Game Recap: Lakers Swept By Raptors Despite Julius Randle’s Double-Double
Game Recap: Lakers Swept By Raptors Despite Julius Randle’s Double-double
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The Los Angeles Lakers road trip continued as they headed North to take on the Toronto Raptors on the second night of a back-to-back. The big news for the Lakers was the unexpected announcement that Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell would come off the bench in favor of Larry Nance Jr. and Lou Williams.

The two teams have already met once before with the Raptors defeating the Lakers by 11 in Los Angeles.

The Raptors would not be at full strength as they were without two starters in DeMarre Carroll and Jonas Valanciunas. They still were led by All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry.

First Quarter

After giving up a three to start the game, the Lakers would score the next nine points to take an early six point lead. The Lakers got off to a much better start than normal, making seven of their first nine baskets to take a 15-8 lead early on. The Raptors would respond with an 8-0 run to take a one-point lead. Julius Randle checked in and immediately got an offensive rebound and three-point play to put the Lakers right back ahead. Terrence Ross continued his hot start with a steal and a dunk as well as another three-pointer as the Raptors pulled ahead 23-18. Randle hit a tough shot in the paint, but the Lakers trailed 25-22 at the end of the quarter.

Second Quarter

A pair of free throws from Robert Sacre got the Lakers on the board and a beautiful drive from Randle got the Lakers within a point. The Raptors would quickly get a little separation, going ahead by six thanks to free throws from Cory Joseph. Randle converted another and-one, but Lowry matched him with a three-pointer on the other end as Toronto remained ahead by five midway through the quarter. Lowry would continue his strong second quarter with five more points to give the Raptors a 10 point lead with five minutes remaining in the half. The Lakers would stay in the game and huge putback dunk from Larry Nance Jr. got them back within four. Two more threes from Lowry quickly put the Raptors back ahead by 10, but a nice drive from Kobe cut the deficit to eight. One last Lowry jumper gave the Raptors a 10 point lead at the half.

Third Quarter

Larry Nance Jr. got off to a strong start with a block on defense, and an offensive rebound and layup on the other end. A three from Lou and a beautiful layup from Clarkson quickly got the Lakers within three points. Kobe got going with a fadeaway in the paint and a steal and layup. Derozan kept the Lakers at bay with a nice floater, but a pair of free throws from Kobe brought the Lakers within a point. The Raptors would increase the lead to six thanks to a couple of easy baskets from Biyombo. Both teams continued to trade baskets as a three from Metta World Peace brought the Lakers within five with two minutes remaining. A three-point play from Randle and back-to-back baskets from Russell tied the game at 71 with 30 seconds left in the quarter. Joseph hit a floater at the buzzer, but the review determined it was released after the buzzer leaving the game tied after three.

Fourth Quarter

A basket from Joseph and a three-point play from Derozan put Toronto ahead, but Russell responded with a great drive to keep it a one possession game. A layup from Randle and a three from Russell tied the game, but a turnover led to a dunk for Ross as the Raptors stayed ahead by a basket. Kobe started to get going as he hit a short jumper and a tough corner three to keep the Lakers within two points. The Lakers were unable to keep it there, however as the Raptors responded with a 7-0 run capped off by an alley-oop from Lowry to Biyombo. The run continued as Lowry and Derozan hit jumpers to suddenly give the Raptors an 13 point cushion. At that point it was pretty much academic. Lou Williams hit a three, but it didn’t matter and Kobe got a massive standing ovation as he left the court with 25 seconds left. The Lakers would fall 102-93 to the Raptors.

Scott not trying to win! If he starts winning Lakers FO will fire him. They are copying what the Sixers are doing. Tanking for picks.

  • It’s almost time for these guys to get us back to the top. Thanks to Scotts obvious tanking.

  • Shout out to Randle for getting a double double while playing less than half a game and screw Byron Scott.

  • Anyone see KG posterize Blake Griffin? The Big Ticket threw it right down his mouth!

  • BS says we can expect Randle and Russell to continue to get less minutes….. FU

  • I see Scott is not doing any development. No AB or Young but MWP gets all these minutes that would help our young guys. Sacre playing over Black. Benching Russell and Randle

  • It’s good for Russell to sit and watch the starting backcourt combine for 1 assist. That is truly something to inspire to

  • Scott is simply the worst coach i have ever seen in the NBA. He never makes adjustments to suit the game. Why was Hibbert playing in the 4th when Ross and Biyombo were the big men? Why did Randle not close out the game after dominating the Raptors bigs?

  • If that happens then the only thing left for the young three to do is to turn their back on BS and refuse to play for him. I doubt they’ll that, but it would be great.

  • It could be that he has been instructed to tank it. I hope its not true but thats the only thing that makes sense

  • Worthy “hard to know what is going on in Byron’s head”. There is nothing Worthy.

  • shouldve played swagP and tarik instead of huertas & sacre together with DLo,randle and MWP.. wouldve produced better results

  • Dang porzingis looks really good 28 pts , makes Russell look like a bad pick

  • Defense.Showtime.Pout lips.Bald head. Moustache.Cross arms.

    Do I need to say more?

  • Dont know about Swag but i agree on Tarik. I even think he should start in place of Hibbert. Hibbert’s defense is overrated right now because of the style of the NBA these days. He is also the worst offensive big in the league by far

  • It’s not like Russell is leading the league in assists.
    If benching him makes him pout, then we see he needs to grow up and mature.

    Randle had his normal double-double averages in LESS minutes.

  • That’s coming from his buddy and someone who has always tried to find positives in Scott. Not looking good for Byron

  • Then why did Randle come out aggressive while Russell didn’t do jack until the 2nd half.

    The point was made to Randle. Russell’s a bit hard headed (or ill prepared) it seems.

  • idk since LN jr is starting, might as well roll with it..maybe Randle in hibbert out

    Starters: Lou-JC-Kobe-Randle(rebounding)-Nance jr(Defense and energy)

    bench: Dlo-SwagP-MWP/brown-bass/MWP-Hibbert

  • You really want them to turn their back on their coach?
    If that happened in their rookie year, they’d be locker room cancers fore ever more and traded within weeks.

    Reality is calling… pick up the phone.

  • It’s not like he’s doing amazing.
    He’s not near an all star.

    So at this point, Randle and Porzingis are about the same. And in case you didn’t study either, BOTH are PF’s.

    How would that have worked out?

  • Or he’s smart like a fox, and knows how to affect 19 year old kids.

    Byron said he wanted more effort out of both. I’m not sure that was EVER said about Kobe.

  • Dlo should not play with huertas, swagP needs to play…maybe shouldve let Randle start with NAnce jr(rebounding,defense and energy from the start)

    hibbert gotta be bench, not playing good defense and rebounding

  • Scott’s point was about “more energy to start the game”
    DLo didn’t have a mark on the box score until the 2nd half.

    Do you realize that if the Lakers were a better team, BOTH Russell and Randle would be bench players?

    They got lazy and complacent. And Scott rattled their cage.

  • NO, Phil rolled the dice and it paid off b/c many teams are hesitant in selecting a Euro player that early given many don’t pan out. However, Potzingis isn’t necessarily a rookie too.

    Three yrs (or so) playing in the second best league in the world. Experienced young player who can play with the vets as opposed to inexperienced youth coming out of college.

  • Really?
    If a player thinks he’s smarter than his coach and wants to disregard his coach at 19, do you think it gets better?

    Kobe NEVER disregarded his coach. This is a learning opportunity and a specific point he’s making to 19-year old teenagers who have gotten lazy or entitled.

  • That works too. Hibbert just has got to go. He hurts the team on offense and defense because of his lack of mobility. I would amnesty him if I were Mitch or try to trade him ASAP. Swag should also be playing more

  • If the team had defenders, Hibbert would be the perfect guy.

    But the team doesn’t and he can’t play defense 1-on-5.

  • He didn’t pout. He played well. Better than the guys starting at the guard spot.

  • He been consistent with scoring so far starting so idk what you watching. He was put in sg but he adjusted

  • All you can respond is 4 words? Am I really reading the words of a 5 year old kid?

    Obviously my comment has affected you that all you can do is respond like an out of control child and add nothing of value.

    If I pull a shiny quarter out of your ear will you go away?

  • He is right. Hibbert has no business starting in the NBA with the style that teams are adopting. He can barely even finish at the rim. He always misses and is lucky he gets fouled. Any other Center would have had MANY 3 point play opportunities

  • Nah, this inept FO is average at best. If that’s the best they’d come up with then it’s no plan at all lol. Just one more yr and they’ll be changes which couldn’t come sooner.

  • How can you possibly want more effort out of Randle? He already plays with much more energy than over 80% of the starting PF’s in the league

  • He makes Towns and Okafor look like bad picks too. He is killing it. And doing it with so much positive energy. Great, great player. Not sure how he wasn’t picked first.

  • You forgot to mention…..
    In the 2nd half.

    And had 0/3 shooting, 0 assists, 2 rebounds, and zero points in the first. — Maybe Scott let Russell suck on a pacifier during halftime?

  • Not in the west bro. He gets torched on switches and is too foul prone when quick players cut to the rim. On paper it looked like it would work but lets face it – its been a disaster

  • Just because Golden State happens to have the best 5 guys in history for a small ball gimmick line-up doesn’t mean the rest of the league is or will adopt it.

    Before we start crowing them champions lets see them win another one. I’m going to bet they run out of steam somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round, or happen to find an untimely injury and lose their chemistry. <- And I live in SF.

  • Golden State isn’t “the west”
    Name ANY other team that uses a Small Ball Lineup in the West, bro.

    Spurs – no.
    Clippers – no.
    Memphis – no.
    Houston – no.
    OKC – no.

    Please enlighten us with your basketball knowledge.
    Are you a Lakers fan or in the closet?

  • Because the geniuses are not that good. We had it worst though. Our geniuses picked Russ second. We are doomed.

  • He played three years professionally in the 2nd best league but YET our geniuses somehow missed him and picked little baby RUSSELL. Sack them.

  • I like Russ. He will be a good NBA player. He doesn’t have the same ceiling as Zing, I mean who in this league ever has, but he still can be a very good player.

  • Obviously he showed tonight that he could play more efficient.
    He got the same box score in 8 less minutes.

  • There are 2 true game changers in the NBA right now – Steph Curry and Kristaps. Curry will change the way the NBA is played especially on defense. Kids will grow up wanting to shoot like him and 3 point shooting will increase drastically in the future.

    Porzingis is simply too agile and athletic for a 7’3 guy. Nobody will be able to block him or affect him on defense consistently. Sucks that none of them is a laker

  • You’re talking about one shot….in the second half. and only 2 of his whopping 9 points.

    Did you miss the entire point about staring the game with more energy?

  • Russell’s performance so far has been disappointing. Clearly a wrong pick.

  • Curry will be as impactful as Jordan if he does not have any major injuries. Funny how America is so infatuated with athleticism that he has been under the radar until last season. Everyone was raving about Lebron and Anthony Davis because they run fast and jump high

  • Never said it was, but he is the player that Russell is modeling his game after. Curry wasn’t even good enough to get drafted at 19, still plenty of time.

  • He will never be as good as Steph. Sorry to break it to you. I see a James Harden in there though. Slightly better jumpshot?

  • Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina

    Russell on bench role:”There’s just more ball movement. No disrespect to Kobe, but you know you have more opportunity because of who he is.”


    32m32 minutes ago

    Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina

    Byron on Randle & Russell playing without Kobe: “”I thought tonight they played a little more free.”

  • That is what everyone said about Curry. Even his first two years in the NBA everyone was making fun of his athleticism and ankles.

  • well he can keep trying tell hes blue in the face his game is no were close to curry. hes not the shooter and his handles are not there.

  • I agree. He is trying to model after Curry but i see more Harden too. That might just be nature

  • curry is a freak his shooting cant be built to his just has it russ is not even close to curry as a shooter and he wont ever be

  • Have family in San Jose and the main issues Bay Area fans had with Curry was that he was passive and too nice. Not enough fire in his belly. But that changed when Mark Jackson got there and when Monta left

  • russ got more spotlight. but most scouts agree curry was a shur fire nba player. russel has major bust all over him.

    russ wont ever be more then a 15-20 ppg player clark is the better shooter and scorer of the two.

  • That and he was hurt constantly. He had really bad ankles his first two years.

  • Or maybe he’s our best player but Scott cannot think beyond you know who

  • just watching the kid you can tell hes not the shooter curry is.

    curry has perfect form russ’s form is kinda bad

  • Again, everyone said the same thing about Curry. In fact he had a higher bust prediction than Russell.

  • not true curry had a low bust perdiction because of his shooting but curry had a lower star lvl

  • Today? No he isn’t. But he is 8 years younger. Curry wasn’t the shooter Curry is 8 years ago.

  • Kinda like Magic did with Paul Westhead? Paul got fired right?

    You need to stop.

  • That too. But those were the issues they had with him when healthy. I remember a bar tender once remarked “Steph Curry is not someone you would ever want to go to war with”. I always remember that when I see him play now. They actually preferred Monta to him back then

  • His form hasn’t changed much, but he has gotten MUCH better. Russell has very good form too, nothing needs to change there, just needs to keep working at it.

  • Before we start crowing them champions lets see them win another one

    ?!? O_O

  • If we’re doomed, stop watching, stop blogging and stop complaining.

    If we’re doomed, things won’t change for another 5-10 years.

    Are you really going to complain until the team wins another championship?

  • Yeah, I kind of felt the same way. On defense especially. I just didn’t think he would ever be able to defend. Plus he wasn’t a good passer when he first came to the league. He couldn’t get in the lane and make plays. He really still can’t very well haha. But he figured it out. Amazing what he is able to do. And he has gotten a lot stronger physically. It doesn’t seem like it cause he is still small, but he definitely has gotten stronger.

  • russ’s form is not very good. he pushes the ball instead of shooting it.

    currys form has not improved his foot work to get off shots has

  • Curry has a push shot too. Why both of them have such quick releases. It isn’t bad form either. It is very good. The arc on their shot is very nice and the release is so quick.

  • Mark Jackson was the difference. He gave Steph Curry confidence apparently. He was really a mentor to him. That’s why Steph speaks highly of him. He could always shoot but defenses started reacting once he started letting it fly more. This year he is shooting even more. Mark Jackson is an excellent personnel developer/motivator. Draymond credits him also

  • I think it’s funny when the guys I choose to silence find the lowest things to respond and try to make as a point.

    Realize this, as much as you hate me and my words, I hate reading yours with the same passion. And instead of being single track minded, I chose to silence your voice and play word games.

    Folks wanna come here to learn more and share their experience, but a small handful of guys who have no job, life, girlfriend, or obvious education choose to come here and spout the same tired things. I would respect you if you had something new to say, or found a way to have constructive criticism, but all of you sound like old nags ‘itching about FREE TV and how it’s not meeting your standard.

  • Kobe’s most efficient game of the season. Shame the team has to be bordering on mutiny. Tick tock…..

  • Agreed. The next generation of players that watch steph will come close to him. Just like Kobe came close to Jordan. I predict the league will see guys model their game after curry in the same way Penny, Kobe, TMAC, Vince and others did Jordan. 3 point shooting will never be the same again

  • You tell me that if Russell, Randle, and Clarkson decided to be locker room cancers and deliberately get Magic fired that they’d still be Lakers, or have a career in the NBA?

    Let’s talk to Metta or JR Smith about how their ego killed their earnings and potential. Or let’s talk to Deron Williams about how he learned that he got traded to the worst team in the league by watching ESPN.

    So maybe you need to stop. The beer seems to be clouding your judgment.

  • 76ers just brought in a Jerry Colangelo. He’s not going to let them tank for picks anymore.

  • Curry’s form changed after his first year of college. I saw a piece where he detailed how he changed it with his dad in one summer. But he had always been a top shooter even before that

  • Kobe and Clarkson are the team’s best players. Then maybe Lou, and THEN maybe Randle.

    And Randle scored the same in less minutes…. maybe Scott’s message was received.

  • Yeah, I mean who is Russell going to assist to. Sacre is better at erasing field goals than making them, Huertas’s only skill is he the greatest Shaqtin A Fool of all time, Metta isn’t a consistent shooter and Randle likes to ISO. Just a terrible lineup to put Russell in. And he still did pretty well, somehow.

  • That’s because he’s not playing with Kobe and Hibbert. Kobe’s not taking shots from him and Hibbert isn’t clogging up the lane.

  • SO by your words, he’s a better player on the bench?
    Doesn’t that mean Scott was right?

  • Kobe shot 8/16 with 8 rebounds and 4 assists.
    I could argue that Kobe plays better WITHOUT Randle or Russell just the same.

    And, tonight, Kobe didn’t jack up bad shots – he shot 50%.

  • Kobe scored 21 points on 8 for 16 shooting.
    He got 8 rebounds, and 4 assists.

    Are you really going to say that you’d rather have Wes Johnson?
    Did you even watch the game? Or did your wife take her bath and give you computer time?

  • Everyone of those players you named still got paid and are still in this league. The NBA is a player’s league and coaches are dispensible. Especially when they not elite coaches.

    Again, stop.

  • Yes he does. His shot starts at his forehead and he pushes it up and finishes with his wrist. It is actually very similar to Russell. Only major difference is that Curry’s feet are more square than Russell. Russell’s feet are his only slight hitch but he can fix that easy.

  • No, He needs to be developed. He is way more important to the future of the franchise than any of the people who started tonight. He needs to be the one putting the team on his back instead of Kobe.

  • Really?
    You must live in a happy pink bubble….

    Enjoy your version of reality.

  • if you knew your english and grammar, it couldbe argued that your statement was 5 words, and technically 7.

    And since you want to feel smart about using the comma, you should realize that you didn’t use a period.

    Don’t Fake the Funk (4 words).

  • Lol, that’s nonsense. Kobe is the first, second, and third option. Nobody is taking shots away from Kobe. Kobe might just be playing himself back into shape. So he might get better, but it’s not because Randle and Russell weren’t in the game.

  • You kill me with you trout mouf BS.

    You trolling a sports fan site like some moral cyber policeman? This digital world is a trip.

  • I’m team Russell all the way, but that was disrespectful. He needs to learn how to talk to the media.

  • Kobe had the worst Plus/Minus on the team as well. It was nice to see him not shooting 16 3 pointers though.

  • That’s what we were trying to say a few weeks ago. We knew the day would come when Russell and Randle get thrown under the bus for the team losing like this. That is Byron’s MO. That’s what he does.

  • I don’t think Russell is choosing to play that slow. He’s just slow. The Lakers should have done their research before drafting. Now that he is here they need to develop him instead of leaving everything up to chance like they are doing now.

  • If the Lakers were a better team they wouldn’t have had a 2nd and 7th pick to begin with. Bad teams get lottery picks. If the Lakers are too good to develop talent then they need to trade them while they still have some trade value.

  • I just want them to blow this thing up. Hibbert played with a lot of energy the first few games but has fallen off recently. I see why the Pacers let him go, he is way too slow. He can block a shot once he has good position but if he has already jumped and missed he is too slow to react again. Please trade him out of here for more assets along with Kelly, Bass, and whoever else they can ditch.

    Aim high for that pick. The team with the worst record stays in the top 3 73% of the time, we should aim to be worse than the Sixers-it might be tough to do but with this team anything is possible.

  • Well, if Russell has a green light to jack up shots in that 2nd unit then he should take it. I do agree with that.

  • Ah the good old Jeremy Lin defense. Kobe seems to negatively affect everyone but Clarkson, Randle and Hibbert. Russell needs to be careful with his words, ask Nick Young about that.

  • That kid is a beast. Surprised me. I thought he would need a couple of years to adjust. Damn Phil is a genius. We could have had them both is Jim wasn’t such an emotional butt hurt idiot.

  • Russell has potential that needs to be developed. You don’t just throw that away for nothing. Lakers aren’t playing for anything.

  • Or Phil knew what he was doing and picked a great player. I think he was sniffing around Russell to throw people off (like Dim Buss) and LOL looks like it worked. Lakers went from wanting Okafor to picking Russell…after Phil praised him to the media and went to his games. Zen Master strikes again.

  • Bro you said people on here are always angry and being argumentative but you’re doing the same. Don’t let these losses rile you up so much and especially don’t let DARYL of all people get under your skin.

  • Then he better get quicker feet and a quicker release. He is slow and his shot is even slower. It’ll be getting blocked sooner or later.

  • Russell on 2nd unit: “There’s just more ball movement. No disrespect to Kobe, but you know you have more opportunity because of who he is.”

  • You think so? It seems very long winded to me, like he really has to focus.

  • I’d still gone Russell over Okafor but my preferred option was acquiring another plyr/or pick and drafting slightly down (5th/6th?). he’d still been available aside of a few other options if Phil would’ve gotten the opportunity of drafting Okafor. I remember watching his pre-draft workout and he looked solid in that and in the end Phil took a chance and it worked out for him.

  • “I just don’t know why Julius Randle isn’t in the game for the Lakers. He’s really killed us.” – Raptors announcers

  • Good, very good but no longer great? I remembered u predicting a career scoring average higher than Kobe for Russ. Given up already?

  • Darius Morris–Verified account ‏@dariusmorris4

    Sorry but allowing your coach to bench your #2 and #7 overall pick in a REBUILDING YEAR isn’t great marketing for free agency next year lol.

    Darius Morris–Verified account ‏@dariusmorris4

    “We are 3-17 we needed to make a change.” You are “440-599” maybe your the change that needs to be made. ijs

    OH WEE, multiple shots fired by Morris!!

  • Sad thing is, if Scott were the coach then Simmons be on the bench next to Russell and Randle

  • If he really said that….. I give up. Scott is truly the dumbest coach ever if that’s what he said

  • Okafor will be a better option because good bigs are still limited commodities in the NBA. On the other hand, it’s golden era again for guards. There are so many very good to great PGs and SGs. Russ will find it hard to get a starting job on most NBA teams.

  • I’m also team Russell, he does need media training it seems. After every game he seems like he doesn’t like talking to the media. But I don’t think he meant any disrespect to Kobe in his comments

  • Phil’s recently mentioned (again) that he’d select Okafor over Potzingis if he was available. Russell’s a 2 yr project to which certain FO was aware of but didn’t pass up given the potential (a few yrs from now). He’s an inexperienced 19 yr old as opposed to Potzingis given the
    yrs he’s played professionally overseas.

    With that said tho, if destiny shines on the Lakers again come lottery draft night and they so happen to acquire the 1st or 2nd pick and they happen to draft Simmons it may be best to possibly trade Russell given Simmons likes the ball in his hands and plays as a point forward.

    Altho see a little of Lebron’s game in him I see more Blake Griffin given his size and upper body strength. Simmons has no jumper also like Griffin while being similar in athleticism.

  • I took it more as a shot at Scott. Scott is the one giving Kobe the green light above and beyond everyone else, with no consideration to effiency.

  • Just as an adviser but at least there’s some common sense over-there. I’ve met him and his wife before, very knowledgeable person. Almost like Jerry West (esque).

  • No, I still think he will be great. Will be based purely on skill and smarts though, he isn’t a freak of nature athletically like Zing is. Zing doesn’t even have a ceiling, we have never seen a guy like that.

  • It is what he said. Based on the next 5 to 10 games anyhow. He said expect them to play around twenty minutes. Ugh.

  • This is a shooters league now to which it won’t change anytime soon. Russell has a higher ceiling but in the end it’d comes down to what the Lakers need to place themselves back at the top.

  • Actually we did , yao ming . Though he’s 3 inches shorter he’s more athletically mobile

  • wow to see the mamba in person was amazing experice i will never forget….gonna see him one last time in toronto for the all star game……2nd grestest player EVER

  • Every coach that’s managed Kobe has given Kobe the green light.

    He’s a HOF Shooting Guard. He’s supposed to take the shot.
    And tonight, he shot 50%, with 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

    Can you really ask more of ANY player?

    Tonight is the wrong night to be talking about kobe being efficient.

  • I’m silencing the idiots.
    If I respond to their words with logic, their voice is nullified.

    They don’t rile me up, I just like writing things that really affect them.

  • Policeman…
    Did you miss my self proclaimed title as Idiot Filter?

    Seems like you’ve set off the filter.

  • Do you really have to quote Twitter to support your weak statements?

    I guess, since Darius Morris says it, and it’s posted on the internet, it must be true.

  • Will there be another player quite like Kobe Bryant? “For coaches in the future, I hope not,” Bryant said with a laugh. “Maybe. I think with me as a young kid I was very bull-headed and just ultra aggressive and just wanted to win and thats a double-edged sword that can cut both ways. I was very fortunate to have a great coach come in and teach me how to tame that and to be patient with me and help my game get to another level and be the person that I am sitting in front of you guys today. But its a tough journey. Nowadays with social media and the amount of coverage, its very hard for players to be open and to not be afraid of taking risk because of the fear of criticism. So it is tough for players to come out and play with that kind of aggression night in and night out because of that.”

    Is he saying that Scott isn’t a great coach?

    Lol, I’ve seen Kobe take the ball out of Russell’s hands after making a mistake. So you can’t blame social media.

  • Lakers will either need to finish 2nd (worst record) or end up 5th, 6th or 7th to have a shot at the top 3. Sht don’t repeat itself on a year to year basis when it comes to the lottery draft.

  • The Lakers aren’t a good team. If Russell was on the Cavs the Cavs would have traded him by now just like they did Andrew Wiggins. It’s just a weak point and all you could do was attack me instead of addressing it. It’s not logical to draft a guy like Russell then not develop him. Especially when Okafor was available. Byron himseld said he knew Okafor would be good right away. Ok, then why did he suggest drafting Russell instead?

    Either they develop Russell or they don’t but somebody needs to be held accountable. Russell still has trade value. They could still get Okafor if they aren’t going to develop Russell.

  • Because of Laker luck, we need to finish with the #1 seed to keep our pick. We will get jumped at 2 or 3, guaranteed. And I don’t think Philly is giving up that position.

  • Mychal Thompson kept saying he should have gone 1 or 2 before the draft. Guess he knows his s**t.

  • Eh, not really. Kobe is the one shooting those shots. Kobe did take a little swipe at Russell saying he was scared to be aggressive because of what the media would say.

  • That’s not the first time he’s said something like that. Lakersnation asked him what basketball player he would want to sit down and have lunch with and he said Larry Bird, lol. He’s got a lot to learn. He should have called up Magic the day he got drafted. He would be playing a lot better if he did.

    Getting back to the what he said about Kobe, he certainty meant something by it by insinuating that Kobe messes up ball movement. It’s true, but EVERYBODY knows not to say that to Kobe. He only said it out of anger for getting benched. He shouldn’t have been benched, but Kobe can have this kid shipped out fairly easily.

  • it’s 20 games into a 19 year old kid’s rookie season. relax. russell will be fine.

  • rather roll with mWP as interim HC till luke walton takes over here, atleast lakers will play some tough defense (and elbows)

  • I think that in 2016 the Lakers will:
    – Resign Big Roy
    – Resign Clarkson
    – Draft Simmons
    – Possibly Sign Horford, Durant or Deronzan
    – Trade Young and Kelly for a quality player like Gibson or Isaiah Thomas or possibly use Dlo and Clarkson on a major trade 4 PG13, Boogie or Westbrook.
    – Replace Sacre with Upshaw.
    – Fire Byron and sign either Walton, Mark Jackson, Tom Thibs or Scott Brooks and have Metta as assistant coach.

  • Lakers if they acquire Ben, that cap space will be worthless unless used in trade…..I want Thomas to be a laker but lakers wont make a trade with the celtics..never……

    Next season, hoping Luke as HC,MWP as asst. coach and Kobe as a consultant(?)

  • lakers need a passing big men like Noah,Pau, Bogut, Marc, etc… sad thing hibbert cant do it

  • Lakers screw up big time for not selecting Porzingis. This guy is destine to emulate Dirk or even better. Big man with great skill and yet we selected a small guy who seems average.

  • LA Lakers should trade deal atl hawks
    LA Lakers get shevin mack,tim hardway jr deal
    ATL Hawks get Nick young deal
    both teams are benefit and less money this deal
    and also Wavie Sacre a because of complete 15 roster and also sacre weak defense please trade deal

  • No, 3-4 yrs from now it’ll be different. But if the Lakers can land one of the top 2 picks it’s good as gold in helping to finish rebuilding the starting rotation for the next 10+ yrs.

  • GTHO, lakers should’ve done this and that… pretty sure you wanted Russ or Nokafor.

  • If the Lakers land Simmons then that about do it ofr building the starting 5 (provided they also make another trade).

  • Makes sense. Those tweets were bold for a career journeyman player like Morris who’s likely still looking to find his way back onto an NBA roster.

  • Funny how we don’t see this kind of mess with other superstar status vet’s as they ride off into the sunset.

    Being a superstar legend does not mean you’re always supposed to take the shot.

    Zealots will see every night as the wrong night to talk about Kobe’s effiency even in the midst of all the evidence to the contrary.

  • I am not worried about Russ. Not at all. I am just worried the FO will make another dumb call thinking Russ is the new Kobe to be built around.

  • Interesting comments about him needing to surround Russell with other play makers. Clarkson, Kobe, Randle are all guys who want to ISO. They can all be playmakers if they want, but they tend to just ISO. Hibbert wants to play team ball and run the pick and roll, but he is too slow.

    I propose this lineup for now. Russell, Young, Brown, Nance and Bass. This gives Russell 2 outlet guys in Young and Brown and also two mobile bigs to run the pick and roll with.

  • It would be nice. No one I like in this draft except for Simmons but even just having it as a trade chip would be huge.

  • Looks like LN messed up their site again, but I’m keeping Simmons. He’s looks more polished than Russell (2+ yr project).

  • That’s the 2nd unit right there but don’t think it’d impact Russell’s progress much. He should know what’s expected of him by now, it’s just a matter of being consistent at it while trying to improve which will come with experience.

  • That unit is more about team success than Russell. Mitch was saying he needs to find players that want to play like a team more or less to fit with Russell. Saying he wants to run an offense and setup plays, orchestrate an offense. But the team isn’t built to be run that way. Kobe wants to ISO, Clark wants to ISO, Randle wants to ISO.

  • Yeah, if we get Simmons I would keep him. I was just saying he is the only guy this year I want. If we get the 2nd or 3rd pick I would trade it on draft night.

  • Depends, he may either go 1st or 2nd depending on the team. But the lottery doesn’t repeat itself (result wise) every yr. Given last yr the #1 worst team ended up selecting first, it won’t be repeated this season. Which can also be said for the 4th pick since the Lakers ended up moving up 2 spots last year.

  • Yes but hard to imagine that playing out since he still has growing up to do at the time (Mitch wanting to find players for him). Aside of that Jim Bust must have been the source in a recent rumor that the Lakers would consider trading the young core excluding Randle. Kupcake views it differently, always said Russell and JC are the best odds (out of the youth) to turn things around.

  • i got Clarkson 1st Randle 2nd and Kobe 3rd.
    as of now…..lou and dangelo are after.
    Kobe has been struggling so hes 3rd and for him to be best on the team he has to take better shots higher pct.
    Kobe is a much better player than this, he can do so much better.
    its even frustrating to me bc i know what hes capable of i think everyone does.
    Kobe is a beast when he gets going….

  • once he retires all these Kobe haters are going to see how screwed htis team is.
    im not saying the rokies suck either bc i like most of them.
    but Kobe is a huge part of our success lately.

  • i cant even post comments anymore.
    i went 4 days without commenting bc i couldnt find how?
    i kept trying different links too.
    lakersnation is as worse as the Laker team this year.
    they both suck

  • Robert horry going in on Byron Scott on access sportsnet hahaaaa keeping it 100 too

  • How TF is kobe playing more minutes and taking more shots then the whole team? & also bricking more also! Swaggy said it best, its a circus out there! & he got benched for metta! #circus

  • yup he’s the only one he does it pretty often now, he don’t GAF he’s not showtime.

  • To be honesty JR respond very well to Bryon Scott. Now let’s see how Russell respond.

  • I disagree, Look at The Wolves and Philly — tons a 1st round picks and they still suck.

  • Since 2005 the Wolves have been playing below 500. ball, settling for top draft picks to no avail. While the 76ers have been on tank mode since 13-14. The Lakers so called rebuild started when they drafted Clarkson and Randle (14-15). The key IMO will be how quickly can Russell, JC and Randle mesh to help increase the odds of playing more competitively in the near future.

    If the Lakers can keep this years pick that will help the rebuild by adding another top prospect to the starting rotation. The problem with the Wolves and 76ers is that they didn’t or can’t attract top starting vet talent. Didn’t say the Lakers needed to rebuild ENTIRELY on draft picks. More so add the right pieces for the future and go after/acquire a star player in the coming years to help carry this team while the youth continue to gain experience.

    However, to increase the odds of a better future outcome they still need to add better depth by way of experienced veterans. Bass and Hibbert were good pickups but looks like they aren’t meshing with the team too good. Best to make some trades happen to not pass up better options that could help turn the team’s fortunes sooner rather than just letting them walk for nothing.

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