 pick last year which happened to be the Lakers thus the Knicks fell fourth.

  • Trades:
    1- Kelly and Sacre for 37yr old Chris Andersen
    2- Bass for Gibson
    3- Hibbert + picks for either Noah or Cousins. (its cool if big Roy stays).

    Clarkson/ Lou/ AB

  • Trade for a stretch-4?
    Is there some magical trade machine that makes one of the most coveted types of players available for a handful of beans?

    Who are we going to trade? Young and Kelly (the team’s CURRENT stretch-4)?

    Why not just accept that after 5 games, the team is focused on teaching young players how to win, and trying to keep the top 3 pick?

    The team is treading water as the West is too strong for the next 2-3 years.

  • yes, so in the 4th quarter let him play the last 7 minutes straight instead of going for 5+2…

  • Please do not say either of those players are better defenders or playmakers, basketball is not all about jacking up shots off the dribble.

  • Some nights yeah, but I think they’ve gotten a little better and Randle and Clarkson are only gonna grow as players

  • Can’t trade Bass for Gibson, there salaries don’t match. Plus why would Chi want a PF back when they are trying to unload their PF. Miama would do that trade if it reduced salary cap which your proposal doesn’t.

  • What good is getting 36 wins just to give Philadelphia the #6 pick?
    Is Durant going to want to come to the Lakers with that record?

    And isn’t it a kick in the groin that with the #2 pick, and the #6 pick (and a ton of assets) Philadelphia has enough trade assets to get Ben Simmons?

    Let’s let this team settle, grow and jel. The sooner Randle, Russell, and Clarkson learn become All Stars the better. This team isn’t winning a championship in the West for atleast 3 seasons no matter what they do.

  • That is if they get better especially for russell, jury’s still out

  • Lou and Nick are waaaaay better than Russell right now. Not even debatable.

    Russell is by far our worst defender.

  • Why would Clarkson and Randle not get better? You can say the jury is out on any young player whether they’ll get better or not. Players with the work ethic of those 2 are surely going to get better with experience.

  • He does yes. Team could make him inactive rest of the season though and he could stay home.

  • It’s kinda funny when u think that some here actually thinks these current squad is a playoff team , some here is even predicting to a close to 50 wins lol

  • In all seriousness, at what point is Byron fired? It just astounds me how bad he has been this season. His rotations make no sense whatsoever, and his game management is laughable. Why didn’t call a timeout when the Knicks were on a 14-4 run to close the game? That is basketball 101!! This is just so frustrating!

  • In the last 2 minutes of the game, in crunch time, you’d pick Russell over Williams?

    or Russell over Young?

    Have you watched any of the games yet?
    Williams is probably the #2 or #3 best scorer on the team, and Young is the team’s best 3 point shooter. Russell is…… hmmm … has he even done enough to have a label?

  • The only LAL Russell is rated below defensively is Brandon Bass and his butt is on the bench now!

  • Like we haven’t already seen it last year,same thing is happening this yr

  • Won’t matter till Kobe is gone. He has too much power within the organization, no coach will be able to implement a system till he is gone.

  • You just said it remains to be seen. Now you say they won’t. Are you just trolling or what?

  • Gibson would give the lakers 2-4 wins this season.
    With his athleticism and defense n he can help Randle develop.

  • Try to remember what bs said he prefers winning first then development second, what does that tell you

  • Coach Scott how about playing Kobe back to his natural position SG so he can stay off the 3pt shots. Play Young instead, he’s more of a catch and shoot type of player. Imagine Young taking 10 3’s, i’m sure he can hit atleast 4 of those. And Kobe always seems to find Young open based on last year when they played together.

    Young(shooter needed to open the paint)

    Nance jr/ Bass
    MWP (less one iso player)
    Williams (can guard the opposing pg)
    Clarkson(can guard the opposing sg)

  • Have the Lakers ever gone 1-15 in November? because it’s about to happen.

  • Lakers…….If you go and Beat Miami…..I’ll forget about this Game……..Deal?

  • once again Scott blaming players for lacking mental toughness at the end of the game.

  • doesn’t really matter. Kobe needs to stop taking threes and get closer to the rim

  • If he doesn’t have a green light, doesn’t that say something?

    Great Idea… Let’s put a guy on the floor in the most important point of the game who hasn’t earned the confidence of his coach to have a green light to shoot…

    Why not put Kelly on the floor then?

  • Players like Noah, Gibson and Andersen would bring energy and defense. My proposal is off, but the bottomline is Lakers should work something out to unload Kelly, Sacre n Bass and get some defensive players in return.

  • why couldn’t he say the offense was stagnant and players looked selfish instead of moving the ball around to find better looks?

  • That’s what any coach should say until they’re way out of playoff contention about 30 games in. You don’t go into a season with a losing attitude.

  • it tells you that Byron is still losing games and not developing russell in crunch time

  • Is this one of those situations where you’ll keep responding with any sort of nonsense to win a battle until I quit typing?

    Seems like it’s time to stop typing…..

  • No that’s a dum comment from him , he can try to win games and develop the rookies at the same time,not saying they’ll win many but it’s a better goal

  • well, thats actually what happened in 3 out of the 6 games we played.
    Rookies can’t close games
    We might as well get used to losing like that

  • he thinks because a rotation worked the previous game it will work again. clearly black was out of sync and playing bass might have made a better match up. what happened to black’s vertical. the starting five at the start of 4th was a disaster. mo, swaggy and kobe trying to play point guard. no ball movement. randle standing around most of the game afraid Porzingis was going to destroy him.

  • The irony isn’t it , the bad part is he’s still blaming players and not himself

  • Of course the Lakers aren’t making the playoffs. However, you seem to be missing the point being 2016FA. Certain teams will have a need for a player like young and Kelly.

    Ryan’s literally DOA as a stretch 4. he’s settled for taking his game inside. This is Sacre’s last contract year too, thus he may not be re-signed (another trade option).. Best to strengthen a starting position to help possibly lure top tier talent in 2016 which goes with helping to develop Russell.

  • Randle, Clarkson, and Russell are all starters aren’t they? That means they have every opportunity to prove themselves.

  • yeah, by going 1 on 1 every possession. there’s is no flow on offense. Byron putting everyone in a position to fail

  • Alot of iso plays and Scott just sits there thinking he’s like phil

  • scott is the one making a fool of kobe allowing him to jack as many 3’s as he please. its scotts fault for getting kobe the ball in the outer perimeter. its scotts fault for not adjusting to kobes strength and weakness at this point of his career. its scotts fault for allowing the offensive to go through kobe the last 5 minutes of every game.

  • i’m saying Byron is a terrible coach. I don’t care what the roster is. Byron can’t coach

  • Hiring BS to coach for a few years by the lakers is one of the biggest mistake they ever did

  • that I agree with completely… and I cannot understand why he is shooting so many threes. Whilst that might be easier, it’s just making him look silly at the moment… and he’s not stupid. Which makes me wonder if there is something we are not being told… say, injury that he is hiding and that is preventing him from going closer to the rim

  • And maybe coz he’s a part of the laker family that’s why he’s over all track record got ignored

  • Then why didn’t we get Phil when Kobe and D12 wanted him? Yeah Kob always has it his way

  • Guys, i don’t know what you think. But i think our defense is getting so much better. I don’t know if that is because the poor teams we played against in that road trip, but i’m seeing a lot of active of our players.
    We might be competitive in some games. I’m curious to see how we will play against the Heat.

  • The guy who benched Gasol because he’s not a 3 pt shooter and ran Kobe into the ground?

  • maybe just fear of re-injury. but he continues to struggle from long range by taking semi fade-away shots from three.
    Plenty times he could have drove but decided to pull up.

  • Yup, Gasol is taking more threes on the Bulls now. and Kobe ran himself into the ground

  • And we saw how that worked out. I really think the Lakers didn’t want to hire Scott, but at the time there was no one else. I mean during the time they waited a long time before hiring him and made him go through 2 meetings.

  • Nets and Knicks are not good measuring sticks for where we are defensively as a team.

  • What happened to kobes minutes restriction? He’s at 32 needs to be 22

  • Well here we are, really thought we had a chance to go 6-0 with all these weak teams, but are now sitting 1-5. When’s Philly coming to town, they’re probably our next win.

  • inconsistent play from Randle and Clarkson. Bad consistent play from Kobe. Russell is just lost in the offense. Byron being Byon

  • Snyder has the young jazz playing super D! Idk what Byron Scott doing.

  • What’s he doing, he’s being a super d##k at his players what he’s doin

  • Kerr immediately signed with GSW. I don’t think he wanted anything to do with us, it was either NYC or GSW. Also, rookie coaches at the time were a bit of a risk, in that they weren’t assumed to enjoy success. I think many teams overlooked Snyder, but you know what I mean. There wasn’t a coach out there that could really make a difference. Kevin Ollie was an option, but he wanted to stay in college. All the main coaches were hired, so there wasn’t really many options to entertain.

  • I’m not mad at all. We are figuring out some things. We will get better, i guess. It’s a long process. I know Byron is not our coach, but let him coach this season. We have to fire him later in april 2016

  • true, but the FO clearly said they wanted a coach with experience so they interviewed Dunleavy, Hollins, and Byron

  • should fire him during all-star break. FO probs don’t want to upset Kobe though

  • Russell saying players aren’t running the plays he is calling really makes me angry. Kobe needs to make sure they run the plays. He supposed to be helping the rookie.

  • Knicks played good games against Spurs and Cavs. They are not garbage like last year

  • Oh yeah. I saw a play when D’angelo seemed REALLY mad with the team. He was with the ball at mid court and call a play. The team don’t followed his lead.

  • Any other team, those guys would get an earful in a timeout. Instead Byron pulls Russell. Ugh.

  • Yeah they played well againstCavs for 3 quarters I just thought we were better.

  • because every time Kobe Randle or Clarkson touch the ball they think they can beat their man. But it doesn’t work. There’s no trust. Russell is the only player who’s willing to pass

  • Entire Team “Respects” and “Trust” Sweet Lou. Who went a +7 in 21 Minutes, very Effective Use of Time

    Sweet Lou – had “5” assists

    What an Awesome Player

  • I was upset in our first two games of the season. Now i accept we will not to anywhere this season. Another painfull losses.

  • Turn to nbaTV rick fox and rick barry talking about kobe, the lakers, and somewhat on tanking…. leads me to believe they will indeed tank.

  • Randle is a black hole most of the time…This team doesn’t listen to BS

  • The Lakers will not get the top 3 pick unless they got lucky in the lottery. To me, the 76ers, the Nets AND Denver (we lost but i still think we will win more games than them) are wrost than us

  • If Popovich was the coach he would bench players for not playing the right way. I would love to hear what Byron says in huddles

  • If LAL wanted to win, should have went Sweet Lou, then sub in Huertas, Only – Veterans would have answered bell

    D’Angelo in about six years from now will be able to Penetrate / Dish like these two Vets

  • I think we end up with the worst record. If this Kobe Tour continues I see the entire team just losing interest. It isn’t even a team right now. Just Kobe and Byron doing their thing at the expense of them.

  • how could he make plays if he makes one pass then never touches the ball again?

  • U really think that or you are mad because of the loss? I think we are getting better, man. We will win some surprise games in this week, i think.

  • I do. Kobe’s attempt and minutes are going up each game, at the expense of the team.

  • LAL 1-5.

    Can’t get “W” if keep D’Angelo developing, during Critical moments like that.

    Hope against Miami, D’Angelo minutes, if any, should be 0-9 minutes, MAX

  • he would dribble for 5-7 sec and then pass the ball.

    kobe took like 5 shots tonight when he got the ball with less then 5 sec.

  • Neither of those are strong coaches either. Hollins worked well with Memphis, but with Brooklyn he’s been a disappointment. He was also hired relatively quick after his meeting with the Lakers, so again the Lakers options weren’t looking good.

  • I don’t buy it. To me he is under control all the time. And is getting better on D.

  • Sweet, Bruh

    Against Miami, want the “W”, start “ur Sweetness” and limit or DNP D’Angelo, but rather sub in Huertas

  • Lets see the next game. I really see good things. Active on the passing lines and a better one on one D. The rotations on D still bad, btw

  • how many of those bad shots came from his teamates passing him the ball with next to no time left?

  • Scott as bad as he is, has helped the Lakers, I mean showing up at the draft lottery landed us the 2nd pick, and due to his bad coaching helped us get in that position. Scott sucks as a coach, but if we can get Simmons out of it, I’ll call that success, but he must be fired after. No way to develop or move forward in the right direction with him.

  • Plus we are in the West, not really any terrible teams in the West except for us. Phili and Nets will be beating each other.

  • We are not terrible. We are bad right now. But as much the season goes on and our rookies starting be more consistent we will get better

  • What you THINK will happen? (not what you want, but what you really think). Byron will be fired soon?

  • for a younger player i would agree but at this point he cant get better shots then the ones hes taking.

    its the pgs and coaches job to get him better shots like in the first half

  • If James Worthy and Magic really cares about the Lakers, they need to say something on how ineffective Byron Scott is as far as his coaching ability. SMH

  • This would’ve been the perfect season to not tank. The West isn’t as strong as it seems, other than the Warriors, Thunder, Spurs, Rockets, and Clippers. Right now the Trailblazers, Jazz, Timberwolves, and Mavericks are in the Top 8, teams not that much better than us. The Pelicans have still yet to get a win, Suns and Grizzlies will either be mediocre and make the playoffs, or fight for a spot, both teams regressed. The Nuggets will be tanking, and the Kings are confusing, they’re 1-6 (only win came against us). If anything the East is stronger this year.

  • I’m talking about coming off screens, getting deeper in the post, making cuts, using pick and rolls to get into the paint instead of isos on the wing

  • Coach Byron Played LESS: Sweet Lou, Nick Young, Huertas (DNP) and went with 28 min with D’Angelo – then,

    Lakers Lose

    If want the “W” against Miami, Coach Scott needs to give Veterans more minutes

  • Making the playoffs would be fun, but we wouldn’t be a contender so it really doesn’t matter. Be nice fir the young guys to get some playoff experience though.

  • the system looks for the sf to iso on the wing thats why young and mwp are also isoing on the wings two.

    scotts system sucks for this team

  • He’s their ” boy” ,they won’t do to him what they did to Mr pringles

  • Besides have no system. The huge problem of the Lakers offense to me is the fact we can’t atack the rim. Only Clarkson and Randle can do that. The other players can’t.

    ONE HUGE QUESTION. Is Hibbert a player for us looking to the future? I think he’s good but not enough.

  • Hibbert is decent, but he isn’t agile enough. Russell needs an athletic 5 to run the pick n roll with

  • I agree, but winning helps the development. It would help these kids see the light at the end of the tunnel, and show them they aren’t that far away. I personally don’t want to make the playoffs to lose, but since we are a young team I want the young guys to receive that experience. However, since there are many negatives that appear won’t help (Scott’s bad rotations, no system, Kobe overshooting, etc), I don’t mind losing if we can retain the pick.

  • Need cutters badly. Russell gave the ball to Kobe right at the rim tonight and Kobe ran the ball out to the three point line, he is afraid to attack

  • He’s old. I respect him. He makes me sad. But i respect for all he has done for us.

  • Hibbert has been great for us. He doesn’t demand the ball, but he does his job well. He plays defense, hits his free throws, and can get his shots when open. In the future Randle, Clarkson, and Russell will all demand the ball, and it’s great to have a guy who doesn’t, but doesn’t let that affect his play.

  • No way. Noah has been one of the more consistent players on the full of injury’s Bulls

  • a little, and some blame has to be on Byron as well. Kobe mostly stands in the corner until the play breaks down

  • na. i have seen enough flashes from kobe this season and preseason when hes used right hes still a great player

  • No market for a 30% volume shooter. Can’t even get DLeague minutes performing like that.

  • but Hibbert isn’t a good fit on offense with Russell because he isn’t a good finisher

  • hibbert has been our bright spot. he plays hard and other players should feed off that.

  • I’m not talking about been our bright spot. I’m talking about moving foward. Can we win a ring with Hibbert in the middle?

  • to a degree i agree with you. however he has nothing yet in his game that i have seen which allows him to be a starting lvl pg in this league

  • Not with this current core. Maybe with Durant, but he’s unlikely to sign. Need a more athletic center

  • I think more athleticism would benefit everyone on the team. Especially since the young core is built to be a short clock offense. Like Hibbert but that position has changed in the NBA, need versatile players.

  • i have seen him take those shots and hit quite a few however teams will give that up considering he wont take it to the basket even further which would open up shots for guys like kobe and clark

  • and this Clarkson Russell backcourt isn’t looking good. I still think Clarkson plays better as a pg

  • whatever man. He ran the pg last year and was effective. that’s why Russell didn’t understand why he was drafted

  • Kobe may have the most assists but he doesn’t always make the right pass. Russell does

  • Guys, still early. But to me Clarkson and D’angelo don’t match. Clarkson has to play with the ball to be more effective. He’s a very very very good player (one of the best in percentage shot of the league right now!)
    I think (depending of his trade value) we have to trade him before the FA. He will demand a lot of money and don’t much with our hoping future franchise PG… If we can get some good things for Clarkson, i can trade him in january

  • kobes assist % is better then russ. his turnover % is better then russ.

    his points off assists is getter then russ.

    what is russ doing better?

  • Yeah. What do you think Kobe thinks when he goes home at night? He has to be embarrassed. Now Kobe wants to play every game—like we need that? I rather cut his minutes and start Nick Young. That way we can get Brown and Nance in off the bench some, too. This could be a long season.

  • Clarkson is shooting extremely well off the ball this season. That isn’t our issue at all

  • duh, but cj is one of the worst kobe fans around here. he’s in denial about kobes game

  • He’s very good. I love Clarkson, man. But i think we will have to overpay him to keep him

  • russ has. he starts the offense so unless he shotts 20+ shots pergame he should have more passes

  • which is why he should work next to clark who plays alot like westbrook/tonyparker

  • So now it’s 4 years? What happened to 3 years? We can’t get a good coach until Jimmy steps down. Does everyone see that?

  • Why don’t we try curbing Kobe’s minutes and see what happens? More Young and less Kobe for me.

  • agreed. but you dont trade clark who atm is the best young player we have because it does not fit atm

  • i was a bit premature, it could still work. just frustrated with Byron’s system

  • yep i am too but if we were to trade clark what happens if russ does end up busting and clark keeps getting better.

  • you’re the only idiot that cant see kobe forcing up too many bad shots, you say “its the system” lol. yes scotts system is garbage but that has nothing to do with kobe decisions on the court

  • we never should have drafted russ. imo if we did not want okafor then winsow and jhonson should have been our picks

  • But look what Kobe does do. How do you explain that? Is he relying on his teammates to deny him the ball when he starts chucking bricks? Or Scott to set him down? How is that leading the team?

  • I don’t think there is a quality coach out there who will work for Jim Buss. He’s kind of a scroungy guy. It would be like working for Maynard G. Crebbs or something.

  • If they snuck into the playoffs, it would be the best experience for their development. Even if they finish 4-78, there’s no guarantee they get a top-3 pick, so might as well try to win using the kids.

  • Yeah, Lou and his 3-12, 1-6 from 3 shooting. That was really helping out wasn’t it?

  • Actually, the most he can get is a contract like Jeremy Lin got from the Houston Rockets. It’s the Gilbert Arenas rule.

  • From the limited minutes, heck yeah

    Sweet Lou is a Master, handling ball, penetration / Dish, going to Free throw line

    Lou is a Champion – who has started prior. Which to Me, u work hard in the Sixth man role, to gain more playing time

  • Too much again, hence the Loss

    Play Development Pick, take minutes away from Superstar Lou Williams

  • You have got to be kidding me man. Why do you even care to win this year? and, what do you mean “critical moments” he hardly played the 4th quarter.

  • Coop went off on they a$$ today! He’s tired of Byron Scott system and Kobe Bryant iso

  • Simple: Lou plays = Win, and

    D’Angelo plays = Loss, from a “D-Fender” Developmental player, at best

  • actually Kobe backed the D’antoni hiring and you can dig up old interviews for confirmation. He was a big fan of D’antoni both as a player ( he watched him play as a kid in Italy) and then as a coach ( said he was a genius with the USA olympic team)

  • Winning makes a lot of LAL fans happy

    Trying to Develop D’Angelo, took 28 minutes today, and played Lou Williams only 21 minutes. Went with Developmental D’Angelo too deep in fourth to secure win.

    Byron has his hands full – Win with Veterans Lou and Swaggy or Lose with Developmental D’Angelo

    Beat Miami

  • dude MDA is the NBA most influential coach of the past 10 years. POP, Spolstra, Brooks, Gentry, Kerr, Karl, Rivers, etc the list goes on and on of the coaches that have publicly said they have borrowed stuff from MDA plus all the coaches that have not said anything but have clearly taken stuff from MDA’s philosophy and playbook.

  • He’s been playing 28 minutes a game and Clarkson has played better than Lou

  • D’Angelo Russel being one of the worst #2 picks of all time, Kobe gunning like its 2005 and no defense at all are much bigger problems

  • Would like to see Randle shoot that 17 footer without hesitation. I have seen him in shooting drills, he has a nice touch, he can make that shot. Especially when he is up against a team like Knicks that dares you to shoot it.

  • You know what’s hilarious? You couldn’t even show your face here after the Nets game. Haha. Classic

  • You say the LAKERS fall, well they did not fall KOBE SHOT them over the CLIFF once AGAIN 6/19 31%-and 3s 2/10 20% , when is it going to stop, same thing for all 5 games, its not pretty.

  • Seeing DLo light them up excited me. Basically with that one game proved that he can have many many more just like it. Obviously it is contrary to your bust narrative and thus you decided to crawl back under your rock.

  • Light them up? If Sacre started every game of the season I’m sure he could eventually score 16 points in a game

  • You sound surprised? Kobe Bryant plays for Kobe Bryant first and the Lakers second. It has always been that way.

  • Cant blame RANDLE I think those shots were trying to show KOBE how it feels , and how KOBE looks its not pretty and it sure is not helping the team- he must know there are 14 other players there, and they would like to play also.

  • Don’t worry your premature bust talk will eventually lead toyou skulking away in anonymity. I look forward to never having to hear you spastic Okafor fanboys again.

  • Lol..It’s the internet bro, I will always be anonymous. I’ve said time and time again since you monitor my every move I don’t see superstar in Russell I hope I’m wrong but the lack of a first step, no explosion at the rim, poor free throw rate and lackluster defensive effort are not encouraging.

  • Whats sad is that Byron’s really really I mean really trying to win these games. Sucks to know that another 25 win season likely means his days as a head coach anywhere for the matter is over.

  • Yesvneed to make a trade with N.O. pelicans. We get Ryan Anderson and maybe E.Gordon in return

  • To me, the only way to match those two is to have Clarkson at PG and Russell at SG.

  • Lebron is old already, he’s got 3 kids and a wife too. His days of highlight dunks and come from behind blocks are over

  • Yes he did. got like 15 pts last game but fizzled this game with only 6. Didn’t shoot well at all. There’s a reason they labeled him a monumental bust his entire career.

  • This game just shows byron has no system, everyone stands out there waiting for the ball, I saw clarkson clapping for the ball every time russell crossed half court, russ has to stop passing the ball to guy next to him every time down, hes gotta penetrate more to create shots. Clarkson and kobe need to move around instead of just standing there. No one was playing well, I usually get on kobe for bad shots and trying to take over the game, but to be honest I didn’t see anyone playing well, I saw a play were clarkson claps, gets the ball from russell, only to panic and give julius the ball at the 3 point line and have julius take a bad shot, byron has no system.

  • The problem is that he didnt really light them up. LOL Since when Lakers fans celebrate mediocrity?

  • Maybe you should tell us how was Russell selected 2nd? What has he done so far that say he’s a future superstar?

  • Byron’s system is to leave it to a Superstar PG to figure it out. Too bad he doesnt have one in this team. Where are you Kidd and Paul when Scotty needs you?

  • Come on man, it’s Kobe. It’s his last season, cut his some slack, will you? At least he’s trying and playing hard.

  • To be fair, he does look like a bust right now. Not a #2 but a mid 20s pick. But, him a bust his entire career is way too harsh! Will changing his hairstyle takes some heat off you?

  • Like I said hes got no system, all I see out there is everyone taking turns trying to score.

  • Russell at SG shows you really hate the kid!!! HAHA … he doesnt shoot that well, hardly seen his cutting or slashing and I dont he can catch and shoot that well. One more, he cant create his own shot. Clarkson is a SG and they do need a better PG.

  • Notice how this game just slipped away in the last few minutes, and we did absolutely nothing, there is no winning atmosphere, Kobe who is my all time fav player didnt even try to win this game, its like he and they were just out there playing, just shooting away our possesions with very poor shot selections.

  • I don’t think this makes TWC very happy, they paid out to much money and are losing a lot more if the lakers keep losing, tanking was not in there big picture when they renewed their TV rights and they will let the FO know just how they feel, they have to be pissed by now !!!!!

  • unfortunately, that has been the only offense under BS (set up for perimeter shots while 70% of the team are not 3 pt. shooters), why has BS drifted away from Huertas, when he gives the Lakers a better shot at winning the game, I still have not seen much improvement on Russell, even tho he is getting more minutes and then he sits out most of his defensive force the last 4 min. of the Nick game ? It is really getting hard to keep watching these games, Please let the Sparks start their season early, at least they try to win.

  • honestly if either of them gets traded(hope they both stay), it is DLo who I will trade

  • my choices are thibs,JVG and Ollie

    not buying brooks(had KD and RussWB) and Jackson(lakers wont hire a coach who have had a beef with the gsw FO

  • Dlo vs Dragic, Kobe vs Wade, Randle vs Bosh, Hibbert vs Whiteside, SwagP vs Deng, Lou vs Green, JC vs Winslow

    BRING IT ON!!!

  • indeed, once Kobe starts hitting that shots on a high percentage consistently, Lakers would have a higher chance making it to the playoffs

  • 1st trade doesnt work(salary wont match) BUT bass and kelly for birdman is possible

    2nd trade no way bulls trade taj they badly needs defense and a contender

    3rd trade Hibbert is younger and less injury prone compare to noah, not sure it’ll happen UNLESS Thibs is coming which is impossible(he wont coach in this season)

  • Mitch said Randle will be a 3 in the future(AD at the 4) with future backcourt(Dlo and JC)

    just gotta let Upshaw grows and lakers got their starters set in 5 years

  • he is not the right coach for this team, lakers need someone like JVG,Thibs or an up-and-coming nba coach in Ollie

  • Kobe should play 2 stints(3-4 mins) per quarter, not 1 stint playing 6-8 minutes

  • my still my choice thibodeau coach or head coach Scott Brooks next LA Lakers if you turn the LA Lakers for less money coach Terry Porter to choose or Adrian Griffin and also consider Tyrone Corbin

  • I saw some encouraging things last night…… but I also saw the typical young team that is going to go thru doubts as they take their lumps being groomed ……..
    People on this site need to get this the their thick heads, there is no development and winning at the same time when you are this young within your closing out unit …… they will look really good and flash at times and thru stretches they will look like exactly what they are ……. a very young , inexperienced basketball team. This will not change until this team at least plays 40 games ……….. it’s encouraging however that the new rotation is not giving up 115+ points a game, that means it gives this team at least the opportunity to compete each night if they continue to show that effort on the defensive end from the second unit ………..

  • Personally, im with the developing process and I agree that they are developing together as a unit, and that showed particularly in the second quarter most and a little in the third, however in the fourth quarter they stopped playing together and just starting taking turns at shooting very low percentage shots, they litterally gave the game away, they failed to build on their lead and to do that their mentor in Kobe was supposed to lead the way by example, he starting taking bad shots and so did the rest of the team, I dont blame the players as much as I blame the coach, you can just notice and feel that there is no coaching presence in this team, and the ultimate example is Kobe, dont get me wrong, Kobe is my all time fav player, its just that I expected more out of him, the shots he took made my head itch, the game was ours for the taking and we gave it away.

    Anyway, go Lakers.

  • He shot well enough, just didn’t shoot much. Think he was 3 of 7. Got to give him more shots.

  • Agreed. Tough loss, but I’d rather see them fade late than get blown out early.

  • What’s pathetic is that we just got through the softest part of our schedule at 1-5. Now we have the tough teams coming up.

  • The Lkers WASTED a second round pick on this young man & now the coach not only beats him up in the press but doesn’t give him the time on the floor he needs to develop. As of now, he is a 2nd rounf bench guy & as of now Jim Buss screwed up last years losing record by taking a player who will maybe be a bench guy 2nd or 3rd off the bench. (Yeh Yeh he passes nice once in a while) Bottom line folks we are stuck with him & we at least owe it to all of the fans to at least give him the time on the floor to maybe turn into a so so player in the future. (If this young man makes it to a top 10 point guard i the NBA I will be shocked & happy). BUT we need to either trade him, cut him or FIRE BYRON SCOTT AND BRING IN A COACH THAT CAN TEACH YOUNGSTERS,….

  • What lost this gane was Byron Scott playing the WRONG players. Scott NEEDS to play te kids so they can learn, not play D. Russell 24 & Kobe almost 30.

  • you dont make sense first you said we lost because scott had the wrong players in the game, then you finished off by saying he needs to play the young guys so they can learn. so you think we would of won some of these games by playing our young players so they can learn???????????

  • For all the people blaming Scott, I thought he subbed fine this game, we were in it for the entire game, even with a scoring drought at the end. Larry Nance Jr. and MWP are a way better defensive combo than Bass and Kelly, and its defense that needs to anchor the 2nd unit. Black, Nance, MWP, Young, Williams is a decent mix of offense and defense. Our starters are a little inconsistent, mainly because of their age, Russell, Randle, and Clarkson are too young, and Kobe is too old.

  • Swap first and second units !

    This way, Now the first unit (which in your example is the second & by the way is far more experienced), gain score advantage

    Then if need next unit, sub one or two players at a time

  • I don’t want to see 2nd round pick, and I’m a Fan

    Wasted second round pick, Yes

    Our Younger squad, called LA. D league is for developing players

  • Kristaps Porzingis is averaging 18.2 points, 12.7 rebounds, 1.9 blocks and 1.9 steals per 36 minutes in his first 7 games. Not bad.

    At least we got Developmental D’Angelo

  • most players look better “per 36 minutes”, even Russell: 13.6 points, 4.6 reb, 3.4 assists, and 1.7 steals.

  • So we have had 2 games that we led most of the game and blew the lead late in the game. So my theory even if we had a marginally better coach we could have eked out those two wins we would be 3-3 and sitting in 9th place in the west and 1 game back of the thunder. You change those two games and we might be talking about trying to make the playoffs rather than tank talk we are stuck in now. What a shame.

  • ….. ????? He doesnt develope or win soooo
    and it wouldnt be an issue if we were getting blown out, but we’re losing close games which shows they can develope and win

  • a lot of young nba players have families. anyways he’s probably going to make it to the finals this year and possibly next year and maybe even the year after

  • I like Ollie a lot if we could ever get him. Also, maybe Luke Walton.

    Again, would SVG work for Jim Buss? I doubt it.

  • But Kobe is always COLD. Why doesn’t Scott know this? What happened to Analytics?

  • is there any beef between JVG and Buss? SVG works for detroit I dont want his system of 4 out 1 in offense

  • Yeah he’s been col for years. That’s what i said before the game. Make these players accountable for how they are playing. That includes Kobe. They put Nance and MWP in the place of Bass and that helped a lot. Now they just need to do that with the position that is hurting us the most.

  • It’s not about a beef. JVG,oops.
    A lot guys refuse to work for an organization in the amount of disarray the Lakers are in. Jim Buss, in particular, reeks of unearned privilege. He is seen as a low-life across the league.

  • All of the guys we had that could stretch the floor were on the bench, Jack. We didn’t even try to open it up. What was Kobe doing on the floor? Some things you don’t need Analytics for.

  • Yeah, Kobe’s been trash on the boards for years. And worse, his 3-ball is a gift to the other team. I am just glad he doesn’t throw it towards the other team’s basket.. Dammit.

  • Speaking of stretch, if Kobe would have stretched the floor by making a reasonable amount of those 3’s, the whole rest of the team would have been able to operate.

  • Why can’t we ever get Kobe off the floor at important times?
    He is just an anchor to the team anymore.

  • Kobe was the key. Can’t you see that? If we don’t have someone making that corner 3, the other team will pack the paint on us everytime.

    And Randle is no help, either.

  • Then we agree. It’s going to be excruciating to watch this team kiss Kobe’s butt for the rest of the year, though.

  • Sure and yet gets no playtime lol. His job is to play a so called type of stretch 4 role but hasn’t shown it this season which goes for the preseason. Plenty of opportunities to showcase improvement in the past but best to move on and find true reliable players.

    If it was up to you, everyone would stay, thus they’d find themselves where they are. being bottom dwellers. This FO is the weak link here.

  • We totally agree. I think the Lakers are toast as long as Jimbo is around. He is just a scroungy guy that many refuse to work for. I just think worrying about Kelly and Sacre is a waste of time, when Jim Buss is a much bigger problem.

    Kobe is Scott’s Frankenstein monster. Scott needs to sit him down.

  • Can’t place all the blame on Jim, it’s Mitch’s vision after all. But it’s best to consider trading them b/c doubt they’d be getting resigned once their contracts are up. Not worrying about the current product on the floor, it’s more about the future pieces which won’t get it done in the near future.

    Thus, best to trade some players from the 2nd unit (won’t affect to youth core) b4 the deadline to help increase team cohesion by the end of the season to be able to possibly appeal to top tier players in FA 2016.

  • Yes. I don’t think Kobe minded D’antoni hiring, but we all know his preference would’ve been Phil over any coach

  • It’s not the vision or the x’s or o’s. It is the lack of excellence in the top man. I would never work for Jim and neither would many others. Jim Buss is sort of a low-life guy that really has never been successful at anything his whole life. Nepotism is reviled everywhere, you know that. Those Buss kids run the Lakers like a family pizzeria—Which is why I am dubious that JVG would ever come to LA.

    I think Byron is lost in a bygone era and is not the coach for these young rookies we have. Whatever lip service the FO gives to Analytics, Byron reverts to pulling the game plan out of his butt, game after game.

    So if you think we need a coach, the coach is hired by Jimbo. I just don’t think we can hire a quality coach until Jim steps down. We are just screwed for a while.

    Who is there to trade? Nick is our best shooter. Then there’s MWP, Kelly and Sacre. What can we get for those guys? Bass and Black are equally mediocre. What are they worth?

    If Mitch could trade any of those guys, I am sure he would, but it really is an exercise in futility. Unless Scott finds the balls to bench Kobe, this offense can’t work. We need someone who can make corner threes at the 3 for sure and the 4 at least sometimes. Everything you are advising is just tinkering. I am discouraged. Maybe Kobe will bench himself.

  • Kobe has nothing to do with it as you can see, this team lacks confidence and can’t hit consistent jumpers to save their lives. It’s on Byron and Mitch who assembled the team. IF I was sure I could sub Michael Cooper as interim head coach for the remainder of this season I’d fire Scott.

    IMO, the team doesn’t have confidence in Scott but can’t play consistently on both ends of the floor which is on them = EFFORT. Until Jim steps down and Mitch exits the GM position the Lakers won’t be relevant. Need a new vision and both Scott and Mitch don’t have it. Knew this would happen given the weak/lack of depth on the team. That’s not on Jim but truthfully the apple wasn’t near the vecinity of the tree when it comes to the Buss kids.

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