Greatest Lakers Based on Jersey Number

21: Michael Cooper was a key player for the Lakers during the Showtime era and he spent all of his 12 seasons in Los Angeles.  Cooper averaged 8.9 ppg and 3.2 rpg, but he was most known for his effort and hustle plays.

22:  Elgin Baylor is another player who had his jersey retire by the franchise, and for good reason.  Baylor was an assassin on the court, and he could score from anywhere he wanted. Although Baylor never won a title, his accomplishments must be cherished.

23: Cedric Ceballos had an amazing two seasons in Los Angeles.  When he played for the Lakers, Ceballos wore the number 23 and the averaged an incredible 21 ppg.  Even though Ceballos never won a title, he deserves this prize due to his productive career in Los Angeles.

24:  There is no question Kobe Bryant is the greatest player to ever wear the number 24.  Kobe is considered by many to be the greatest player in Laker history, which means he is better than both Magic and Adbul-Jabbar.  Bryant has won two Finals MVPs and one regular season MVP while wearing number 24.  One would need a few pages of writing in order to summarize Kobe’s influence on the Lakers, so I’ll keep it short and sweet by ending it here.

25: Gail Goodrich finally wins the battle after being edged by Bob McAdoo for number 11.  His number “25” was retired by the Lakers, which automatically wins him the honor.

26:  There has only been one player in Lakers’ history to wear number 26, and it was Danny Schayes. Schayes was with the Lakers for only one season, and he wins the award by default.

27: Art Spoelstra was also the only player to wear the number 27, and he too wore it for only one season.  Although very few people know who you are Mr. Spoelstra, you are the greatest (and only) player to wear the number 27.

28: Didier Ilunga-Mbenga is the only player to wear the number 28 on a purple-and-gold jersey. D.J Mbenga, known as “Congo Cash,” has added another accolade to his resume.

30: The number 30 has not seen much success in Lakers’ history. Even though the number has been worn 15 times, there isn’t any player who stands out.  Due to lack of competition, George Lynch will be named the winner.

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