Game Recap: Lakers Fourth Quarter Comeback Falls Short Vs. Pacers
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

On a night where Kobe Bryant officially announced that he would retire after the season, the Los Angeles Lakers still had a tough task ahead of them in the Indiana Pacers.

Kobe made the announcement through a poem he posted on the Players Tribune called “Dear Basketball”. Despite the huge blow, Lakers faithful can find peace in knowing the Black Mamba has made peace with himself and will go out on his own terms.

With that in mind, Kobe would go head-to-head with one of the league’s best players, and someone who has always said Kobe is his idol, Paul George. This also marks Roy Hibbert’s first game against his former team.

First Quarter:

Both teams got off to a slow start as Indiana went 1-6 from the field, while the Lakers started 0-7. A Paul George three put the Pacers up 5-2 following a pair of free throws from Julius Randle to get Los Angeles on the scoreboard. Indiana began to heat up, hitting four of their next seven shots to go up 13-6 midway through the first quarter. Hibbert made his presence felt on defense with a monstrous block on his former teammate Paul George. After going 0-10 to begin the game, the Lakers finally got their first field-goal on a three from Jordan Clarkson to cut the lead to six. With three minutes left in the quarter, Kobe recorded his first bucket on a pump-fake and finish over the double team with the score now 17-12 in favor of the Pacers. Monta Ellis continued his stellar start to the game answering back with a jumper for his seventh point. The Pacers got really hot to end the quarter, going on an 11-0 run to put them ahead by 16. Meanwhile, the Lakers continued to struggle on offense as they failed to convert a field goal for the remaining three minutes and ended the first quarter trailing the Pacers 28-12.

Second Quarter:

The Laker started the second quarter much the same as they couldn’t buy a bucket before Larry Nance Jr. finally got on the stat-sheet with a soaring finish at the rim. Former Laker Jordan Hill got active on offense with a layup inside off the pass from Rodney Stuckey. Suddenly the Laker bench really got things going with an emphatic putback dunk from Brandon Bass to bring the score to 34-18. Los Angeles then started to pick up the tempo with a soft jumper from D’Angelo Russell in transition coming off the missed shot from Stuckey to cut the Pacer lead to 14. However, the Lakers failed to maintain any rhythm on offense as they shot only 17% on 6-36 shooting with five minutes left to go in the half. Clarkson ended yet another two-minute field goal drought with a turnaround fadeaway for his ninth points, as they Pacers remained in the lead 38-26. Clarkson kept it going with a corner three that hit nothing but net on the dish from Russell to spark a 9-2 run for the Lakers. Russell then found Kobe for the easy jumper to cut the lead to seven with a little under two minutes left in the half. Indiana finally answered back with a jumper from Monta Ellis to add to their 42-33 lead. Hibbert again made Indiana pay for going small with an follow dunk off the missed Kobe jumper to cut the lead to nine. It would be the Pacers who ended on a high-note with a layup finish from George to go up 48-35 at halftime.

Third Quarter:

The Pacers picked up here they left off with an easy set play leading to a wide open dunk for Ian Mahinmi to open the half. The Lakers replied with back-to-back buckets from Julius Randle to give him six points and bring the score to 52-39. Indiana started to get it going with an alley-oop followed by a three-pointer from CJ Miles to put themselves ahead by 14. After a jumper from Russell, the Pacers countered with another three from George with the score now 62-45. George would not let up, as he knocked down another three to give him 22 points midway through the third quarter. Nick Young finally scratched with his first bucket of the game with a corner three on the assist from Clarkson. Young came back with two more threes; one from the opposite corner coming off a steal from Metta World Peace, the other off a screen to give him a quick nine points. George, not to be outdone, cooled Young off with a fadeaway jumper. Only Young answered George with his fourth three-pointer in the quarter to cut the Pacer lead, 75-61. Larry Nance Jr. got the defense going with yet another emphatic block, pinning the shot of Lavoy Allen on the backboard. The Lakers bench provided a spark, and ended the third quarter well, but the Lakers still trailed 80-65.

Fourth Quarter:

The Lakers started off well with baskets from Young and Russell. Kobe tried to get going, but missed a couple of jumpers as the Lakers deficit remained 15 after a putback dunk from Jordan Hill. The Lakers had a chance to cut the lead to single digits, but missed free throws from Kobe and Young kept them behind by 12. Young would atone for his missed free throws with his fifth three-pointer of the night to bring the Lakers within 84-75 with seven minutes remaining. The Lakers momentum continued as a massive coast-to-coast dunk from Randle brought the Lakers within six, 87-81, midway through the quarter. Free throws from Ellis put Indiana back ahead by eight, but a dunk from Bass kept the Lakers within six. The Lakers intentionally fouled Mahinmi who missed both free throws and Clarkson followed with a jumper to make it 89-85 with four minutes left. The Lakers tried the ‘Hack-a-Ian’ again, but this time Mahinmi hit both. A big rebound and putback from Randle brought the Lakers back within four, but Mahinmi was hacked and again made both to put Indiana ahead 93-87. Ellis drove straight down the lane for a floater as Indiana went ahead eight, giving themselves a slight cushion. The Lakers had a chance to cut into the lead, but a Kobe turnover and missed corner three from Young hurt their chances. World Peace hit a nice layup and Kobe hit a deep three, but the Lakers couldn’t stop Paul George down the stretch. Another Young three-pointer cut the lead to five with just under a minute remaining. A turnover gave the Lakers the ball back with the chance to make it a one possession game. World Peace hit a three, but the Lakers took so much time that they had to foul. George hit both free throws to make it a four-point game with 22 seconds left. Clarkson hit a floater to cut the lead to two again, but George would hit both free throws to keep it a four-point game. Kobe hit a ridiculous fadeaway three to make it a one-point game and George would hit more free throws to make it a three-point game with 11 seconds left. Kobe would airball the attempt, however and the Lakers would come up just short, 107-103.

Nice of the team to decide to show up for the 4th, but they kept it close in the end which is all one can ask for… No diss to 24, but those last two offensive plays of the game pretty much sum up his career (prime yrs vs father-time).

  • I don’t even care we lost. I’m just glad to see a vintage Kobe with a big shot. To bad he air balled that last 3. But I’ll live with that shot from Kobe for a game winner.

  • At least this game was entertaining. Fans want to see Kobe but I would have liked to have seen Nick or JC take one of those last shots for the win. Ah well.

  • Truly entertaining. The effort was there. And that clutch shot will be one of the last we see from Kobe.

  • Come one Kobe, why only shoot 20 times. Might as well shoot 50 next time. Nobody’s going to blame you. Don’t give the ball to Clarkson and Young because they both shoot 50% and that’s bad for us.

  • That was one of the entertaining laker finishes i have seen all season…..that kobe shot had me in awe like old times……i havnt gotten out of my couch in excitement in so long

  • Did Lin take a game winning shot? Oh, that’s right he doesn’t even play crunch time, cause he only plays against second unit scrubs.

  • Just flag this troll and contact the site admin to perm bad this idiot

  • Don’t matter, overall this team can’t hit jumpers consistently. They showed it in the first half.

  • Kobe never fails to amaze me, shot 2/17 in the field but in crunch time shoots 2/3 missing only the game-tying shot

    Nice performance team
    Great game Kobe

  • Why, I don’t understand Scott bryon coach doing russell didn’t play in 4th qtr only 3 mins in mintues 26:16 .

    I hate scott bryon , needed to go!

  • im impressed at how they fought back. teamis growing, still have alooooot of work to do but the will get there

  • this team would be much better if they got 10 rebounds from roy hibbert but hes a bad rebounder and randle needs help. hassan whiteside would be excellent for this team

  • Randle/D’Lo have a lot to learn still. Randle 4-11 while acquiring 12 rebounds is okay. The problem is his current inability to hit jumpers while getting the ball stripped too often. Heard Worthy bring up that he has small hands which may contribute to this to an extent.

  • la mamba negra en espanol! lol that was dope, spanish, english and italian. viva la mamba cabrones!!!

  • Entertaining fight back and pls …. Restrain from Kobe bashing tonite. He’s a legend with a great career.

  • Nice fighting but no … the team is not growing or improving. We are actually playing a little worse than last season with better players.

  • If it wasn’t for that horrible start, we might have won this one. But we didn’t play very well, Pacers were a little out of sorts, George saved them.

  • hibbert is not as bad at reboundig as it looks. he only gets 25 mins per game and he still averages 7 give him the extra 5-10 mins and he could be a 10 rebound per game player

  • DLo’s contribution so far has been minimal at best. He’s not making much mistakes but also not making much difference either. At this point, the team wont play any worse without him. Saw some noises again about Dlo not playing 4th Qtr again in a close game, my response? Rightly SO. He was mediocre for the mins he played.

  • Russ didnt play because he was not good enough. His performance has mediocre at best. Stop all these Russ must play becoz he’s 2nd pick nonsense. He will play when he has actually proven himself on the court.

  • scott is stupid why was clark the hottest player on the court taking the ball out that would have been a great thing for bass to be doing

  • Another horrible ISO game, 236 total passes by the team, the second worst of the season after that horrible first game against Portland. If it weren’t for Nick Young and Clarkson, this would have been a blow out.

  • Russell made many mistakes today. That 8 second violation b4 halftime wasn’t a good showing, he also went 4-11. He needs to learn to play assertively every night and not take an off night.

  • Agreed Jim but I tried not to be harsh with Russ. He has a pretty Lin-like fan base here.

  • Tom’s a known Russell hater/Okafor fanboy. No point trying to reason with him. Russell was pretty poor, he didn’t really get much to work with, with all the ISO nonsense and Kobe chucking everything. But he did play the most minutes last game, and looked out of sorts, probably not used to playing heavy minutes in back to back games.

  • hibbert averages 6.7 boards and he’s just unathletic so dont assume he can grab 10 with extra mins

  • Well, if not for a horrible start, guys like Nick may not have the chance to take as many as shots as he did.

  • jordan had 22,6,10 but kobe gets to take the last shot, nick had 22 killing to whatever.

  • he got more pt tonight and got 9. if he played 30+ mins per game he would get 10 + rebounds

  • jordan was taking the ball out which i admit is stupid. young was not open kobe had just hit two huge threes

  • hibbert cant play 30+ mins per game because he gets winded easily thats why he only plays 25-28

  • Disagree, the first play of the game Russell put up a 3 missed while playing passively the first half. Needs to bring it every night. One thing great players do mostly every night is play consistent.

  • Well, Pat, I will say u look every bit like those Russ delusional fan boys. LOL

  • Dont argue with Pat, Jim. He’s one of those Russ fan boys. He will soon call you a hater.

  • i can see demar derozan coming to the lakers over the offseason to play the 3 and the lakers drafting that big man skal labissiere. i have a feeling philly is getting simmons

  • Come on, he has just announced his retirement. Lay it off for a night, will u?

  • Lou hardly racks up any assist, not a true PG. Lou has also been shooting poorly, luckily he can get to the line. I still prefer Young

  • nope he’s a stupid Lin fan thats why he hates russell they always hate on other guards who replace Lin. look at his comments he just created that account.

  • Yea I can see the Raptors not letting DeRozen walk for nothing, so they will make a mid season trade for Sacre and Kelly, so they don’t lose out on everything. Apparently they really like the look of Huertas too and his shattered ankles.

  • seems like you think derozan is a long shot when the kid is from compton and is a huge lakers fan. you saw jimmy butler wanting to come to LA so maybe derozan wants to come home.

  • Seems like you don’t seem to realize that Robert Sacre wants to go home too, to Canada.

  • Just trolling, this is the guy who always wants to trade Sacre and Kelly for superstar players.

  • derozan would be nice but i dont know about passing up on another top prospect like simmons if we get the chance

  • Like you????? LOOOOOOLL. Of course Not. BTW It’s time to come out old xxxx. Let all know your true idol. Are you behind Lin Win the irritating troll??? Hmmmmm

  • Grayson Allen appears to be outshining Ingram at Duke, like he outshone Okafor to win the title last season. He should end up a 1st round pick. Kris Dunn will definitely be the best point guard in the draft, but with 3 years of college, will likely fall late.averaging 18.7pts 6.7assists 4.3stls

  • You’re mistaking me for someone else I never proposed the lakers getting superstars for those scrubs

  • If we get Simmons or Ingram or jaylen brown in the draft then derozan isn’t an option

  • Don’t expect the lakers to go after guys like batum and Whiteside in the offseason. The FO will be chasing KD. they will be probably fail and offer derozan or al horford a max contract

  • he can still be an option, remember when people were saying we shouldnt go after rondo because we had russell? these young dudes need quality vets infront of them simmons is still very young and he could play the 3/4

  • Exactly which is why I think the lakers FO won’t get derozan if they draft Simmons since they would expect for Simmons to start just like they expected Russell

  • Pass, best to acquire a stretch 4 for now to help them in next yrs FA. This team has too many ball dominant players who play inconsistent to help improve things for next season.

  • no! please not another pf we’ve had like a million already over the last 2 years

  • Nah, he will definitely be a better rookie, but teams generally prefer the younger players as better projects. Similar to how Jerian Grant, despite being the most NBA ready point guard was drafted so late. He had 4 years of college.

  • Russell is a 19 year old kid who needs PT to get better. Can’t do that being limited. Kobe was allowed to shoot air ball after air ball as a young buck during the playoffs and going through that failure helped him tremendously. Stop it with all the earn it crap. How you get back up after failure is what makes you.

  • So?

    Russell is being handcuffed by Scott. Gotta loosen up that leash. Del Harris was fired for the noose he kept round Kobe’s neck and he had an excuse given Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel were young developing all-stars in front of Kobe. PJ Carlisemo was fired for the noose he had on KD and Westbrook. The days of vetting/hazing these rooks on lotto teams is over.

  • What about joakim Noah or horford instead of Hibbert at center and Simmons or Ingram in the draft ?

  • why couldnt coach of the year BS draw up a play to get clarkson or young for the last shot? the chance of kobe making two impossible 3’s in a row is very slim. fans could have left remembering how kobe was clutch in his prime. it could have been a great way of him announcing his retirement. but no kobe shoots a air ball just to reaffirm his depletion. thank you awesome BS.

  • Hibbert has never averaged 10 boards a game over a season in his career. He’s absolutely not a good rebounder.

    Hibbert is on a team that needs him to give us 10-13 boards a night consistently. Need the same from Randle. If both gave us that coupled with more 50% FG performances, we’d have more wins.

  • Scott should’ve drew up a play where kobe gets the ball but someone sets nick a screen and kobe feeds him for a 3

  • Time will tell about a future 5, but Hibbert’s not the answer long-term. Just hope it’s someone who can keep up with the pace of next yrs team given they should be running the paint off the floor.

  • Agreed on Scott but in fairness Hibbert is a liability when teams go small on us. It cancels his rim protection and again, he does not dominate the boards against smaller big’s.

    Hibbert is just not active enough on the glass.

  • ?!, Russell’s improved these past few games which is mostly attributed to him playing assertive. He stunk it this game as it almost seemed like an off night. Cool, b/c it’s one of those learning curve experiences to which understand why his minutes were minimized in the 4ht being due to not showing up/bringing it.

  • Disagree. Russell’s rookie peers are being allowed to work through those ups and downs. We’re a lotto team and it makes no sense to limit the rookies.

    OKC lost games like crazy that rookie season of Westbrook. Westbrook averaged a ton of turnovers. what he didn’t have to deal with is being restricted after Carlisemo was fired. That freedom alloted by Brooks allowed Westbrook to grow.

  • ?!, a better PF than the one’s who’ve been placed on the floor the past few seasons. this team can’t shoot for sht. Randle can’t play the 4 if he can’t shoot it and Nance is inconsistent.

    Aside of that I’d still be trading Kelly and bass too. freakin FO keeps giving too many opportunities to these inconsistent players. Cool tho, b/c their #’s up after next season.

  • Why are you complaining Lol. You should be ecstatic with your view since he’s literally starting all 3 (JC, DR1 and Randle). But now you see it as some type of problem in players not earning their time late in the 4th?! o_O

  • Again, we’re a lotto team and from the outset of this season I said let the kid’s go through the growing pains.

    The crazy thing is, I’m not even a Russell fan, I wanted Okafor. I’d be saying the same thing if Scott was doing this Jahlil.

  • whiteside would be nice he’s unrestricted but he seems to have a grudge against us

  • You just made the point of how Scott is ruining this season and rebuild as pertains to the development of the youth.

  • No better way to make the youth learn quicker IMO than to give them solid minutes for the first 3 qtrs and having them earn their 4th qtr minutes.

  • Can’t shoot O_x lol. Will take time being a few more seasons to make his shot more consistent. Duh

  • $$ and Kupcake kissing his behind will solve that being letting him know how inept they’ve been the last few yrs.

  • There’s a proposed celts-lakers-sixers trade
    Lakers would receive david lee and nerlens noel who hasn’t fit with jahlil okafor this season and the lakers would have a young core of russell, clarkson, Randle and noel.

    Celtics would get roy Hibbert who could help their playoff push since they need a defensive center badly.

    Sixers would get a celtics second rounder and the lakers top 3 pick protection so they would have their own lottery pick and the lakers pick guaranteed.

    What do you guys think of this trade?

  • Disagree. No better way than to let them go through it all. Ask Kobe. Ask every superstar who fell and got stronger after navigating that process.

  • I’d be up for a straight up trade being Hibbs for Lee which in that sense it’d be a fair trade I’d say. A straight up trade for Noel for the top 3 protected pck be asking too much aside of just more youth inexperience. Lee’s played the 4 mostly than the 5 throughout most of his career while being 6’9″.

  • I honestly think the sixers and celtics would be winning that trade since the sixers would be able to pick Simmons and jamal Murray and the celtics get the defensive center they’ve been lacking

  • The trade could end the lakers tanking while trying to win and develop russell clarkson Randle and noel. The lakers would still miss the playoffs but it could intrigue Kevin Durant to fill that 3 spot while surrounded by the young core 4 in the starting lineup

  • Sixers would be foolish to do that trade. Most likely they get our pick anyway. They could get more for Noel elsewhere.

  • the lakers are the worst team in the west so they are definitely on their way to getting that pick so the sixers cant do better than getting simmons and jamal murray (via the lakers pick) in the draft. makes sense for both sides
    sixers would have a core of okafor-embiid-murray-simmons
    and the lakers would have russell-clarkson-randle-noel

  • Lakers and celts ain’t helping each other for sht with relation to future progression but this trade scenario seems non-impactful for the long-term thus a long shot possibility IMO.

    The 76ers BADLY need the Lakers pick given it seems like a top 4-5 pck for them at the moment. Two top 7 pcks would help immensely with relation to their so called rebuild.

  • Stand on what you want but the fact remains Hibbert has never crossed the 10 rebound threshold average over a season. A young big who’s gotten his role on a team as feature big multiple seasons like Roy should/would have had at least a few double, double seasons.

  • Lotto draw. We got lucky this past off-season. Odds are against us even more now.

    No matter how you cut it, it would be foolish for the Sixers to barter for something they are likely to get anyway.

  • Just watched a few vids of Skal…I’m in love. We should definitely draft this kid.

  • Nope. I’d trade Randle for Giannis, draft Skal(Top 3) and go after Whiteside/Noah.



  • Actually BS has ruined more than that. He has damaged the Lakers brand!

  • Seriously, Lin level delusional fan base. You cant say anything negative about Russ. You r not obe of them, are you?

  • LOL the difference is you think Russ can be the next Kobe, I don’t. When you say let Russ plays when he hasnt earned it means you put so called development over winning. I will never support tanking and I want my team to play hard to win every game. Sorry dude, I dont get it why a mediore player like Russ gets picked 2nd. Let’s look at it from another angle, IF Russ has not been picked 2nd, will you be asking for the same???

  • Dam entertaining 4th quarter, the rest of the game was just miserable to watch. But the ending was fun. Glad to see Kobe hit that big shot, it was a nice moment.

  • The Good — Russell is quietly averaging nearly 5 boards a game in limited minutes
    The Bad — First quarter…egads
    The Ugly — Those “Hoosier” uniforms….fools had no taste in the 50s.

  • Anyone else notice that George basically let Kobe get those last two shots off? He was playing so lax on Kobe. Probably see that a lot this season. Pity defense : (

  • Given his FG%, there’s not much reason to press him and risk committing the foul. I also noticed fools stopped biting on his fakes after the fourth or fifth game. He’s basically turned into the player he swore he’d never let himself turn into.

    Sad, but at least he left it all on the court.

  • JC and derozan plays the same, both weakness are 3 pointers….KD and Drummond/Whiteside is the best case

  • No one will be the next Kobe, but Russell is the future of our team. Want to know why he was picked 2nd? Because the Lakers believe he is the future of the team. Playing Russell over Kobe is far from tanking, Russell is the better player at the moment.

  • then maybe it’s time to avoid pump fake and go for the shot in the first place….

  • He’s long and moves really well. Outside of that nothing stands out but you can’t teach length!

  • Terrible trade for sixers. They will get a 1st rounder from Lakers regardless. If not this year, next.

  • Ok then, let’s rephrase, I simply dont believe that the Lakers got it right with Russ. I dont believe he’s the future of the team. Just like I dont agree with the Lakers hiring Byron Scott as HC. Dont you think the Lakers FO has been getting more wrongs than right calls lately??? LOL.

  • When did I ever say Russell can be the next kobe? When did I ever state I was a Russell fan?

    Sorry but Russell was a consensus top 5 draft talent and like it or not, he’s top 5 numbers wise so far. And that’s with him struggling.

    When you’re a lotto team as the Lakers have been the last two seasons, youth development is first priority, period. The FO exhausted all other options trying to win when Kobe was last healthy. A reboot is at hand and the last ratified CBA ensured we’d have to rebuild from the ground up. Don’t know what to tell you if you can’t see that.

  • that why i said whatever in no way am i trying to disrecpect the best laker in my opionin, just wanted to see sombody different take the shot.

  • Come on, Daryl, JC, Russ and Randle are all starting. JC and Randle played key roles. Russ is logging close to 30mins lately. What the kids not getting PT for development are u talking about? Kobe’s mins and ISOs? That’s Kobe and how BS wants to play. My problem is guys kept saying Russ is our future superstar and he should be given top role and mins no matter how he plays. These people are like Lin’s fans, delusional. Russ is getting major PT, he’s starting, who can his fans blame if he is not playing well enough to be on the floor when the game is close. Well, JC and Randle were on the floor, no???

  • Your bias is as bad as Lin fans. 15 games and you think you have the answers. Not every star shows right away. I don’t know how good Russell may or may not be. All I know is he’s not the first to not shine day one and won’t be the last.

  • LOL it seems you a Russ fan more than you are willing to admit. On the other hand, I judge based on what I see. BTW what Lakers really need right is not players development but PLAYING THE RIGHT WAY. Just look at starless teams like Hornets, Boston, Utah … They are playing well above expectations because of team ball. We dont need to keep hyping our players, we just need to play the right way.

  • I must add Daryl. When did I call Russ a bust? When did I say I know the answers? LOL. It was Russ fans who seem to know all the answers and they all pointed at Russ as the Lakers saviour. Now think again before you call me Lin bias. It may just be the opposite.

  • Who said Russell was the saviour? That only proves the bias as that’s a complete stretch. From what I gathered almost everyone was in wait and see mode on all the rooks. And they still should be as it takes time. Especially on a team like ours that’s very young and raw.

  • Look at the Celtics. They went all-out youth development as they shipped off every vet from the championship era.

  • Oh you are so stubborn. We are starting JC, Russ and Randle. The only one logging the kids limelight is Kobe. We are developing the kids. Kobe is retiring. So? The problem is not the kids not being developed, it’s the coach, a no longer effective Kobe and a lack of team ball. I had enough dude. Stop responding to me. You are toooo stubborn. Lol.

  • Wait n see? Oh who’s always complaining why Russ not playing 4th quarters? Why Russ not being given more PT? LOL Denial is worse than ignorance. Stop denying.

  • Wait and see. If the coach is limiting the kid like Scott has been, what part of pointing that out and complaining is not wanting to see? Stop being a silly twit man.

  • Do you agree that BS want Russ to succeed? Do you agree that BS played a part in the Russ pick? Do you agree that BS’s system rely on a capable and dominant PG? If your answers are YES, YES, YES, please think again who is the silly one here.

  • Byron worked Russell out. He’s in part on the hook for picking Russell. Of course he wants Russell to succeed just as he does with Kobe, but any fool can see he is mismanaging both.

    Scott is not willing to fully let Russell go and grow through his mistakes the way a top 5 draft pick on a lotto team should. Scott is also leaning way too heavily on Kobe through that process. Kobe will not finish this season healthy the way Scott is using Bryant. Scott does not trust Russell to learn from his mistakes while he allows Kobe to fail at a historical pace, at the peril of all. Then Scott talks about the lack of trust on the court being an issue?

  • Please explain why BS plays Randle more so than Russell? Randle is as much a rookie as Russ. Randle did not play last season. The answer is simple: Randle is more ready than Russ. We can blame BS on many things. No one is happier than me if BS gets sacked today. But, let’s be objective, BS is giving Russ every opportunity to develop. He’s starting Russ and he’s playing him more as he gets more comfortable out there. You simply cannot blame Russ’s PT on Kobe. It’s a separate matter. No one in the team gets PT over Kobe. Russ’s PT has nothing to do with Kobe. BS letting Kobe plays his way because he’s Kobe’s dog. Again, nothing to do with Russ. Russ’s PT is based on his performance and rightly so. BTW, if he’s NOT 2nd pick, I say he’s back up PG at best with not more 15mins PT. He’s simply not that good, YET (I give you that, NOT YET).

  • It’s not about the PT. It’s more about the role and short leash. As Kobe himself said, you have to let them go through the growing pains. And Scott cannot do that effectively when his head is up Kobe’s azz. Not Kobe’s fault. Scott is not doing Kobe, himself, the team or the development of the youth any favorswith his Kobe obsession.

  • Don’t compare Kobe had little to no pt, during his rookie or 2nd year Russ getting way more 26 is enough to show something isaiah Thomas did it why can’t Russ.

  • LOL so BS should play the right way for Russ??? How about Randle and JC??? Oh man … You are becoming a classic Lin type fan! Come on your Russ is not that good!!!

  • You really furthering that lil twit status. Scott needs to manage everyone, I. E. coach the entire team and get Kobe’s nuts out his mouf.

  • You finally got it right dude! Let’s not make it Russ Russ Russ all the time. JC and Randle need some love too. LOL. Re Kobe, well, we all know BS is a Kobe dog. What more can we say that have not been said before. BS got his job becoz of Kobe. Hopefully BS will retire when Kobe retires.

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