Game Recap: Young Lakers Show Improvement, But Still Fall To Blazers
Game Recap: Young Lakers Show Improvement, But Still Fall To Blazers
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The Los Angeles Lakers are back in action Saturday night against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Blazers got the best of the Lakers in their last matchup on Sunday, but the Lakers will seek redemption tonight at the Moda Center in Portland.

The Lakers will be without their key reserve, Lou Williams, who is with his family after the death of his grandfather. Coach Byron Scott says he expects Nick Young to get the majority of William’s minutes in his absence. The Lakers need a victory tonight to lift their spirits after an embarrassing loss to the defending champion Golden State Warriors earlier this week.

First Quarter:

The Blazers won the tip, but Lillard turned the ball over and Julius Randle finished the break with a dunk. After McCollum tied the game up, Roy Hibbert made a difficult hookshot over the outstretched arms of Mason Plumlee. Kobe Bryant was greeted by a series of boos every time he caught the ball, but he assisted a Randle field goal in the paint. McCollum continued his extremely hot shooting, as he scored the Blazer’s first nine points without a miss. Noah Vonleh picked Clarkson’s pocket clean and finished on the other end, putting the Blazers up 14-6 with 7:49 left in the first – timeout Lakers. The Lakers executed out of the timeout, and Clarkson found Randle for the elbow jumper. Al-Farouq Aminu drew the second foul on Randle, and he would sit the remaining 6:24 of the quarter with the Lakers down 17-8. Kobe finally found the bottom of the net on his fourth attempt, but McCollum quickly matched him on the other end. The Lakers got caught watching the ball on defense, and left Lillard open for three, putting the Blazers up by 13 with 3:30 left in the quarter. After another timeout, the Lakers switched to a 2-3 zone and Lillard made them pay by draining another three. Metta World Peace temporarily stopped the bleeding when he made a contested shot in the paint over Meyers Leonard. On the Lakers final possession of the quarter, Clarkson nailed a pull up jumper, and at the end of one the Lakers trailed 21-34.

Second Quarter:

Kobe checked back into the game and immediately drew a shooting foul on McCollum then proceeded to make his two free throws. Allen Crabbe came off of a screen and made the Blazer’s fifth three-pointer of the game and the Lakers trailed by 12 with 9:43 remaining in the half. Kobe maneuvered through the paint with Gerald Henderson on his back and made a five-foot pullup jumper to cut the Lakers deficit to 10 points. Maurice Harkless tried to jam on Hibbert in transition, but Hibbert was charged with a flagrant foul. Harkless made one of his two free throws and then McCollum converted a floater in the lane to put the Blazers back up by 13 points. The Lakers continued to ignore shooters on the perimeter, and left Leonard open for another three-pointer. Clarkson scored five straight points and the Lakers trailed by 10 with 3:29 in the half. The next Lakers possession Randle made another elbow jumper, and Hibbert was fouled off the ball and proceeded to make his free throw. Kobe made a difficult floater in the lane and immediately went down to the floor after apparently getting the wind knocked out of him by Ed Davis. Lakers Nation breathed a sigh of relief when Kobe returned to the floor after the timeout. The Blazers ended the half on a 10-2 run and the Lakers trailed 46-60 at halftime.

Third Quarter:

On the first possession of the half, the Lakers swung the ball around the perimeter and Kobe nailed a three-pointer, but Lillard made a three of his own. Clarkson penetrated into the lane and passed it to Russell who stepped into a three-pointer. On the next possession Russell returned the favor to Clarkson, who stepped into a three of his own, cutting the Lakers deficit to eight points. The Lakers run was short-lived because they left Lillard open in the corner for three-pointer; and on the very next possession Lillard found Plumlee for the alley-oop. Kobe came off of a down screen and made a jumper to give him 19 points in the game. On the next Blazers possession, Randle blocked McCollum at the rim, sparking a fast break and Clarkson finished in traffic. With the Lakers inching closer, Lillard used his strength to drive past Brandon Bass and scored in the lane to put the Blazers back up by nine points with 3:47 left in the third. After a timeout, Larry Nance Jr. made a floater in the lane, drew the foul on Lillard, and converted the three-point play. The Blazers made two free throws on the other end, but Russell came back and made an aggressive move and scored from the elbow. After Russell’s jumper, the Blazers scored eight straight points to give them a 14 point advantage. Nick Young stopped the bleeding and made two three-pointers, including one at the buzzer, to cut the Lakers deficit to 76-84 at the end of the third.

Fourth Quarter:

The Lakers started the quarter well with a steal that led to a pair of free throws for Bass to cut the lead to six. Portland would quickly push the lead back to double digits with a 6-0 run capped off by a jumper from McCollum to put the Blazers ahead 90-78. The Lakers continued to fight as jumpers from Kobe and Bass were followed by a steal and layup for Clarkson. A defensive mishap allowed for an easy Blazers dunk, however, and kept the Lakers behind by 11. Russell hit a three to bring the Lakers within single digits, but McCollum continued to torch them on the other end as the lead remained 12 midway through the quarter. Back-to-back baskets by Randle got the Lakers within eight, but Lillard responded with a floater to keep Portland ahead comfortably. Randle got a tough shot to fall, but McCollum hit one more three to basically ice the game and put Portland ahead 11 with only two minutes remaining. Lillard would put the nail in the coffin with the floater and the foul to give Portland a 14 point lead with 1:30 left. One last layup from Russell would provide the final score as the Lakers fell 108-96.

Nice game for the Kids. I like it

  • Kobe fresh off of 3 days of rest and airballs his first shot which was wide open….idk whats wrong with him……if my legs were gone i would try to use my arms more or try to get my shot off using a screen…..he needs to stop pump faking because nobody is going for it…….he should work on his handles a bit more which is also something he used to have……i was hoping for kobe to turn it around but i guess this is what we are going to see for the rest of the season.

  • I liked how our young core played tonight. Regardless, I know we are going to suck this season so Ben Simmons here we come! He will fit with this team because the kid loves passing and rebounding. I’m sure our team will love a player like that because we have a bunch of scores in this team. Sorry Kobe, I love everything you gave the franchise but after this season I’m sure the team will improve because our young core will get more touches and hit a better percentage.

  • Even tho we lost I’m just glad Randle & Russell are knocking down their shots. Still wish we played Black over Bass but overall they played solid D. They need to rebound better

  • Although the Lakers were out-rebounded they played better D. Kobe’s insistence in forcing shots when the defenders literally tied him up/figured him out/stopped his momentum ain’t changing with this coach.

    To put it simpler this team be lucky to win 20 games given the LACK of consistency in shooting 10+ ft jumpers. Lakers 7-23 from the 3pt line = 21 pts as opposed to the Blazers going 12-30 from the 3 = 36 pts. Given the lack of consistency from this team they have to play efficiently just to have a shot in being able to pull out a game.

    16 TO’s for Portland compared to the Lakers 9 should’ve made this game closer since the Lakers struggled just to get it to single digits.

  • Nick should’ve played more minutes than metta and black should’ve got some of bass’s minutes

  • Russell, Randle and Clarkson played well but they couldn’t stop Lillard and McCollum

  • Oh my oh my!!!

    This Portland team should be one of the bottom team in the west but because they have a decent coach that know how to coach their still on the top 8 in the west seed…

    What i see is lakers have a better team than the Portland, but the team coach is dont know how to coach the team.

  • Bass is a solid bench player at POWER FORWARD but he needs to be traded for a center. Maybe gorgui dieng from the wolves , miles plumlee from the bucks or chris Anderson from the heat

  • Like how the rookies performed , except on the defensive end but more time on court is always good. Glad they are learning.

  • Lillard and Mc Collum went 9 for 18 from the 3 pt line while the entire Laker team went 7 for 23. Time to acquire a stretch 4, sht I’d even call Larry Bird and try to sell him on a Bass/Kelly trade for Jordan Hill (not #1 choice trade) as a last resort. At least we know he’d be cool in hitting those 10 footers.

  • He should facilitate more to the Lakers kid and take a lessor role. Jordan, Randle, and D’Angelo were a great trio tonight!

  • Sorry man even if Kobe sat out there still too many ball dominant players. D’Angelo isn’t the go to guy. Towns, Okafor, or Porzingis would win ROY base on the stats they contribute.

  • Mitch can make this happen:

    Coach: Mark Jackson. Year: 2016

  • lol never one, unlikely two, most likely three, and if four screw the Kings

  • I have an idea….
    what if let Dlo focus on passing and scoring/shooting(curry-lite)
    JC will be the team’s go-to scorer
    Randle will do the all around(think about dray role in gsw racking up trip-doub)
    Kobe will be like Iggy’s role(stabilizer while taking uncontested shots and playing less minutes, say below 30)
    SwagP and Lou as the bench scorers,MWP and Nance jr as energy/hustle guys who will keep the defense intact

  • Yes unfortunately but I could see the lakers trading bass for the other high flying plumlee twin miles from the Bucks. It works out since the lakers need a backup center and the Bucks need a backup power forward for Jabari Parker.

  • yeah, I remember the kings wanting those 3 guys for DMC, while the lakers will only agree if it’s a Dlo-DMC swap……that’s the reason the trade didn’t happen

  • Young guys looked ok. Russell shot a better 3pt percentage than Lillard, but of course Lillard has a green light to shoot 11 compared to the 4 Russell is allowed.

  • Simmons will be like Klay with the pass and Bryant would come off the bench like Iggy.

  • I think we could probably get Zeller from Boston, but do we do trade with the Big Green Monster?

  • the lakers fail to limit their backcourt, I was hoping lakers can limit their production below 40pts(Lilliard and mccolum combined)

  • Neither of them are alike dude. Simmons crazy athleticism and passing ability is almost like Lebron.

  • nah, lakers wont trade with celtics…..lakers technically has 25 teams to be trade partners(no celts,cavs,spurs,clips)

  • if we were to lose the pick to philly are they possibly looking at 2 top 5 picks?

  • As long as our rookies keep it up it should be fine and it should be the most reasonable request Lakers fans can ask for. You should see Durant and Wetbrook when they were rookies, the Sonics won less than 10 games, next season was a different story.

  • Yep, also Nets don’t have their pick Boston does. So the more the Net’s suck the more Boston has a chance of drafting Simmons also.

  • yeah and they dont have those players lakers need(outside of bledsoe,knight,chandler)

  • wow the nba might want to help philly get those 2 picks to try and help them get out of that hole they’re in

  • They also have Miami and OKC 1st picks I believe. Although those are more protected. Heat is top ten protected and OKC top fifteen. They could technically have 4 lottery picks if the math was lucky

  • They had like 3 lotteries. MCW, Okafor, and that other guy who is always injured. They will still tank until they draft the next Jordan

  • lol they got saric,wroten,noel,okafor,embiid,stauskas and covington(playing well as of late)….they need to make some trades to compete

  • Okay, looking at their game logs over their last five games, Russell is looking better than Mudiay right?

    btw: Is anybody else noticing that the 76ers are playing pretty decent ball right now? I’m fearing that we’re about to become win #1.

  • philly will invent the solution to gsw’s small ball

    Saric at the point, Ingram/Simmons at the 2, Noel at the 3, Embiid at the 4 and Okafor at the 5 lol

  • if we were to get the top pick you can almost say losing is the new winning lol

  • They need some kind of Green type of player. Green has the ability to defend 3 to 4 positions.

  • well what if the fans make a deal with Mitch, if lakers lost to Philly, they will fire scott and hire a better coach(mark jackson?) win-win for everybody

  • as bad as philly is they can make a big improvement with those 2 picks and leave us at the bottom of the league kinda like the twolves

  • I remember they got that rookie who was compared as the next kawhi in the upcoming years, his name is like grant or something like that, good defender at the forward spot with no jumpshot(same with Kahwi early yrs) they should regret trading mcdaniels tho

  • he should be the stabilizer of the team like what Iggy’s role in Gsw except Kobe wil start(but with less minutes,below 30) say 10-15 shots mostly uncontested while help JC,Dlo in playmaking

  • Question is would he? At first Iggy did not believe that a player of his caliber should come from the bench but eventually warmed up to the idea and won Finals MVP as a bench player lol.

    I have doubts whether Kobe agrees to that.

  • It’d be a good feeling to finally get a W but I won’t be mad if we take the L, either lol

  • I believe lakers can win over philly with/without Kobe, BUT if Scott still finds a way to lose against them, wow that’d be disgrace for the franchise, 6ers on 27 losing streak and will just beat THE LAKERS, scott should be fired IMMEDIATELY if that happens

    you got Mark jackson,JVG,Shaw and brooks available(thibs said he wont coach this season)

  • sacre might be the reason bucks wont make that deal lol lakers can easily cut ties with him

  • 76ers will likely be without NOkafor given his recent punch out. If they lose that game then Scott should be fired on his way back to the locker room.

  • kobe was 6-15 40% tonight before he had to start forcing shots. kobe is not the issue bass at back up center is killing us. playing mwp so many mins and not nick is killing us.

  • snell playing good, they wont trade him, rather Hibbert and tarik for Noah…that seems good…they wont dare to get kelly/bass/sacre lets be real

  • the teams rebounding rate takes a dump once bass is in the game the dude just cant rebound

  • MWP should get his minutes lessen, say less than 15 a game, let tarik share with bass minutes

  • is it just me or the lakers should’ve hired luke walton instead, he’s got Kobe’s respect in terms of coaching and gives him a compliment lately comparing him to the zen master…
    HC: Luke Walton
    Asst. coach: Scalabrine(better than madsen)

  • Kobe’s issue is his hesitance in willing to give up the ball when his opponent has him on lock down. Since the start of the game watch players like JC, Randle and Kobe try to force things while having an open teammate available for an uncontested jumper. Just trying to play more hero ball as opposed to letting the game flow.

  • agree to a point. most of the issues are the lakers system. scott made an adjustment tonight and it worked kobe get the ball off of screens which got him closer to the basket. this needs to keep happening. now other players need to learn to read off of these screens and learn how to get kobe open passing lanes so when he does get stoped he can make great passes to easy scores.

    tonight proved what i have been saying all season long getting kobe close to the basket will open up his game now the young guys need to adjust to this new flow and get to the open spots

  • Very introspective showing.
    Kobe didn’t shoot much in the 4th, but he did help in the 3rd. The defense was horrible, but with time, trust, experience, and a bigger focus that can be fixed.

    But, the young trio had contributions that were what an average player would attain, which is a really good sign after 6 weeks. This isn’t saying they were stellar, but they are at the level of competent production at the least and not being a liability offensively for their position. Also, note that Kobe did more facilitating in the 4th, and the positive is that he helped organize the offense, the negative is that we can see the drain the team has in the SF position without a reliable solution and a true SF offensive attack (in the 4th).

    And, for the 2nd time in a week, the young boys scored close to their first year potential and are starting to show their talent.

  • Instead of trying to improve, let’s just be patient and let the season figure itself out.

    Does it really help to get the 4th pick and give it to Philly?

    No. Let’s just let the kids play and ignore the standings.

  • dude, Scott’s original plan was to play Kobe that given minutes, but they fail to get help(LMA,DJ,etc) so…

  • True, seems Russell’s more adept to this than either JC or Randle. Seen it from him in previous games more…

  • Philly got fools gold. They got so many picks, but they aren’t that good.

    If LA keeps theirs, they have the #1, the #24 and the #27. And a bunch of 2nd round guys no one will remember in a year.

    Boston’s hoard of picks is impressive however.

  • He’s playing SF – technically, he’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to do by shooting.

    If he’s got the ball in the corner or the post, he’s supposed to take a shot. His 20 shots are a tad bit high for the position, but not by more than 3-4. The Killer for Kobe is that he doesn’t attack the rim and get easy buckets and higher shooting percentage.

  • monitor the progress, if the chemistry,cohesiveness and consistency keeps up, then no trades, if they became inconsistent then trades incoming( as much as Id like to keep hibbert, he would be one of the trade assets if he doesnt do well in rebounding and rim defense)

  • scotts adjustment worked. i have said from the start to get kobe off screens so he can get looks from 12-18 feet and it showed tonight. he was at 40-45% all night untill the 4th were he had to take bad shots to try and get us back in the game.

    they need to run this more offten and the young players will get a ton of easy looks because of it

  • Dude, Scott is a walking contradiction that says one thing and another, does another thing, just look at his interviews. Also where did he original say that he would play Kobe 20-30 mins the Lakers had LMA or DJ? I don’t think so, so your going to have to cite your sources on that dude.

  • Scott is using him the right way, it’s just that he’s not that good at the assignment.

    It’s kinda like Sacre last year. Scott needed a 7’0″ center for spacing and for the offense to function properly. And in this case, Scott wants to play small(er) ball, and needs a 6’10” player. Black is supposed to be that guy, but at this point, that’s looking very slim.

    * Side note – i think Upshaw will be called up soon. I find it very suspicious that he only plays 10 minutes and gets 5 fast fouls and sits for the remaining part of the game. It’s almost as if they are sandbagging him so no one else can tell how good he really is (for a DLeague guy).

  • look, adjusted at per 36 minutes, Kobe would shoot 20 buckets, it would be a good idea to lessen up his shots since he’s struggling, he can shoot 15 if playing 28-32 minutes….

  • Simmons plays more like Magic Johnson than anything else, or if you really want to call a spade-a-spade, he’s a 6’10” PG with no outside shot and only average handles. BUT he is a physical specimen and will be a nightmare in iso and matchup issues. And his defense is the difference-maker.

  • Nah sorry this is the first time, it sounds like an assumption on your part. You’re going to have to show me the article/source.

    Anyways your point is well pointless, because even if I assume that you were right, LMA and DJ are not on this team therefore you saying Kobe would play 20-30 mins is irrelevant, since he doesn’t have help as you said. Moot point.

  • bass is at his best at the 4, but will eat up nance jr/mwp minutes, that’s why minimizing mWp minutes will help while giving some to tarik….scott can even try to play bass at the 4 on a set of time, say 2 weeks, then trade him in decemeber 15

  • Don’t oversell his passing. It’s good, but even Russell’s is better as of now. It’s just that he’s 6’10” and not supposed to move like that.

    I am a bit skeptical that a physical specimen can’t shoot. He has learned how to do everything at a high level except shoot the ball? And at 19, he’s suddenly going to learn and be elite at it?
    Highly doubtful, at this point, his shooting will be average at best, which kinda makes him fools gold unless he’s in the perfect situation.

  • Why?
    Ride the ship to the bottom and pick up another uber talented 19 year old.

    Then walk into free agency with $45M and see what you can get. The bottom line is that the future of the team is almost 100% centered on the growth of the young core, and whatever young players they can add in the upcoming draft. At this point, outside of Durant, there are no free agents that will change the future and waiting for the young core to grow.

  • Much of Kobes game throughout the years has revolved around adjusting and adapting.
    For example last year, he went through the facilitator role and sometimes over past too much. In juxtapose this year, Kobe is overshooting but it feels as If he’s just saying F*** it. I think he’s checked out and 15 games in I don’t see him turning this around. Maybe it’s gotten to him this is indeed his last year and he already said screw it Ima shoot till my legs fall off…I mean he’s not Ben trying on defense anymore. As a long time fan of Kobe, it’s painful to watch.

  • Black should’ve BEEN playing over Bass. I really hope he gets traded next month it’s so hard to watch him play the 5 Byron is an idiot

  • Look it doesn’t hurt to have another passer on a team. As a matter of fact a passing PG and SF would generate tons of ball movement and open up for more easier shots leading to a more efficient offense.

    Lebron didn’t have a great jump shot at the beginning either, but seeing Simmons game his jump shot is sufficient that even college scouts would give him a 8/10 on his jump shots.

    I’m not saying he’s going to be elite in the beginning because that is RARE, last I check Lebron and Duncan were elite in their first year. But this kind has the athleticism, body, and speed to attack the paint and defend multiple positions.

  • this was the first game that the team ran some what of a good system. running kobe off of screens will get him closer and better shots. which will make the other team have to watch him even more which will allow the young guys to get in the game more.

  • maybe coz he is older and facilitating drains more enegy(more fatigue, might get injured), he also said that with DLo,JC he doesnt even need to handle the ball at all = designated shooter/floor spacer for Dlo,JC and JR30 to operate inside

  • Next years line up: Coach either Scott Brooks or Mark Jackson

    Pg: Russell
    Sg: Clarckson
    Sf: Brown
    Pf: Randle
    C: Labissiere
    Pg: Steve Blake (call me crazy but i loved him as a pg)
    Pf: Nance Jr
    C: Black


  • if the lakers keep the top pick, expect KD,Drummond,Whiteside to NOT go to lakers….

  • I’m not going to disagree.
    But I will say that Kobe being Kobe is by design. Scott mentioned that they wanted Kobe to play LIKE an elite star so that the young guys got a chance to see how to play like one and with one.

    And, while y’all are 100% correct that Kobe needs to take less shots, we’re talking at one of the greatest Shooting Guards ever who made his living taking impossible shots. While Kobe’s a SF, he’s still the Mamba and he’s going to play the only way he knows how.

    I will say, however, in the last week or so, it seems like Kobe is shifting the scoring and win responsibility to the young’ens. Tonight he was more of a facilitator in the 4th than the hero.

  • Catch -22.
    If Bass plays at PF, then Randle and Nance don’t get minutes, which stunts their growth at the expense of slightly better contributions (from a 30 year old backup).

    At this point, the only place where Bass has value is at small ball center. And that’s ONLY because Black still plays like garbage, Kelly is a mismatch, and Nance is a rookie. — Last man standing.

  • Who’s to trade?
    Kelly might get some irrelevant 2nd 4 years from now.
    Bass only has value to match salaries.
    Young has value to the right team.
    Williams is probably a lock to stay.
    Black is doo doo.
    Sacre is sacre.

  • Lebron didn’t have a great jump shot, but he HAD a jump shot.

    IN 3 games so far, Simmons has YET to shoot a 3-point shot.

    Am I the only one that finds it odd that a 19-year old physical specimen can dribble the ball better than most NBA point guards, he can move like only a small handful in history, has elite defense already, but he can’t shoot the ball? And yet, a guy like Porzingis and Okafor are the same age, and CAN. At this point, he’s all physical domination based on athleticism and almost zero skill.

    I fully accept he’s from Australia, a late bloomer to basketball, and the like, but in terms of shooting, either you got it or you don’t. And as of now, he don’t got it, which means he probably will never have it at any level close to being elite — which is a problem long term.

  • uhh IMPROVEMENT its not like we los 2 da Warriors by 5 we lost 2 da Trailblazes by 12???improvement is when we have game control which we NEVER EVER have. dis team has NO idea how 2 fight back 4rm a deficit n actually close out a game

  • 4th coach in less than 4 yrs, doesn’t look good for the brand overall, tho given the season thus far that’s an understatement.

  • next years roster:
    PG: Russell / Greivis Vasquez / Huertas
    SG: Clarkson / Lou will / Frazier
    SF: Batum / Young / Brown
    PF: Randle / Nance Jr / Kelly
    C: Labisseire / Black / Upshaw

    coach: Luke Walton

  • I hope we lose by 30 to philly to see the reaction on Byron Scott’s part

  • I mean Kobe,Hibbert and other vets….I love Kobe to retire as a laker, but if this team will tank, rather watch Kobe wear another jersey, as long as they are competing for WINS and the effort is there, Im good but just no to intentional losing games

  • I respect Kobe, a legend, top 5 player of all time in my eyes, but why let him keep on living taking those impossible shots at this stage of his career? It’s more logical to give him more open looks, less force shots and according to the rhythm of the system especially with all the mileage he had

    and by Kobe playing the way he knows, we all know he is used to adapting and adjusting to what the situation gives him, and right now he is struggling, why not let his “Black Mamba” version take some rest and let his “Magic Mamba” do more work now since the lakers play better when Kobe channels his inner Magic

  • dont get me wrong, Id still love to see Kobe’s “Black Mamba” personality but in the current state of the lakers, it looks like Magic Mamba is more suited for the job

  • BScott said in a recent interview that he wouldn’t take Kobe out of the starting line up due to his poor play. Sure start him, but tell him to let someone who’s shootin’ over 35% shoot instead of takin’ all the shots. I guess that would mean everyone on the team.

  • Indeed, less shots and less minutes for Kobe….I dont understand why Scott is overplaying the old vets while limiting youngins’ minutes, if scott will run Kobe to the ground, lakers should of just hired Thibs as HC who actually preaches defense at the same time, Dlo,JC,Randle,Nance jr will surely get their burn with thibs as a coach

  • Lakers lose, Kobe chucks up more shots than anyone, has the highest usage rate in the entire game from both teams, and passes the ball less than Roy Hibbert and Nance Jr. There you go, the game recap, you can copy and paste this for every game he plays. Over it! Wake me up when the nightmare is over.

  • LA Lakers Should Consider the three way trade deal Lakers- Memphis-76ers deal
    LA Lakers Get Courtney Lee, Matt Barnes,Tony Wroten
    Memphis Grizzlies get Nick Young,Nerlens Noel,Robert Sacre
    76ers Get Jeff Green,Ryan Kelly,Cash

  • in favor of the lakers much, more than anything, lakers need a new coach not players

  • I think it’s more of finding for the right time to fire him, Luke and Ettore will be available at the end of the season…I had some scouting about Luke,Ettore,JVG,Thibs,Jackson,Olllie,brooks and shaw….and Luke/Ettore might be the best coach for the lakers in the long run(since Ollie is under contract till 2019)

  • i hope that will happen but for now i think gm mitch first focus on make trade deals

  • 3 coaches lakers should hire after byron scott:

    1. Luke Walton – Kobe respects him and sees his potential as a coach even comparing to the zen master. Being familiar with triangle, PJ taught him when Luke got back injury, in addition to his knowledge in current GSW’s playbook will only help these lakers transition from Kobe era to the next one.

    2. Ettore Messina – won 4 rings in Europe, a winning coach even before being hired by Pop as assistant coach for the spurs….his philosophy is spacing,ball movement and fast pace. He surely imporves alot being under Pop, he also got 2 wins in their preseason as an interim

    3. Kevin Ollie – only possible if scott will coach until 2019, which I can’t see happening, he uses man-man defense most of the time and preaches ball movement, spacing and PnR heavy system and perimeter oriented offense, also great at calling plays out of timeouts, knows how to rotate players and adjust when someone is in foul trouble. Great tactician and know when to call timeouts,make a run or counter opponent’s uprising. Truly an NBA Coach, look what Stevens had done with the celts, that’s the change Ollie can do for this team and might wake another Laker-Celtic rivalry in the future

  • at his best, could be a good assistant coach under Luke Walton…shaw will surely help this team play defese but old school on offense too similar to scott so I dont count him as HC options

  • is it possible that we trade to philly for our pick back?In a way that it isn’t top 3 protected,but the full pick?I think we should do it if it were for lou+huertas/kelly/sacre/tarik/bass

  • You are referring to Towns, KP and Okafor right? I think it’s either Towns or KP.

  • The kids looked good. I have no idea why we are playing Bass, he continues to UNimpress. Did I hear we called A. Brown back up from the d league? Give him some mins, Kobe is getting too many.

  • Sixers, would never do that deal. They don’t need money, they already have more than anyone else. They take contracts from other teams. They do deals for 1st-round picks. Nerlens Noel is 1st team defensive player, and runner up for roy last year. They’re not going to just give him up for just cash and more garbage. They want to ensure the 1st round, so maybe something involving the Nets. The sixers have already fleeced the Lakers and Kings. Jeff Green and Ryan Kelly, you kidding, they already have 8 d league players on the roster to shed now. The sixers are garbage, but their FO and GM are not stupid. Definitely, not stupid enough to help the Lakers out. It’s okay to wish though, I wish…

  • are you sure about it never knows can be happen trade deal this is not joke

  • Yes, the sixers increased their odds, by benefit of their own tanking -1st round pick, a swap with the Kings. They (the sixers ) can technically end up with the # 4 pick and the Kings get #1. The sixers would take #1, and the Kings get 4. Or the sixers could get#1 and the Lakers get # 4. The sixers could take Simmons, then then take Murray, Brown, Igram, Ska, and or Bender. Any combination with the Lakers pick outside of the 3rd pick. The sixers also have the heat’s and OKC’s 1st round picks this year.

  • The sixers increased their odds, by benefit of their own tanking they are eligible for -1st round pick this year, and a swap with the Kings. They (the sixers ) can technically end up with the # 4 pick, and the Kings get #1. The sixers would take #1, and the Kings get 4. Because of the deal they made with the Kings to take their contracts. Or, the sixers could get#1 and the Lakers get # 4. The sixers could then take Simmons, then then take Murray, Brown, Igram, Ska, and or Bender. In any combination with the Lakers pick outside of the 3rd pick. The sixers also have the heat’s 10th (i think) OKC’s 17th in the 1st round this year. Not counting 2nd round picks, or that the European player (Saric) and Embiid plays for them next year. So.., I think they have a little more than fool’s gold. Another reason I can’t understand the Lakers passing on Okafor, and letting them get him. The sixers have a lot of leverage and assets to play with, a lot more than “fools gold…”

  • Portland has to be considered the second best shooting back court in the league. I thought our guys contested well, CJ especially was just in a zone. My biggest frustration is when we get beat off ball, and the biggest problem that has flew under the radar is Hibbert. He has terrible pick and roll defense, no ability to even show yet alone double, the key to beating the Lakers is put hibbert in pick and rolls all night he is one of the least athletic centers still starting in this league. If you look back at the game look at how julius shows and helps on the pick and rolls versus what roy does which is essentially nothing.

  • Clarkson and Russell shot over 50 % and had all around good games. where as KOBE was KOBE again shooting his normal % lower then the team at 43.5 team and KOBE took 20 shots to make 7 34.5 %, when will he see its over RETIRE, and take BS with you.

  • The Sixers should have EVERY trade vetoed by Silva for “Basketball Reasons” until they stop making a mockery of the Draft/Lottery process, The Lakers suck, but the Sixers are deliberately TANKING AGAIN, as they have been for the last six seasons. Even when they get a top pick, they trade them away for another chance at a top pick in the future.

  • There’s a scene in True Grit where the guy rides the horse until it just flat out dies to save the girl who got bit by the snake, it kind of reminds be of Byron Scott using Kobe for 37 minutes a night, and the poor guy has nothing left, he’s shooting and shooting, but the legs aren’t there, so the accuracy is gone. He’s gonna play him until he drops from an injury, which at this rate , is coming sooner than later. Not the way the Mamba should have gone out. He should have been playing about 20 minutes a night, taking his bows, just shooting a FEW fade away jumpers from the post, when they were there, and otherwise, facilitating for the young guys. Everyone wants to blame Kobe, but Scott deserves his share. What an Idiot!

  • The way it’s going, were going to have a year when the Sixers have EVERY pick in the lottery to themselves, this team NEEDS to be punished for gaming the system, Silva needs to start vetoing trades for “Basket Ball reasons, it’s not like THAT hasn’t ever been done… ; )

  • I keep asking you what WORLD did you come from, there is no number of shots required by any player for and POSS. and why do you think they have a SG AND ANY ONE SHOOTING 20 SHOTS AND ONLY MAKING 7 was not designed with AIR BALL in them .

  • No, there are no absolutes, but again, why would the sixers make that deal? I could see the sixers making a deal with the Celtics, for the 1st round pick they got from the Nets, but the scenario you described (though, I wish it was true ) makes no sense if I’m the sixers. Boston, however, love’s Noel, he’s a Mass native and they have already approached the sixers about him.

    Like I said, the sixers like to deal in draft picks. They are not in the FA business. They want to build through the draft.

  • You are saying that the young guys should watch KOBE SO THEY CAN SEE HOW TO PLAY AS A SUPER STAR, but I think that is the biggest mistake they could make, they should be their selves and play the game as it should be played not like KOBE. That is not super star playing by any means.

  • It appears the Lakers 3 Young guys might be ok. It is just hard to tell when Kobe sucks up minutes ruins their momentum launching those silly off balance shots. And MWP, OMG, he is so bad it’s ridiculous. Seeing Portlands McCollum get minutes and improve is impressive. Maybe when Kobe and Scott are gone one of the 3 will excel similar to that.

  • Brown will be at the Lakers game tonight. Yes. Although he hasn’t looked great on the D’Fenders. Defensively he has looked pretty nice though and I think that is what we need most.

  • good lord. Wasn’t he the coach of the team that counted down how many games left in the season haha.

  • Becky Hammon or Luke Walton are the two I want. If they cannot get them, go after a young experimental college coach.

  • So the Sixers are trading their best prospect for cash? When they don’t even need it? 😀

  • Labisseire would be nice, but I doubt we keep that pick. But Noah is a free agent as is Whiteside.

  • In the measly 4 games above 30 minutes that D’Angelo Russell has logged, his stats are 23-52 FG 44%, 6 rpg, 4apg, 15ppg. Those seem pretty good numbers for a 19 year old rookie, especially running Byron’s “system”. No doubt people will somehow say that Byron is developing him, when reality suggests that he just needed trust and minutes to get going.

  • Opposite if anything. Russell was a combo guard in college very Curry like. Mud is as pure of a point guard as you will find.

  • And if LA doesn’t keep it, which is the most likely result. Phili has 4 picks, two of which could be very likely be top 6.

  • He has looked more energetic lately too. I am pleased with Russell’s growth so far. If his teammates weren’t such trash he would have quite a few more assists too. Can count many layups and dunks missed that should have been assists.

  • He is sitting out of practices and back to backs. Although I agree, the less we play him the better regardless.

  • whats up with okafor? there’s all kind of reports coming out now about other incidents he’s been involved in in philly.

  • Lebron’s shot was way worse than Simmons coming into the NBA. Just throwing that out there.

  • He’s not doing anything bad. He was stopped for speeding(everybody has done that) and he dropped some punk who provoked him and asked for it. It happens, especially at that age. He’s smart enough to learn from both incidents.

  • You can take the thug out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the thug.

  • Great play by the 3. You can just see it when Kobe comes in everything stops. Watching the game, Kobe is constantly clapping for the ball, it’s just GROSS! Fortunately Clarkson and Randle ignore him and do their thing. Yet they are all becoming one on one players with Kobe in as he never passes the ball at the right moments. In the first quarter he had 3 guys on him and was taking off balance shots some 3s when others had clear paths or were open. just Pathetic play by Kobe.

  • …relax moron I was just highlighting his point, at the same time the miss dunks by hibbert and bass show the lack of talent

  • Yeah, it’s pathetic but this is his last year so it is what it is. He’s acknowledged he’s playing like crap and no one realizes it more than him but he’s not gonna change his mentality no matter what. This is just how he plays. It’s the mentality that’s won us 5 titles and maybe it costed us a couple(who knows). With every superstar you gotta take the good with the bad.

  • Because I support the player we drafted and realize he is in a tough position playing with Kobe ect.

  • i rather have those 5 NBA titles then complain like alittle girl.
    we arent going to win this season anyways.
    people act like girls man little girls!
    always complaining about Kobe.
    tell em to man up and stop B*tchin

  • thats what id do if someone talked smack about Kobe or the Lakers.
    id drop them before they even saw it coming.

  • we want nerlens noel or joel embidd not tony wroten or matt barnes.
    no no no…………i would never do your trade.

  • The way your talking everyone should do all the work to get KOBE OPEN SHOTS , even in open shots he is not making any, Kobe needs to learn to play with the young guys, not the other way around.

  • Yup, 3 yrs from now people are only gonna remember his many great moments. Nobody’s gonna care about this season.

  • Let the haters keep running their mouth.
    They arent real Laker fans man.
    Thats why i refuse to post.
    They only come show up when Kobe is playing bad.
    When Kobe is playing good they are nowhere to be found.
    Lets do the same thing to them whenever Kobe plays bad dont comment or even listen to them.
    give them a taste of their own medicine.
    If Kobe plays good ill be here just they be doing.
    But if he plays bad im not coming on here.
    lol fight fire with fire…..

  • Yeah, support a guy who’s done nothing, but cry and b#tch about the guy who’s delivered 5 championships. Makes perfect sense.

  • wrong we need to build our system around kobe because it will get everyone open shots. kobe isthe teams best passer still even in his 20th season

  • scott did a great adjustment last night fianlly getting kobe the ball off of screens in triple threat positions were he couild get open 12-18 foot jumpers that had him hitting 40-45% of hiss shots untill the 4th. now the young players just need to get used to playing off open sets that running the ball threw kobe this way will give them.

    + we need to stop playing bass at center hes not a center our rebounding rate and ppp in the paint all get a ton worse when hibbert goes out for bass. when black plays he is alot better then it is with bass

  • Yeah, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, those are the rules allowed under the current CBA. It’s not like other clubs haven’t tanked when it “suited them.” For example: Spurs, GSW, Knicks, CLEV & ect., present (Lakers) company included.

    The system allows for that. I agree, the sixers have raised it to art form. I understand they are discussing ways to change the present system now so it can’t be exploited to this degree, but again it’s a CBA process that has to be agreed to by all 32 teams.

    Even then it’s a slow process, and won’t stop the sixers now under the current CBA.

  • I haven’t heard 1 thing he said about Kobe…. get a life stop trashing 19 year old kids

  • Agree, all it takes is a couple good picks, and that team that was a joke is ruling the league. Especially, when you consider they are in the east too. Possibilities.

    1.)Two draft picks 1 & 4, if Lakers don’t get pick between 1- 3.
    2.) Their own pick they can swap for with the Kings pick, if it’s a better pick.
    4.) Heat’s 10th & OKC’s 17th 1st round.
    5.) Plus Saric and Embiid.
    6.) Plus Okafor and Noel keep or use as assets.

    Depending on how the ping pong balls go. This makes passing on Okafor, that much more confusing for me. They already had a million assets in their favor.

  • Are we going to lose more games than last season? How pathetic can they be.

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